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“Heaven is not a place you go to, 
it is a place you grow to.” 

— Edgar Cayce 


1 IN THE END, the last days of others became the first days for us! ALL PRAISE, GLORY AND 
WORSHIP BE TO GOD — the Love that rescued us from oppression and ignorance! 

2 And to all future generations of Hip Hop, know this; it is this Love that has delivered this gospel 
to OUR PEOPLE for OUR correction and survival. This gospel comes to us as the physical 
manifestation of GOD’s grace and love for Hip Hop. 

3 lam but one of many who was saved by such Love. In my time (your past) I am called teacha; I 
was present at the first time. I am the first born. I am from the Age of Leo, and I have come to call our 
Hip Hop nation into existence. 

4 To all future generations of Hip Hop, I am the b-boy who destroys all negative circumstances 
everyday spiritually. 

5 I am the emcee who reaches above poverty skillfully; the divine word-warrior known in my 
time as the Blast Master. 

! I am the graffiti writer who thinks and grows spiritually; I draw peace, love, unity and joy. 

7 I am the DJ who delivers justice while cuttin’, mixin’ and scratchin’ with life. 

8 I am the beat boxer whose body expresses art through sound; I play GOD’s instrument. 

9 I am the fashion that uncovers the fear and shame hidden in oppressive nations. 

10 I am the language that loves and never gets understanding amongst grown-up educators; I am 
the utterance of my culture. 

11 I am known as Knowledge Reigning Supreme; I build and destroy, heal and inspire with the 
right combination of words. 

12 I am the entrepreneur who presents expert negotiating that repeatedly escapes poverty’s routine 
experiences, never exploiting unlimited resources. In my time I am self-created and self-sustained. 

13 I AM HIP HOP! I am not just doing hip-hop, I am Hip Hop! I am the Watchman in the tower of 
Hip Hop’s Inner City urging my people to turn from sickness, hatred, ignorance and poverty, and be 
restored to health, love, awareness and wealth. I am “the Teacha” — a witness to the activity of GOD 
within and around Hip Hop. 

14 I was present at the beginning of this World Age, August 11, 3114 B.C., and I was again present 
at the births and transformations of Hip Hop since its artistic organization at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue 
in the Bronx, August 11, 1973. 1 am a true witness to the divinity and cultural history of Hip Hop. Hip 
Hop is my family; I am like the people I teach, I am like the people I am among, and I am not ashamed 
or afraid of my family — I AM HIP HOP! 

15 In my time (your past), I am called the “conscience of Hip Hop.” I am the step-father and legal 
guardian of Hip Hop. This, I confirm to those truth-seeking Hip Hop scholars in my future. Emceein 
is my craft and I have mastered my craft. I am Hip Hop and in my time I have mastered myself. 

16 To all my husders, thugs and gangstas trying to survive in these mean streets, this is YOUR 
gospel! To all my Gods, Goddesses, revolutionaries, street scholars and conscious Hiphoppas, this is 
YOUR heritage and birthright! This is the “good news” for YOU! ALL PRAISE, GLORY AND 
WORSHIP BE TO GOD — the Love that loved us first as Hip Hop. 

17 GOD IS REAL! And Hip Hop is evidence of GOD’s real existence and Love. Hip Hop is GOD’s 
response to our suffering and this gospel celebrates that response and the personal character that 

caused such divine responses to occur. ALL PRAISE, GLORY AND WORSHIP BE TO GOD — the 
Love that topples whole kingdoms and sets up new civilizations from the debris of the unrepentant! 

18 We are humbled before GOD — the author of Hip Hop. Other cultures and nations were created 
in other ways for other reasons and have certain divine responsibilities that they must adhere to. Other 
cultures have a certain grace over their communities and we are not authorized, nor do we encourage, 
to demean or disrespect in any way the faith and/or religious practices of others. 

19 But as for us, as for our group commonly known in the World as “Hip Hop,” this gospel 
acknowledges and celebrates the Love that has saved OUR people from self-destruction. It is time to 
repent and grow up! Rapping about crime and murder may sound good amongst those who have 
never committed such acts, but for those of us who are REAL IN THE FIELD, we send this message to 
our young people— YOU DON’T REALLY WANT IT ! 

20 For with this first instrument we remember GOD and how we were rescued by unseen forces 
more powerful than any government on Earth. For when all seemed hopeless and oppression seemed 
permanent, a caring, protective, nurturing creative force independent of all the World’s political, 
business, educational and religious institutions, swept through our hearts and homes and we were 
rescued from sickness, hatred, ignorance and poverty with a behavior that we eventually began to call 
“Hip Hop.” And we must NEVER forget this. 

21 With this first instrument written at the time of Hip Hop’s cultural beginnings, we remind all 
future generations of Hip Hop to NEVER FORGET THE LOVE that has saved us from self- 
destruction. Hip Hop has no other creator, no other savior and no other architect. 

22 Love alone takes credit for the creation and further development of Hip Hop because before we 
even knew we were Hip Hop, GOD — the Love that saved us from corruption, had already ordained us 
as such and set us free in the World with power. 

23 What a great gift! What a great Love! What a GREAT GOD! But how soon did we forget after 
we had eaten and were satisfied, how hungry we were just a moment ago. How quick did we forget 
our own strategies to our own success. We ate the fruit but never replanted the seed. We drove the car 
far but never looked at the gas tank meter. 

24 Know this. GOD’s Love (Hip Hop) is like a car that many people found with a full tank of gas 
topped off and ready to go; a gift freely given to all who would hop in. Now that we have driven this 
car for over 30 years through all kinds of terrain the time has come to repair and replenish our 
beloved vehicle so that it may last another 30 years. However, now that everyone has gotten where 
they intended to go using the vehicle, there seems to be little motivation toward the upkeep of the 
vehicle itself, the cause of everyone’s good fortune. 

25 GOD’s Love (Hip Hop) is like a banquet laid out before hungry people. Many people today are 
eating well but they are not the chefs of their own meals. They eat but they don’t really know where 
their food comes from or even how it was prepared. They themselves were never truly hungry or 
homeless or even had to prepare their own food for themselves, they just sat down and started eating 
at an already laid-out table. Therefore, the life-lessons learned from being hungry and homeless 
which accompany the skills of the chef are absent from the copied presentations of the imitator, and 
any success found during this state of ignorance is indeed short-lived. 

26 This is how many today treat GOD and Hip Hop. They seek the hand and not the face. They 
seek the luxury but not the culture, the food but not the appetite, the house but not the home, the 
medicine but not the health, the bed but not the rest. They would rather use GOD/Hip Hop than live 
GOD/Hip Hop. 

27 But such are acts of desperation, and such behaviors are expected of a People who have been 
traumatized as we have been. Hip Hop saved us and made us not only rich, but important and well 
respected worldwide. How then can we forget GOD — the Love that protected us and raised us up? 
How can we forget about Hip Hop — the craft that feeds us and gives us identity? 

28 However, in my time (your past) many have already forgotten the Love of GOD. Desperate and 
impoverished and suddenly propelled to the top of the World’s social circles, they marvel at the 
effects of their own artistic skills caring little for the cause of such skills; they just want to eat. 

29 And because they know not what causes their good fortune they have become frantic and 
greedy, content with being imitators of the original presenters of the saving force — Hip Hop. Such an 
approach works fine for those who are not really serious about living Hip Hop for real. Such an 
approach to Hip Hop works fine if you are only participating in Hip Hop to get out of poverty or 
make a name for yourself. This approach works if you got something else to do and/or somewhere 
else to go. 

30 But for those of us who live Hip Hop and seek enlightenment through Hip Hop and are seeking 
to raise a family while being an emcee or DJ, etc; those of us who are without purpose as well as 
those of us who are burdened with purpose, we have NO TIME TO WASTE! At this very moment 
while you read this gospel you are being called out of the World again for your own protection and 
development. Will you answer the call this time? 

31 Repent, GOD is closer to you than your nose. Now is the time to take your Hip Hop spiritual 
life more seriously. Now is the time to align your Hip Hop identity with God’s nature and not be 
distracted by the doubts and suspicions of others. Now is the time to declare “I AM HIP HOP” and 
begin living from that realization in GOD. HIP HOP IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT! It may not be anyone 
else’s birthright, but it is indeed yours. And if you decide to throw away your birthright because of the 
doubts of others it is only you that suffers, because they are maintaining their birthrights and cultures 
with faith while you destroy your heritage with doubt. 

32 Now is the time to actually become Hip Hop, to actually be the nation that we know we are. 
Such a life, however, is not for everyone. Many amongst us are just trying to use Hip Hop’s artistic 
elements to escape poverty, and when they have attained the money, power and Worldly respect of 
escaping poverty through Hip Hop, we don’t see or hear from them any more; they and their careers 

that the desperate part of our family has been fed, clothed and sheltered they are gone. Hip Hop itself 
was never their focus. They just wanted to use hip-hop to relieve their own suffering and once such 
suffering was dealt with they (the desperate) went on to do acting, open businesses, and basically live 
as the rest of the World does. But this was NEVER the intention for Hip Hop or Hiphoppas. 

34 As we have observed now within our 36-year history (1973-2009), Hip Hop was a saving 
force. If Hip Hop didn’t do anything else, what it actually did in real history is rescue the children of a 
scattered and impoverished people from certain death. Yes, Hip Hop has inspired the development of 
Breakin, Emceein, Graffiti Art, Deejayin, Beat Boxin, Street Fashion, Street Language, Street 
Knowledge and Street Entrepreneurialism; but all of these elements basically did one thing — THEY 

35 So, now that we and the desperate part of our family have been satisfied, they (the desperate) 
are no longer in our way. We now have the liberty to explore the true meaning and purpose of Hip 
Hop (the Love that freed us from oppression) because the music industry has finally collapsed in my 
time. ALL PRAISE, GLORY AND WORSHIP BE TO GOD — the Love that freed us from exploitation 

and slavery. 

36 We are indeed happy that the impoverished part of our family has eaten and has been clothed 
and sheltered; we pray for their continued security. But their ways are not our ways, and their results 
are not our results. They are indeed our family, but within our family structure we are the firstborns. 
We are the elder sisters and brothers — GOD EXPECTS MORE FROM US. We are Hip Hop’s original 
cultural architects, its caretakers, its teachers. 

37 We are Hip Hop’s janitors cleansing and restoring Hip Hop for the next generation of 
Hiphoppas. Know this. With every generation Hip Hop gets dirty because of how it is used in the 
World by that generation. Hip Hop is then cleansed and restored for each generation by its janitors 
who work within the Temple of Hip Hop. 

38 Therefore, if you love Hip Hop and appreciate all that Hip Hop has done for you so far, 
regardless of your artistic expression, take up your broom and mop and begin the clean up of YOUR 
CULTURE! If you are not the desperate part of our family prove it now by taking your Hip Hop life 
seriously; join in on the clean up! Your reward shall be greater than anything the World can ever 

39 This gospel is a strong disinfectant, which is poured onto our rags (clothing fashions), our 
brooms (dances), our air fresheners (microphones), our mops (markers and spray cans), our scrub 
brushes (turntables), and our buckets (culture). While cleaning, we make our own music with our own 
bodies. It doesn’t matter what you may rap about; now is your chance to become a serious participant 
in the preservation of the Hip Hop arts and sciences. 

40 In Hip Hop and within Hip Hop’s real history we have NEVER been the desperate and 
impoverished part of our family; we were and still are the faithful, the humble, the loyal, and most of 
all the grateful. And this is what begins the seeing of the vision that GOD has for Hip Hop. 

41 It is first our appreciation for GOD and for what GOD has done for us with Hip Hop that leads 
the grateful to start asking some real questions regarding not Hip Hop, but the Love that sent Hip Hop 
to us. For we can never posture like we are somehow better or more holy than others when GOD’s 
actual grace is upon us now! We are humbled by GOD’s obvious mercy. 

42 It is first our respect for GOD and our acknowledgement that something was given to us that 
we did not work for nor even deserve that leads us to explore the spiritual meaning and purpose of 
Hip Hop. It is our acknowledgement of the force that has saved us that reveals to us the plan and 
purpose such a force has for us. 

43 Something happened to us over a 30-year period that resulted in our complete transformation 
and restoration. Hip Hop baffles the World today. Those who knew that we were trapped because of 
the traps they set for us were amazed and baffled not only when we didn’t die, but when we rose up 
and took everything our oppressors of the 20 th century had — including their children. 

44 We (Hip Hop) belong to no political, religious, financial or educational institution or group in 
the World. Yet, each of these institutions have used Hip Hop in their own desperateness to attract new 
followers to their causes. 

45 For a culture with no central home base, no financial backing, no religious affiliation, no 
political organization, not even a race or an ethnicity that it can call its own; this culture Hip Hop 
created out of the historical activities of America’s inner cities has risen up and has completely 
established itself in the minds of youth everywhere and has completely side-stepped the entire World 
system and ways of achieving success and stability in the World. Such a culture is indeed beyond this 
World and its power structure. Such a culture reveals the activity of GOD — the Love that rescued us. 

46 This is the beginning of the Hip Hop spiritual life. Not a lot of bells and whistles, not a lot of 
claims to divinity, just simply living a life that shows appreciation for the force that rescued us. It’s 
about living a life of gratitude which is expressed by asking the Great Rescuer, for what purpose did 
you save me, and how may I serve your interests, which are clearly in harmony with my own? Such a 
question is asked not in words, but in deeds. 

47 The way in which you live is what actually shows GOD your level of appreciation for all that 
has been gracefully given to you. Appreciation for GOD’s Grace is shown in how you treat others. 
Such an appreciation causes righteousness, the opposite causes judgment. This gospel is not about the 
critique of other religions. This gospel is not about Moses, Abraham, King Solomon, King David or 
Jesus. This is not about Krishna, the Buddha, or the prophet Muhammad. This is not about Earth 
worship, or even Satanism, or Paganism. This is not even about atheism or some other philosophy. To 
each their own; we seriously respect them all and even see ourselves within all of these faiths and 
philosophies — ALL OP THEM! 

48 However, I must say here that the only consistent minister/prophet Hip Hop has ever heard 
advocating its divine existence and authority is the Honorable Minister Louis Parrakhan who has 
repeatedly warned us and asked us, Who are you? You are the bearers of either light or darkness. If 
you continue to make your people think that the way we act is right, you are an emissary of darkness; 
you are not a bearer of light. It’s one thing to talk about the condition out of which we live and say ‘we 
keeping it real.’ But hell, is that the way you wanna continue to live, and keep the reality of what the 
slave master and his children have placed our people in? Is that the reality that you want? Or do you 
want something better for yourself and better for your people? Well, how will you get something better 
if you don’t raise their consciousness to aspire for something better? That’s our job. The artist is the 
most important person! YOU ARE THE TEACHAS! The people listen to you, they don’t listen to their 
preachers! Preacher’s day is done! 

49 What we are dealing with here is a NEW COVENANT, a new vision, the birth of a NEW 
PEOPLE. What we are dealing with here is the rediscovery of our ancient birthright, our original 
culture which is our true religion. We have no time or authority to critique and judge the covenants 
GOD has made with others. We are concerned with how GOD is dealing with us today. 

50 If we can acknowledge the fact that Hip Hop came to us as a saving force, we are then 
encouraged to ask, For what purpose were we saved? Why did Hip Hop happen? Not how did Hip 
Hop happen, but why did Hip Hop happen. Yeah, Hip Hop has made a lot of people wealthy, including 
myself, but the real question for a grateful and highly appreciative Hiphoppa is “WHY?” Why is Hip 
Hop Hip Hop? What is its real purpose? 

51 These questions reach far beyond getting a little money. These questions lead to salvation and 
peace. For if we have evidence of an unseen force operating amongst us (and we do), such evidence 
should lead us to ask more questions regarding such a force that seems to love us very much. What 
kind of force is it? Is it GOD or is it our own egos? How can we know? 

52 Well first, if we can acknowledge that GOD — the great unified field of infinite possibilities — is 
one Great Event, and we, Hip Hop, are not separate from the oneness of such an Event, then Hip Hop 
too is an idea of GOD. And because we exist in the mind of GOD, we too belong to GOD and are 
heirs to a certain unique divinity unmatched by any other in our time. We can even see historically 
how other cultures have described the God-force that saved them from certain death as a voice, an 
inner -urging, a Word that instructed them and guided them to victory. 

53 Such an urging is accompanied by seeming coincidences, miracles and natural events that line 
up with the intent of that urging. It is not words that GOD speaks, it is life, and the Voice of Life is 

Love — this is GOD’s Word, and this is what saved us! Public Enemy heard a Word. KRS ONE heard a 
Word. Big Daddy Kane heard a Word. Professor Griff heard a Word. So when they heard the Word, the 
Word inspired new thought. Yeah, pain, but then they started rappin’. There was no beat to it then, it 
was just spittin ’ out lyrics, but the lyrics were powerful! And the lyrics were not popular in those 
circles that produced us. So they were producing themselves! They were distributing themselves, and 
becoming rich! And so those who always watch us for trends [would ask], what’s the new trend among 
them? Ooooh, it’s called ‘Rap,’ bring some of it, let me hear it. When they took that in the room, they 
said we can’t..., (gasp) uh, why, the ‘negras’ are listening to this? Why if they keep listening to this our 
police won’t have work to do! They [Hip Hop] gonna start building something. (Minister Louis 
Farrakhan, 2007) 

54 When I was wandering around Brooklyn and Manhattan without a house or a home it was this 
Word that guided me. It was this Word that showed me where to sleep, how to eat, and when to study. 
This is how I became The Teacha; I heard the Voice of GOD and followed it. 

55 It was this voice that led me to leave home at 16 years of age and drop out of high school to 
pursue Hip Hop. It was this voice that taught me things that I had never read or heard before only to 
substantiate such knowing later in life. 

56 It was this voice that recited to me the poetry that I recite to others. It was this voice that 
instructed me in battle. It was this voice that inspired the Stop The Violence Movement (1989), and 
Human Education Against Lies (1991), and the Temple of Hip Hop (1996), and this gospel for Hip 
Hop (2009). 

57 It was this voice that first called me “teacha” and instructed me on how to inspire both 
elementary and college students without ever having attended college myself. It was this voice that 
told me what to say at Yale University, at Harvard University and at Oxford University in London. In 
fact, it was the instruction of GOD’s voice, GOD’s urging, that guided me though all of the colleges 
and universities I’ve taught at even though I didn’t even hold a junior high school diploma. 

58 It was this voice that taught me how to teach. It was this voice that first called me “KRS ONE,” 
and I’ve repeated it ever since. Obedience to this voice is indeed the source of my intellectual strength 
and artistic longevity. ALL PRAISE, GLORY AND WORSHIP BE TO GOD — the Love that has lifted 
us up. This is exactly why this gospel is before you now; it is because that same still small voice that 
has guided KRS thus far is guiding you now. This is real! And if you are indeed Hip Hop you must 
learn that there is a divine blessing and grace upon your life that you cannot afford to continue 
ignoring, and this is what the Gospel of Hip Hop is all about. 

59 This training is all about getting you to recognize your spiritual reality and begin living your 
life outside of the fear and worry caused by excessive material want. This gospel acknowledges Hip 
Hop as an idea of Divine Mind and reunites the Hiphoppa with the existence of such a Mind. This is 
how I became KRS ONE. Others may have entered the Rap music industry in other ways, or may have 
been hooked up by this one or that one. But as for KRS ONE, it was (and still is) the mystical life and 
its real effects that got me started as an emcee/rapper, and this awareness is what I teach to all serious 

10 For I am not who I am today just because I can rap. Study KRS’s history closely. If my life is 
not a living example of what I teach, then you have no reason to believe anything that I am saying 
here. But if my life is evidence of my claims then why deny your own blessing and the gospel that 
speaks direcdy to YOU for YOUR salvation. I am who I am so that you may clearly see who you are. 

61 But the question we are dealing with here is how do we know if it was GOD that has rescued us? 
The quick answer is because I just told you so, and if you join with me in faith you too can become 

heir to this New Covenant. But a longer answer explores what others have experienced in history 
regarding the saving Grace of the one GOD. 

62 One thing we know for sure is that when GOD raises up a people it has historically been the 
most downtrodden, impoverished, powerless group of people that GOD chooses to restore and raise 
up. And part of the reason for this historically has been that GOD chooses the most powerless people 
to raise up, the most ignorant to educate, the most unorganized to order so that they and the World 
may know once again that GOD IS GOD! And nothing in the World is above the power of GOD. 

63 It doesn’t matter what the World is doing or what the World has, when GOD decides to move, 
no force on or in the earth can stop such a movement. Historically, over the past 36 years, Hip Hop 
has been such a movement in the United States. And now this people, who were once destroyed, have 
found favor with GOD, as he has always favored the enslaved, the oppressed, the downtrodden. And he 
has favored us, not just with a prophet, but with his presence. And out of us chose one to lead, teach, 
and guide us to the path of his divine favor. And with that presence, he’s offering to us the scepter of 
rulership. That, that which was not becomes that which is. And that, that which was the bottom rail, he 
will bring it to the top. And that which was last, he would make it first. This is the Lord’s doing and it 
is marvelous in our eyes. (Minister Louis Farrakhan, 2007) 

64 The strength and power that Hip Hop has did not come from us, we received it, yet it was 
already within us when we received it — this is GOD. In addition, it is clear that Hip Hop operates 
within a certain moral immunity. There is clearly a grace over us and we must ask, for what reason 
are we being excused like this? For what reason do we have this grace? And for how long? 

65 Know this. Grace is a kind of mercy. It implies that you are undeserving of the mercy you are 
receiving. That for the activity of your selfish, inconsiderate needs you should have been dead, 
injured or imprisoned. But GOD’s Grace comes and rescues you from the judgment that you truly 
deserve. Some people realize the Grace of GOD over their lives and they humble themselves in 
thanksgiving and praise for the Love they didn’t deserve. Others walk blindly. 

hl Now when you realize that in GOD’s eye all of us are basically animals grunting and groaning 
before GOD, and that our attempts at righteousness can never match GOD’s, you realize that you are 
under GOD’s Grace, that you are being protected from your own ignorance and excused of your own 
immaturity RIGHT NOW! Others are being killed, injured and/or incarcerated for what you are 
doing every day. 

But when you get truthful with yourself and you look at the amount of illegal, unhealthy and 
stupid things you are doing and saying yet you are never really caught by the system, you are never 
really sick, and danger always seems to escape you, you realize that it is GOD’s Grace that is 
protecting you. Not your intellect, not your knowledge, not your reputation, not your respect, not 
your money, not even your faith has protected you from the effects of your own immaturity; IT WAS 

When you realize this for real, you also realize that something bigger than you, something 
stronger than you, something smarter, faster and calmer than you is trying to communicate with you. 
When you can actually recognize the grace on your life you seek not more of the grace, but more of 
the grace-giver. If you actually care, you will want to know why such a gift is being given to you? 

The first obvious reason is love. GOD cares about us. The second obvious reason is 
understanding. GOD understands us more than we understand ourselves. We belong to GOD. And 
finally, there’s a plan, a purpose, a work that needs to be done. The blessing in all of this is that for 
some reason GOD believes we can get the work done. Or in this case, GOD seems to believe that Hip 
Hop can get the work done. 

Now when you look at this closely, you see that GOD’s Grace is also GOD’s faith in the belief 
that we (Hip Hop) are worthy of grace; that we will get the work done. For when GOD gives a people 
grace it is because of the work they’ve been called to do, it is because of a purpose that will be 
fulfilled. We are being excused of our wickedness and immaturity right now because we are 
obviously victorious in our future. GOD can see that, and we are encouraged to see that also. 

71 But such grace is not a free pass for continued ignorance. Don’t get it twisted; if you are not 
fulfilling the vision GOD has place upon your life, suddenly and without warning your grace can 
disappear. Grace is only provided for you to catch up to the vision GOD has for you. If you are not 
perfecting yourself and moving toward the vision GOD has shown you, grace will not save you from 
your own stagnation and ungratefulness. 

72 GOD’s vision for Hip Hop is also GOD’s promise to Hip Hop. But GOD’s people are called 
long before they even know that they have been called, this is where grace comes in. Grace gives you 
a chance to catch up to GOD’s already in-progress plan and vision. 

73 Know this. GOD calls us things before we actually become them. GOD’s vision for us is not a 
far-off dream, it is an actual promise as to what GOD has in store for us. However, if you don’t rise 
to the promise you don’t get it. It is not that the promise will not happen, it is more that you just won’t 
be part of it. 

74 The Hip Hop spiritual life acknowledges GOD’s already in-progress grace and inspires the 
Hiphoppa to walk worthy of that already received grace. The Hip Hop spiritual life acknowledges the 
standards, practices and principles of the grace-giver. We respect the promise and the promiser. For it 
is our respect for the promiser that motivates us to rise to the level of the promise. 

75 Just imagine, if someone promised you something, you would have to respect the promiser in 
order to receive the promise. You have to believe that the one promising is actually capable of 
delivering such a promise. If you don’t believe or respect the promiser, even if the promiser can 
deliver the promise, you will never achieve it simply because you don’t respect nor believe the 

A promise is like a two-way street; both the giver and the receiver have to cooperate for a 
promise to be fulfilled, especially a promise that is like a received gift. If you don’t join in on the 
faith of the promiser, it is you who walks away from your own gift. In this case, the promiser is GOD 
and Hip Hop is the receiver of the promise/gift. 

All those who join in on this faith, join in on a new covenant complete with health, love, 
awareness and wealth; a covenant that provides peace and prosperity to all who claim Hip Hop as 
their culture and lifestyle. This is real. 

GOD has already made us a holy nation, the challenge for us now is to rise to the character of 
GOD’s Vision of us before this season of grace runs out. And the key word here is “vision.” Vision 
gives us direction, purpose and restraint. When you have a vision to achieve and you are seriously 
committed to it, the World’s temptations don’t affect you. 

79 When you have a vision to achieve and you are achieving it, you are in harmony with not only 
GOD’s Vision, you are in harmony with GOD’s Law. In such a condition grace is unnecessary; it is 
the living Law of GOD that protects and guides you now. Grace is always needed in some form or 
another, but at this level of awareness you are no longer unaware, or immature, or ignorant so grace 
is not really necessary for you. 

80 Grace is for those who unknowingly break spiritual laws because of immaturity or ignorance. 
However, when the Hiphoppa atones for past ignorance and attunes herself to the vision GOD has 

promised her nation, that Hiphoppa becomes GOD’s Vision and thus GOD’s Law; fulfilling the 
promise and thus saving herself and her whole World from destruction. This is the good news for Hip 
Hop. This is the gospel. 

81 The Gospel of Hip Hop comes to Hip Hop at this time because our grace period is running out 
again. This word keeps GOD’s judgment at bay and gives us time to catch up to GOD’s Vision for 
Hip Hop. This is not about possessions, this is about position. This is about getting into position to 
receive the Promise of GOD. 

82 Therefore, the time has come to make a final decision regarding how deeply involved you 
shall explore your Hip Hop reality. Is Hip Hop still just a side thing to you, or is it really your 
birthright and heritage? There it is. 


1 Before and beyond the collective history of our recording contracts, platinum sales awards and 
tour dates, we have been the direct recipients of a saving force, a spiritual form of intelligence which 
can only be described as Love. 

2 But how soon did we forget who fed us when we were hungry, who taught us when we were 
ignorant, who clothed us when we were naked, who sheltered us when we were houseless? We were 
quick to pray for what we wanted in our time of need, but after we were out of the danger or satisfied 
in some way we forgot that we’ve just prayed to “something” that actually responded. 

3 The question is, how serious are you about GOD? Many people believe in GOD but only a tiny 
few actually appreciate GOD and show it with a life dedicated to union with GOD. How soon did we 
forget how helpless and vulnerable we were before the threats of our enemies were miraculously 
dealt with? How can we forget? Such forgetfulness is almost always reminded by a return to hunger 
and powerlessness. 

4 Miracles happen every day, all day. But most people don’t expect them so they don’t see them, 
or experience them. Strange, kooky-type events go on all the time and people simply disregard them 
as coincidences or they ignore them altogether, then they criticize their own spiritual experiences as 
not real, childish and/or naive. 

5 Most people cannot deal with the possible fact that what they are seeing is not all of what they 
are getting. That there is a deeper, faster, stronger reality that can actually override the mechanics of 
their known physical universe and its laws. That things might not actually be the way we think they 

! For most people such a revelation is indeed scary and not even to be discussed. But for a select 
few, such a revelation is inspiring and encourages such people to learn more, seek more and live 

This is what the Gospel of Hip Hop is all about. It is about the restoration and further 
development of one’s love for Hip Hop because it is through Love that we learn of the deeper lessons 
regarding the nature of GOD. 

8 The Gospel of Hip Hop points the way to a spiritually lived Hip Hop life — however, Love is the 
code that tells the universe that you can be trusted with information that must be lived in order to be 
learned. Know this. The universe thinks and responds to your thinking, and this is the essence of what 
Hip Hop is for us; it is our relationship with divinity. Hip Hop is what we are doing with our portion 
of GOD. 

1 When we are performing the role of a pimp, a hustier, drug dealer, stick-up kid, whore, 
murderer, etc., this is what we are doing with our portion of GOD — the Love that has rescued us from 
self-destruction. When we are performing the role of teacha, minister, parent, volunteer, emcee, etc., 
this is also what we are doing with our portion of GOD — the Love that inspires us to self-create. 

10 For if Hip Hop was created explicidy for self-destruction then self-destruction would be fine 
and we would thrive upon such a condition. But Hip Hop was not created to self-destruct, it was 
created to self-create — “Hip Hop, ya don’t stop!” And this is how we know that its inspiration was of 
GOD; Hip Hop came from within us, yet we still had to learn it. In our early days, we felt the fullness 
of it but still had to develop artistic techniques to express it in Nature. Hip Hop came to us, from 
within us. 

Hip Hop is the name of the Love that rescued us from oppression. It (Hip Hop) is the term 


given to the inner force that inspires us to self-create. This gospel is a tribute to the Love that has 
saved us and brought us together under the tide of HIP HOP. And this is the message. LOVE IS THE 
MESSAGE! This is what we originally did our artistic elements for, we did it for the Love. That 
unspoken collective intelligence that is shared psychically by all who belong to the group. 

12 Those who belong to the group feel the Love. Those who care for the group feel the Love. 
Those who seek love feel the Love, and it is this god that we serve. Without form, without name, 
without origin, the Love is that saving force in the World many civilizations have written about and 
have called “GOD” for thousands of years. 

13 We have observed now that Love is a divine activity, an intelligence unto itself that saves, 
rewards, inspires and teaches all who are part of its group. LOVE IS GOD! But Love seems to also be 
selective; it thinks and judges. 

14 Many follow the tradition that “God is Love” and yes, such is the Truth. But when you really 
begin to live out this statement you find that it is more the fact that “Love is GOD.” “GOD” is a term 
that makes Love understandable to us. The term “GOD” is not anything unto itself, but what the term 
“GOD” describes is actually Love and the activities of Love. 

15 Yes, for many people “God is Love,” but for us, Love has been our GOD. Love is what we have 
served, and it is Love that has saved us. “GOD” is not above Love. Love is GOD. Love is not from 
GOD, Love is the only god we have ever known. 

16 The term “GOD” is not above the term Love because without Love the term “GOD” has no 
meaning and ceases to exist. For it is Love that defines GOD and empowers GOD to act. Love is the 
true god and to love is GOD. 

17 For it is not GOD that governs and orders the universe, it is Love. And it is not GOD that 
destroys the universe, it is the illusory absence of Love. Therefore, let us return to our ancient 
understanding of GOD as an event of Great Love that operates as the universe itself. Let us return to 
our ancestral wisdom formed from the real experiences we have had with GOD — the Love that has 
enlightened us. 

18 Before the kidnap, rape, theft, deception and murder of our ancestors and grandparents which 
forced upon us our modern-day view and perception of GOD, we worshipped the power of Love. We 
saw it, we felt it and we expressed it toward one another — even to those who would eventually enslave 
our parents. 

19 Over many years some of us would track its patterns and repeated behaviors in an effort to 
communicate and be more in harmony with such a being. Of all the virtues available to humanity, 
Love is truly the god of them all. 

20 This gospel for Hip Hop acknowledges the Love that set us aside in the World and has made us 
Hip Hop. This gospel acknowledges the grace bestowed upon Hip Hop and Hiphoppas, and urges the 
Hip Hop community to rise to the promise GOD has made to us. 

21 And what is the promise GOD has made to us? The promise is that if we turn from our own 
ignorance and immaturity, and seek the face of GOD, we shall experience that ancient blessing that 
topples the most powerful nations and establishes the nation that has repented and has obeyed. The 
promise is that if we ever dare to rise to our divinity, GOD promises to meet us there. Our divinity 
begins with the proper understanding of love and what it means to forgive and care for one another. 

22 With this understanding we learn that we can never really love GOD; we can only be Love 
(God) toward each other. We have observed now that the way to experience GOD is to experience true 
Love, and this is achieved not by receiving love, but by being Love itself. 

23 Such an approach to spiritual living begins one’s understanding of Hip Hop’s spiritual life. And 
again, this has nothing to do with the spiritual concepts and experiences of other cultures far older 
than ours. For we have realized now that your culture is your religion, and it is impossible for us 
(Hiphoppas) to have a relationship with GOD through a culture that is not inherently ours. OUR 
culture is OUR direct connection to GOD. Our cultural life is the actual path that we must take to 
arrive at the presence and power of GOD. 

24 Much respect to all who seek the face of GOD. However, this gospel reflects the actual notes 
taken over a 14-year period with over 40 years of living Hip Hop spiritually. Others may have 
discovered other truths, but this gospel documents the spiritual truths we as a Hip Hop community 
have discovered at the birth of our civilization. These are the principles WE must never forget. 

25 This is what it means for us to be and remain free, to take responsibility for ourselves, to be 
able to chart our own path toward the divine and make our own humble observations regarding 
spiritual, cultural and political matters. Are we not free-thinking adults? Does GOD not speak to us as 
well? Well, let us begin acting as such, beginning with the documentation of what we have seen, heard 
and felt regarding the activity of GOD for ourselves. 

26 Let us as scholars and Hip Hop citizens acknowledge the presence of the Love that has saved us. 
With this gospel let us proclaim our reconnection and trust for the Love that has guided us thus far. 
We respect the experiences older civilizations have had with GOD, but now it is time we experience 
GOD for ourselves. We no longer need an interpreter, OUR CULTURE IS OUR RELIGION AND 

27 Such a life is not for everyone though. Hip Hop is alive, it is a thinking faculty of the universe 
itself and it chooses who it shall reveal its secrets to. Those of us who have committed ourselves to 
observing the divine activities of Love in human affairs have observed that the force that brought Hip 
Hop into existence planned, protected and nurtured us long before we knew we were being developed 
into Hip Hop. Hip Hop started for us before we were aware of it. 

28 Our observations show that Divine Love was the first act that got Hip Hop started. Something 
cared about us. Something cared about our group. Long before we knew what we would become, a 
loving-caring force was at work guiding our steps and molding our collective character to become 
Hip Hop today, and we acknowledge the existence of this guiding force. It is to this force that we owe 
our existence. ALL PRAISE, GLORY AND WORSHIP BE TO GOD — the Love that has made us Hip 

29 For us, it is Love that produces the intentions of our minds and we live and perceive our reality 
in GOD — the Love that fights for us. And because nothing exists outside of Love, including Hip Hop, 
we accept our divinity as Hiphoppas (as GOD’s intention). 

30 For we now know for sure that we belong to GOD knowing that Hip Hop itself has its source in 
Eternal Being along with everything else in the known and unknown universe. Know this. Hip Hop 
exists for divine reasons and we have come into material existence as part of the divine order of the 
universe. We (Hip Hop) are not a mistake; we are a manifestation of Divine Love. 

31 We are NOT here to just sing and dance! WE ARE PART OF THE DIVINE ORDER OF 
THINGS! Hip Hop is a product of human genius clearly inspired by Divine Mind. Therefore, our first 
work as a young nation is to take the source of our being more seriously, and this is what the Temple 
of Hip Hop is all about. Here, we approach the being of Hiphop seriously. 

32 Announced in 1996, The Temple of Hip Hop was formed to work in 3 phases. (1) As an 
organization that protects, preserves and promotes Hip Hop Kulture. (2) To open a cultural learning 

center and facility for Hip Hop Kulture, featuring a museum exhibiting artifacts of Hip Hop Kulture. 
(3) To build a school recognizing and teaching Hip Hop as the consciousness of our common culture, 
and (4) to create an authentic collaborative history for the culture. (Men of Hip Hop calendar series, 

33 In short, the Temple of Hip Hop is a Hip Hop preservation society and ministry established to 
ensure the longevity and further development of traditional Hip Hop in the World. Our society is 
made up of exceptional Hiphoppas who are united in the cause for Hip Hop’s cultural, political and 
spiritual expansion. 

34 However again, the Temple of Hip Hop as well as the Gospel of Hip Hop are not intended for 
all people, even those who are participating in Hip Hop’s culture and elements. Both the Temple of 
Hip Hop and its gospel attract those Hiphoppas who intuitively feel what is already presented in this 
first instrument and only need to be reminded of such Truth in a culturally relevant way. For many, 
this gospel will be more of a confirmation than an education. 

35 Nothing that is taught here is actually new. However, the way in which it is taught is indeed new. 
Truth is Truth no matter where it comes from. It is only in the way that such Truth is presented that 
gives the impression that what is being taught is somehow new or original. 

36 Much of what is taught here is ancient and timeless, and you will be able to find many of our 
principles in a variety of spiritual circles. But the reason for this gospel is that no one in my time 
seems to be speaking direcdy to the Hip Hop community regarding its spiritual, cultural and political 
development, and part of the reason for this I suspect is that no one can do this work for us — this 
work we must do for and by ourselves. 

37 This is that part of our journey where we must “go it alone,” blazing our own path toward 
union with the divine. Know this. Revolution only works for those who participate in it. Tradition 
reveals its secrets and its powers only to those who are committed to the tradition. 

38 GOD speaks to those who speak to GOD. GOD listens to those who listen to GOD. The Hip 
Hop life that we live can only really be experienced by true Hiphoppas committed to living Hip Hop 
spiritually. Others can read this gospel, watch instructional Hip Hop DVDs, even watch us, imitating 
the effects of OUR real Hip Hop lives, but ultimately if you have not committed your entire being to 
the spiritual exploration of Hip Hop it will be a long time before you begin to experience the 
awareness of a spiritually lived Hip Hop life. And this goes for anything, really. 

39 Even further, those who choose not to develop themselves or the craft which feeds them and 
their children become subject to the agendas of those who have. And on a more personal note, if the 
people around you are not participants in the revolution you have embarked upon they will not be 
able to comprehend your ways or take part in the fruits of your success; they have not traveled your 
path, therefore they will not have (know) your experience or perception. 

40 You can help them, you can give to them, you can assist them, you can teach them, you can love 
them, you can feed them and you can advise them, but you cannot share your space and time with 
those who have not traveled your path or have not gained your experience. 

41 You cannot trust those who haven’t traveled your path with the commitments your path 
requires. Your path is for you! Your blessings are for you! Your talents are uniquely yours. Yes, you 
are special. Everything else can be shared except the actual living of your own life experiences, these 
are authentically yours. You should keep a journal; such is your personal gospel. 

42 The Love in your heart will want to unite with those who suffer and are in need. But please 
remember that everyone is where they are because of who they are. To truly save a person from their 

own illusions and hardships it is not you that must unite with them, it is they who must unite with you! 
You uniting with the ignorant and the immature will only lead to your own suffering. 

43 Your natural humility and care for others will direct you to suffer with those who surround you 
because without you they would be lost! You know it and they know it but they front like “you ain’t 
special” and you agree, I ain’t special, I’m not above anyone, what I do anyone can do if they put their 
minds to it. 

44 All of this is simply not true. Because of the life-path that you have chosen and mastered you 
ARE actually special. Yes, you ARE respectfully above everyone else who has not mastered even 
their own life-path and purpose. And no, everyone cannot do what you do or even what you have 
done. Realize your uniqueness right now and let no one degrade you or lead you to doubt yourself 
with the experiences of their lives. 

45 Yes, you are special! YOU ARE HIP HOP! Your only challenge is your own belief in the 
existence of your own Hip Hop reality. Repent now, your victory is closer to you than your hands! 

46 Prophet Farrakhan has already said to us, YOU ARE NOT CONSCIOUS OF HOW POWERFUL 

47 The prophet continued, I can’t be like Jonah anymore and neither can you; hiding from your 
mission, running away from what your real assignment is! So the fish is swallowing you up. But when 
that boy learned to pray, he was spit up on dry land and he said 7 surrender GOD; I’ve been fightin’ 
you, but I know it’s time.’ I hope that you will say I surrender GOD I know it’s time, that I can do better 
than what I’m doing. Money is not more important than the rise of a suffering people into the 
fulfillment of the promise of GOD. Nothing is more important than your people becoming truly free. 
There it is. 

* r 


Upgs $ 

• N 1 ■'VaA 



1 Peace and much love to all generations of Hip Hop — past, present and future. Hip Hop is our 
Word, and this Word is the Truth of our being. From this Word all of our words come. For it is our 
words that are the Truth of our thoughts and intentions. Words are the fragrance of our being. 

2 Know this. Words are Truth’s physical image, and we are made into the image of the words that 
we think and intend. WE ARE NOT JUST DOING HIP HOP; WE ARE HIP HOP! We are that word, 
and the abilities we give that word are the abilities we give to ourselves and to our children forever. 
Our word is our name, our name is our nature, and our nature is our specialized ability in physical 

3 Hip Hop is clearly a divine response to our particular suffering in the World, and it has been the 
study of this “response” that has revealed to us the nature of GOD — the Love we serve. 

4 Hip Hop has clearly given us all purpose. Hip Hop has even made many of us rich, famous and 
influential. However, no one person can ever take full credit for the creation and artistic development 
of Hip Hop itself — it just happened! Yes, Kool DJ Here, Afrika Bambaataa, Grandmaster Flash, Crazy 
Legs and others are indeed the architects of Hip Hop, and can even be called “fathers.” But there were 
simply too many unseen, supernatural forces that assisted in Hip Hop’s birth and development for any 
one person to claim exclusive credit for the creation of Hip Hop. 

5 Even Kool DJ Here, Afrika Bambaataa, Grandmaster Flash, Crazy Legs, Phase II and others 
were all unaware that what they were doing in the 1970s would eventually become Hip Hop in the 
1980s. In fact, these great icons of the Hip Hop arts and sciences were more created by Hip Hop, than 
Hip Hop was created by them. We actually discovered Hip Hop as we participated in it. 

b In the early days of our development, Hip Hop first appeared as a saving force; a form of 
recreation, a neighborhood pastime. It wasn’t about making money initially; it was more about 
expressing what you would do when you acquired money. Hip Hop was what we did because we had 
limited resources and little money for anything else. 

Know this. It was the lack of money and other resources that caused Hip Hop to exist. Hip Hop 
existed outside of the mainstream and its validations. Hip Hop was what WE did independent of the 
World’s value systems. Hip Hop was (and still is) our only salvation. Hip Hop is what saved us — 
nothing else! 

8 For it is known by all the sages and learned spiritual teachers of all the ages that GOD responds 
to suffering. That when all human strength is exhausted and all Worldly avenues of success have been 
closed, it is at that precise moment that GOD appears and we are saved again! 

LOVE AND CONCERN FOR HIPHOPPAS. Hip Hop itself is a miracle! A divine solution! No human 
hand can ever take full credit for the true birth and development of Hip Hop. HIP HOP IS GOD’S 
DIVINE ACTIVITY EXISTING AMONGST US TODAY. For it was GOD that made us Hiphoppas, 
and this is the good news! 

10 It was GOD that inspired Kool DJ Here. It was GOD that inspired Afrika Bambaataa. It was 
GOD that inspired Crazy Legs. It was GOD that inspired Phase II, Taki 183, and Cornbread. It was 
GOD that inspired Grandmaster Flash, GrandWizzard Theodore as well as the Furious Five. It was 
GOD that inspired Run-DMC and Jam Master Jay. 

11 It was GOD that inspired LL Cool J, Doug E. Fresh, Salt-N-Pepa, MC Lyte, Public Enemy, Poor 
Righteous Teachers, Niggaz With Attitude, MC Hammer, and so on, and so on, and so on. And this is 

the good news; through Hip Hop GOD HAS OPENED TO US A NEW WAY TOWARD UNION 

12 The good news is that GOD IS REAL! And this is our faith (experience). For us, the existence of 
Hip Hop proves the existence of GOD’s presence within us, around us and for us. Yes, for us! GOD is 
with us! The spirit realm is all around us! GOD is actually present with us right now! GOD is at this 
very moment reading this gospel with us, to us, for us right now! Feel the presence! GOD actually 
likes you as Hip Hop; this is why you exist. 

13 The existence of Hip Hop proves for all Hiphoppas that there is a divine intelligence looking 
out for us (or rather looking out from us). Something divine is concerned about Hip Hop, and this is 
the focus of our study. As Hip Hop scholars, we are seeking and tracking the patterns and nature of 
The Force that made us Hip Hop — and this is right for us. 

14 As a community, we love GOD. Even though we may fall short of what GOD truly intends for 
us, still we yearn for the presence of GOD. We know that Rap music is only the early leaves of a very 
young Hip Hop fruit that we, in immaturity and ignorance, continue to eat before it has fully grown 
into the fruit-bearing tree that it was intended to become. We are so much more than the leaves that 
bud up first to catch the sunlight. We have so much more growing to do. 

15 Hip Hop today is like the seed of a great fruit tree given to a poor and desperate people in an 
effort to save them from the effects of the terrorism their parents faced. But because of their own 
desperateness, fears and doubts caused by such terrorism, today they eat the seeds as opposed to 
planting the seeds to grow the tree. 

16 Hip Hop is like a seed that, if planted in your heart and watered by your faith, will spring up in 
you like a mighty fruit tree that feeds you and everyone around you all year ’round. But in our own 
desperateness to eat something, anything, we eat the seeds of our own salvation, ultimately remaining 
hungry and unsatisfied, never truly attaining the harvest that the seed was meant to produce for us. 

17 Another way of looking at this is to say that we are stuck eating eggs because we never 
nurtured the eggs long enough for them to become chickens. It is like we are eating raw food because 
we haven’t yet learned to cook. In other words, when we plant the seed (Hip Hop) we never wait long 
enough for the seed to grow into the tree (peace and prosperity) that it was intended to become. 

18 This is the actual state of Hip Hop today. We have been given the seeds to a great new 
civilization but the seeds themselves are so valuable in the World that we just sell the seeds and eat the 
seeds without ever thinking about planting the seeds or from whom such seeds come. 

19 Many have become rich participating in Hip Hop’s artistic elements, but they are only rich in 
their accumulation and consumption of seeds. They would be even richer if they would plant the seeds 
in their own minds and in the minds of those who need the seeds the most. But such is the state of a 
desperate and traumatized people; we may be outside of the prison walls but we are still lining up to 

20 This is why we as a people are not yet out of the dark in my time. Yes, we have been liberated, 
but we are not yet free. Yes, the chains are off of our feet, but we haven’t yet begun to walk OUR path. 
Yes, the chains are off our hands, but we haven’t begun to reach or grasp for those things necessary to 
OUR healing and growth. Yes, today the chains are even off of our minds, but we still have not begun 
to actually THINK FOR OURSELVES ! 

21 Yes, think for ourselves! We have the “Hip” (the awareness) of Hip Hop, but as a group we have 
yet to attain the actual “Hop” (the movement) of Hip Hop. We think like Hiphoppas, but we do not yet 
move like Hiphoppas. We are aware of ourselves as a specific social group, but we are simply not 

moving collectively as the group we perceive ourselves as. This is why the Temple of Hip Hop exists. 

22 Such a movement requires mass motivation caused by mass inspiration. This type of 
inspiration is deliberately caused by those who are the caretakers of the culture they seek to expand; 
they are the physical embodiment of what they teach. Others can perform the artistic elements of Hip 
Hop; this is good and highly respected. But if those same performers have no clear idea as to why 
they perform, then longevity, even as a performer, is out of their reach. 

23 Hip Hop is so young in my time that we haven’t yet produced authentically committed, serious 
cultural caretakers, and again, this is why our temple for Hip Hop exists. Our temple is not a physical 
location, it is a society of Hip Hop culture-keepers who not only perform Hip Hop artistically, but 
also spiritually. 

24 Our goal as a learning institution is to produce some real Hip Hop scholars capable of not only 
studying and teaching Hip Hop, but also producing it. As Hip Hop’s scholars, we are also Hip Hop’s 
gardeners; we beautify and maintain the Hip Hop landscape, assisting GOD in the growing of our Hip 
Hop environment. 

25 For us, such an environment is the land promised to us by GOD if we would walk with GOD 
never forgetting that it is not Hip Hop that sustains us, it is GOD. Hip Hop is simply the name of our 
interaction with GOD. Hip Hop is the solution GOD sent to relieve our suffering. Hip Hop is the seed 
(solution) of a new vine (people). 

26 Those that walk this life path are shown the secrets and the mysteries to the fabric of life itself. 
The good news is that we have identified the Love we belong to, and as Hip Hop scholars we are 
encouraged to seek and document the nature and pattern of this Love which continues to guide us, 
protect us and teach us. 

27 As Hip Hop scholars, our study of the Love begins at August 28, 1963 when our King — the true 
king, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. — stood before the World in Washington, D.C. and stated. .. 

28 I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration 
for freedom in the history of our nation . 

29 Five score years ago, a great American, in whose symbolic shadow we stand today, signed the 
Emancipation Proclamation. This momentous decree came as a great beacon light of hope to millions 
of Negro slaves who had been seared in the flames of withering injustice. It came as a joyous daybreak 
to end the long night of their captivity. 

30 But one hundred years later, the Negro still is not free; one hundred years later, the life of the 
Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination; one 
hundred years later, the Negro lives on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of 
material prosperity : one hundred years later, the Negro is still languished in the corners of American 
society and finds himself in exile in his own land . 

31 So we’ve come here today to dramatize a shameful condition. In a sense we’ve come to our 
nation’s capital to cash a check. When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of 
the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which 
every American was to fall heir. This note was the promise that all men, ves. Black men as well as 
White men, would be guaranteed the unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness . 

32 It is obvious today that America has defaulted on this promissory note in so far as her citizens 
of color are concerned. Instead of honoring this sacred obligation, America has given the Negro 
people a bad check; a check which has come back marked ‘insufficient funds. ’ 

We refuse to believe that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults of opportunity of this 


50 No, we are not satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteous like a mighty stream. 

51 I am not unmindful that some of you come here out of excessive trails and tribulation. Some of 
you have come fresh from narrow jail cells. Some of you have come from areas where your quest for 
freedom left you battered by the storms of persecution and staggered by the winds of police brutality . 

52 You have been the veterans of creative suffering. Continue to work with the faith that unearned 
suffering is redemptive . 

53 At this point our King was overcome by GOD’s spirit and turned away from his prepared 
speech and began free-styling from his heart. As author Drew D. Hansen points out in his book The 
Dream: Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Speech that Inspired a Nation, Dr. King was supposed to end 
his speech with: And so today, let us go back to our communities as members of the international 
association for the advancement of creative dissatisfaction. Let us go back and work with all the 
strength we can muster to get strong civil rights legislation in this session of congress. Let us go down 
from this place to ascend other peaks of purpose. Let us descend from this mountaintop to climb other 
hills of hope. But he did not say this part of his written speech publicly. 

54 As Mr. Hansen points out, prophetess/gospel singer Mahalia Jackson urged him on, saying, Tell 
us about the dream, Martin! And the King began speaking from his heart, unscripted and unrehearsed. 

55 Go back to Mississippi; go back to Alabama; go back to South Carolina; go back to Georgia; go 
back to Louisiana; go back to the slums and ghettos of northern cities, knowing that somehow this 
situation can, and will be changed. Let us not wallow in the valley of despair. 

56 The prophetess called out to him again saying, Tell them about the dream, Martin! And the 
King continued. 

57 So I say to you, my friends, that even though we must face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, 
I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream that one day this nation shall 
rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed — we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men 
are created equal. 

58 I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, sons of former slaves and sons of former 
slaveowners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood . 

59 I have a dream that one day, even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of 
injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and 

60 I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be 
judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today! 

61 I have a dream that one day, down in Alabama, with it vicious racists, with its governor having 
his lips dripping with the words of interposition and nullification, that one day, right there in 
Alabama, little Black boys and Black girls will be able to join hands with little White boys and White 
girls as sisters and brothers. I have a dream today! 

62 I have a dream that every valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the 
rough places shall be made plain, and the crooked places shall be made straight and the glory of the 
Lord shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it together. 

63 This is our hope . This is the faith that I go back to the South with. With this faith we will be able 
to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope. With this faith we will be able to transform the 
jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood. 

64 The King then returned to his written speech, With this faith we will be able to work together, to 

pray together, to struggle together, to go to jail together, to stand up for freedom together, knowing 
that we will be free one day. 

65 But the cheering crowd and the overwhelming spirit of GOD led our King away from his 
prepared text again and back to his freestyle. The King continued. 

This will be the day when all of GOD’s children will be able to sing with new meaning — ‘My 
country 'tis of thee; sweet land of liberty; of thee I sing; land where my fathers died, land of the 
pilgrim’s pride; from every mountain side, let freedom ring’ — and if America is to be a great nation, 
this must become true. 









So let freedom ring from the prodigious hilltops of New Hampshire. 

Let freedom ring from the mighty mountains of New York. 

Let freedom ring from the heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania. 

Let freedom ring from the snow capped Rockies of Colorado. 

Let freedom ring from the curvaceous slopes of California. 

But not only that. Let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia. 

Let freedom ring from Lookout Mountain of Tennessee. 

Let freedom ring from every hill and molehill of Mississippi, from every mountainside, let 
freedom ring. 

75 And when we allow freedom to ring, when we let it ring from every village and hamlet, from 
every state and city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of GOD’s children — Black men and 
White men, Jews and Gentiles, Catholics and Protestants — will be able to join hands and sing in the 
words of the old Negro spiritual, ‘FREE AT LAST! FREE AT LAST! THANK GOD ALMIGHTY! WE 

And with this decree, our nation was born! Our King, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in the midst of 
war, injustice and poverty, saw the coming of a new raceless, classless, unified nation built upon the 
timeless principles of freedom, justice and equality. He saw the beginnings of what we now call “Hip 

Our King spoke us into existence. He spoke to and for the generation of his immediate 
children; those born between the years 1960 and 1970. This generation is the group that would 
eventually produce Hip Hop. 

When our King said, I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation 
where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character, most 
people assumed that the only nation our King could have been talking about was the United States of 
America. That one day IT would live up to ITS creed of “all men” being “created equal” with the 
“unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” 

! Indeed our King was talking about America as a nation, but it is clear that he was NOT talking 
about the America that he was protesting against at the time. He saw a radically different America than 
even the one that exists today! However, the King’s vision of true racial unity and equal citizenship 
under the law never fully materialized for the people of the United States. 

80 Most Americans at the time felt that the King’s “I Have A Dream” decree was simply a 
powerfully moving speech. However, the King’s “Dream” in the realm of prophesy, prediction and 
instruction was not just (as the average American mind remembers it) protest words for his time. On 
the contrary, our King was not even speaking for his time; he was speaking for OUR TIME! He said, 
Nineteen sixty-three is not an end, but a beginning. 

81 Most of what the King said in that famous decree was said in future tense: One day right there in 
Alabama, little Black boys and Black girls will be able to join hands with little White boys and White 
girls as sisters and brothers. 

82 Most people, because of their own prejudices, refer to the phrase “ brothers and sisters” 
figuratively and symbolically. They doubt that “litde Black boys and girls” and “litde White boys and 
girls” can actually be real brothers and sisters. And they doubt this because for Black children and 
White children to become real blood brothers and sisters this would mean the creation of a new race, 
a new sect of people, a new culture, a new nation. 

83 As prophesy, the King’s I Have A Dream decree calls a new people and nation into existence. 
And because he was speaking to the future of those youths (us) born between 1960 and 1970 
(Generation X) who became the pioneers of modern Hip Hop and instinctively created the alternative 
multicultural, multiracial, omni-faithed community that the King predicted, we have realized today 
that WE are the true citizens of the nation Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. dreamt about. HIP HOP IS THE 

84 Nowhere else in the World is the King’s Dream so accurately expressed as within Hip Hop. 
Nowhere else in the World is there an international culture that is truly home to all races, classes, 
ethnicities and religious beliefs without prejudice other than Hip Hop. Sure, individuals may practice 
such a vision, but as for the social structures and foundations of whole communities, none can match 
the inclusive nature of Hip Hop today — even the African American community itself has not risen to 
the character and vision of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

85 Nowhere else in the World is a person truly judged by the “content of their character” as 
opposed to the “color of their skin” than within Hip Hop. Hip Hop even fulfills the King’s economic 
strategies for lower income and poor people. HIP HOP IS THE PROMISED LAND. 

86 Our King said, One day on red hills of Georgia, sons of former slaves and sons of former slave 
owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood. Nowhere has this happened in the 
World culturally on a mainstream level except within the international community of Hip Hop. In fact, 
nowhere in the World could this type of unity happen because our King was specific to the historical 
relationship between Africans and Europeans in America. 

8 As pimped-out, thugged-out, materialistic and drugged-out as we may appear to be today, Hip 
Hop is still NOT a racist culture. Our existence as a Hip Hop community literally fulfills the prophecy 
of our King spiritually and historically. Hip Hop is the “freedom” spoken of by the King. 

88 Within our Hip Hop community a person gains money, power and respect through a display of 
high skill in one or more of Hip Hop’s unique artistic elements. Here, you are truly judged by the 
“content of your character” (your attributes, your principles, your abilities, your reputation, who you 
associate with) not by your race or ethnic origin or financial status. Real Hip Hop is beyond all of 

89 When we look closely at the King’s Dream we see too many so-called coincidences and 
symbols that direcdy relate to Hip Hop and its real development in the World. Like Barack Obama 
becoming the 44 th President of the United States approximately 40 years from the assassination of our 
King, where he predicted that “We as a people will get to the Promised Land!” This we cannot ignore, 
especially when organizations like the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People 
(NAACP) started approximately 100 years ago (1909-2009) after a race riot in Illinois. 

' 1 We refuse to passively accept the Dream of our King as just a dream. We can see ourselves 
within the King’s Dream in real life. We can clearly see the King prophetically outlining the mystical 

path of Hip Hop ( freedom ) in his Dream years before we began to actually travel such a path. 

91 When we were very young the King stated; So let freedom ring from the prodigious hilltops of 
New Hampshire. 

92 Let freedom ring from the mighty mountains of New York. 

93 Let freedom ring from the heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania. 

94 Let freedom ring from the snow-capped Rockies of Colorado. 

95 Let freedom ring from the curvaceous slopes of California. 

96 But not only that. Let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia. 

97 Let freedom ring from Lookout Mountain of Tennessee. 

' Let freedom ring from every hill and molehill of Mississippi, from every mountainside, let 
freedom ring. 

99 Here we can see how the King has laid out the symbolic path that Hip Hop was to follow years 
later. First we have New Hampshire, which is located in the State of Vermont which is above New 
York State geographically. 

100 If you look at any map of the United States, you will see Vermont in the upper northeastern 
region of the country. With this we can see the flow of Hip Hop’s creative spirit starting from the 
northeastern region of the United States, moving downward toward New York. We can even track the 
spirit of Hip Hop as far north as Africville in Nova Scotia, Canada. Symbolically as well as literally, 
the spirit of Hip Hop comes from above, from on high, from mountainous regions. 

101 We know today that modern Hip Hop got its artistic start on the east coast of the United States, 
and the east has always symbolized spiritual awakening, wisdom and light — even birth. But the north 
signifies the top, on-high, above; the realm where both curses and blessings come. 

102 Hip Hop beginning in the northeastern region of the United States has huge spiritual, cultural 
and historical significance especially when it comes to Caribbean people, the history of the Maroons 
and the establishment of Africville in Nova Scotia, Canada. Our King saw Hip Hop symbolically 
coming from above (New Hampshire) in the 1960s. His very next line takes the creative spirit of Hip 
Hop into New York in the 1970s. The King stated; Let freedom ring from the mighty mountains of New 

103 New York is where Hip Hop began culturally in the 1970s. This is where Hip Hop got its 
artistic start. We can see the creative spirit of Hip Hop symbolically entering New York because we 
know in real life that this is what actually happened. 

104 In fact, right after Hip Hop establishes itself in New York our King states; Let freedom ring 
from the heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania. And we know that the spirit of Hip Hop left New 
York and went into the City of Philadelphia in the State of Pennsylvania during the 1980s. Philadelphia 
was the very next place the spirit of Hip Hop went after its time in New York. 

105 After Pennsylvania the spirit of Hip Hop went over to the west coast of the United States in the 
1990s. Our King stated; Let freedom ring from the snow-capped Rockies of Colorado. And again, we 
can see the spirit of Hip Hop coming down from mountain regions into well-populated urban areas. 

106 The mountains of Colorado, just like the hilltops of New Hampshire and the mountains of New 
York, are symbolic of high spiritual consciousness, peace, strength, knowledge, protection and 
salvation. Again, mountains have always symbolized the realm of GOD. It is from the mountain top 
that GOD delivers staggering victories and astounding Truths. 


But our King accurately continues the prophetic journey of Hip Hop when he states in his very 
next line; Let freedom ring from the curvaceous slopes of California. And we know that after Hip Hop 
established itself on the East Coast of the United States it traveled directiy over to the West Coast of 
the United States and settled in Los Angeles, California. In fact, this migration brought with it much 
resentment from artists on both coasts, who would battie each other for artistic and street supremacy 
during the 1990s. 

108 Symbolically the west has always represented spiritual death and dying; it is where the sun 
(spiritual light) rests and darkness begins to take over. It is not the people of the west that symbolize 
death and dying, it is the symbolism of the sun setting in the west and darkness following that gives 
the west this ancient symbolism. 

109 But as we know, in real life this is what actually happened. In Hip Hop’s earlier days on the 
East Coast, Hip Hop produced both gangstas as well as revolutionaries, but the mainstream emphasis 
was placed upon its revolutionaries and overcoming the injustices of the United States. Hip Hop was 
conscious of itself in the 1980s on the East Coast of the United States. 


However, when Hip Hop entered the west in the 1990s, its priorities and public image began to 
change. Hip Hop went from being socially conscious to being about everything the World offered 
materially. Even artists from the East Coast joined in on the seeming success of West Coast hip-hop. 

111 And remember, Hip Hop on the West Coast of the United States produced some of the greatest 
Hip Hop revolutionaries of that time, but the mainstream emphasis of that time was placed upon Hip 
Hop’s West Coast gangstas not Hip Hop’s East or West Coast revolutionaries. 

112 But our King saw even further when he stated in his very next line, but not only that. Let 
freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia. And we know that when Hip Hop left California in the 
2000s it went to the south of the United States. In fact, as our King predicted, Hip Hop went into 
Georgia; into Atianta, Georgia, where the King was born. And we can see here the reference to the 
mountain again. 

113 Our King stated; Let freedom ring from Lookout Mountain of Tennessee, which again is just 
above Adanta, geographically symbolizing the need for Hip Hop’s people during this time to raise 
their consciousness from criminal-minded to spiritual-minded. 

114 And then our King states; Let freedom ring from every hill and molehill of Mississippi. And we 
know that right now in our time the spirit of Hip Hop is flourishing in the southern regions of the 
United States. 


The south symbolizes foundation and fire. Change coming from the south means change 
coming from below to the top, from the streets to the institutions, from the People to its government. 
In fact, we can see the migration and completion of Hip Hop with its appearance and influence upon 
the south. 


Hip Hop in the south means that Hip Hop is returning to the east — to its spiritual 
consciousness. We can see now how Hip Hop went all over the United States in a circle liberating and 
strengthening its people only to return to its place of origin in GOD. 

117 It is here that the prophecy of our King seems to end, and strangely enough Hip Hop has 
nowhere else to go in the United States today. Our King ended his prophecy in the south and then 
stated, From every mountainside, let freedom ring! Some may call these facts “coincidences” but for 
us these facts are indeed Hip Hop’s spiritual confirmation. 

118 From every mountainside symbolizes the whole World and all of the spiritual places in it; this 
statement symbolizes Hip Hop’s international influence which we are clearly experiencing today. 


Here, the King refers to freedom as a sound (a ring, a ringing, a tone). The King says let 
freedom ring, meaning let the vibratory tone of freedom ring, let the vibration of freedom reverberate 
in the lives of the oppressed. 

120 Here, the freedom that our King was referring to was clearly Hip Hop — the only sound that has 
freed us thus far. Hip Hop is OUR freedom. Hip Hop breaks the chains of OUR bondage to the 
American mainstream workforce and its crippling institutions. Hip Hop is OUR Promised Land. Hip 
Hop may not mean anything to anyone else, but for us Hip Hop is the fulfillment of the prophetic 
promise of our King. 

121 When our King says freedom we hear Hip Hop, and when our King says Negro we hear 
Hiphoppa regardless of race, class, religion or ethnicity. This is OUR faith, That every valley shall be 
exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places shall be made plain, and the 
crooked places shall be made straight and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all flesh shall 
see it together. 

122 Peace, love, unity and safely having fun has always been OUR faith! From before the 
American Revolution this has been OUR faith — the unity and further freedom of humankind. 

123 So when our King writes, Let us go back to our communities as members of the international 
association for the advancement of creative dissatisfaction, we can see that Hip Hop has been the 
loudest voice in our time for the advancement of such creative dissatisfaction. 

124 In fact, this is what Hip Hop is; Hip Hop IS the advancement (the voice) of OUR dissatisfaction. 
No other social voice or movement since the days of our King has expressed so distinctly and so 
creatively our dissatisfaction with American injustice. 

125 Although it was not said publicly in the original “I Have A Dream” decree, we now know that 
the King wanted us to engage in politics not for the sake of our own careers but to achieve strong civil 
rights legislation. The need for such work continues even today. Yesterday we needed civil rights, 
today we need civilization rights — the right to create, define and govern ourselves. 

126 The King stated; Let us go back and work with all the strength we can muster to get strong civil 
rights legislation in this session of congress. This is a call to be pro-active in politics toward nation 

127 But then the King states; Let us go down from this place to ascend other peaks of purpose. This 
indicates that the Civil Rights Movement was not to stop with what the King achieved in his lifetime. 
Our King intended for us to climb other peaks of purpose. He stated; Let us descend from this 
mountaintop to climb other hills of hope. WE MUST CONTINUE THE WORK OF THE KING! 

128 The question is really simple; what are we doing today to continue the work of the only true 
king we have ever known? And this is the challenge right here. It is not that we are without leadership, 
it is more the fact that we don’t respect the leadership we have, and as a result, we delay our own 
salvation and freedom as a people. 

129 Everyone claims to respect Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. but really that’s because he’s dead. Many 
respect the King’s death, but not his life. Sub-consciously they respect the assassin’s death- work over 
the King’s life-work. It’s time to ask yourself, am I a citizen of the nation Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 
spoke of in his “I Have A Dream” decree? Everyone is NOT a citizen of the King’s Dream. 

130 When our King walked the Earth he had very little support from the very people he was trying 
to help. In fact, many ridiculed and even betrayed the King’s strategies toward freedom, justice and 
equality. Everyone did not agree with our King when he walked the Earth, everyone did not love our 
King, protect our King and serve our King when he walked the Earth. 


Everyone did not enter the King’s dream nation and as a result many delayed their own 
salvation and freedom; this is why we are where we are today socially, politically, economically and 
spiritually. It seems that we keep ignoring the Truth and disregarding the warnings of our own 

132 We are doing the same things today that our parents did yesterday; we are killing prophets and 
ignoring the Truth! For everyone who claims to love freedom and justice and non-violent conflict 
resolution the question is really very simple; What are you doing today right now to bring such 
conditions into material reality? THIS IS THE WORK OF THE KING! 

133 The question is, how often do you remain silent in the face of injustice? How often do you 
ignore the cries of the poor, the abused, the sick and the homeless? Are you one of those people who 
hide behind the statement “I’m just doing my job” even though your job contributes to the suffering 
of others? 


Our King spoke to all of this, and the citizens of the nation that he saw are those people 
courageous enough to continue his work toward freedom, justice and equality for all today. Our King 
saw a raceless, classless, spiritual community that would hasten the day of peace and human unity. 

135 Are you a citizen of the King’s community? I am. And this is what the Gospel of Hip Hop is all 
about. It has been only 40 years since the King’s assassination and already many have forgotten him. 
In my time many within the Hip Hop community say of themselves, “I ain’t no role model.” And in 
many ways I truly understand where they are coming from, however it is also clear that they simply 
are not interested in influencing others positively! 

136 However, I am a role model; I model the role of the King. Actually, everyone is a role model 
really. Everyone is modeling a role that is influencing someone else in some way. Everyone plays a 
role in the public; the question is, what role do YOU play? Do you play the role of a murderer? or a 
theif? or a ruthless drug-dealer? Or do you play the role of a prophet? Or a minister? Or a loving 
parent? What role do YOU willingly and voluntarily play? 

137 Most people equate the term “role model” with presenting a good public image, someone 
others can look up to, and this is why many choose to say, I ain’t no role model. But every physical 
thing in nature is modeling a role that can affect the development of others. Everyone is a role model; 
the question again is what role are you modeling? 

138 I am modeling the intentions of the King. I model the role he played as a leader and as a 
freedom fighter. Some are clothes models, others are hair models, car models, dance and acting 
models, but I model (show off, display, present) the role and intentions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 
and all fighters for freedom. My role is to model these intentions. 

NOW! The King’s work may be going on in other fields of human life, but when it comes to Hip Hop 
the King’s work continues here. Hip Hop shall forever honor its kings by courageously continuing 
their struggles for freedom and human unity. 

140 This is why the Gospel of Hip Hop exists. Not to lay down some sort of law upon Hip Hop, or 
exalt ourselves above others practicing Hip Hop. No. Our aim here is to offer our unique community 
a matching spirituality and lifestyle capable of producing real peace and real prosperity. Our gospel 
is not for everyone, it is for those Hiphoppas who are serious about either the spiritual life or Hip 
Hop’s preservation. This gospel is for the seriously committed Hip Hop scholar who has not 
forgotten the words of the King. 

Our King promised us that, When we allow freedom (Hip Hop) to ring, when we let it ring from 


every village and hamlet, from every state and city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of 
GOD’s children — Black men and White men, Jews and Gentiles, Catholics and Protestants — will be 
able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, ‘FREE AT LAST! FREE AT LAST! 



1 PEACE AND MUCH LOVE. Know this. Like Hip Hop itself, the Gospel of Hiphop is to be 
lived; not just read. It is to be done; not just watched. It is to be expressed; not just studied and taught 
to others. 

2 For when you ARE Hip Hop you FEEL Hip Hop. And it is through the feelings and the emotions 
(the heart) that Hip Hop’s inner secrets are revealed. 

3 Studying Hip Hop, debating Hip Hop and writing about Hip Hop are like observing a 
fashionable suit in the window of a clothing store; while doing Hip Hop, being Hip Hop and living 
Hip Hop are like putting the suit on and walking around town. There is simply no comparison, and 
this is what we call “real Hip Hop.” 

4 A real Hiphoppa believes (be and lives) Hip Hop. For it is wise for a real chef to believe in the 
reality of cooking, and a real doctor to believe in and live from the reality of medicine, and a real 
Christian to believe and live in Christ (as examples). Therefore, is it not equally wise for real 
Hiphoppas to believe and live in Hip Hop? On the other hand, why participate in something that you 
really do not fully “be” or “live” in? 

5 “Real” relates to fixed or immovable things like land. When Hip Hop is real to you, when it is 
fixed and immovable from your being; YOU ARE PRACTICING REAL HIP HOP. When something 
is “real” it is considered to be genuine and/or authentic; it is what it proposes to be, it is not 
imaginary, it is actually existing and occurring to our physical senses. The term “real Hip Hop” 
relates to the fixed conditions and genuine nature of Hip Hop as it appears to our physical senses 

! Breakin, Emceein, Graffiti Art, Deejayin, Beat Boxin, Street Fashion, Street Language, Street 
Knowledge and Street Entrepreneurialism are all fixed conditions of Hip Hop. These elements are 
permanent and immoveable from the existence of Hip Hop. These elements are “real Hip Hop”, and 
those who promote and preserve these elements promote and preserve “real Hip Hop.” When these 
elements are not present in one’s self-expression one is not doing or being “real Hip Hop.” 

The true Hip Hop scholar /apprentice is studying to become Hip Hop; not to just observe Hip 
Hop. How can anyone claim any authentic scholarship on something that they themselves are not and 
equally cannot actually do? Where, then, is your authority to teach? Our perspective on Hip Hop and 
its culture is not an objective one. We love Hip Hop, we live Hiphop and we are not ashamed or afraid 
to say; we are Hiphop! We are “REAL HIP HOP!” 

8 However, it should be clearly understood that even though we place great emphasis upon the 
mastery of one or more of Hip Hop’s real elements, I must confess here as well that it is really one’s 
love for and loyalty to Hip Hop that rests at the fundamental foundations of Hip Hop’s scholarship 
and citizenry. For there are those who have mastered Hip Hop’s real elements but have yet to truly 
love and care for Hip Hop itself and its future development. 

9 For there are those who rap, break, deejay, piece, tag and beat box very well but still find it 
difficult to consider the real lives of those who are influenced by them artistically and culturally. 
Many have mastered Hip Hop’s artistic elements but only a few have mastered themselves. Many who 
have mastered Hip Hop’s artistic elements still find it difficult to contribute even towards Hip Hop’s 
artistic preservation. 

10 However, other Hiphoppas have not mastered any of Hip Hop’s artistic elements, but the 
passion and loyalty that they have brought to Hip Hop, their very contributions to the understanding 
of Hip Hop in many ways are more substantial than even the contributions of those who have 
mastered Hip Hop’s artistic elements. For it is one’s love for Hip Hop that truly makes one a Hip Hop 
scholar and citizen. And your love is proven within your commitment, your works and your 

11 It is through your works (your words and actions) that your true love is revealed. It is through 
your sacrifices that your true nature is revealed. The nature (name) of your true Self is revealed 
within the creation and expression of your true Self which requires a real commitment toward the 
building of your true Self, not the role that you may model but your authentic Self. 

12 This is what most of humanity has had taken away — our true nature which gives all people the 
ability to govern themselves. This is what we are missing — KNOWLEDGE OF OURSELVES! 
Without such knowledge we have no way of controlling and/or directing ourselves. 

13 By not speaking our ancient native languages, by not eating our native foods, or dressing in 
our native clothing, or playing our native games, or hearing ancient stories that pertain to us and our 
circumstances, combined with no clear and definitive community leadership, or group plan or 
revolutionary scholarship, it is indeed very difficult to hold on to our ancient humanity — the 
awareness of our true names. 

14 However, WE ARE GOD’S! And the absence of such self-knowledge is actually the trigger that 
sets the universe in motion toward self-knowledge. Mystery (not ignorance) is indeed the greatest 
motivator toward knowledge. As it turns out, not totally knowing our ancestral past has created the 
possibility of starting a new and even brighter future. We can create and re-create ourselves right 

15 Not knowing is what causes one to know. And so, the same force that built our civilizations 
10,000 years ago (seeking, searching, discovering, not knowing) is the same force that has given life 
to Hip Hop today. This is one reason why the whole World understands our cultural language. We are 
the return of the original human spark that caused all great civilizations to exist. 

16 This instrument establishes the existence and preservation of our Hip Hop community. Our 
Truth is self-evident; we must first believe that we exist and then we must perceive the powers of our 
own existence. 

17 This instrument (The Gospel of Hip Hop) begins the creation of Hip Hop’s (Hiphop’s) faith in 
itself and its powers. Our first Truth must be an awareness of our own reality as Hiphoppas. We must 
first believe that we exist if we are to develop ourselves into a strong Hip Hop community capable of 
raising our collective quality of life. 

18 Only we can do this for ourselves, no one else is responsible for us and our spiritual/cultural 
development. We must align our collective thoughts and actions as Hiphoppas with what we know to 
be real for us in the material World. We must see the physical results of that which we claim to 
spiritually believe; otherwise we are living in denial and fantasy as others do. 

19 Hip Hop is made up of real people and real events. We must explore the facts of OUR 
experiences as Hiphoppas in search of achieving the Truth about ourselves as Hiphoppas. We must 
finally mature to the faith of confirming our own spiritual reality as Hiphoppas. 

20 This is what KRS really means to Hip Hop. I am the actual historical evidence that Hip Hop was 
conscious of itself in its early days, and I am not the only one of my time. 

We practice real Hip Hop. We practice the immovable and fixed conditions of the Hip Hop 


spirit. Whether Hip Hop is accepted or not by those of the corporate mainstream is irrelevant. Real 
Hiphoppas come to Hip Hop with no other interests but to authentically manifest it. This is real Hip 

22 I AM HIP HOP! And upon this evidence our culture is born! Hip Hop’s culture now exists 
factually as a real divinely guided community because you and KRS exist as its first citizens. Our 
unity declares the reality of Hip Hop. And because we willing choose to fix ourselves to the spirit of 
Hip Hop and not move from it, it is a fact when we say, “THE REAL HIP HOP IS OVER HERE!” We 
make Hip Hop real by authentically being it. This is real Hip Hop and this gospel is presented by 
some real Hiphoppas. 

23 I AM HIP HOP! And upon this faith (our belief in ourselves as Hiphoppas) we can achieve 
Truth. Through Hip Hop we have a paradigm by which to create ourselves and document our own 
body of Hip Hop knowledge and history. Our faith in ourselves as a community of conscious 
Hiphoppas is what we call Hip Hop’s culture or Hiphop Kulture. 

24 Unfortunately, people today have grown accustomed to equating Rap music and the images 
portrayed in mainstream Rap music videos with the whole of Hip Hop’s culture and history, and this 
is why we say that such material is NOT “real” Hip Hop. It is NOT authentic to the original Hip Hop 
spirit or tradition, and does not represent what is actually occurring to our physical senses in the 
present. Most of the mainstream Rap videos of my time are imaginary tales of crime, sex and street 
adventure. They are good, they are entertaining, but they are not “real.” 

25 Real Hip Hop is real life, and it is from the experiences of our real lives that our songs and 
dances, our graphic arts and our language come from. This is why we teach that Hip Hop and Rap 
music are not the same things; that Rap is something we do, while Hip Hop is something we live , and 
the living of Hip Hop is “real” Hip Hop. Let us get more orientated by taking a look at the following 
terms closely. 

26 Hiphop is the name of our creative force in the World. It is our lifestyle and collective 

27 Hip Hop is the name of our culture and artistic elements. 

28 hip-hop is Rap music product and its mainstream activities. 

29 With this original cultural learning system we reveal the more real nature of Hip Hop beyond 
the average mainstream understanding of hip-hop. Here, we introduce a Hip Hop spiritual code of 
conduct capable of producing enhanced states of health, love, awareness and wealth for those engaged 
in the mastery of Hip Hop’s real elements. This is the gospel, and this is what really works for 

30 Here, Hip Hop’s real elements can be pursued and developed in any way that one feels. 
However, “Hiphop” is a specific term that deals with the spiritual nature of Hip Hop. Study this 
paragraph and the above terms carefully before going forward. 

31 Remember, the Gospel of Hip Hop is the instructional book and the Gospel of Hiphop is a 
spiritually lived Hiphop life. This instrument is called the Gospel of Hip Hop because Hip Hop is 
commonly spelled as such amongst the Hip Hop populace today. However, we teach Hiphop, Hip Hop 
and hip-hop so that our discoveries regarding the spiritual nature of Hip Hop do not contradict or 
hinder the free study of others seeking to uncover the nature of Hip Hop for themselves. We hold no 
monopoly on the interpretation of the nature of Hip Hop, spiritual or otherwise. Our understandings 
and approaches to Hip Hop are unique to our Hiphop preservation society. 


These are our discoveries and notes and no one is obligated to believe or acknowledge that 

which we believe and acknowledge as the Truth for us. This Gospel is what we know successfully 
works for those practicing Hip Hop, and this is what we teach. We are called Hiphoppas and not Hip 
Hoppers or hip-hoppers because we actually practice Hiphop, which for us is the spiritual living of 
Hip Hop. 

33 Our community is called Hiphop Kulture and not hip-hop culture. Although we do sometimes 
spell the name of our community as Hip Hop Kulture, it is Hiphop’s culture that we are actually 
referring to. For a clearer, deeper understanding of what is being taught throughout this instrument 
you will have to train your eye to recognize the spellings and meanings of Hiphop, Hip Hop and hip- 

34 Our approach to Hip Hop is indeed unique in our time. We teach that Rap (rhythmic speech) is 
but ONE expression that comes out of the total Hip Hop experience. For us, Hip Hop is the 
combination of Breakin, Emceein, Graffiti Art, Deejayin, Beat Boxin, Street Fashion, Street 
Language, Street Knowledge and Street Entrepreneurialism. For us, Hip Hop is the amplification of 
human expression and awareness. At its core, Hip Hop is not just an art form; it is the pursuit of one’s 
authentic being through the Arts. 

35 For those who consider themselves true Hip Hop scholars, Hip Hop is defined as, The artistic 
response to oppression. A way of expression in dance, music, word/song. A culture that thrives on 
creativity and nostalgia. As a musical art form it is the stories of inner-city life, often with a message, 
spoken over beats of music. The culture includes Rap and any other venture spawned from the Hip Hop 
style and culture. (Alonzo Westbrook, Hip Hoptionary: The Dictionary Of Hip Hop Terminology ) 

36 For those who live Hiphop, Hip Hop is not over there somewhere external of one’s self — we 
ARE Hip Hop! Hip Hop itself is not a person, a place or a physical thing. You cannot actually go to 
Hip Hop, or wear Hip Hop, or eat Hip Hop. Hip Hop exists as a shared idea. You cannot drink a can of 
Hip Hop and suddenly know how to rap. You cannot put Hip Hop on as clothing, or read a book in 
order to understand Hip Hop. Hip Hop begins as an awareness, as an alternative behavior. Again, Hip 
Hop is a shared idea. Rapping, break dancing, graffiti art, beat-boxing and deejayin are all 
expressions OF this collective urban idea commonly called Hip Hop. 

37 Hip Hop is a new global urban understanding that communicates an alternative reality through 
art. Hip Hop is a new faculty in the collective consciousness of urban America. Hip Hop is understood 
psychically by those who participate in it. More than just a music genre, Hip Hop is an international 
agreement as to how ALL peoples may come together in peace on neutral ground. Hip Hop is indeed 
a psychic “True World Order.” 

38 We’ve discovered that Hiphop, Hip Hop, hip-hop and the Hiphoppa are all aspects of the same 
creative force; that one cannot fully function without the others because Hiphop, Hip Hop, hip-hop 
and the Hiphoppa are all really one event. This is why the Temple of Hip Hop teaches that TO 

39 Preserving the specific artifacts and memorabilia of Rap music has its place and its importance, 
and someone should be doing that work; such work is indeed a strength to the preservation of our 
culture. However, as a ‘temple’ we are more concerned with the essence, substance, force, being, 
cause and identity of Hip Hop as a creative force — “Hiphop.” 

40 Hiphop is not a physical thing or things; it is a metaphysical principle, a shared urban idea, an 
alternative human behavior, a way to view the World, a collective consciousness. We must finally 
leave the finite room of hip-hop as Rap music entertainment, and enter the infinite realm of Hiphop as 
consciousness. We are far more than just the World’s entertainment. 

41 For us, Hip Hop is a mass ‘event’ that was captured on record, cassette, CD, video, DVD, 
clothing, etc. for the purpose of selling its elements to relieve poverty. It is Hiphop that inspires Hip 
Hop’s elements to exist, but it is only Hip Hop’s performed elements that appear in the physical World. 
Hiphop itself never enters the physical World. We imitate the inspiration of Hiphop through its 
elements (Hip Hop) but again, Hiphop (the collective consciousness) never enters the physical World; 
it remains a shared idea of OUR collective consciousness. Study this paragraph again carefully. 

42 For serious apprentices of the Temple of Hip Hop, Hiphop is a perceptual ability that 
transforms subjects and objects in an effort to express the character of one’s inner being. Hiphop is 
the ability to make physical objects and social subjects perform according to your perception of them. 

43 When we say “I AM HIPHOP,” the Hiphop idea then enters the physical World as Hip Hop 
which is then captured on CD, etc., and sold as hip-hop. By becoming Hiphop, by allowing the Hiphop 
idea to dominate our ‘being’, Hip Hop enters the physical World through our physical bodies and 
artistic expressions. This “expression” (and for some, their physical bodies) is then captured in some 
way and sold as hip-hop. 

44 Before Hip Hop can even be recorded and/or documented, it must first be brought into the 
physical World through people who have voluntarily surrendered to its force and essence. Everything 
else is a recording, an imitation or a documentation of the real effects of the original Hip Hop 
creative force (Hiphop). 

45 The preserving of such a perceptual ability has little to do with the preserving of its products; it 
has to do with understanding the ability itself; the essence that causes such products to exist. To 
preserve Hip Hop we must preserve Hip Hop’s perceptual abilities. We must preserve the actual living 
thinking Hiphoppa with a knowledge of Hip Hop beyond entertainment. 

46 From our perspective, the preserving of Hip Hop has more to do with the preservation of its 
people than with the preserving of its products. It has to do with the preserving of certain customs, 
traditions, abilities and techniques unique to the Hip Hop experience. Such a style of cultural 
preservation is about preserving the essential causes that bring Hip Hop into physical existence. This 
is the essence of our Hip Hop preservation movement. 

47 Traditionally, Hip Hop has been approached as an art form that consists of four core elements; 
b-boyin (break dancing), MC-ing (rap), aerosol art (graffiti writing) and DJ-ing (the cutting, mixing 
and scratching of recorded materials). These are called the “core four.” However, Hip Hop’s “core 
four” elements also encompass specific and unique urban clothing styles, language styles, business 
and trade techniques as well as a collective body of knowledge derived from its internal experiences 
with itself and the World. 

48 The experiences produced by Hip Hop’s “core four” have created uniquely rich Hip Hop 
stories, Hip Hop legends and myths, original Hip Hop arts, popular Hip Hop music and thought- 
provoking Hip Hop poetry that critiques and interprets the World in which the Hip Hop community 
exists. At first glance, Hip Hop can be seen as simply an urban music genre inspired by the African 
American and Latino youths of the Bronx during the early 1970s. However, upon closer observation 
Hiphop becomes a way of life; a specific way of being and seeing the World; a unique view of the 
World and World events. 

49 We are uniquely Hiphop because the repetition of such a unique being and seeing has created 
our specific Hiphop way of life. And the Hiphop way of life is what we call Hip Hop’s culture or 
Hiphop Kulture. As culture, Hip Hop is the specific behaviors, traits, expressions, patterns and 
institutions of OUR unique collective consciousness. It (Hip Hop) is OUR intellectual and artistic 
activity as well as the works produced by it. 

50 In the past, some argued that Hip Hop was not a culture. They made the mistake of comparing 
their knowledge of traditional cultures to Hip Hop’s culture. But as the great Hip Hop professor 
Zizwe Mtafuta-Ukweli (Professor Z) has pointed out, Culture is the character of a living entity. That 
entity could be an organism or an entire generation functioning as an organism. Every culture has its 
linchpin aspects, or that which makes its membership pledge allegiance to it. Culture also provides a 
fence around the collective epic memory of the group which accepts this memory as its philosophy and 

51 Professor Z continues, Our culture [Hip Hop] is strengthened through a heightened self- 
awareness and a heightened awareness of the surrounding environment. For every young culture, the 
relationship between it and its environment is dynamic and determinant. The culture seeks to absorb 
all it can from the environment yet must prevent itself from being totally absorbed by the environment. 
Total absorption by the environment means certain death for any culture. Part of any cultural identity 
is distinctiveness. This is why Hip Hop is so successful; as a young culture Hip Hop absorbs the music 
of Blues, Gospel, Rock, Soul and Jazz but is absorbed by none of them. 

52 Over the years Hip Hop’s absorption of older musical and artistic traditions helped to create a 
certain lifestyle and worldview unique to the total Hip Hop experience. This is what we now call Hip 
Hop’s culture. Rap is something we do; Hip Hop is something we live . And the living of Hip Hop’s 
culture has more to do with your sense of security, peace, self-development and well-being than it has 
to do with performing one or two of Hip Hop’s artistic elements. Living Hiphop is far more involved 
than performing Hip Hop. 

53 For if you do not live a productive Hiphop lifestyle you increase your difficulty in maintaining 
a lasting success in any of Hip Hop’s traditional elements or artistic expressions. This is why Hip Hop 
is not regarded as simply a music genre here. For us, such an approach to Hip Hop is indeed 
dangerous to the practicing Hiphoppa. 

54 The music and dances of Hip Hop come from a collective urban view of the World that inspires 
such music and dance to exist. It is Hip Hop’s worldview that inspires (or rather causes) its music, art 
and dance to exist. This is why so many of the hip-hop history books of my time are so culturally 
limited. They focus primarily upon the money-making effects of hip-hop and not upon what causes 
such effects to occur. 

55 Music and art are very important elements that assist in the make up of hip-hop as a whole. 
However, it is Hiphop itself (our collective consciousness) that brings into manifestation Rap music, 
Breakin and Aerosol Art as well as the other urban expressions that derive from our unique life 
experiences. Our unique life experiences and the performances that occur as a result of such unique 
life experiences are called “real Hip Hop.” 

56 For us, real Hip Hop is a transformative power that has its beginnings at the genesis of human 
awareness. Its elements are seen throughout human history and all over the World. And this is no 
accident. We did not arrive at our place in the World by luck. GOD IS TRULY WITH US! And we 
must never forget to honor GOD in our writings and performances. Hip Hop is the return of the 
ancient ways, the healing ways, the natural ways — the way of God. 

57 Whether on the cave walls of northern Africa 20,000 years ago, or as Egyptian hieroglyphics 
with its letters and characters describing ancient life some 10,000 years ago, or as the Mayan and Inca 
pyramid and temple hieroglyphs (Graffiti Art), or as the Griots and Djeli who performed for the 
royal courts of Ghana, Song hai (present-day Mali) some 2,000 years ago (emcees/deejays), or as the 
Capoeira martial artists of lG^-century Angola (breakers), or as the social organization of aboriginal 
Americans since the dawn of creation Hip Hop has always existed as a unique awareness that enhances 

one’s ability to self-create. Hip Hop is a sight, an ancient behavior, today an alternative way to view 
the World. 

58 Hip Hop is the correct pronunciation of Hiphop. As an acronym/affirmation, H.I.P.H.O.P. can 
be interpreted as Her Infinite Power Helping Oppressed People. Or, Having Inner Peace Helping 
Others Prosper. Or, Holy Integrated People Having Omni-present Power. Hip Hop means all of this. 

59 Those who show lithe respect for Hip Hop still spell Hip Hop as hip-hop. True Hiphoppas are 
advised to spell Hiphop as well as Hip Hop with a capital H as it is the name of our collective 
consciousness; it is the ‘force’ that animates our way of life, our culture, our tribe, our nation. When 
Hiphop and/or Hip Hop are spelled as hip-hop it refers to Rap music product and its related activities. 
We’ll go deeper into this later. 

60 Hiphop or Hip Hop when misspelled as hip-hop means (hip) trendy, (hop) jump or dance. 
However, we are not just a trendy dance. We love and respect the art of dance, but dancing is not the 
only thing Hip Hop is about. 

61 Those who approach Hip Hop like it is exclusively a trendy dance (or entertainment) are 
usually those who repeatedly speak and spell the term incorrectly and care lithe for Hiphop as a 
community of real people. 

62 To spell Hip Hop incorrectly as hip-hop is to deny our right to exist as a people. The use of the 
term hip-hop to describe real people reduces those people to products. However, Hip (spelled here 
with a capital H) from the ancient African hipi means to know or to be aware. It is a form of 
intelligence; a knowing. 

63 On the other hand, Hop (spelled here with a capital H) from the Aboriginal American hopi 
(Hopi) means good and/or peaceable. Together hipi and hopi (the original union of cultures in the 
Americas) can symbolize not only the unity of African and Native American civilizations, but can 
also symbolize peaceful awareness, good awareness or the awareness of peace or of goodness. 

64 However, according to the English language, to be hip means to have knowledge of. Again, it is 
a form of intelligence. Hop is a form of movement. And together hip and hop when spelled correctly 
as Hip Hop means moving or jumping intelligence, even knowledgeable movement. Hip Hop — moving 
intelligence, active intelligence, intelligence moving, conscious movement or intelligent movement! 

65 The etymology of the term Hip Hop as it relates to the English language begins with the Old 
English term hype, meaning the joint formed by the upper thighbone and pelvis. Additionally the term 
hype-banes appears around 1149 meaning hip bones. This is the joint used the most in our breakin 
moves and most urban dance moves. 

In addition to the term hip being interpreted as part of the skeletal structure of the human body 
(we hop out of the hips), hip is also the seed pod of a rose bush (hipe, 1414) and is also interpreted as 
to be informed or to be up to date (1903). 

' Later (1952) the term Hippie was designated to a specific group of people (Hipsters) that were 
considered hip, meaning keenly aware of what is new and in style. In many ways, Hip Hop is a 
continuation of the Hippie movement of the 1960s. Being also politically aware, the Hippie preferred 
to turn-on to legal and illegal drugs, tune-in to peace and sexual promiscuity, and drop-out from 
conventional society, wearing unconventional clothing, sporting long and sometimes uncombed hair, 
preaching peace and universal love for all humankind. 

h;: Hippies were at the center of the Civil Rights, Gay and Lesbian Rights, Women’s Rights, Free 

Love and Anti-War movements of the 1960s, and Hip Hop is a direct effect of this earlier freedom 
movement. However, we’ve now seen the errors of the Hippie movement and it is our responsibility 

today to go beyond such tragic events. Drug overdoses, murders and lawlessness simply DO NOT 
WORK toward our goals for freedom. 

1 } Spontaneity is good, but continuous spontaneity doesn’t offer stability. We have seen now that 
when there is no permanence there is no reliability. The Hippie movement seems to have been killed 
by media hype and drug abuse; many other Hippies just burned out or became part of the same 
government and corporate structure they were fighting against. Hip Hop can learn a lot from this 
early protest movement. 

70 Hop, on the other hand, appears in the English language as hoppen sometime before 1200, 
meaning to spring, or to move by springing (usually upon one foot). This term hoppen seems to come 
from the Old English hoppian (about 1000) meaning to spring or to dance. This term corresponds 
with the Old Icelandic hoppa, the modern Dutch hoppen, and the German hopfen, all meaning to hop 
or to spring. 

71 Like the term hip, the term hop is also associated with plant life. Hop is interpreted as a vine 
having flower clusters (1439). The hop plant was (and still is) used to flavor malt drinks like beer, 
something the Hip Hop community is very familiar with. 

72 These are the English etymologies of the term hip hop, and we can see here within these 
definitions how even hip and hop come together to mean hip — informed, and hop — springing or 
dancing. Together the term hip hop (even when spelled in lower case h) can mean an informed 
springing, or an up to date modern dance, or an informed movement upward. A hip (updated) hop 
(movement) is an intelligent movement — a movement aware of itself. 

73 To be hip means to be up to date, relevant, in the know. Therefore to hip something or to make 
something hip is to modernize it. To hip a hop is to modernize an upward movement. 

74 However, it is interesting to point out the correlation of these two terms as they apply to plant 
life. Both hip and hop refer to plant life. One (hip) refers to the seed pod of a rose bush. And the other 
(hop) refers to a vine having flower clusters. The relation between seed and then vine within the 
symbolic interpretations of hip and then hop cannot be ignored. 

75 In terms of spiritual symbolism, we focus upon how hip comes before hop like seed comes 
before vine. Spiritually, it appears that hip hop is the seed of a new vine (the new people/the new way). 
However, when you add the etymology of culture to these interpretations even more symbolism is 

76 The term culture (1439) from the Latin cultura (cul-too-ra), meaning tending, care and 
cultivation, seems to come from cult-, the past participle stem of the Latin colere, meaning to till, 
cultivate, tend to and inhabit. 

Cult (1616) originally meant worship or homage; not to worship or to pay homage. Cult comes 
from the Latin cultus (cul-toos), meaning cultivation, care, attention, worship. We can see here that 
the term worship was originally associated with the cultivating, caring for, and attending to, of 
something or someone. Attuned Hiphoppas are advised to worship GOD in this way; to care for GOD. 

78 Lor as we belong to GOD, GOD equally belongs to us. GOD is to be worshipped (meaning 
cultivated and cared for), not just acknowledged in thanks. Lor when we hear that they fell down and 
worshipped him/her we must understand that in ancient times to worship a person or GOD meant that 
they took care of that person or GOD. Know this. GOD IS TO BE CARED LOR AND CULTIVATED! 
Not just thanked. Let us continue with the word culture. 

1 The suffix ure in culture forms abstract nouns of action or the means or result of action. To ure 
is to -ing, -ed, or -s; like the act of fail-z'ng = fail-ure or failure, the condition of being pleas-ed = 

pleas-ure or pleasure, something or someone that legislate-s = legislat-ure or legislature. 

; i Therefore, by adding the ure to cult we get culture or culture, originally meaning the act of 
cult-zng or cultivating, caring, attending to, worshipping. Looking at the etymology of hip and hop 
and culture together we can interpret such a phrase as meaning; the cultivation, care, attention and 
worship of the seed (plan/vision) of the new vine (people/way). 

81 Another interpretation of hip hop culture could read; the cultivation, care, attention and 
worship of the intelligent movement. The term hip hop culture seems to imply the cultivation of, and 
care for, the upward springing of intelligence. 

82 There seems to be a symbolic connection to farming when it comes to the etymology of the 
words hip, hop and culture as defined within the English language. Symbolically, we seem to be 
growing an ancient intelligence with an ancient meaning and purpose. 

83 This is important to meditate upon because ancient humans watched animal behavior to 
understand and develop human behavior, and they observed flowers and plants (their colors, shapes 
and functions) to discover what was possible in Nature and within themselves. Nature taught early 
humans through the symbolisms produced by Nature’s activity. 

84 The activity of fire taught us about the nature of our emotions. The activity of water taught us 
about character. The activity of air and wind taught us about the nature of spirit and the invisible. The 
activity of the life-giving Earth, the very ground itself, farming taught us how to survive and revealed 
to us the nature and cycles of the universe and the effects of its celestial bodies (stars, the sun, the 
moon, etc) upon life on Earth. Truly, Nature itself is our teacher and provider. 

85 However, plants are the first of our direct teachers; the ingestion of certain medicinal plants 
showed us all kinds of sciences and revealed to us the mysteries of the Earth and of the universe itself. 
Indeed, the first knowledge was delivered through play and the ingestion of certain plant-types which 
then revealed the symbolism of Nature itself. Symbolism and metaphor are indeed important elements 
in the building of human understanding and awareness. As poet Robert Frost suggested, If you are not 
properly educated in metaphor you are not safe to be loose in the World. 

b ’ We (Hiphoppas) are the genetic return of an ancient people. For it is known by all true seekers 
of Truth that Nature produces knowledge through symbolism, comparison and metaphor. It appears 
that we (Hiphoppas) are responsible for the gathering of symbolic information on this planet and then 
teaching it to others through art for guidance and the relief of human suffering. By oppressing 
Hiphoppas you stagnate the gathering and distribution of symbolic knowledge and thus stagnate the 
progress of human understanding. 

87 Finally within the etymology of hip hop we come to the Hiphoppa or hip hoppa. Looking at the 
Old Icelandic term hoppa (meaning to spring upward) it becomes obvious that the way in which the 
Temple of Hiphop describes and spells Hiphoppa is influenced by the two terms hip and hoppa. 

1 The term hip, meaning keenly aware of what is new and in style, and hoppa, meaning to spring 
upward or to hop, reveals the hip-hoppa (Hiphoppa) as the actual intelligence that is springing 
forward. The hip-hoppa can also be said to be a modernized life-dancer keenly aware of what is new 
and in style; a conscious mover, or one who moves with awareness. 

' - And know this. What we have done in our early days as Hiphoppas, how we have defined 
ourselves and how we have expressed ourselves in the material World, was done spontaneously 
(spiritually). We were calling ourselves Hiphoppas and hip hoppers long before the refinitions, 
definitions and interpretations of this gospel. It is truly amazing to discover our real natures and 
characters as Hiphoppas (even the term hip hoppa ) already existing within the very structure of the 

English language itself as us. Meditate upon this fact. 

If we were a community of doctors, or lawyers, or architects, or even politicians, then the idea 
that hip hop can be defined as a trendy dance or as an intelligent movement would not apply to us; it 
would not mean much. But the very fact that these terms hip and hop and culture and even hip-hoppa 
which we spontaneously gave to ourselves in childhood play within a so-called slang dialect 
intuitively corresponding to the etymology of these words and terms only proves once again the 
depth into which the Hip Hop mind can go if left to its own development. 

91 In the 1970s we did not define ourselves in this way. We did not have this knowledge. However, 
the fact that we can accurately identify ourselves and our specific artistic expressions (like dance for 
example) within ancient English, Latin, African, German, Dutch and French languages, and that the 
etymology of these words and terms matches accurately with our modern self-expression (even 
though we’ve never formally studied these words and terms to know them) says something about our 
divine role as Hiphoppas. 

92 We are truly the return of an ancient people, with ancient skills rooted in the earliest 
experiences of human consciousness. All that we need to know is OURSELVES! We simply need to be 
left alone to contemplate the depths of our own consciousness. We truly have something important 
and forgotten to teach and remind the World. All we have to do is BELIEVE IN OURSELVES! 

93 As Hiphoppas we operate in a spiritual reality when we handle and manipulate Hip Hop. The 
fact that we created ourselves points to our divinity. The fact that we spontaneously and randomly 
choose names and characters for ourselves that can be matched with a history and knowledge that we 
have not studied proves that we (as a community) are not just singing, rapping and dancing. There 
seems to be more to Hip Hop than our ability to sing and dance — we are connected to something 
divine and timeless. 

94 The fact that we created Hip Hop first and then the explanation as to how our creation came 
about later proves that we are working with spiritual energy, awareness and law. The opposite is the 
way of the World; that is to plan and explain your plan of action before you act or create. 

95 Spiritual Law works differendy; the creation is created first, and the explanation as to how it 
was created comes later. And usually when natural and spiritual events are later explained they align 
with the mathematics and harmony of Nature and the universe itself. However, this is usually 
discovered years later by future generations equipped with better instruments and a broader 

K This is why the Great Pyramids of Egypt are so mathematically in alignment with the Earth and 
the universe. Those ancient builders were simply not an oppressed people. They were truly their 
natural selves with no restrictions. They simply did not know what they couldn’t do, and so they did it 
all! Through play, art and experimentation, great things are accomplished unconsciously and with 
little or no effort at all. We will explore this theme more later. For now, let’s get back to Hip Hop and 
the English language. 

It is also a common linguistic rule of the English language that the titles or names of all 
cultures, nations, civilizations, ethnicities, etc. be spelled beginning with a capital (uppercase) letter. 
Hip Hop is our culture, therefore it must be always spelled with the same grammatical respect one 
would give any other culture in the English language. 

* ; In addition, the term Hip Hop can be interpreted as a proper noun, as a specific thing. Unless the 
term Hip Hop is being displayed in an art presentation or if translated into another language or 
culture where the grammatical rules of the English language do not apply, it (Hip Hop) should be 

spelled beginning with a capital H - Hiphop or Hip Hop. 

” Those using the English language to describe Hip Hop while misspelling Hiphop and/or Hip 
Hop as hip-hop are not only grammatically incorrect, they also undermine the importance of what 
Hip Hop really is to Hiphoppas. They participate in Hip Hop’s enslavement by reducing our culture 
and way of life to a music genre and product to be bought and sold. 

100 Again, Hiphop is the name of our collective consciousness. Hip Hop is not a product to be 
bought and sold (see Hip Hop Declaration of Peace; Principle Seven). It is the inalienable right of all 
Hiphoppas. Hiphop (Hip Hop) is OUR name! 

101 Hip Hop, spelled here with two uppercase H’s is also called the phonetic spelling of Hiphop. It 
is also the traditional and general spelling of Hip Hop. 

102 This spelling is politically correct. Again, it means moving or active intelligence. When used 
to describe us as a people Hip Hop can mean the awareness of peace. True Hip Hop scholars are 
advised to use this spelling ( Hip Hop ) when educating the public on how to correcdy pronounce 
Hiphop. Writers who have spelled Hip Hop in lower case ( hip-hop , hip hop ) before the publishing of 
the Gospel of Hip Hop are excused from criticism and/or retaliation. However, now that the Gospel 
of Hip Hop is published, writers are advised to approach Hip Hop as the nation that it is with the 
importance that it deserves. 

103 Hip Hop spelled in this way is also used in titles, introductions, invitations and artwork or 
when Hiphop is being explained in a general or historic sense. Failure to comply with this style 
undermines Hip Hop’s effort to develop, unify and strengthen itself. Those who continue to spell Hip 
Hop in lower case (hip hop) when describing Hip Hop place themselves outside of our community 
and cannot be called true scholars of the Hip Hop arts and sciences. Let’s take a look at these terms 

• Hiphop = our unique Spirit, our unique collective consciousness, the creative force behind Hip 
Hop’s elements. Hiphop is the name of our lifestyle and collective consciousness. 

• Hip Hop = the creation and development of Breakin, Emceein, Graffiti Art, Deejayin, Beat 
Boxin, Street Fashion, Street Language, Street Knowledge, and Street Entrepreneurialism. It is what 
we call ourselves, and our activity in the World. Hip Hop is the name of our culture. 

• hip-hop = Rap music product and those things and events associated with Rap music 
entertainment — hip-hop is a music genre. 


Hiphop Kulture is the name of our unique community of consciousness. Hiphop is the name of 
our collective consciousness and Hiphop’s culture is the manifested character, patterns, beliefs and 
arts of our collective consciousness as Hiphoppas. We are a very real community of specialized 

105 Those that live the principles of our culture are called Hiphoppas and not Hip Hoppers because 
to live Hip Hop is to think Hiphop. A Hiphoppa is the manifestation of Hiphop. Technically, a 
Hiphoppa is Hiphop and performs or presents Hip Hop, which is then sold as hip-hop. 

106 Or, you can say Hiphop (spirit) creates the Hiphoppa (mind), which creates Hip Hop (body), 
which creates hiphop (product). Hiphop is born of GOD; the Great Spirit, the Great Event. It is the 
light of our World. 


Hip Hop is born of cultural syncretism, meaning the blending of different cultures to create a 
new culture. It is the combination and unity of several independent cultures creating a new 
heterogeneous culture. And finally, hip-hop is born of corporate business interests — it exists when 
the effects of Hiphop and Hip Hop become tradeable material products. 

108 As a title, true Hiphoppas spell the full name of our culture with a K signifying our cultural 
uniqueness and right to define ourselves — Hiphop Kulture. Hiphop Kulture can also be spelled as Hip 
Hop Kulture in certain specific writings, artwork and/or advertisements. 

109 Even beyond the right to define ourselves, Hiphop Kulture is the creation of our Hip Hop 
atmosphere, our Hip Hop environment, our Hip Hop climate, our Hip Hop reality. The principles of 
our Hiphop Kulture are the paradigm that we create ourselves with and interpret the World through. 

110 As a City-State, Hiphop Kulture is the place where Hiphoppas can achieve their true life 
purposes in peace with no hostile beefs between Hiphoppas and with no interference from anyone 
unless such a purpose interferes with other Hiphoppas seeking the fulfillment of their life purposes. 
Our Hip Hop city is where there is no economic high class that manipulates and/or forces an 
economic low class to work for it, where no person is above another person, where the public 
education of our children helps them to know and fulfill the potentials of their natural talents, where 
the life purpose of all men and women is nurtured and fully respected. 

111 Hiphop Kulture (the City-State) is a place where the elements of Hiphop can be further 
developed andmastered by Hiphoppas in peace leading to our lasting prosperity. As opposed to a 
president, a king or a warrior, Hiphop Kulture as a nation is guided by its teachas who lead by 
productive examples. 

112 Hiphop Kulture is an international tribe of peace and prosperity whose unique World view 
expresses certain arts and opinions that unite people around some simple yet common principles 
shared all over the Earth regardless of racial, cultural, financial or religious background. 

113 Our culture is all about peace, love, unity and safely having fun. Here, Hip Hop is the common 
ground that all people can meet upon. Hip Hop itself is the World’s common spirit — the True World 

114 In our culture it is the accumulation of knowledge that reigns supreme, not the accumulation of 
money, property, weapons, tools, food or clothing; these are the effects of knowledge. And as useful 
as these things are, they are still not valued above wisdom, knowledge and overstanding. Our 
civilization is based upon advanced human interaction, not advanced human accumulation or even 

115 Again, our community is all about peace, love, unity and safely having fun. This vision is what 
is common to most of the peoples of the Earth, and this is why Hip Hop appeals to most of the Earth’s 

people; we speak a universal language. 

116 We seek the deeper meanings of Hip Hop beyond entertainment and we are inspired by our 
discoveries; symbolically as well as literally. For example, Hip Hop can be seen as H 2 P 2 H 2 0 : P 2 
or Hydrogen, Iodine, Phosphorus, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorus. Such chemical elements create a 
variety of useful substances, some of which are indeed life-sustaining. 

117 Symbolically, H-I-P-H-O-P is chemically made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen 
atom which produces water — a necessary element for the creation and sustainment of life in its 
physical form. 

118 Iodine not only kills unwanted bacteria, but hydrogen, iodine and phosphorus (H-I-P) are 
essential minerals used to restore vitality to the physical body. Hydrogen, oxygen and phosphorus (H- 

0-P) are three of the nine macronutrients essential for plant growth (again the reference to plant life). 

119 Hydrogen, oxygen and phosphorus (H-O-P), properly combined, produce phosphoric acid, 
which is commonly used to make soil-enriching fertilizer. In essence, H-I-P-H-O-P (in its chemical 
interpretation) is a life-giving, life-sustaining, life-enhancing compound — one that we already have 
within us. And this interpretation (symbolically) is what our culture represents to the World. 

120 Even further, looking at “H” as an individual symbol, and not just as a letter, sheds more light 
upon the deeper symbolic meanings of Hip Hop and its existence in the World. In many metaphysical 
circles “H” symbolizes twin pillars, justice, mercy, “the Gate to Heaven” and the ladder. “H” as a 
symbol is made from the union of two “I”s. “H” itself is a symbol for unity and togetherness — two 
“P’s coming together. “H” is truly a symbol for the preservation of our community. 

121 Hip Hop can also represent the breath or the act of breathing. Hip = inhale, Hop = exhale. With 
every breath, attuned Hiphoppas confirm their Hip Hop existences. We are not just breathing, we are 
inhaling and exhaling our collective Hip Hop consciousness. With every breath we are confirming the 
existence of our Hip Hop Kulture and community. 

122 Therefore, Hip Hop Kulture (the name of our community), when misspelled where Kulture 
does not begin with a K but instead is spelled as culture with a c ( hip-hop culture ), refers to the 
condition of Hip Hop’s development as music. It does not relate to the mature community of 
responsible and unified Hiphoppas, the Hiphop City-State or the Hip Hop nation. 

123 To become a citizen of Hiphop Kulture one must be willing to adopt and defend the Hip Hop 
Declaration of Peace and begin the study and mastery of one or more of Hip Hop’s nine elements. 

124 To be a Hip Hop citizen one must simply be loyal to the preservation of Hip Hop’s principles, 
elements and lifestyle above all else. One must be willing to direct the productive effects of Hip Hop’s 
principles, elements and lifestyle back toward the advancement of Hiphop Kulture above all else. 
However, the most important factor in Hip Hop’s citizenry is Hip Hop’s own internal unity and 
collective maturity. 

125 As WE all have learned now, our increased freedom, peace, prosperity and defense are all 
linked to OUR own level of unity. Those of us who continue to ignore the importance of unity above 
all else are the very people holding us back. HIP HOP MUST REMAIN UNITED — otherwise, with our 
own hands we defeat ourselves and we should stop complaining about the actions of those who are 
unified against our interests. 

126 We (the international Hip Hop community) are not criminals! We do not support crime and 
lawlessness even from our own countries and governments! For if we are to truly enjoy higher states 
of freedom, peace and prosperity, we must conduct ourselves in manners that surpass the current state 
of World affairs. 

127 Where there is injustice, we MUST remain just! Where there is corruption, we MUST remain 
honest! And where there is disunity, WE MUST REMAIN UNIFIED! The Truth is: our freedom, peace 
and prosperity are based solely upon how we decide to govern ourselves. 

128 We can talk, talk, talk, complain, complain, complain, protest and rally all day about the 
injustices of oppressive government agencies, the police and insensitive corporate business practices, 
but if WE are unwilling or incapable of governing ourselves then the natural result of such an 
inability is oppression and cops getting away with murder. The point is unity! As our parents chanted 
during the rise of the Civil Rights movement; THE PEOPLE UNITED CAN NEVER BE DEFEATED! 

129 We believe that every human being has a duty and a right to govern themselves, and the way in 
which one governs one’s self begins the structure as to how whole communities govern themselves. 

Before we can even think about the governing of our Hip Hop nation, we must first consider the 
governing of our own homes, our own businesses, our own lives. 

130 The decision to ignore this duty or seek to prevent Hiphoppas (and others) from exercising 
this duty is oppression. Whether self-imposed or induced in some way by outside forces, those who 
deny us (and others) the right to govern ourselves and live as we believe is best for our development 
are our oppressors and history shows that the universe itself will remove such oppression from ITS 
path toward increased order and independence. 

131 Know this. Restriction of thought, action, expression and/or speech is oppression even if one 
does it to oneself. On the other hand, freedom of thought, action, expression and speech is self- 
governance even if one is ignorant of the effects of one’s own thoughts, actions, expressions and 
speech. Either way, it is your own self-expressed thoughts, actions and words that shape and direcdy 
affect the circumstances of your physical life. 

132 Sometimes to leave the ignorant to themselves is to equally oppress them as if you kept them 
in chains and in prison. Allowing the ignorant to remain ignorant actually destroys the ignorant and 
the community the ignorant rely upon. 

133 Our work, therefore, is to lift Hip Hop out of ignorance and onward toward increased 
knowledge. Our work is to inspire the Hip Hop community to be a community through a unified 
understanding of its own existence beyond entertainment. Our work is about building and maintaining 
a sustainable Hip Hop culture and protecting our people from themselves first, and then from the non- 
productive forces that tempt us to our own demise. In short, we are cultivating an authentic Hip Hop 

134 Here, loyalty implies a strict adherence to the principles of our culture; this is the center of 
unity for any group or community. For when one consciously and deliberately breaks the principles 
of one’s community, one is engaged in the act of destroying one’s community and even one’s self. 

135 We can now see that a community’s defeat and collapse is almost always brought on by the 
disunity, disrespect, and disobedience of its own people. It is always a snitch or a betrayer of the cause 
that hands victory over to the enemy. It is always one’s disloyalty to the principles of the group and to 
its leadership that destroys the group from within and hands victory over to that group’s enemies. 
This fact simply cannot be avoided. 

136 Infighting is another cause for the destruction of any group. OUR COMMUNITY CANNOT 
AND MUST NOT BETRAY ITSELF IN THIS WAY! Betrayal is not always the act of giving up the 
secrets and/or plans of the group. Giving away or selling the group’s resources for one’s own gain is 
another cause for group destruction from outside forces. However, infighting (or fighting amongst 
oneselves) is the number-one cause of any group’s defeat. 

137 UNITY IS THE KEY! Not only must we never sell our elements and expressions to interests 
that go against our own existence, we must equally not wage war with ourselves. We must find the 
strength and the courage within ourselves to resolve our conflicts peacefully and without violence. 
This is what it means to be loyal to Hip Hop. 

138 Loyalty to Hip Hop also means the protection of our own artistic and cultural elements; this is 
the beginning of independence and self-governance for Hiphoppas. We are financed by our cultural 
elements, these are our intellectual properties. If we are to become and remain politically and socially 
strong we cannot continue to give our intellectual property (our elements ) away to those who care 
little for our continued development and well-being as a people. 

Know this. A Hip Hop element is one of Hip Hop’s cultural expressions. It is a material good. It 


is our intellectual property. It is our capital. It is an act, art or idea that further expresses Hip Hop’s 
culture and consciousness. It is a skill that reflects the character of the Hiphop consciousness and 
enhances the Health, Love, Awareness and Wealth of the truly committed Hiphoppa. 

140 An element is usually created when the Hiphop sight (awareness/perception) is applied to a 
subject or object (material or immaterial). 

141 Presendy Hiphop’s elements are: Breakin, Emceein, Graffiti Art, Deejayin, Beat Boxin, Street 
Fashion, Street Language, Street Knowledge, and Street Entrepreneurialism. These elements are 
symbolized throughout this instrument as B.E.G.D.B.F.L.K.E. 

142 Hiphop’s or Hip Hop’s elements are the sources of Hiphop Kulture’s political power. They are 
also the sources of a Hiphoppa’s livelihood. They are how the Hiphoppa provides for and protects 
her Self and her family. True Hiphoppas are specialized in at least one or more of Hiphop’s nine 


By itself one Hip Hop element is not the totality of Hip Hop’s culture. It is a representation or 
an introduction to the culture itself. To fully comprehend Hip Hop’s elements artistically one must 
gain an overstanding of Hip Hop culturally, even legally. 

144 In the United States, human beings are thought to have certain inalienable rights; rights that are 
natural to the existence of a human’s being. In his book, Cases and Materials on the Law of Real 
Property, law professor Ray Andrews Brown writes, Man, by virtue of his very existence, is endowed 
with certain natural desires and claims. Among the most common and apparent of these are the 
freedom of his body from injury or restraint; the exercise of his faculties in order that he may obtain 
the material things essential to his life and comfort; and the possession and enjoyment of these 
physical things of the world which he has brought under his control. 

145 Professor Brown mentions the above as part of an explanation as to “Man’s” natural right to 
property and how the state or community in which “Man” may live can override such a right for the 
good of all. Mr. Brown writes, Organized society also has its own de facto interests, the most 
important of which is the preservation of peace and order, which can come in direct conflict with 
“Man’s” natural rights to exist and be happy. 

146 However, in return for giving up one’s natural rights and freedoms, The state recognizes, 
protects, controls and adjusts individual and social claims and interests. The state, although 
determined to preserve peace and order, still recognizes (or should recognize) the rights of the 

147 As professor Brown points out, When an individual claim or interest receives recognition and 
protection from the state, it achieves the status of what is technically known as a ‘legal right. ’ Thus a 
landowner under normal circumstances has the right, which will be vindicated by the state, to exclude 
others from entrance to his premises. The correlative to this right is the ‘duty’ which others have to 
observe this right. 

148 I bring this up because when it comes to Hip Hop it seems that the United States is not yet 
recognizing or protecting our right to our own property. It seems that the United States does not 
recognize our real existence as Hip Hop and thus cannot protect our interests under law. And what 
does this mean legally? 

149 First it means that if we are unprotected by law and the state’s obligation to protect our 
interests as Hiphoppas practicing Hiphop is nonexistenant, then corporate bodies of all sorts can 
invade our culture and freely take from our culture whatever they choose because not only have we 
not put up a legal fence around our own intellectual property (B.E.G.D.B.F.L.K.E.), but we also have 

not invoked our inherent rights to our own property. 

150 It is not that corporate entities exploited our artistic elements for the good of their own 
interests; it is more that because we were ignorant of our rights to property, others with knowledge 
took advantage of our ignorance. Through unfair contracts and even blatant theft they made OUR 
property THEIR property and the states in which we lived did not protect us, or our interests as a 
group. However, we were and still are expected to pay the taxes and abide by the laws of a nation that 
didn’t and still doesn’t protect us, or our property. 

151 But what is property? Property in its common sense is thought of as something owned, a 
possession of some sort. Hip Hop’s elements are indeed our property in a common sense, they are the 
tangible physical results to our intangible cultural reality. However, in a strict legal sense, property as 
explained by Mr. Brown denotes not the physical things themselves but the rights that the individual 
concerned has in them. 

152 In a strict legal sense, land is not ‘property/ but the subject of property. The term ‘property/ 
although in common parlance frequently applied to a tract of land or a chattel, in its legal 
signification means only the rights of the owner in relation to it. 

153 This is important for true Hip Hop scholars to know because when seeking to preserve our 
culture (Hip Hop) we must also know the legal route of such preservation as it relates to real 
property. You cannot fully preserve something that you do not actually own. But as we can see 
ownership in a legal sense has less to do with what is actually possessed as it has more to do with 
one’s right to property; one’s ability to use what is said to be owned. Use is the real side of property. 

154 Professor Brown continues, If property in land consists in certain essential rights, and a 
physical interference with the land substantially subverts one or more of those rights, such 
interference takes the owner ’s property. 

155 77^ r igfa 0 j indefinite user (or of using indefinitely) is an essential quality or attribute of 
absolute property, without which absolute property can have no legal existence. Use is the real side of 
property. If the right of indefinite user is an essential element of absolute property or complete 
ownership, whatever physical interference annuls this right takes property. 

156 It is not so much that our physical property has been taken from us, it is more the fact that our 
ability or inability to use, control, direct, alter, etc. our own Hip Hop elements for our own good has 
been interfered with, even stifled by greedy corporate interests and our own ignorance, and such an 
act is the taking or giving away of our property. 

157 Our indefinite use of Hip Hop’s artistic and intellectual elements still remains our property 
today. It is us as a specialized group in the World that must invoke and lawfully demand our rights to 
property as it pertains to Hip Hop and its cultural elements and products. 

158 Property itself is an intangible thing. It is the right that a person has to make use of and enjoy a 
tangible thing, and not the tangible thing itself. If we stop to think, we will discover also that 
‘ property ’ is not one single protected interest or claim to a thing but the totality of a number of 
different though related interests: the interests of possessing, of using, of altering, of conveying, etc., 
the thing in question. 

159 Hip Hop is an intangible thing that produces tangible things, and our inability to possess, use, 
alter, etc., our own Hip Hop tangibles is the beginning of our lost of property. We simply have got to 
stop giving away in ignorance our resources and rights to real property. This we must seriously 
begin to overstand. 

Moving along now, we come to this frequentiy used term in our culture: overstanding. Here, 

overstanding is a state of awareness developed primarily from having a firsthand experience with 
learned subjects and objects. It is different from understanding, which is a comprehension of learned 
subjects and objects gained primarily from having been taught. 

161 Someone who understands has a comprehension of taught information (acquired knowledge). 
Such is the objective approach to Hiphop and Hip Hop. 

162 Someone who overstands actually experiences the information that has been taught and 
comprehended (acquired wisdom). Such is the subjective approach to Hiphop and Hip Hop. 

163 Know this. Along with being loved, and being needed, most people just want to be understood. 
For the more you understand life, the easier your life shall be. Above all learning we must truly seek 
understanding, and if we are blessed — overstanding. 

164 For life is to be under and over -stood, not just lived. But to truly lend your mind to the 
understanding of something other than yourself requires a certain appreciation for what is about to be 
studied. Therefore, let us seek to understand before we seek to form opinions and views on things we 
know little about. Let us also be unified in our overstanding of ourselves as Hiphoppas. 

165 What does this mean? It means that we must continuously seek the Truth and the true nature of 
our authentic being as Hiphoppas. This is what shall ensure our success. Relying upon Rap music’s 
incomplete history is NOT how we are going to truly understand the divinity of our Hip Hop nature. 

166 Hip Hop’s true history is NOT the history of Rap music entertainment. Rap music’s 
entertainment history can be included in Hip Hop’s history, but to interpret Hip Hop’s cultural history 
through mainstream Rap music entertainment is a mistake. 

167 Most people today approach Hip Hop as a music genre because that’s how Rap music is 
promoted. Icons such as Kool DJ Here are referred to as “ rap pioneers” even though they (he) are 
Hip Hop’s “ cultural architects,” even spiritual leaders. In my observations, this perception of people 
like Kool DJ Here (the recognized Father of Hip Hop) stagnates our collective development today as 
a Hip Hop community. We simply do not value one another and it is this devaluing of each other that 
keeps us in a valueless state. 

168 Approaching Kool Here (the Father) historically as simply a DJ is like approaching Jesus (the 
Christ) historically as simply a carpenter. Not only does such a perception limit the potential of the 
community influenced by such a perception, but such a view of Hip Hop is simply inaccurate 
historically. Kool DJ Here is far more than a DJ, and Hip Hop is far more than a music genre! 

169 Arriving in the United States from Jamaica sometime around 1967, Kool DJ Here (an 
abbreviation for Hercules) was known for having the biggest and the loudest sound system in the 
Bronx, which attracted many street kids, young poets, graffiti writers, DJs and especially b-boys. 

170 Kool DJ Here would attract huge crowds to the playgrounds and parks of the West Bronx 
playing the instrumental breaks of songs by recording artists such as James Brown as well as the 
Amazing Bongo Band. In fact, James Brown’s popular recordings would become Kool DJ Here’s 
main records to play. 

171 And while many DJs in the Bronx, like El Marko, Mandingo, DJ Maboya, Elvis 007 and 
others, were also playing James Brown recordings, Kool DJ Here was considered a street DJ because 
he would play his music on a huge sound system outside in the playgrounds and parks of the Bronx 
regularly for free! These events were called Jams. 

172 One place where we were able to hear Kool DJ Here jam was at the 1520 Sedgwick Avenue 
community center in the Bronx. This community center, which was part of the housing tenement 
where Kool Here lived, was connected to a playground park where Here was known to “deejay” on 

his huge sound system. This is one of the main places where Hip Hop as an art form is said to have 
started sometime around 1972-1973. 

173 The apartment building direcdy on the other side of the playground park was 1600 Sedgwick 
Avenue and this is where I lived from about 1972-1974. During these times (1970s) the whole political 
and social structure of the United States was changing. During this time major recording artists, 
actors, athletes and academicians were all openly protesting and speaking out against war and social 
injustice. Revolution was in the air! 

174 Being influenced by the living conditions and national events of the day (unemployment, drug 
addiction, the Vietnam War, police misconduct, poverty, racism, civil rights, etc), the population at 
both 1520 as well as 1600 Sedgwick Avenue were very much politically and socially active. This 
community was NOT just singing and dancing; we were also praying and protesting. 

175 In his time, Kool Here was not just a DJ; he was also a popular activist in his community; a 
believer in GOD. He was conscious and talented and was known as a community leader. Kool Here’s 
street credibility was solid; he was down by law. 

176 The actual idea of a jam was to set up a time and a space where the true intentions of our hearts 
and minds could be manifested through our various forms of street recreation, and Kool Here was 
the guy that brought everyone together through his deejayin. 

177 Jams were not only outdoor party spaces and places (Cedar Park, 123 Park, the 161 street 
Yankee Stadium Park, Stevenson High School park, all in the Bronx), jams were also a creative 
escape. It was a time to step outside of the confinement of mainstream life and create ourselves, to 
dress up in the clothes (“gear”) that amplified what we thought of ourselves, to talk, walk and live 
according to our perception of ourselves without compromise. 

178 A jam was a time to either show-off your own unique talents or watch the unique talents of 
others. A jam wasn’t just about a crowd of people listening to a DJ (or, years later, to an MC), a jam 
was a community event — a social gathering. It was a time and space were the young neighborhood 
school kids as well as the young outcasts, the oudaws and young revolutionaries would all come 
together to exchange ideas, street products, plans, gossip and of course talents. 

179 To understand the true birth of Hip Hop, one must understand what the 1970s was really like. 
One must also remember that those who attended Kool Here’s jams were not exclusively b-boys, DJs 
and/or graffiti writers; many were the activists, intellectuals and revolutionaries of their time. 

180 B-boyin, Aerosol art, Deejayin and Emceein were not the only things going on in the public 
parks of the 1970s and Kool DJ Here was not the only DJ of his time in those areas. However, Kool 
DJ Here and his sister Cindy (Pep) were also activists in their community and their free service to 
their community is what caused Hip Hop to exist. 

181 As I mentioned earlier, I too was present at the birth of Hip Hop in 1973 and I remember being 
more concerned with the mystical life and with the development of myself spiritually than with being 
a fresh MC; yet I too was attracted to the jams and all that the jams represented. I too was Hip Hop! So, 
what is Hip Hop’s true history? Gang culture? I don’t remember Hip Hop’s birth like this. 

182 The point here is that when Kool Here began playing music in the community center of 1520 
Sedgwick Avenue and its neighboring parks, attracting and gathering together b-boys, graffiti 
writers, kung fu martial artists, poets, MCs and other DJs, he also attracted gang members as well as 
young philosophers from a wide variety of spiritual views and traditions, and I am one only survivor 
from this era. 


In Truth, many young men and women of the early 1970s were very spiritual and 

philosophically-minded. Early Hip Hop was surrounded by a variety of World philosophies; many of 
which we adopted for ourselves. As an example, the 1973 film Enter The Dragon starring Bruce Lee 
was a huge success in the 1970s and inspired millions of urban kids all across the United States to 
begin practicing kung fu. 

184 The spirit and fighting skills of Bruce Lee (and Jim Kelly) were a major influence upon the 
values and principles Hiphoppas still hold sacred today. It wasn’t so much that Bruce Lee was 
explicidy teaching ancient Chinese philosophies in his films, it was more his attitude toward life and 
living that captured our hearts. 

185 Bruce Lee was not just a Chinese martial artist or an actor, he was sensitive to the times in 
which he lived and his films always tried to convey some sort of message aimed at self-control, self- 
mastery and social justice. WE LOVED BRUCE LEE! He symbolized what early Hip Hop aspired to 


Although censored at the time, Enter The Dragon (Bruce Lee’s version) opened up with a 
conversation between Bruce Lee and his spiritual teacher. His teacher begins the film saying, I see 
your talents have gone beyond the mere physical level. Your skills are now at the point of spiritual 
insight . I have several questions. 

187 What is the highest technique you hope to achieve? Bruce answers, To have no technique. The 
teacher continues, Very good. What are your thoughts when facing an opponent? Bruce replies, There 
is no opponent. The teacher asks, And why is that? Bruce answers, Because the word I does not exist . 
The teacher then says So, continue. 

188 Bruce Lee explains; A good fight should be like a small play, but played seriously. A good 
martial artist does not become tense, but ready; not thinking, yet not dreaming . Ready for whatever 
may come. When the opponent expands, I contract. When he contracts, I expand. And when there is an 
opportunity, I do not hit, IT hits all by ITself. 

189 The teacher replies, Now you must remember; the enemy has only images and illusions behind 
which he hides his true motives. Destroy the image and you will break the enemy . The IT that you refer 
to is a powerful weapon easily misused by the martial artist who deserves his loss. 

190 Lurther into the conversation the teacher asks Bruce, Tell me now the Shaolin commandment 
number 13. Bruce replies, A martial artist has to take responsibility for himself and accept the 
consequences of his own doing . 

191 This attitude is basic to Hip Hop. However, one month before Enter The Dragon was released, 
Bruce Lee mysteriously died and this whole dialog was cut from the film. I often wonder what the 
World would be like if so many great minds like Bruce Lee were not sabotaged and/or murdered. 
Minds like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, John Lennon, Gandhi, and again Bruce Lee to 
name a few. 


I am from that group of young people that were inspired by these minds. We went to the jams 
and philosophied in a cipher (a circle) with others of like mind about the state of the Black man and 
woman in America. My group did not grab the mic, or break, or DJ at first; we were more concerned 
with hidden Truths and attaining freedom from injustice by any means necessary. Kool Here’s jams 
attracted us also. 


Some of us grew up Baptist, or Catholic, or Jehovah’s Witness. Others of us grew up Muslim; 
even others of us grew up Rastafarian, and Jewish, and as Hebrew Israelites, and as Live Percenters. I 
grew up in all of these spiritual traditions. I can remember feeling all kinds of spiritual traditions at 
the places where Kool DJ Here played and later where Afrika Bambaataa and Jazzy Jay played. 

194 Even later where Red Alert, Chuck Chillout, DJ Breakout and Brucie B. played, Christians 
were there, Rastafarians, Five Percenters, Freemasons were there, Muslims were there, Hindus and 
Buddhists were there, even Witches, Satanists and Atheists were in attendance. It was a jam! It was 
open and anyone who wanted to be there was there. 

195 At these early jams I remember everyone being in harmony with one another through the 
music, the clothing and our unique styles of communication (hand shakes, head nods, street games 
and street news, etc.). 


Even when we argued philosophically we were always able to work things out in the end 
without violent confrontations because in the end we knew that we were all united in the idea of 
freedom from oppression. And yes, our debates did get heated! But this is why we created Hip Hop to 
begin with. 

197 Hip Hop was created as a neutral zone, an alternative form of recreation, an escape from 
street-violence, corruption and boredom. This is a major part of Hip Hop’s history that seems to 
always be left out of Hip Hop’s historical presentations. 

198 The very subjects and activities that rappers rap about today are exactiy what Hip Hop was 
created to avoid and even overcome. The point here is that knowledge and overstanding were also at 
the birth of Hip Hop right along with b-boying, MC-ing, graffiti writing and DJ-ing. However, the 
desperate quest to exploit Hip Hop’s artistic elements for profit (in Hip Hop’s later years) buried the 
principles and life skills that accompanied Hip Hop’s early artistic elements. 

199 Early Hiphoppas united around Kool DJ Here’s sound system because it was the biggest and 
the loudest of the time. However, even with talent the actual character of Kool DJ Here himself was 
one of leadership and social activism. He and his sister Cindy actually cared about the young kids in 
their neighborhood and this is what caused Hip Hop to exist. In fact, this was the general attitude of 
even the gangs at the time. 

200 Kool Here wasn’t just playing music in the park; he was trying to keep young kids like me out 
of trouble by playing his music in the park for free. Kool Here would play the songs of James Brown 
which represented the Black Power movement and most people’s feelings at the time of struggling 
against oppression. 

201 James Brown with Alfred James Ellis would publish the song “Say It Loud — I’m Black and 
I’m Proud” which was a huge success in 1968. As youths, we sang along with James Brown as he 
shouted, SAY IT LOUD! And we would all say, I’M BLACK AND I’M PROUD! 

202 James Brown would tell us, I worked on jobs with my feet and my hands, and all the work I did 
was for the other man! And now we demands our chance to do things for ourselves , we tired of beating 
our heads against the wall and working for someone else! This advice would follow me all of my life 
— this is Hip Hop! 

203 For youngsters like me growing up in New York, the good life was all about independence 
from the rigid order of the World’s work-force, and non-attachment to the ways, the people and the 
things of the mainstream. Like many of my time I just wanted to be at peace and happy. I just wanted to 

204 The group of youngsters I grew up with were not really interested in making careers out of 
their MC-ing and DJ-ing abilities. These were our pastime recreations; we simply wanted freedom 
from the oppression that we witnessed our parents and grandparents experiencing. This inspired 
many of us (the original MCs, b-boys/b-girls and DJs) to enroll in college and become professionals 
later in life. 

205 For others of us (the artists), Hip Hop became our new identity. It became our interpretation of 
the World. At very young ages we confirmed to our skeptical parents that we were going to make a 
life for ourselves practicing the artistic elements of Hip Hop. And even though many of us would 
have to leave home at early ages in order to pursue our goals as MCs, dancers and DJs, our group 
(influenced by the events of the Civil Rights movement) still saw Hip Hop as the continued struggle 
for true freedom, justice and equality. 

206 For our group, as we got older we began to turn our Hip Hop view of the World (our sight ) 
toward the subjects of philosophy, history, religion and politics. Beyond music and dance, Hip Hop 
was the life that we began to live. So the question became, how would we live the Hip Hop life? 
Beyond rapping, how should the rapper’s life be lived? 

207 This is how I, and many others, have always approached Hip Hop. For us, Hip Hop is NOT just 
art and entertainment. For us, Hip Hop is a metaphysical principle that ensures one’s health, love, 
awareness and wealth through the arts, and the Gospel of Hip Hop is the documentation and 
instruction of such a view. 

208 For us, Hip Hop is GOD’s response to OUR suffering, it is the answered prayer of our 
grandparents and ancestors, it is the PROMISED LAND, it is the idea that unites us. Such an idea 
teaches us to cooperate with one another, to help one another and support one another. 

209 For we have now learned that life is all about cooperation. That the power which causes 
several portions of a plant or even a human (for example) to come together to help one another is 
called “life,” or produces “life.” We have now learned that life intensifies with the increase of 
helpfulness and cooperation. The intensity of life is also the intensity of helpfulness, unity and 
cooperation. The ceasing of these powers causes deterioration, therefore the ceasing of help is called 

210 We (Hip Hop) have a unique opportunity to join the World’s peace process and establish the 
sovereignty our parents envisioned without violence and/or war. But first we must cooperate with one 
another, and this is why the Gospel of Hip Hop physically exists and why the Temple of Hip Hop 
culturally exists. Let us get to work on the realization of this vision. Let us cooperate with one 
another. For us, THIS IS REAL HIP HOP! There it is. 



1 Peace and much Love. Know this. The term refinidon means “redefined definitions.” This 
overstanding deals with the redefining of Hip Hop, Hip Hop’s artistic elements and the Hiphoppa in 
an effort to strengthen the methodology of Hip Hop’s actual preservation and lifestyle. 

2 The Refinidons are not only the Temple of Hip Hop’s collection of Hip Hop cultural terms and 
codes designed to organize and raise the self-worth of the Temple Member that teaches Hip Hop for a 
living, The Refinidons encourages Temple Members to redefine themselves as Hip Hop above all 

3 Here, Hip Hop is not just a music genre or some other kind of art form. Here, Hip Hop is the 
name and divine nature of our present lifestyle. Hip Hop is the name of our ritual; it is the utterance of 
our being. 

4 Rap fans are told about the fathers and mothers, Godfathers and Godmothers, Pioneers, Teachas 
and history of Hip Hop for the sake of building Hip Hop’s political common Spirit and cultural 
continuity in the World. Such knowledge promotes respect for those Hip Hop pioneers that have 
contributed to Hip Hop’s physical manifestation and cultural continuity in the World. 

5 However, knowing the history of Hip Hop and/or the names of Hip Hop’s pioneers will not 
defend against the everyday happenings and temptations of the material World. For Hip Hop itself to 
be strong and vibrant, its practitioners must become strong and vibrant when practicing the Hip Hop 
lifestyle. The purchasing of Rap CDs is NOT the Hip Hop lifestyle. 

: The Hip Hop lifestyle prescribed in these writings establishes the foundations of Health, Love, 

Awareness and Wealth in preparation for a life lived in peace, love, unity and joy while practicing Hip 

Critics of our movement can say whatever they like, however amongst average Hiphoppas who 
have bills to pay, families to raise, mouths to feed and goals to achieve, Hip Hop cannot be just about 
music and dance, beefs and scandals. What kind of lifestyle is that! 

8 After you’ve reached 20 years of age Hip Hop must be able to sustain your well-being or you 
will be forced to associate with another movement or way of life that can. And there begins the death 
of Hip Hop for real! The inability to enhance the quality of the Hip Hop life can lead to the death of 
Hip Hop itself. 

9 For if Hiphoppas cannot sustain their own well-being with Hip Hop, or if the Hip Hop lifestyle 
leads to prison, then sooner or later some of our best minds and the most talented of our group will 
be forced to take up other lifestyles and careers just to feed and protect themselves. And even beyond 
the protecting, feeding, clothing and sheltering of one’s self, if Hip Hop cannot offer the Hiphoppa 
peace then what is it offering? 

10 This teacha has achieved peace through his contentment with Hip Hop, and this is what he 
teaches. I really don’t need anything else to be happy. Hip Hop is total living for me, I would live no 
other way. Therefore, by being true to the “love” in my life, GOD is revealed, my purpose is fulfilled 
and peace is produced. People can betray you; family and friends can be unreliable, selfish and 
unreasonable. But GOD, revealed through an attuned Hiphop lifestyle, is a firm foundation upon 
which to stand. Let GOD be your strength, not people. 

11 Forty years of living Hip Hop has also revealed to us an order, a plan, a pattern, some sort of 
divine direction that guides and develops Hip Hop. This knowing produces peace and knowing this 
produces peace. Knowing for a fact without a doubt that Hip Hop is divinely guided creates peace in 
the life of the attuned Hiphoppa. Practicing Hip Hop in this way and being content with Hip Hop in 
this way produces an inner security that satisfies your outer perception, causing a state of peace. 

12 Know this. PEACE PRESERVES HIP HOP. And peace is not attained after one is successful; 
peace is practiced at the beginning of one’s journey toward success. This is why those who have not 
mastered their own inner -workings first will find themselves enslaved to their own outer-workings 
later. And one of the first tasks of one’s inner-work is to live a life that one can be proud of, a life that 
can be commended before GOD. Such a lifestyle causes peace, and this is why such a lifestyle should 
begin when you are young; like 15. 

13 Knowledge also causes peace in the sense that being able to accurately and impressively 
explain what you do as well as who you are produces a sense of inner-security about yourself. Being 
impressed with yourself, that you are your Self, causes peace. Being satisfied with your Self causes 

14 Mastery of the Refinidons presents a professional personality that draws needed opportunity 
through the curiosity and admiration of those who hear you speak. However, the Refinitions have 
been known to backfire upon those who simply speak the terms and don’t live the life. It is like 
claiming to be a gangster so that you may impress your ignorant friends. But when your own 
gangster speech begins to draw gangster situations to you, you are unprepared because you really 
don’t live a criminal life; you were only speaking about criminal behavior because you thought you 
needed to do so to be considered cool. 

15 The same can be applied to good and productive situations like when you claim to have 
something that you don’t really have only to achieve it and have not the hands, the mind, or the space 
to receive it. Know this. Lifestyles are created by the rituals of one’s tribe which corresponds with the 
nature of one’s being. Hip Hop is the name of our tribe, and the mastery of one’s own tribal rituals 
sets up a confident character about one’s self even before one enters the World as an adult or as a 
professional of some sort. 

16 When one has matured and has completed the ritual “stages” of one’s own tribe and holds the 
respect of one’s own group one then earns a certain importance and respect in the World not for what 
one has done in the World, but for what one has done for one’s self amongst one’s own people. Such 
a character invites peace. 

17 The World respects a man whose tribe respects him. The World protects a woman whose tribe 
protects her. The World feeds and educates the children whose tribe feeds and educates them. 

18 The World is also confident in the leader who is confident in himself, and such confidence 
comes by way of one’s own mastery of one’s own culture and self-expression. Hip Hop is the name of 
our tribe, and the way we present ourselves to the World is the way the World shall present itself to 
our children and their children’s children forever. 

19 For when we finally accept our tribe and commit to it, we see ourselves more clearly because 
we know what we belong to. The problem with so many of our young people today is that they don’t 
feel as though they belong to anything and so peace in their adult years is almost impossible because 
they are not comforted by a satisfying tradition. 

20 Mastery of the Refinitions begins one’s journey toward contentment and peace as a Hiphoppa 
because the mastery of the Refinitions ’ language and approach to Hip Hop makes the practicing 

Hiphoppa sure about the Hip Hop he/she lives and practices. Such surety causes a sense of peace and 
self-satisfaction well into one’s elder years. 

21 The Refinitions make the best parts of Hip Hop a repeatable science — a science that when 
mastered offers special intellectual and creative abilities unique to the Hip Hop experience. For as 
long as we stay within the mastery of our own self-expression we shall always possess a special 
strength in the material World against all challenges, foreign or domestic. The problem is when you 
doubt the authority and value of your own self-expression, then everyone else must doubt you as well. 

22 Sure, we can all talk about preserving Hip Hop and teaching its true history, but if there is no 
clearly oudined strategy to actually preserve Hiphoppas themselves, how then shall Hip Hop actually 
be preserved? What are we actually preserving of Hip Hop? 

23 Hip Hop’s many activist organizations are right to preserve Hip Hop’s artistic memorabilia and 
real history — respect to that. However, the Temple of Hip Hop is more concerned with the 
preservation of Hiphoppas themselves than with the study and/or glorification of Hip Hop’s artifacts 
and/or possible history. 

24 In fact, Hip Hop does not actually need to be preserved, because nothing real can ever be 
destroyed. And Hip Hop is real! However, if the Hiphoppa is ignorant of Hip Hop’s productive 
lifestyle then it is the Hiphoppa’s participation in Hip Hop that can lead the Hiphoppa to suffering, 
affecting the very fabric of Hip Hop itself. No, Hip Hop cannot actually be destroyed, but it can be 
distorted and made to serve interests it was not initially intended for. This is one of the real challenges 
facing Hip Hop today, its belief in its own existence. 

25 Many people (mosdy Rap fans) are convinced that Hip Hop is just music. They approach Hip 
Hop as a music genre with no principles or social awareness and then wonder why “hip-hop’s” music 
doesn’t offer its consumers anything more than gangstas, bitches, pimps, hoes and niggas. Indeed they 
got it twisted! 

26 This is why many rappers don’t make it past two albums or even 10 minutes live on stage, 
because talent never got anyone anywhere! It is the way in which you live your life that ensures your 
success and longevity. Talent does help. Being highly skilled does help. But ultimately, if people don’t 
like you then you are going NOWHERE! If people don’t trust you, you are going NOWHERE! If you 
have no faith, no courage or credibility you are going NOWHERE! 

27 Hip Hop’s music alone never got anyone killed or made anyone live any longer. It was always 
one’s own lifestyle or even one’s own life decisions that produced such results either way. So, how ya 
livin? What principles do you conduct your life by? Do they cause peace, contentment and joy in your 

28 Hip Hop reaches far beyond music and lyrics, as we’ve been learning; Hip Hop is a conscious 
way to be. But some have suggested that Hip Hop is simply an art form; a genre of music to be 
compared to other music genres and performing arts. They insist that Hip Hop is no more than music 
entertainment, as if “Breakin” and “Graffiti writing” do not exist as Hip Hop as well. As if Hip Hop 
actually exists outside of GOD! 

29 But is there really a debate here? The real issue is faith. What do YOU believe? If you believe 
that hip-hop is just music then you shall live with the manifestations of your own beliefs. And if I 
believe that Hiphop is a conscious behavior that produces health, love, awareness, and wealth for the 
believer then I too shall live with the manifestations of my own beliefs. 

30 But, even if we limit Hip Hop’s activity to the realm of just music, many still fail to meditate 
upon the actual depths of music itself. Even hip-hop journalists, music executives and so-called hip- 

hop scholars refuse to ask themselves surface questions like: Where does music come from? What is 
it that inspires the human mind to create music? What is the purpose of music itself? More 
importandy, what is the purpose of OUR music? What should OUR music inspire OUR listeners to 
feel? And, what is art? 

31 How many of our critics are really asking these questions? If Hip Hop is just good music, then 
what is its purpose as “good music?” Not that we should give our music a fake purpose that it did not 
originally have, but instead shouldn’t we be seeking the Truth and deeper existence of the music that 
WE are inspired to create? 

32 Shouldn’t we be investigating the deeper aspects of our OWN creativity? An inquiry into just 
Rap music’s existence would reveal to us the true nature of our OWN being. Such an inquiry would 
explore Hip Hop far beyond DJ-ing, MC-ing and CD sales. 

33 If we are truly Hip Hop’s artists (and not just fans) is it not OUR responsibility to seek the 
deeper meaning to OUR Hip Hop art? Who else is supposed to do this inquiry for us? Who else CAN 
do this inquiry for us? Even if it is just to get better as artists and master the performances of our own 
artistic expressions, shouldn’t WE be investigating the deeper meaning to OUR creative activity? And 
this is if we limit Hip Hop to just “Rap music.” 

34 These are just the basic questions of those that truly love Hip Hop. Others (even with lengthy 
recording contracts and various sales awards) expose themselves as “desperate fans of the music” by 
never taking the time to investigate the deeper mechanics of their own craft and livelihood. They 
themselves act as if they are visitors to Hip Hop’s culture and elements simply by their non-caring 
attitude toward Hip Hop’s preservation. 

35 For if they were even true musicians and not “husders” hustling or peddling Rap music to a 
gullible public their greatest joy would be to probe the sacred path of music creation into the very 
depths of poetry and even sound vibration itself. 

36 The young emcee seeking a deeper understanding of hip-hop even as music would ask; “if hip- 
hop is just good music, then what is music?” The origin of music is not the radio, nor is the origin of 
art the artist, nor do CD sales equate to artistic excellence. 

37 Know this. Music is the art of arranging sounds into harmonious melodies and rhythms. Sound 
is a vibration that passes through any elastic material and/or medium; either solid, liquid, gas, or 

38 Music and sound are not the same things. Sound must vibrate at the frequency of 16 to 20,000 
hertz (or cycles per second) to be detected by the human ear. The vibration frequency of sound hitting 
the ear at 20 hertz must be almost 70 dB higher (2000 hertz or 10 million times more energy) to 
produce human hearing. The ear actually magnifies sound vibrations so that we can hear them. 

39 In our time, the frequency range for human beings to hear speech is between 600 to 4,800 hertz. 
The energy output of the male voice peaks at about 350 hertz and the energy output of the female 
voice peaks at about 700 hertz, which is then magnified by the eardrum to produce hearing. However, 
even if there was no eardrum to detect sound in the human ear, sound would still exist because sound 
is energy; you just would not hear it. 

40 Again, music is not sound. Music is the arrangement of various sounds. Sound is vibration; it is 
the ingredients of music. Sound is vibration and vibration is energy. Energy is produced by atomic 

41 We exist in a universe of energy. In fact, we and our material environments are the forms which 
this energy takes. The most commonly understood manifestations of this energy are heat, light and 

sound. Music is the arrangement of energy in its form as sound. Each sound communicates an idea to 
us based upon how we have been educated (trained) to interpret such sounds. 

42 This now leads us to another aspect of music, to the process of hearing. This process is not an 
isolated phenomenon which only entails the ears, it involves the whole body. Everybody knows the 
feeling that runs down your back when someone scratches on a hard surface; you have to shudder. 
Music can also affect you like this through and through. Indeed, happy are those who hear the chords 
of joy and ecstasy. Happy are those familiar with the tones of our planet, happy are those who let these 
tones resound within, attuning them to the basic motion and rhythm of the earth. (Hans Cousto, The 
Cosmic Octave ) 

43 The point here is that even if Hip Hop is just “good music,” we must still seek the deeper 
meaning and uses of music and sound to arrive at a deeper understanding of hip-hop even as music. 
Such an inquiry is bound to lead the inquiring Hiphoppa beyond hip-hop as entertainment and into 
Hiphop as consciousness and energy. 

44 This is what makes the Temple of Hip Hop unique in its approach to Hip Hop in our time, and 
those that master the Refinitions as well as their approach to GOD won’t use Hip Hop or God, they 
will inherit the ability to produce Hip Hop and/or God for others to use. Our needs are met in the 
production of Hip Hop and/or God itself. 

45 The Refinitions approaches Hip Hop as a repeatable science and lays out a practical framework 
for the explaining of Hip Hop’s elements to younger Hiphoppas and even to those foreign to Hip 

46 However, mastery of the Refinitions and its magical uses can only come alive in real-life 
situations. Ultimately, mastery of the Refinitions is an experience, not a speech. It is a perceptual 
reflex that reveals the inner-workings of Hip Hop’s creative spirit. 

47 Teaching the Refinitions creates employment opportunities for the truly committed members of 
our Hip Hop preservation society. In addition, the Refinitions gives the apprentice an organized view 
of Hip Hop’s activities in the physical World beyond entertainment. 

48 And even though the Temple of Hip Hop does teach the nine elements of the Refinitions in nine 
days, it is suggested that each of the nine elements which interprets Hip Hop for us be taught within a 
one month period. Each element should be studied for 30 days before moving on to the teaching 
and/or study of the remaining elements. In all, it is suggested that these elements be taught over a nine 
month period; one element per month. 

49 As a templist, do not allow yourself to be caught unstudied. Such neglect will only affect your 
ability to overcome the World and its traps. These Overstandings are for YOUR empowerment. Take 
yourself seriously! 

50 The Refinitions are true Hip Hop codes and terms based upon Hip Hop’s historical facts, not 
upon emotion and folklore. It is designed to give the templist an empowering lifestyle, an 
empowering authoritative conversation and an organized view of Hip Hop’s elements. 

51 Seriously committed templists are advised to seek and study all knowledge, organizations and 
interpretations of Hip Hop available. However, knowing and speaking the language of the Refinitions 
is a good first start for any Hiphoppa; it opens new doors of opportunity, defense, self-worth and 

52 Other Hip Hop organizations may practice a different set of elements and terms. However, the 
Refinitions remain the primary teaching tool of the Temple of Hip Hop. With this body of knowledge 
we raise our self-worth as Hiphop Kultural Specialists. Like Hip Hop itself, the Refinitions is a social 

art that offers its practitioners an escape from poverty and purposelessness. 

53 It is this approach to Hip Hop that assisted in OUR freedom and has delivered OUR victory over 
the streets in our time. And it has been our experience that this approach to Hip Hop ( the Refinitions ) 
truly preserves Hip Hop because it truly empowers the Hiphoppa. 

54 By learning how to speak and teach the language of the Refinitions; and by performing Hip 
Hop’s elements in this way, the true Hiphoppa raises her own self-worth and artistic longevity. In 
addition, the language of the Refinitions raises the value of those that teach Hiphop, Hip Hop and hip- 
hop for a living. 

55 This begins your intellectual training of Hiphop, Hip Hop and hip-hop, and here your training 
is direcdy connected to your doing. Reading about Hip Hop is NOT how one experiences Hiphop. It is 
in the doing, being and living of Hiphop that one gains the spiritual essence of Hip Hop. 

56 Remember, an athlete was never made by mere instruction, and no soldier was ever trained 
simply by studying her manual. Both are made by the continuous practice of their drills and exercises. 
It is not the hearers of Truth, but the doers of Truth that are justified before their God. 

57 So let us perfect ourselves in this way. Let us work in our own sphere and with what GOD has 
provided to us. Let us perfect ourselves before seeking the ways of those outside of ourselves and our 
experiences. The more we are sustained by internal strength, the less we demand of life around us. 
Each must keep his own happiness in his own name. No man is so rich or powerful that he can hire 
another to sleep for him or to eat for him. Each must perform the essential requirements of survival, 
and this is true of the inner-life as well. To depend for strength upon that which is not ourselves is 
folly. (Manly P. Hall, The Mystical Christ ) 

58 A perfected Self, meaning a life purpose fulfilled, inherits the intellectual ability to know 
anything. Focus now upon the perfection of your Self-expression. Be not envious of the blessings and 
skills that GOD has given to others, ignoring the blessings and skills that GOD has given to you. Take 
a moment now to review and reflect upon our list of Hip Hop elements, terms and codes. 

R ' 10 BREAKIN: (The study and application of street dance forms.) Originally called the Go-Off, 
Burnin ’ and/or Boy Yong Yong, Breakin is commonly called Break Dancing or b-boying today and it 
now includes the once independent dance forms Up-Rockin, Poppin and Lockin, Jailhouse or Slap- 
Boxing, Double Dutch, Electric Boogie and Capoeira martial arts. It is also commonly referred to as 
freestyle street dancing. The practitioners of traditional Breakin are called b-boys, b-girls and 

I Breakin moves are also used in aerobics and other exercises that refine the body and relieve 
stress. Dance and other rhythmic body movements appear at the genesis of human awareness and 
remain the center of good health. 

II Breakin gets our hearts pumping at about 120 beats per minute, and if we can break or dance at 
least three times a week for only 20 minutes we will have enhanced our physical health and prolonged 
our very lives by years. Like letters, dance is also a form of communication. In fact, Poppin, Lockin, 
and Electric Boogie are all body symbols; even body letters. 

III Dance is often used as a form of self-expression; it is like a language (body language). It is 
also a form of healing and rejuvenation. Break-dancing: acrobatic style of street dancing. 

IV While breakdancing (a term disowned by all b-boys) began with crews like the Nigga Twins, the 
Zulu Kings, the Salsoul Crew, the City Boys, Freeze Force, Starchild La Rock, the Disco Kids, and the 

KC Crew, the most influential was undoubtedly the Rock Steady Crew. Formed in 1977 by Jojo Torres, 
Jimmy Lee, Mongo Rock, Spy and Jimmy Dee, the Rock Steady Crew gathered together the best of the 
second wave of Latino b-boys who had come to dominate the field since it migrated out of the Bronx in 
the early 70s. 

v The RSC main innovation was to make b-boying more athletic, more gymnastic. Many of these 
moves were pioneered by the two b-boys who are generally considered the greatest: Richie ‘Crazy 
Legs’ Colon and Ken ‘Swift’ Gabbert. Moves like the windmill, the whip, the 1990, the chair and the 
spider are credited to Crazy Legs and Ken Swift, who helped the RSC become the dominant crew in 
legendary battles against the Dynamic Breakers, the Floor Masters and the New York City Breakers. 

VI Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, a kid called Don Campbell invented Locking (freezing in between 
moves). The dance became so popular that he formed his own troupe in 1973, the Campbellock 
Dancers, which included such minor celebs as Fred ‘Rerun’ Berry, Toni Basil and ‘Shabba-Doo’ 
Quinones. The style was expanded by The Electric Boogaloos (‘ Boogaloo Sam’ Solomon, Timothy 
‘Poppin’ Pete’ Solomon, Skeeter Rabbit, Twist-O-Flex Don, Creepin’ Cid and Tickin’ Will), who 
invented moves like poppin’, boogaloo, tickin’, twist-flex and the old man while dancing to Zapp 
records. (Peter Shapiro, The Rough Guide to Hip-Hop ) 

VII In a letter written to the Temple of Hip Hop, b-boy historian Mickey Ice explains how the dance 
style of Poppin was created in Fresno, California sometime around 1977 by a man named Boogaloo 
Sam dancing to Roger Troutman and Zapp records. He explains in this letter The group was called the 
Electric Boogaloos, a group of young Black kids from Edison High School on the West Side of 
Fresno... My uncle was hyped by the whole movement, this was around 1977 until 1984, Poppin got 
exposure to the world, then came Oakland etc. 

vm Mickey Ice continues, Just like the Bronx, this style of dancing was only going on here (Fresno, 
CA), nowhere else in California, not even Los Angeles, except Lockin which was Don Campbell. He 
was Lockin at Compton Community College, then came Rerun. Big ups to the Rock Steady Crew for 
taking it across the oceans! But there was some nasty brothas before the Rock Steady Crew like the 
Nicholas Brothers, Sammy Davis Jr., and Sandman. I got some footage of Black folks on the cotton 
plantation with the illest footwork and Up-Rocking before Hip Hop. 

IX Popularized by: James Brown, Don Campbell and the Campbellock Dancers, the Nigga Twins, 
Poppin’ Pete, Dennis Vasquez — the Rubber Band Man, Rock Steady Crew, Pee Wee Dance, the New 
York City Breakers, the Los Angeles Breakers, Boogaloo Shrimp, “Shabba-Doo” Quinones, Demons 
of the Mind, the Breeze Team, Michael Jackson, and others. 

R ' n EMCEEIN: (The study and application of rhythmic talk, poetry and divine speech.) 
Commonly referred to as rappin or Rap, its practitioners are known as emcees or rappers. 

I The emcee is a Hip Hop poet who directs and moves the crowd by rhythmically rhyming in 
spoken word. The emcee is a cultural spokesperson. Technically, the emcee is a creation of one’s 
community whereas the rapper is a creation of corporate interests. 

II The word emcee comes from the abbreviated form of Master of Ceremonies (M.C.). In its 
traditional sense, M.C. referred to the hosting of an event — the master of a ceremony or an event. 

III In its ancient sense, to emcee meant to pray or to communicate with GOD. It was used by the 
Greeks to communicate with their oracles and to pray to their gods. 

IV The earliest known forms of Emceein were done by the ancient priests, sages and philosophers 
of Africa and Asia. Later in history, the ancient art of Emceein would be practiced by African Griots 

and Djelees as they went from village to village teaching (or rather performing) history and 
important life lessons. 

v Emceein (or rhythmic speech/divine speech) also appears at the genesis of human awareness. It 
is the language of the heart. 

VI Early Hiphoppas transformed the traditional character of the Master of Ceremonies to include 
crowd participation routines and poetry. Today, the emcee seeks to be a master of the spoken word, 
not just the best rapper or poet. 

vn Emceein (when properly understood) manipulates air through sound vibration in an effort to 
alter or expand consciousness. 

vm Emcees also deliver lectures and other forms of public instruction. Most emcees rate 
themselves on their ability to rock a party, speak clearly and/or tell a good story. 

IX Emcees (different from MCs) seek the mastery of the spoken word. For in the mastering of 
emceein we also express our inherit understanding of rhythm, linguistics, physics, mathematics, 
memory, logical reasoning and high communication skills. Emceein expresses a total integration of 
right and left brain coordination. 

x Know this. A talented emcee almost always becomes a respected rapper. But a talented rapper 
usually never becomes a respected emcee. 

XI The emcee expresses through rhyme what is already on your mind, whereas the rapper tells 
you all about his or her self. True Hiphoppas are encouraged to study both styles for maximum 

xn Popularized by: Cab Calloway, Coke La Rock, Pebblie Poo, Sha Rock, Chief Rocker Busy Bee, 
Keith Cowboy, Melle Mel, Grandmaster Caz, Rakim, Queen Lisa Lee, Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, 
MC Lyte, Roxanne Shante, Muhammad Ali, and others. 

R ' 12 GRAFFITI ART: ( The study and application of street calligraphy, art and handwriting.) 
Commonly called Aerosol Art, Writing, Piecing, Burning, Graff and Urban Murals. Other forms of 
this art include Bombin’ and Taggin’. Its practitioners are known as Writers, Bombers, Graffiti writers, 
Aerosol artists, Graffitists and Graffiti artists. 

I Also at the genesis of human awareness, writing on walls, trees, stones, clothing, etc. plays an 
important part in the development of human intelligence and self-expression. Most urban children 
instinctively begin learning to write by writing on walls. 

II Ancient humans of prehistoric times would put certain berry juice in their mouths and blow or 
spit their images onto cave walls sometimes in total darkness just as the modern graffiti writers of the 
1970s and 1980s would do with their aerosol spray cans on the sides of subway trains. 

III Today, Graffiti artists seek to be masters of handwriting and art. Graffiti writing is mosdy 
about letters. It’s about actualizing one’s artistic style and expression through letters. Graffiti artists 
rate themselves on their letter styles, characters and ability to write and/or draw a good story. Many 
writers have become graphic artists, fashion designers, photographers and motion picture directors. 

IV Know this. Graffiti as art is not vandalism! Graffiti Art is the revolutionary control of public 
space. Graffiti Art does to letters what emceein does to language. Traditionally, the word Graffiti 
originated from the Italian term Graffito, meaning a scratch — thus its connection with deejayin 
(Graffiti writing — visual deejayin ). 

v Graffiti was a term given to Hip Hop’s graphic art animation when it appeared legally and 

illegally on public and private properties as an act of social protest (especially on subway trains). 

VI Similar to the way Emceein was labeled Rap and Breakin was labeled break dancing; so it 
became with writin’, bombin’, piecin’, burnin’ and taggin’, which have all come to be labeled graffiti. 

Graffiti — writing or drawing that is scribbled, scratched, or sprayed onto a surface. 

Popularized by: Cornbread, Taki 183, Phase 2, Cay 161, Barbara 62 and Eve 62, Lady Pink, 
Stay High 149, Kase 2, Lee, Chico, Cope 2, TATS CRU, Presweet, Iz the Wiz, Seen, Quik, O.E., 
Revolt, Dondi, Papo 184, Zephyr, Futura 2000, and others. 




DEEJAYIN: (The study and application of Rap music production, cuttin’, mixin’ and 
scratchin’ as well as on-air radio broadcasting .) Commonly refers to the work of a disc jockey. 
However, Hip Hop’s disc jockey doesn’t just play vinyl records, tapes and compact discs. Hip Hop’s 
DJ interacts artistically with the performance of a recorded song by cuttin, mixin, and scratchin the 
song in all of its recorded formats. 

I Originally presented by two turntables, first designed by Edward P. Casey of the Bronx in 1955, 
and connected to a mixer with a “cross-fader” first designed by Grandmaster Flash in 1976, Hip 
Hop’s DJ used the turntable and mixer as instruments that manipulated the playing of vinyl records. 

II Deejayin, different from “DJ-ing,” includes speaking, even rapping while presenting recorded 
music. Caribbean people still use the term deejayin to describe the vocal performances of rhythmic 
speech over music. 

III Deejayin is also about knowing the moods that certain music can put an audience in. Deejayin 
detects and orchestrates the mood of music presentations. Deejayin explores the relationship between 
music melodies, song production, and their effects upon the moods of people. 

IV Even beyond music and other forms of entertainment, Deejayin as a conscious awareness not 
only inspires our style of musical instrumentation, it also expresses the desire and ability to create, 
modify and/or transform music technology. 

v Its practitioners are known as turntablists, deejays, mixologists, grandmasters, mixmasters, 
jammasters, and funkmasters. Disc Jockey — presenter of recorded music. 

VI Popularized by: El Marko, Kool DJ Here, Afrika Bambaataa, Jazzy Jay, Grand Master Flash, 
GrandWizzard Theodore, Kool DJ Red Alert, DJ Cash Money, Marley Marl, Brucie B., Chuck 
Chillout, Kid Capri, Afrika Islam, Jam Master Jay, and others. 


BEAT BOXIN: (The study and application of body music and body language .) Commonly 
refers to the act of creating rhythmic sounds and language with various parts of the body; particularly 
the throat, mouth and hands. Its practitioners are known as Human Beat Boxes or Human Orchestras. 

I Beat Boxin is about seeing and using the body as an instrument. Earlier versions of this 
expression included Hand bone or Hambone. However, modern Beat Boxin originates from the act of 
imitating early electronic drum machines. 

II The early electronic drum machines were some of the original beat boxes; and to skillfully 
imitate them was called Beat Boxin. However, ancient Beat Boxin was the ability to imitate the sounds 
of Nature with one’s own body parts. 

III Not only is Beat Boxin a form of communication; it is Hip Hop’s actual language. Beat Boxin is 
also found at the genesis of human awareness. In fact, imitating the sounds of Nature (or one’s natural 
environment) to communicate ideas and feelings is at the very beginning of human awareness, 

knowledge and survival. 

IV Popularized by: Doug E. Fresh, Biz Markie, the Fat Boyz, (the original) DMX, Greg Nice, 
Bobby McFerrin, Emanon, Click Tha Supah Eatin, K Love, Rahzel, and others. 


STREET FASHION: (The study and application of urban trends and styles.) Commonly 
refers to the clothing trends of urban centers. However, Street Fashion deals with all trends and styles 
of Hip Hop’s culture — what’s in and what’s out, regardless of the expression. Its practitioners are 
known as Hiphoppas. 

I Self-expression through Street Fashion is an important way to present Hip Hop’s unique identity 
to the World. Street Fashion represents the prominence of all Hip Hop cultural codes, forms and 

II Not only is fashion a very ancient form of communication, but our expressed consciousness 
was (and still is) also represented in the way in which we adorned, colored and dressed ourselves. 

III Popularized by: the Black Spades, the Black Panthers, the Crips, the Bloods, Jew Man, Ron 
125 th , Dapper Dan, Shirt Kings, Lugz, FUBU, Karl Kani, Sean John, Wu Wear, Fat Joe 560, Phat Farm 
and others. 


STREET LANGUAGE: (The study and application of street communication.) Commonly 
referred to as Black English, Urban Slang and Ebonics. It is Hip Hop’s urban language and linguistic 
codes — the verbal communication of the streets. 

I Advanced Street Language includes the correct pronunciation of one’s native and national 
language as it pertains to urban life. In addition, advanced Street Language deals with one’s 
communication skills even beyond what one says. 

II Street Language is not always spoken words. Hip Hop’s Street Language includes Beat Boxin 
and certain street codes that may not be communicated in words at all. 

III Still, Street Language (as it pertains to the spoken word) is Hip Hop’s effort to free itself from 
the confinement of standard language and standardized views of reality. 

IV English (for example) does not have enough words or definitions to describe how we 
(Hiphoppas) feel about the World. This is what makes our Street (slang) Language so important to 
our state of freedom. 


Our speech publishes to others the thoughts and perceptions of OUR minds. Street Language 
helps Hiphoppas interpret THEIR World THEIR way. Its practitioners are known as Hiphoppas. 

VI Popularized by: Richard Pryor, Martin Lawrence, the Last Poets, Chris Rock, the Watts 
Prophets, James Brown, Gil Scott-Heron, E-40, DJ Hollywood, Lovebug Starski, Nas, Fab 5 Freddy, 
Frankie Crocker and others. 


STREET KNOWLEDGE: (The study and application of ancestral wisdom.) Commonly 
refers to the basic common sense and accumulated wisdom of urban families. It consists of 
techniques, phrases, codes and terms used to survive within the inner cities. 

I It involves the ability to reason soundly with or without the ideas or validation of the traditional 
academic mainstream. Street Knowledge is the accumulation of Hip Hop’s cultural self-awareness. 

II Its practitioners are known as Hiphoppas as well as Sisters, Brothers, Goddesses, Gods, 
Mothers, Fathers, Teachas, Queens, Kings, Princesses, Princes, Lords and Divine. 

III Contrary to the myth that knowledge is only accumulated in quiet, ordered, academic 
environments, much of Hip Hop’s communal knowledge can be found with its comedians, poets and 
authors. Hiphoppas learn and transfer knowledge through laughter and having fun. Streetwise — 
knowing how to survive modern urban life. 

IV Popularized by: Malcolm X, Dr. Cornel West, Martin Lawrence, Afrika Bambaataa, Clarence 
13X, Minister Louis Farrakhan, Kwame Ture, Chuck D, Nas, Dick Gregory, Chris Rock, Tupac 
Shakur, the Wayans Brothers, Wise Intelligent and others. 

R ' 18 STREET ENTREPRENEURIAL ISM: ( The study and application of fair trade and Hip Hop 
business management.) Commonly referred to as street trade, having game, the natural salesman, or 
the smooth diplomat. It is the readiness to engage in the creation of a business venture that brings 
about grassroots business practices. Many of Hip Hop’s apprenticeships begin here. 

I Different from entrepreneur-ism which may include the techniques and practices of the 
entrepreneur, entrepreneu rial -ism focuses upon the motivating Spirit to be self-employed, inventive, 
creative and self-educated. 

II It is this Spirit; the Spirit of self-creation, the urge to create and sell one’s own talents, 
discoveries and inventions that is encouraged by these teachings. Its practitioners are known as 
hustlers and self-starters. Entrepreneur — a self-motivated creative person who undertakes a 
commercial venture. 

III Popularized by: Madame CJ. Walker, Russell Simmons, Luther Campbell, Sean “Puffy” 
Combs, Jack the Rapper, Robert Townsend, Eazy-E, Too Short and others. 

R ' 19 The Dark Age: (Age of Revolution) 1961-1971. This was a time when every institution in the 
United States was being questioned and challenged on its authenticity and value. It was during these 
turbulent times that the first generation of Hiphoppas were born. Our first gatherings were held in our 
homes as house parties. Later, we moved outside into the public parks. Originality in one’s artistic 
skill was Hip Hop’s first cultural status symbol. 

R ' 20 The Light Age: (Age of Light) 1971-1981. During this time Hip Hop began to emerge as a 
distinct and unique urban movement. This was a time when Hiphoppas displayed the sight. As our 
house parties became over-crowded, we (Hiphoppas) began using electric power from the city 
streetlights to generate as much energy needed to run huge sound systems in New York City’s public 
parks. Hip Hop was set out in the dark, they use ta do it out in the park... (MC Shan). Power from a 
streetlight made the place dark...(KRS ONE). 

I Intercepting city power was literally and symbolically one of the ways in which the Hiphop sight 
was first expressed. The light of the street or the awareness of the street; the Street-Light (sight) had 
some Hiphoppas creating community recreation by unleashing the fire hydrants on hot summer days. 

II Some wrote their names and other messages on city subway trains and buses, while others 
danced for money in the downtown areas of their cities. Still others would express new fashion and 
language trends. 

III At the close of this age Hip Hop began to slowly influence the American mainstream in a 
variety of ways. However, the hip-hop community began to want what the mainstream offered as 
opposed to being satisfied with what it had already accomplished. 

This was an age when Hip Hop realized it was unique and self-evident. There were no limits in 


our sight. By the middle of this age, most of our gatherings were held in public parks, nightclubs and 
community centers. 

v Those with loud sound systems and/or boom boxes (large portable radios) were considered 
important. Self-recorded cassette tapes of Deejayin and Emceein became Hip Hop’s industrial and 
cultural status symbols. It was through the symbolic power of the street-light that we empowered 


The Golden Age: (Age of Awareness) 1981-1991. This was a time when Hip Hop became 
self-aware and began to establish itself in the World. This was when most of Hip Hop culture’s 
foundation work was inspired. 

I Many of Hip Hop’s cultural icons emerged during this time. The Hip Hop community was still 
inexperienced and many Hiphoppas were angry at the mainstream for ignoring them. Kurtis Blow 
would be the first MC to sign to a major recording corporation (Mercury Records). 

II During this time, a gold album (500,000 recordings sold) and gold jewelry became the Hip Hop 
community’s industrial and cultural status symbols. Those with a gold album sales award and/or an 
assortment of gold jewelry were considered large or important. 

III During this age, some Hiphoppas remained cultural while others chose to be corporate. It was a 
time of great debate and image-building. It was during this time that many Hiphoppas began to lose 
the sight. 


The Platinum Age: (Age of Power/The Ice Age) 1991-2001. This was an age when the Hip 
Hop community began to benefit from the techniques set down by those of the Golden Age. This age 
was influenced by a so-called war on drugs which many said was really a war on families. 

I Most of the artistic expressions of this era were makeovers, do-overs, remixes, rewrites and 
samples; very little originated from any of Hip Hop’s nine elements during this time. Emphasis was 
placed upon media ratings, sales chart positions, fame and money which came about through the basic 
copying and remaking of the already popular songs, dances and street trends of the 1970s and 1980s. 

II During this time, Rap music became the dominant expression of the inner cities, influencing 
millions of people from a variety of ethnicities, classes and professional occupations. 

III It was during the Platinum Age or Ice Age that hiphop accumulated enough wealth to 
independendy provide for its families. A platinum album (1,000,000 CDs sold) and platinum jewelry 
became the hip-hop community’s status symbols. True Hip Hop went undaground. 

IV And even though Hiphoppas cried out for peace and unity during this age, it was the pursuit of 
money, power and respect that was called... the key to life! 


The Information Age: (Age of Culture) 2001-2011. In this age Hiphop Kulture and all of its 
elements became common knowledge in the inner cities and within the institutions of the World. 

I Many Hiphoppas matured during this age, becoming aware of their spiritual natures and higher 
purpose as Hiphop. Many Hiphoppas raised families in productive Hiphop lifestyles. 

II This age was influenced by a so-called war on terror. This age also experienced the moral 
collapse of corporate and religious institutions in America due to widespread greed, lust and 
corruption. In addition, this age saw some of the worst weather in history! Whole cities and coastlines 
began to disappear during this age. 

During this time, Rap music lost some of its mainstream CD-selling appeal. Many argued that it 


was the availability of free music over the Internet and boodegged mixtapes that caused Rap music to 
lose its ability to sell like it did in its previous ages. 

IV However, another perspective suggests that Rap music lost some of its mainstream appeal and 
commercial dominance because of the irresponsible, unbalanced and vulgar images hip-hop 
portrayed daily through mainstream media outlets that were controlled by two or three recording 
companies, as well as continuously over-priced CDs which lacked any real artistic talent. 

v Rap music’s original production styles of hard aggressive drums and samples were replaced by 
a more rhythm-and-blues style of production. With more popularity and money, Rap music became 
more musical and less confrontational. 

VI With its acceptance into the mainstream, Rap music lost its rebellious street-edge and thus its 
ability to compete in the corporate world. Diamonds became the hip-hop community’s industrial and 
cultural status symbols while true Hip Hop became more undaground and socially conscious. 

vn But the many cultural campaigns, songs, articles and conferences that were launched by Hip 
Hop’s conscious organizations against the unbalanced presentations of hip-hop to the World were 
largely overlooked by the mainstream. These campaigns forced many Hiphoppas to revisit their Hip 
Hop roots, causing new ways of thinking about one’s self and one’s environment to manifest within 
the hip-hop community. 

vm In this age, which was also during the completion of this first instrument, attuned Hiphoppas 
became well-respected political and spiritual forces for social change. Many of the mistakes made in 
our previous ages were corrected in this age when we became the executives, teachers, writers, 
politicians, athletes, actors and technicians of mainstream media outlets. 

IX During this time, the Temple of Hip Hop established itself as a legitimate Hip Hop preservation 
society and Hip Hop ministry. 

x Never again was there no way out of sickness, hate, ignorance and poverty for our people. 
Never again did we have to accept the exploitation of the mainstream just to be heard. Those 
Hiphoppas that stayed committed to Hip Hop’s original principles would be repeatedly honored in 
this age. 

XI However, the Hip Hop community would still have to outsmart many of the counter- 
intelligence programs launched against it. However, our victories over such challenges proved our 

XII It was during this age that The Hip Hop Declaration of Peace became common knowledge and 
Hip Hop was declared an official international culture for peace and prosperity. It is during this age 
that people begin to approach Hip Hop more seriously. And a new age of peace began. 

59 From the very beginning of modern Hip Hop, around 1973, Hip Hop has struggled for self- 
determination. Within the development of our identity, character, and intellectual uniqueness, the 
creation of our own dialect was inevitable. 

60 For many years Hip Hop has communicated with itself by developing a language that relies 
upon the transformation of already existing languages. The need for an outcast wing of society to 
create its own system of discourse has always been felt; slave days are a primary example. 

61 Since words were only one of the weapons for early Africans in America, a sophisticated 
system of code had to be developed that inverted meaning, cloaked irony and allowed for a free and 
open exchange of ideas when such free speech was not permissible or, like today, unacceptable. 

62 For years Hip Hop’s dialect has been scorned as incorrect, ignorant ghetto talk, and for us to 

believe this from the same orthodoxy that ignores our intelligence and condescends to our lifestyle is 
suicidal for us. 

63 To further understand the language of Hip Hop’s culture one must avoid condemnation of the 
unfamiliar. The belief that “Hiphoppas” have no intellectual agency in their self-expression and that 
the World must be interpreted for us is unfounded. 

64 Similarly, the incredibly prejudiced notion that Hiphoppas are incapable of critical and abstract 
thinking — that we excel only at primal expressions like song, dance, and sport (like these too are of 
lesser importance) — still exists in society, albeit in a much subder form. Unfortunately, it seems to be 
natural for society to look down upon offshoots of its language. 

65 People who speak “high” German look down on those who speak “low.” Cajun pronunciations 
of words like “Pontchartrain,” “Carondelet,” and “Banquet” continue to make French people cringe. 

" These dialects are clearly breaking the rules, but the idea that a language isn’t self-governing, 
that it needs rules to keep it in check, is absurd. Language comes first, then comes grammar. To say 
that a language is “wrong” is ethnocentric! 

' Language is constantly evolving and dictionaries of all sorts constantly change to reflect this 
evolution. New words are admitted into a variety of dictionaries every year, although it is interesting 
to note that common Hip Hop phraseology is continually denied entry into many “well-known” 

Language is the gateway to culture, and the first step in killing a culture is killing its language. 
The British paid Irish teachers not to teach Irish Gaelic; Koreans were forced to learn Japanese; 
Africans, Native Americans — English, etc. 

hy Language serves the internal communication of a group; in a social sense it serves the internal 
communication of the dominant group. It allows a group to share pleasures, pains, dreams, and 
creative intelligence. It records the history of the group. It is the utterance of the culture. The problem 
today is not really Rap lyrics; it is actually cultural illiteracy on the part of those who criticize Hip 
Hop’s artistic expressions and language that is the problem. 

70 As rapper Ludacris pointed out in The Source magazine when asked about Oprah Winfrey’s 
opinions of him and his lyrical content, They need to understand that every time people in Hip Hop 
say ‘ bitch ’ we’re not degrading women. They need to understand that in this language Hip Hop built, 
some words don't always mean something negative. What I’m saying is that in Hip Hop, there is a 
language. I feel like people should understand where we are coming from. We live it, and the people 
that criticize it so much have never lived it and are just hearing us talk. (The Source, August 2006, 
202 ) 

71 Now either you respect Ludacris as an intelligent representative of Hip Hop’s culture, 
explaining his language and content clearly for all to learn, or your OWN prejudice only sees 
Ludacris as a foul-mouthed rapper with nothing worthwhile to say or add to society. 

72 The problem seems to be that those who criticize Hip Hop’s artistic expressions are simply 
ignorant of Hip Hop. They don’t know how to interpret what they are seeing and hearing of Hip Hop 
in mass media. Some do, but most don’t. And the “most” that don’t know of Hip Hop’s true meaning, 
purpose, intent, and history are those who criticize us and our language today. But there is also an 
academic silence or passiveness on our (Hip Hop’s) part when it comes to educating Americans as to 
what is going on with us and our cultural existence. This is why the movement to teach Hip Hop in its 
OWN private schools is so important. 

In a 1980 Reader’s Digest book entitled Word Power: The Entertaining Way To Enrich Your 


Language Skills, one of its contributors, Roderick MacLeish, writes: Today, young white Americans 
are adopting, wholesale, the language of black America. In the process they are telling us that they 
identify and sympathize with the struggle of black America to find its deserved place in our society. 
Meanwhile, some wonderfully articulate phrases are swirling into our language... We had no precise 
word for lively, direct communication until ‘rapping’ appeared. 

74 Some of what the public doesn’t understand about language can be explained in elementary 
linguistics or sociology. But I don’t hear too many scholars speaking publicly on this subject — the 
subject of language and its role in society. To criticize Hip Hop on the basis of its word usage is again 
unscholar ly on the criticizer’s part. In the same Reader’s Digest book, State Department linguist 
James Bostain explains, If you can be understood, if you project the social image that you want to, you 
are speaking correctly. 

75 Most scholars are aware that words affect little without definition. All words yield a definition 
or definitions, which in turn yield a graphic description between the user and the receiver. The 
challenge seems to be the want of our criticizers to understand what we are saying, to decipher our 
coded language. And so, it is not the words in their minds that need to be changed, it is the pictures 
that certain words create in their minds that need to be updated. They are attempting to understand the 
meaning of our coded words with their traditional linguistic images. This is the challenge. 

' Words affect very little without definitions and definitions affect very little unless one can 
graphically picture it in his mind. Do you “see” what I’m saying? So when Hiphoppas say “bitch” or 
“nigga” whatever image comes to your mind is your business! But if my friend comes to me and says 
“what’s up my nigga” and the graphic description of his greeting affects my psychology in positive 
and productive ways, how then is our (Hip Hop) language offensive or even degrading? THIS IS 

However, it is within our sincere respect and love for our elders that we should consider our 
language and the terms we use to describe the World. At the end of the day, our most important 
responsibility (culturally) is to stay in communication with our parents and elders. Therefore, if the 
use of certain words creates certain graphic images and symbols in their minds we must consider 
altering our language when communicating with them. They deserve our utmost respect and 
admiration; if we don’t respect our elders no one else will either. 

78 However, today’s arguments against Rap lyrics by others outside of our community imply that 
we are not allowed to define “our world” or “the World” for ourselves our way. Such arguments 
imply that we (Hip Hop) are not allowed to give our own definitions and interpretations of the 
material World in which we live. 

! As I listen to the criticisms against Rap lyrics I can’t help but feel that the whole debate over 
Rap lyrics stems from an emotional base and not from a logical base. Logically, to imply that we are 
disrespecting ourselves and our heritage as if we are not “ourselves” and “our heritage” stinks with 
the stench of prejudice and arrogance on the criticizer’s part. 

80 Hip Hop is treated as if it just came out of nowhere! From the very beginnings of Hip Hop in 
the late 1970s we were always treated like aliens or “outsiders” who had to fend for themselves while 
being criticized along the way. The sad thing, though, is that “outsiders” are not studied or taken 
seriously at all — even if they are your children. 

81 Without studying our culture and language you cannot critique our culture and language. I’m 
sure the whole material World is offensive and threatening to those who remain ignorant of it. But 
that doesn’t mean that one must remain ignorant. Those who don’t know, criticize because they don’t 
know. Those who know don’t need to criticize — they know. 

82 So for those who don’t know, or for those who act like they don’t know, allow me to say 
AND PROMOTES ILLEGAL ACTIVITY! These events are the products and effects of corporate 
marketing in an entertainment arena. 

83 However, it is still interesting to note how other music genres get to enjoy a certain immunity 
from the “fantasy” of their poetry no matter how graphic, while rappers are held accountable for the 
“fantasy” of their poetry. Everyone agrees and understands that other music genres are simply telling 
a story using metaphors and symbols when telling their graphic tales, even when those tales are true, 
but Hip Hop doesn’t seem to enjoy such an understanding. 

84 If a Rhythm and Blues (R&B) singer sings a song that implies adultery, betrayal and deceit 
between husband and wife (as an example), the R&B singer is not questioned about the content of her 
lyrics. It is basically understood that the R&B singer is “performing” and the lyrics to the song as 
well as the performance of the song may not be real — it’s an act, it’s entertainment. 

85 An R&B singer can sing about cheating on his wife (as an example) and then be seen at the 
supermarket with his wife and children and no one will associate that R&B singer’s lyrical content 
with the actual character of the man that sings that song. 

But anything a rapper says, she is expected to actually live. And this “rule” is even understood 
amongst Hiphoppas; this is what separates hip-hop from every other major music genre on Earth. It’s 
a bit unfair, but such unfairness has its advantages. 

One of which is the ability to become anything you desire through the mastery of one or more 
of Hip Hop’s nine elements. Imagine, through the mastery of an artistic performance you can attract 
the resources and support to become that which you rap about. 

88 Different from every other music genre on Earth, Hip Hop’s magical elements actually 
actualize the character and intentions of the performance. This is why we are also burdened with the 
biased opinion that our lyrics have real effects on people and environments while other styles of 
entertainment simply do not — and there is some Truth to this. 

However, to label Hip Hop “violent” or “misogynistic” is again one-sided and unscholarly 
because the very criticism against Hip Hop should operate in two ways. On one hand if Hip Hop’s 
violent, graphic, “gangsta” performances transform the performer into a violent, graphic Hip Hop 
gangsta in the eyes of the public, then Hip Hop’s enlightened, revolutionary, “conscious” 
performances should transform those same performers into enlightened, revolutionary, “conscious” 
Hip Hop leaders in the eyes of that same public, but this is not the case. 

90 We are acknowledged publicly for our negative influences but our positive influences go 
unnoticed, unacknowledged and unappreciated by our critics. That’s why the core of the Hip Hop 
populace doesn’t care what these “outsiders” have to say about a cultural movement they don’t know 
and care little about. For the first time in a long time, a social movement (Hip Hop) has emerged that 
side-steps the conventional methods and means of achieving social success, prestige and mainstream 
access, and such a movement does it in its own unapologetic way. This is the real problem. This is the 
real threat. 

91 In the past one had to attend college, or military service, or borrow money to start up a 
business, or work up the corporate ladder until retirement if one was going to make it out of one’s lot 
in life. It was through America’s major social institutions that opportunity was found and when those 
institutions began to deteriorate, the needs of the People fell upon Hip Hop’s artistic upsurge in the 
1980s and 1990s. 


Hip Hop may have remained just a great music genre if the people participating in Hip Hop’s 
artistic elements didn’t need it to also fulfill their cultural, spiritual and financial needs. So, is Hip 
Hop violent for real? Of course not. Is Hip Hop itself misogynistic toward women? I can’t be. 

93 The last time I checked, the term “misogyny” meant “the hatred of women by men.” HIP HOP 
IS NOT MISOGYNISTIC TOWARD WOMEN. Hip Hop does not hate women; I can’t! Hip Hop is 
made up of women. It was women who taught us (men) how to be the men that we are. In fact, male 
Hiphoppas may actually blindly love and wildly lust after Hip Hop’s women a bit too much. Hate? No. 
Lust? Yes. Respect? Always. 

94 Hiphoppas know that as men, the disrespecting of women is unnatural to our being. Hip Hop is 
an urban behavior that has saved millions of urban people from the collapse of America’s social 
institutions and the corruption prevalent throughout America’s corporate communities. We 
(Hiphoppas) are trying to survive and escape the collapse of America’s institutions just like everyone 


As Dr. Cornel West has pointed out, The basic aims of hip-hop music are threefold — to provide 
playful entertainment and serious art for the rituals of young people, to forge new ways of escaping 
social misery, and to explore novel responses for meaning and feeling in a market-driven world. 

When I hear people complain about Rap music’s lyrical content I tend to ask them, so what 
rappers do you like? Most people can’t go into it that far because if you could compare and critique 
rappers with a knowledge of their history and style, nothing one rapper says would offend you; you 
would know how to critique the Hip Hop event happening before you. 

! The problem is that mainstream America is ignorant of Hip Hop because when it first emerged, 
mainstream America only sought to exploit hip-hop not understand it. To “understand” Hip Hop you 
would have had to respect the people you were engaging, not use them as products — and the same 
rings true today. 

98 The last time I checked, the term “violence” meant deadly physical force. Violence: behavior 
involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something. Legally, “violence” 
is the unlawful exercise of physical force or intimidation by the exhibition of such force. In most social 
circles “violence” has to do with “physical force.” So are Rap lyrics violent? Can they be? Can a lyric 
that is said in an entertainment setting and/or over an entertainment medium actually be violent? 
Lyrics are not physical. Or are they? 

99 I always thought that art and poetry were exacdy the arenas where ideas and images 
controversial to mainstream society were expressed. Art and poetry in my mind are exacdy the arenas 
to explore the otherwise inexpressible regions of human thought and activity. The term “nigger,” for 
example, should have its existence in art, education and poetry and not in politics, religion or trade. If 
violence and obscenity are not explored in art and/or education, where should they be explored? 

100 Violence and obscene behavior are simply American entertainment, and in many ways they 
should remain American “entertainment.” Violence and/or obscenity shouldn’t be anywhere in the 
public arena. We should lessen violence and obscenity in public life and enjoy more freedom to 
explore violence and obscenity in artistic life. In my observation, art is where extreme ideas should be 

101 Turning to Bob Colacello’s book, Ronnie and Nancy: Their Path to the White House — 1911- 
1980, Mr. Colacello points out while writing about Harry Warner being called before the U.S. Senate 
Subcommittee on Moving Picture Propaganda in 1941 that Ronald Reagan’s films showed one fight 
per every 1,000 feet of film. 

102 I bring this up not to pass the buck by saying “See; look at da Prezadant, he vylent too.” Not at 
all; I won’t even bring up “the Governator” Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the violent 
content in most of his early motion picture work, many times shooting police officers and destroying 
government property — not at all. 

103 I bring this point up to shed light on the true nature of the argument. It is not violent lyrical 
content that threatens America, nor is it over-sensualized images of sex acts and foreplay throughout 
mass media. None of this actually threatens America’s social order and economic structure. In fact, in 
many ways such images and acts actually strengthen America’s social order and economic structure. 

104 The problem is not Rap lyrics, the problem is that your child likes them and is influenced by 
them and “you” have no control over such foreign influences. “You” believe that your child’s 
participation in Hip Hop lowers her self-worth. Because of your own fears “you” want your child to 
conform to the same success “you” have conformed to; you want your child to “play the game” like 
you did. But like First Lady Nancy Reagan, it is authentically American to look up to the foul- 
mouthed, down-to-earth, real people who are most times having the best times of their lives. 

105 We all want to be like “the rebel,” the “outsider,” the “outcast,” “the one not to mess with.” Is 
this attitude not authentically American? The State of Texas makes it clear in its State motto: DON’T 

106 The issue is that violence was cool when A1 Pacino did it. Violence was cool when the 
“Governator” did it, when John Wayne did it, when the bible depicts it, even when cartoons portray it. 
But if a rapper even speaks about violence within a poetic entertainment setting we are called the 
“cause” for the corruption of America’s youth and moral fortitude. 

107 In fact, we are accused of “influencing” America’s youth negatively with our words and 
imagery, yet none of our critics will ask about the events and people that direcdy influenced us. But 
this too is a weak argument. A stronger argument points to our collective power as “Hiphoppas” 
based upon the criticisms laid before us. 

108 The character and self-expressions of any public figure are indeed “roles” that will be 
“modeled” by that public figure’s audience, even if that public figure is the President of the United 
States. This is human nature; we grow and develop through adaptation and imitation. Every 
responsible “emcee” or DJ recognizes this fact and his influence upon his audience. 

109 We (rapper s/DJs) tell the crowd what to say and how to say it. They wear what we wear, they 
drink what we drink, and they watch what we watch on television and elsewhere. Our audiences repeat 
what we tell them to, so how are we (or any other public figure) not to be held accountable for our 
own self-expression? 

110 However, if we are to be held accountable then let us also seize the power that comes with 
accountability. If the World’s youth are listening to and following Hip Hop’s culture and arts then why 
are we not taken more seriously as the World’s leaders even beyond artistry and entertainment? Sort 
of like the path of President Ronald Reagan. 

111 If we (Hip Hop) have that much influence over the children of the United States then Hip Hop 
needs to be advising the President and governing America’s inner cities. If most of the students in the 
United States are influenced by Hip Hop’s arts and culture why then is Hip Hop not taught in every 
public school in the United States? If we have the power that the critics claim we have, then respect us 
for who we are and for what we have accomplished — Hip Hop is a new American institution and 
Americans would do well to embrace us! 

Americans need to know that the real Hip Hop community has never been free to present itself 

to the World on its own terms. We’ve always had an interpreter, and our early interpreters only sought 
to exploit our resources at a time when we were simply too young to defend ourselves or even know 
what was going on. 

113 The Truth is that America’s supposed addiction to porn and violence gives radio and television 
stations the excuse to put my music aside so that they may play “what the people request.” And of 
course, what the People “request” is what the radio and television stations have been paid to program 
all week. 

114 But this is just obvious! Everyone knows this already! Everyone knows why the radio sounds 
like it does— THEY’RE BEING PAID TO SOUND LIKE THEY DO! The government knows it, they 
know it, we know it, but still we engage in these bullshit arguments over Rap lyrics when KRS ONE 
and others struggle to get their music played on a regular basis on any radio station. 

115 In my time, White “girls” seem to “go wild” lifting up their T-shirts and blouses to expose 
their breasts for the cameras of sexually explicit infomercials and music videos. Does Hip Hop cause 
young girls to act this way or are Rap music and rappers brought into the production of the 
infomercials because Rap music is considered “cool” and/or “attractive” to youth? 

116 Why blame Hip Hop for what people are already doing of their own free will? The issue is 
that America’s foundation, its moral authority and Christian social structure are losing ground; it may 
even be transforming and growing. Just as Christianity evolved out of Judaism and Paganism, Hip 
Hop as evolved out of Christianity and Islam. We are the new lights of the World. 

117 In any event, rappers represent the new popular heroes. We have the global trust of the People. 
We (Hip Hop) are the gunslingin’, rootin’ -tootin’ cowboys of this day and age. And if we (Hip Hop) 
are trusted and respected by the public through the inspiration of our arts, we owe it to those who 
empower us with their love, trust and respect to assume the responsibilities of leaders in the solving 
of the World’s social ills. 

118 We are not the problem; Hip Hop and its view of the World are actually the solution. We can 
see right through the assumptions of our critics who claim that it is Hip Hop that incites and glorifies 
violence. Yes, we are extreme in our art; our art reflects the violent and unjust conditions in which we 

119 And yes, we enjoy gun battles either as entertainment or as self-defense. And yes, our lyrics 
and graphic art can glorify the power and use of guns, but where are graphic images and forbidden 
language to be expressed if not within the confounds of art and/or science? Our view is that it is not 
the gun that is dangerous or irresponsible; it is the person holding the gun that can become dangerous 
or irresponsible. 

120 But for some reason our critics do not hear nor respond to any of this. They know what the 
real is! They know the statistics just as we do! But still Hip Hop is blamed for what is already 
occurring in the World and in our individual communities. 

121 The Truth is so obvious and so accessible to anyone who wants to know that some of us even 
wear such statistics as designer fashion statements. As the clothing company Scifen has pointed out on 
the back of one of their popular hoodies worn by many Hiphoppas in my time: Every minute someone 
is killed by a firearm. 

122 The graphics on the upper back of the pull-over hoodie continue: Each year an estimated 
500,000 people will die worldwide from small arms: about 300,000 people in wars, coups d’etat, and 
other armed conflicts, and another 200,000 people in homicides, suicides, unintentional shootings and 
shootings by police. 

123 In that same minute in which someone dies from armed violence, 15 new arms are manufactured 
for sale. There are nearly 640 million small arms in the World today, that’s one for every ten people. 
The total value of the combined arms sales by the top 100 arms-producing companies in the World is 
about $236 billion per year. 

124 This total is roughly equal to the combined national output of the 61 lowest-income countries in 
the World. Of the 100 arms manufactures, 38 are based in the United States. Do the math. The only 
groups who win armed struggles are the arms manufacturers. 

125 This and other, similar clothing statements are what many Hiphoppas wear in my time, and this 
is what is common knowledge in our communities even as our critics blame us for the violence we 
were born into. We must evolve pass this level of immaturity. 

126 It is now obvious that we must mature past our own self-destruction and assist the World 
toward peace and good will toward all. As a specialized social group we must become self-directed. 
In fact our immaturity, the incapacity to use our own intelligence without the guidance of others, will 
be the only thing capable of holding us back. 

127 Our very survival depends upon our continued maturity. Sisters, Brothers, Mothers and 
Fathers, let us begin today writing a new history in the World. Let us tell a new story about ourselves 
to the World! Our activity today is the origin of Hip Hop’s history and heritage tomorrow. Be 
conscious of this always. 

128 These are the Refinitions for the Temple of Hip Hop’s committed membership. However, it 
must be emphasized that Hip Hop is a continuously growing culture so your comprehension of this 
Overstanding is bound to grow as well. Such terms and codes are designed to organize and raise the 
self-worth of those who love Hip Hop and may teach Hip Hop for a living. There it is. 



1 Peace and much love. Let us continue. After you have made the decision to be Hiphop, and after 
you have declared to three of your closest associates I am Hip Hop, it is time to enter your temple. 

2 For it is not enough to read about what spiritual righteousness is. The true Hiphoppa must act 
out (or perform) spiritual righteousness in order to experience the peace and power of the spiritual 
realm, and this requires strength. For without spiritual strength (endurance) no spiritual virtues or 
principles can be achieved. 

3 At the top of this discipline it should be clearly pointed out that the Divine Performance reveals 
only the first steps in Hiphop’s spiritual living. This study gets the true Hiphoppa ready for the deeper 
mysteries of GOD which must be lived in order to be understood. 

4 Such an Overstanding is designed to build up the spiritual character and awareness of the 
Hiphoppa in preparation for the deeper spiritual knowledge to come. The Divine Performance centers 
the Hiphoppa’s life around a simple set of timeless spiritual life skills that open the gates of the 
spiritual realm and preserves the actual life of the Hiphoppa thus preserving Hip Hop for real. 

5 For it is never one’s talent that ensures one’s longevity. Even with great talent and/or inheritance 
it is one’s personal character that truly ensures one’s professional success and longevity. We have 
seen too many talented people (artistic and otherwise) fail to acquire and/or maintain successful 
careers, even with great skills, because of the shortcomings of their own personal characters. 

The hurts, the betrayals, the loneliness, the failures; all of this can hinder the development of 
both the ignorant and the enlightened. But if you put GOD first in your life and lend your heart to the 
reality of GOD only, all else shall fall into place. The ignorance, immaturity and insecurity of others 
shall be revealed to them in time, while you shall be protected by your divine performance. 

In addition, we’ve also seen too many Hip Hop activists fail to actualize their plans and goals 
because of their own outdated perceptions and stubborn attitudes toward life. Know this. Life is about 
growth, and if you are not growing you are not living. Yes, there will be times of hurt and loneliness. 
Yes, you will wonder why people do what they do. But in the end, if you remain strengthened and 
transformed by your performance of divinity, peace and justice shall become your permanent 

8 Therefore, in accordance with our strategies to actually preserve Hip Hop, those who take the 
vow I am Hip Hop and have decided to live and grow in Spirit are given these instructions for 

A) From where you stand, sit or lie, cleanse your mind with the following affirmation given to 
me by my mother (Jacqueline) years ago. Say the following affirmation three times every night 
before you sleep and once in the morning when you awaken for 21 days. Feel this! Expect this! 

I am not afraid! Today I give myself permission to be all that I can be. New fields of divine 
activity now open for me. Unexpected doors fly open! Unexpected channels are now free! 
My mind is focused and directed toward my victory! I now create what I need with divine 
energy. Good things come to me easily in peace and at the right time. There it is! 

B) At this very moment you must decide to change your diet toward the consumption of healthier 
foods and thoughts. If you are above the age of 18 you should gradually withdraw from the 
consumption of all processed and junk foods, meats and meat products. Even before you finish these 
Overstandings you should gradually begin to accustom your mind and body toward a healthier diet. 

I You should begin to gradually lessen your intake of dairy, flour, salt, sugar and all other 
addictions like hate, worry and fear. Resist overeating and lessen your intake of drugs that can cause 
irregular eating or overeating. Respect yourself by committing to your Self. 

II Remember, the future you is depending upon you now to make the right decisions for its 
survival. This is the attitude one must adopt in order to protect, preserve and develop one’s Self 

III Therefore, realize the Truth of GOD’s actual presence and cleanse your body inside and out; 
for it is now GOD’s temple. Prepare now for the arrival of your God. 

C) At this very moment and before you prepare to sleep, confess to GOD the things you’ve 
thought, said and done that you felt were not right. 

I Forgive your enemies first by acknowledging that they were young and ignorant and then ask 
GOD to forgive you for your immaturity and ignorance. Ask GOD to guide you toward increased 

II Trust no man or woman with your confession. Confess your mistakes only to GOD. Ask GOD 
to forgive you of your anger and discourteous responses even while driving, working and walking. 
Humble yourself and truly contemplate the pain you’ve caused others. 

III Ask GOD to forgive you and bless those whom you have performed ignorandy and 
destructively toward. You can also direcdy seek the forgiveness of those you have hurt by performing 
the superhuman act of apologizing. 

IV Cleanse the guilt from your own heart. Apologize, repent and let it go. Seek to resolve the 
conflicts and misunderstandings in your own life (see Perform Forgiveness ). 

D) Right now, at this very moment, think about a space close to where you sleep where you can 
set up an area to pray and study. It can be a space on the floor, a table, a shelf or a window. It can be as 
small as a shoebox in a corner or as large as the entire bedroom. In any event, at your beginning the 
space you set aside to pray and study should be near to where you sleep if possible. 

I After you’ve designated a space, choose a surface (a table, a shelf, a box, a crate, etc.) to place in 
your sacred space. Such a surface is commonly called an altar. It is the physical place you go to alter 
your awareness from natural to divine. It is the place where you talk in the presence of GOD. It is in 
this place that you affirm your past, present and future victories. 

II Here, you can cover your designated surface with a new and clean cloth. Then place upon your 
covered surface a candle or candles, your favorite oils, sprays, waters, incense, pictures of those you 
truly love and/or admire and this Gospel of Hip Hop opened to either The Free Styles or your favorite 
Overstanding. After you have done this, thank GOD for your sacred space and then repeat your 
affirmation three times and go to sleep in faith; in peace. 

III Cleanse your environment with the establishment of your sacred space and let not your space 
be violated! Believe in YOUR spiritual reality and it shall become real in YOUR life. 

Let us continue. At an average Rap music concert there is usually an opening act or acts 
followed by a headliner. 

10 Attuned Hiphoppas and experienced Rap fans alike have learned that great opening acts that 
have been successful have always shouted praise to the headliner and have always sought to align 
their performance to that of the headliner’s. 

11 The opening act performs with an overstanding that the headliner is sure to follow with an even 
more elaborate performance. It is the headliner who closes the show. Similarly, attuned Hiphoppas 
know that GOD is the true headliner in every arena of life. 

12 Even if the Hiphoppa is a headliner in the World, the attuned Hiphoppa remains an opening act 
to GOD. As an opening act, the attuned Hiphoppa performs life in Spirit knowing that GOD will close 
the show. 

13 Whatever the attuned Hiphoppa does, it is done with the overstanding that GOD will complete 
whatever has started. When this Truth is realized, one’s actions will reflect such a realization. 

14 How often do we forget that the Hip Hop-lived life is a performance, and that imitating the 
performance of GOD sets one apart from the World and its troubles? Attuned Hiphoppas live life as a 
great performance. When we are at work we are performing. When we are with family we are 

15 Every day and at every moment of the day we are performing. Even while asleep there are a 
variety of performances taking place within one’s mind, body and environment. It is our 
performances in life that manifest (or form) the circumstances of our lives. 

16 Each performance is literally a pre-formed dance or a pre-form-ance: an action that creates and 
forms life circumstances. Therefore, attuned Hiphoppas align their pre-formances to GOD’s 
performance, remaining protected, prosperous and at peace, in harmony with the Will of God in their 
lives continuously. 

17 For when God’s personality is a habit in your life, victory over the streets is inevitable and 
constant. And when GOD is enough for you, peace shall always be with you. This performance 
ensures one’s longevity as an emcee, deejay, graffiti writer, etc. 

18 Rap fans are trapped in the lure of lyrical freestyling, while attuned Hiphoppas enjoy a life that 
is free. Rap fans focus only upon sales and the performances of the marketplace while attuned 
Hiphoppas focus upon the performance of their God and receive all things freely. 

19 To perform correcdy is to live and act totally aware of your life and actions. The arena is your 

20 The stage represents your level of mentality and the audience is the World. 

21 The show is an act of one or more divine performances. 

22 Therefore, give a good show. As we perform throughout life we should be drawing the 
applause of GOD! Hiphoppas are advised to perform the following: 

1) Perform God. Act consciously with the intelligence/force that guides your life. Make the 
decision to finally acknowledge and expect GOD’s actual presence. Turn your conscious attention 
away from the reality of the material World as valuable and turn your conscious attention toward the 
value of GOD above all else in and as your life. 

1 Put GOD first in your life! Throughout the day make an effort to raise your heart and mind to 

the acts of God. Act like your God would act. Speak like your God would speak. Love like your God 
would love. God is not a name, it is a nature. Acknowledge the nature that has governed and guided 
your life. 

2 Be God’s Will on Earth; be “the Love.” Align your Spirit through visualization to the totality of 
your God. Act out of your highest comprehended good. Act and speak on behalf of your God — the 
Love. Develop the ability to care unconditionally for your Self and others. Be the actual personality of 
your God in the lives of others; answer the prayers of those in need. Do God’s work in the World. 

3 Act out the personality of your God and live in the character of your wiser Self. Express the 
Love of your God and see your God’s finished work in everything and everyone. The most important 
training you can do for your Self in life is to practice living in the presence and personality of your 
God — the Love that is a true friend to all in its presence. Such a practice leads to peace and strength. 

4 Practice thinking through the mind of your God. Perceive in God. Openly perform the 
personality of your God everywhere and anywhere you are. And do not be ashamed or become 
discouraged by your own uniqueness; God is your nature. Perform your God in GOD. Direct your 
Self, teach your Self, govern your Self, heal your Self, guide your Self and most of all LOVE your 

5 GOD, the totality and unified consciousness of all existence, THE ALL, is one event! Ultimately, 
there is no other god (power) but GOD! Without name, without form, everywhere and nowhere GOD 
is GOD! As an attuned Hiphoppa God is the nature that sustains you. 

! Happy and secure is the one who acknowledges no other power as their god except GOD. Value 
only GOD! See only GOD! Trust only GOD! Live and act in the image of your God. It is indeed a fact 
that you can never be hurt by the immaturity of others when you act selflessly on behalf of GOD. Hurt 
comes when you place your immediate interests over the presence of GOD. Remember, the key is to 
keep GOD first in your life. 

However, it is of extreme importance that you not force your interpretation of GOD upon 
others. GOD is real, but GOD is not real for everyone. As difficult as this may sound try to 
understand that knowledge of GOD is a privilege. Do not force your privilege upon others or expect 
others to see what you see. 

8 For us, God is a bloodline — everyone does not possess the nature of God. They may respect and 
revere the godly life but they themselves are not yet prepared to commit to such a life themselves. 
Only those who are born for God shall commit to such a life. 

Just as some are born with the ability to cook, and others are born with the ability to build 
houses, and even others are born healers; some of us are born God. Just as some of us are born with 
certain psychic abilities, others of us are born with the nature of God — our existence balances human 

10 This is not to place anyone above anyone, nor is this an effort to claim some sort of authority, 
but in all Truth, some people were born to love GOD. Are you one of those people? We are not above 
anyone; in fact we serve and teach the World on GOD’s behalf. Our aim is to relieve human suffering. 

11 This is why we argue with no one over the existence of GOD. If you do not know GOD it is 
because GOD is not part of your nature. It doesn’t mean that you are a bad or immoral person; it 
simply means that you were not born for that understanding and/or purpose. And likewise, if you do 
not know GOD or simply doubt the existence of GOD do not make the mistake of applying such 
doubt toward others who do claim to know GOD. 

Let us all accept each other as we all are, and let us hold each other accountable to the natures 


that we claim to possess. Those who truly know GOD express God; in fact, we have no choice in such 
expression. God is our nature. God is in our blood. And there is no condemnation of atheist 
communities who are free to act according to their own Godless nature. 

13 For it doesn’t matter what you believe or don’t believe, the real point is how do your views and 
values make you a better person, more tolerant and understanding of people? How do your views, 
values and beliefs benefit those around you? How are you making things better? 

14 However, if God is your nature and you truly feel the presence of GOD and you are naturally 
drawn toward the things of the spirit it is of extreme importance that you outwardly perform the 
nature of your God whenever and wherever you are invited to do so. 

15 Performing God is also about bringing spiritual reality into physical reality when needed. It 
makes no sense to claim a relationship with GOD and then have no real power on Earth and no real 
power in the World. 

16 At some point we must mature from being consumers of God to becoming producers of God. 
Temple Members produce the effects of God as needed toward the relief of human suffering; we 
perform the nature of God openly for the benefit of all. 

17 Nothing is more empowering than a real relationship with GOD. As John Bunyan has pointed 
out, “He who runs from GOD in the morning will scarcely find him the rest of the day.” Perform God. 

2) Perform Listening. More than being a good speaker, be a good listener. Develop the ability 
(through practice) to truly listen and comprehend the subjects, topics, concerns and causes of others 
without judgment or prejudice. 

1 Practice giving your full attention to a person. Practice the art of temporarily setting aside your 
own desires and concerns so that you may experience the speaker’s world from within yourself. 

2 For until you are willing to enlarge your Self as to include others unconditionally it shall be 
difficult for you to truly listen to another. The act of truly listening to someone requires some love or 
care for that person. 

3 It is difficult to truly understand another person without first making room for that person 
within yourself. True listening requires the total acceptance of the one speaking. True Listening is 
about true sharing. It is a union of interests. 

4 GOD listens and speaks through many kinds of people as well as circumstances and situations. 
Perform your listening. Don’t just hear; train yourself to listen. Like your eyesight, you can direct 
your hearing. You actually can hear what you want to hear. You can hear the ignorance and 
immaturity of others, or you can hear GOD. The decision (freedom) is always yours. You can hear 
ignorance but you do not have to listen to it. 

5 Direct your ear to hear and then listen to God’s instructions instead of the World’s insecurities. 
Know God’s voice. It is difficult to live by faith (or in spirit) if you cannot truly hear (and even speak) 
the voice of your God. 

Know this. The brain selects certain sounds to hear, and you select out of those sounds what you 
want to hear. Throughout the day direct your brain to hear the messages of GOD. They may come 
when you least expect it from unusual and non-traditional places. Practice your spiritual sensitivity 
and train/use your intuitive abilities daily. You can begin with prayer, then affirmation, then 
visualization, then actualization. 

Through each stage of growth it is the discipline to listen and comprehend the voice of GOD 
that provides the greatest guidance through the obstacles of the streets. Listen for your purpose and 

listen through your purpose. 

: Those who know their divine purpose can practice listening to that small, inner, background 

voice inside of them. It usually tells them what to do as well as what not to do. But most people ignore 
their still small voice only to regret making a decision contrary to the Will of that still small voice. In 
sorrow and regret they say, I knew I should have... or something told me to.... It is this cycle that must 
be reversed. 

I You must eventually develop the ability to hear clearly and obey that inner voice that warns, 
guides and teaches. You must learn how to act upon the messages of God. Take some time to listen to 
silence. God speaks silendy and quietly. 

10 When a split-second decision must be made in the material World, or when you get that feeling 
to choose left or right, yes or no, him or her, them or me, a helpful technique to hearing and obeying 
your inner -voice has traditionally been to act upon your first impression. 

II For those who live spiritual lives, usually it is the wiser -Self that advises us first, then the 
younger-Self doubts the advice of the wiser-Self in the decision making process. 

12 Even if your first impression (or feeling) proves to be an immediate failure always remember 
that what appears to be a failure in the present isn’t always a failure in the future. Trust in GOD! 

13 Just because you cannot immediately see the success of your decision does not mean that your 
decision has led you to failure. Trust in GOD! 

14 Those who truly live in Spirit and take their gospel seriously are guided and protected even 
when they cannot see it or do not even know it. Trust GOD! All throughout life you will be guided 
toward the fulfillment of your divine purpose. 

15 Even when you appear to be lost, you are moving toward your divine purpose. Even when you 
believe that you are late, you shall escape danger and arrive right on time! Even when you lose you 
shall win. Trust GOD. 

16 Even when adversity arises, fear not; indeed you are moving toward your divine purpose. 
When things are taken from you or damaged or it appears that you cannot get the things that you 
want, do not be discouraged; it is for your own protection and development. 

17 The key to understanding life and flowing with life is in the knowing of your life purpose and 
in the knowing that it is your life purpose that God is actually fulfilling and that you are ultimately 
achieving your vision of your Self. Listen to your purpose. Feel and follow the direction of your 

18 Those who do not yet know their life purpose should ask their God to reveal it to them. Search 
your heart and listen. GOD has already given you purpose. Look around your environment and into 
what you do best. Listen out for those activities that truly make you the happiest. You are already 
being called to your purpose right now! Do not be discouraged. Release all doubt, LISTEN and be 
guided! Perfrom Listening. 

3) Perform Study. Study the progression of your own life experiences. Write them down! Study 
your life and practice repeating the actions of your own success. Study GOD’s Ways, study GOD’s 
Voice, study GOD’s Laws and most of all study GOD’s Love and selfless care. Familiarize yourself 
through study with the way of the Great Spirit. 

1 Every week investigate on a mental level a new idea that you are unfamiliar with or only 
partially familiar with. Design your style of conversation through study. 

2 Seek out new spiritual, philosophical and political books, seminars, cassettes, compact discs, 
videos and other information that specifically builds your spiritual and political knowledge. An 
infinite, all-knowing, all-seeing, omni-present GOD does not speak one language or through one 
religion or political party. GOD is infinitely limidess and speaks through a variety of sources. 

3 Therefore, Hiphoppas are encouraged to explore and respect all spiritual materials, thoughts, 
people and places. Such a study expands the spiritual experience of the Hiphoppa and builds character. 

4 Perfect yourself. For the more you perfect your Self the more perfect you shall become. You 
cannot expect spiritual results in the physical World if you are spiritually unstudied. For if you are 
truly serious about enhancing your spiritual reality and you truly value the presence of GOD in your 
life, then you must take your spiritual study time seriously. Don’t just study this gospel; study all 
gospels! Know this. The true Hiphoppa lives this gospel, and studies all others. 

5 Watch television shows that inform as well as entertain. Do not waste your time criticizing the 
use of television, computers, motion pictures, print media, the Internet and radio. Simply choose very 
carefully the programs you expose yourself (and your family) to. 

Whatever the program, seek to create a lesson out of it. Extract the hidden meaning behind all 
that you are exposed to. Create meaning even when there appears to be none. Know this. To the pure 
in heart, all things are pure. But to the troubled, all things are troubling. See only GOD and 
experience only peace. 

Look for the lesson even if one does not appear to exist. Expand your comprehension. Do not 
just study knowledge; create knowledge out of the experiences of your own life. Add to the things that 
you already know. Do not just study to know, bring your knowing to your study. STUDY WHAT YOU 

8 All true Hiphoppas should know something of World history, commerce and trade, philosophy, 
politics, art, music, medicine, religion, geology, science, mathematics, psychology, public speaking, 
cooking, cleaning, parenting and this Gospel of Hip Hop. 

; The true Hiphoppa is familiar with (and knows how to use) a variety of holy books, standard 
dictionaries, the solar and lunar calendars, his country’s constitution and the interstate highway and 
road maps of his country. This knowledge is very helpful and empowering to the free, traveling, 
entrepreneurial Hiphoppa. 

10 Visit and use your public library if you are privileged to be near one. Be prepared to copy 
information and take notes at all times. Perform your study. Seek, memorize and create new 

11 Study is about the building and knowing of one’s self, it is not about the building of state 
institutions and the knowing of others and their achievements. Study is about getting educated; it is 
about the building of one’s self. As Ernest Thompson Seton once said, “Manhood, not scholarship, is 
the first aim of education.” Perform your study. 

4) Perform Discipline. Every day we are faced with opportunities to perform discipline (self- 
control). The attuned Hiphoppa uses moments of temptation to practice restraint, moments of fear to 
practice faith, and moments of anger and anxiety to practice patience and inner calmness. These are 
divine performances. 

1 In all actions use moderation. Temptation, fear, anger, etc., can be used as tests that strengthen 
your mind and body. Seek balance. Do not over indulge; for this act leads to suffering. Control 
yourself! Self-control is your only friend, while temptation is your only enemy. Never forget this! 

2 A Hiphoppa’s spiritual strength is not measured by what can be resisted in the flesh; it is 
measured by that which is resisted in the mind. In order to change or modify your behavior you must 
first change or modify the picture you hold of yourself in your mind. What is your perception of 
your Self? What do you mean to you? How valuable are you to you? How serious do you take 

3 On the inside, what do you look like to you? Do you say often,... ain’t nobody perfect! If this is 
how you see yourself (imperfect), then you shall never be even close to perfect. Your affirmation is 
final. The World shall have its way with you. Temptations of all sorts attack unperfected people 
constantiy. Such people actually weaken themselves by affirming and believing that they are 
imperfect. It’s like saying to the World; come and get me! Such an affirmation leads nowhere! 

4 However, if you even reach for perfection in your own imperfect life (which is perfecdy 
imperfect), such an act will indeed protect you from the World and its temptations. For in the material 
World it is not perfection that is needed to protect you from temptation; it is the actual desire for 
perfection that is an indestructible shield and sword against the World and its agents of temptation. 
Never give up! Keep trying. Seek Truth! 

5 The Truth is that temptation is always temporary. All temptations are spiritual tests. Therefore, 
when you are tempted it is very important to be still and not say or do anything; indeed the temptation 
shall pass. Try to remember that temptation is always temporary, but if you give in to it all the time its 
unpleasant after-effects can last a long time, even a lifetime. 

h In addition, resisting temptation strengthens one’s faith. It is like lifting spiritual weights or 
exercising. Resisting temptation strengthens one’s spiritual vitality. However, the question here is, 
why should I resist temptation? Answer: because satisfying the call of temptation (as opposed to the 
call of purpose) leads to guilt which can weaken your faith. 

Therefore, we must take advantage of temptation. We cannot allow temptation to take advantage 
of us! When you know in your heart that you live righteously and your mind is focused only upon the 
fulfillment of your divine purpose, you expect the favor of GOD. And it is this expectancy that is at 
the center of one’s faith and courage. 

i: But when you know in your heart that you are guilty of actions that you perceived as spiritually 

weak, evil or immoral you do not expect the favor of GOD; you hide from the presence of GOD. And 
it is this expectancy (expecting not to receive the favor of GOD) that is at the center of your doubts 
and fears. 

It is your own guilt that diminishes your faith and thus your ability to achieve your divine 
purpose. Ultimately we judge and then weaken ourselves through guilt caused by our submission to 
temptation and other weaknesses. 

10 Self-control and virtuous living strengthens your faith in GOD’s favor upon you, which in turn 
enhances your ability to achieve your purpose and even perform miracles in your life and in the lives 
of others. Self-control makes you certain of your trustworthiness before GOD. And it is this 
trustworthiness that empowers your faith to achieve your divine purpose and perform miracles. 

11 Spiritual strength is also measured by one’s patience and endurance. For when you know in 
your heart that you live a righteous life and that GOD’s favor is upon you; those things that you do 
not have, those people that you do not see and those places that you do not go are all for your own 

12 For one of the keys to lasting discipline is when one becomes serious about actually 
acknowledging the real presence of GOD. For when you know that GOD is with you, watching you, 

listening to you, etc., you need not try to be disciplined; you are automatically disciplined by the 
presence of GOD in your midst. 

13 Undisciplined people can be said to simply not believe in the presence of GOD or their own 
spiritual abilities. They ignore their God and their own access to their own God-force. Truth is 
always with them but they ignore it. Love is always with them. Peace, wealth, knowledge, healing, etc. 
are always available to us but we simply ignore them because we really don’t believe that we deserve 
these gifts. We know to ourselves that we are imperfect because of the temptations that we have fallen 
to, and with such knowledge we judge and limit ourselves. 

14 Discipline over the desires of the body and mind come when you truly acknowledge the 
existence and presence of GOD right next to you! Know this. A true awareness of GOD causes 
discipline to automatically happen to you. 

15 One does not have to be actually disciplined to keep one’s hand off of a hot stove. It is not that 
you need to restrain yourself from touching the hot stove. It is more the fact that you do not want to 
burn your hand. In this example, discipline is not only a matter of awareness; it is also a matter of 
taking care of your Self. It is a matter of self-respect. Again, seek the Truth of GOD’s actual presence, 
and discipline is sure to follow. 

16 For the attuned Hiphoppa, discipline has more to do with realizing Truth and having respect for 
one’s Self than the practice of restraint. The whole Divine Performance is a disciplinary training 
exercise designed to produce a Hiphop character/behavior that prepares one for leadership and 
victory over the obstacles of the streets. 

17 Therefore, we must remember to use moments of anxiety to perform patience and calm. Use 
moments of depression to perform joy. Commit to yourself. Bring order to yourself by recognizing 
and truly respecting only the existence and value of GOD in your life. Make the conscious decision to 
value your God. Stop burning your hands upon the hot stoves of the World’s temptations! This is 
spiritual strength. This is a divine performance. 

18 Start your discipline practice small by resisting your favorite cake (as an example). Try not to 
overeat. Speak less. Turn off or unplug the television. Cease listening to the radio. Go on to resist 
argument and gossip. Begin repeating an affirmation or prayer regularly. You might want to attend 
places of prayer. 

19 Practice fasting from junk foods, recreational drugs, intoxicating drinks, lustful desires, 
unproductive conversations and even the careless spending of money. In these examples the 
achievement of discipline is a matter of spiritual self-respect which leads to physical self-control. 
Now may be the time to truly care for your Self and most of all value your Self! These lead to 

20 The teacha practices withdrawing his senses from the happenings of the material World. With 
this performance the teacha escapes the inconsistent and sometimes dangerous events of the World. 
But the teacha is mindful not to become too distant from those whom he is teaching. Balance is the 

21 If you have proven your discipline and self-governance, you can indulge in Worldly 
temptations at times. The practice of discipline is not to abstain from the happenings of the physical 
World, it is to be strong enough to stop and start such activities at will. The teacha is simply free from 

22 In fact, when it is pleasurable to abstain from pleasure one can be called teacha. When one 
looks forward to moments of self-restraint one can be called teacha. The teacha is unattached and 

mentally independent. 

23 The teacha is not lured nor tempted toward pleasure; the teacha freely and willingly chooses 
pleasure. The World and its temptations do not move the teacha. As Henri-Frederic Amiel has pointed 
out, The man who has no refuge in himself, who lives, so to speak, in his front rooms, in the outer 
whirlwind of things and opinions, is not properly a personality at all. He floats with the current, who 
does not guide himself according to higher principles, who has no ideal, no convictions — such a man 
is a mere article of the World’s furniture — a thing moved, instead of a living and moving being — an 
echo, not a voice. The man who has no inner life is the slave of his surroundings, as a barometer is the 
obedient servant of the air at rest, and the weathercock the humble servant of the air in motion. 
Perform Discipline. 

5) Perform Forgiveness. Guilt is self-imposed. Begin by forgiving yourself for all of your 
indiscretions. Yes, you do have the power to repent and forgive yourself. Yes, you do have the power 
to let it go. Hold no grudge, harbor no anger and release resentment and guilt. 

1 Remember, an act that you may have perceived as evil may have turned out to be a blessing in 
disguise. At the beginning of your spiritual studies do not judge yourself and/or others, only make 
observations and learn. 

2 Turn away from evil thinking and never return. Show Love, not revenge. Be ready to forgive 
others by restoring some level of resolve into the relationship. Forgive others just as you would want 
to be forgiven. Be patient with others just as you would want GOD to be patient with you. This is a 
divine performance. 

3 Give the transgressor a chance to repair the situation. If this is not possible, take steps to insure 
that the evil and/or selfish act will not happen to you again. But still, perform forgiveness, not 
resentment or revenge. Show Love, not hate. Teach, do not judge. Show your spiritual strength 
through understanding and patience, not through emotion and/or criticism. 

4 Always know that you are working on behalf of GOD, not yourself. This will help you with the 
resentment you may feel because of the selfish acts of others. For every selfish act committed against 
you your God shall indeed restore you. Work for GOD; not for yourself or others. 

5 Do not ask GOD to use you as a tool of peace or as a vessel of love if you are not prepared to be 
stuck into the dirt and the stench of the World itself. Know this. GOD shall use you to clean up the 
vomit of the World and to catch its feces. GOD shall use you to be stuck into the soil of the World in 
an effort to plant new seeds. Is this not the work of our God? 

h Try to remember that symbolically you are the tool of GOD. That it is the universe (not you) 
that is doing the work. You (the teacha) are the tool that helps the work get done. Just as we use tools 
to go into places that we ourselves cannot go into, so it is with GOD. GOD is Spirit! And those that 
commit to their God are like that of valuable tools in the material World. 

Indeed, GOD is an artist, a master builder, a great architect, and we (the teachas) are the tools. 
When a great architect finds a good tool that is indispensable to the building of the World, that tool is 
preserved and repaired, cleansed and restored repeatedly for the sake of the work that is necessary to 
achieve. Eventually, the good tool is set aside and remembered for its faithful service. 

8 You are the tool (teacha) in your environment. And tools are used to go into those difficult and 
hard-to-reach places of the World. You cannot run and hide when difficult people and/or situations 
arise. This is like a plunger that refuses to go into a stopped-up toilet! Or even a hammer that refuses 
to hit the nail into the wall ! 

Teachas that refuse to teach difficult people in difficult places at difficult times are like broken 
tools. And if tools break where they cannot be restored, they are indeed thrown away! You are the 
representation of your God. Indeed you may be the only hope in your environment. 

10 With every sincere act of forgiveness you gain another degree in your spiritual development. 
And it is these degrees that prove your usefulness, strength and trustworthiness before GOD. 
Forgiveness proves your endurance. Take advantage of every evil and/or selfish moment brought 
before you. Tell the selfish one, you are forgiven. 

11 Look into the face of those who tried to harm you and say, you are forgiven. Even while the evil 
and/or selfishness is occurring, subdue your emotions, take advantage of the moment, and tell the evil 
and/or selfish one; you are forgiven. And really mean it! GOD is examining your heart to determine 
YOUR level of spiritual maturity and trustworthiness. 

12 Remember your own times of ignorance and/or fear and correct your own past errors by 
performing patience with those who are blind, immature, fearful, confused, or have wronged you 

13 Learn to forgive yourself and others. Forgiveness leads to freedom and health, while 
resentment leads to bondage and sickness. Take care of your Self. Heal your Self. Release guilt! 
Through virtuous living, turn your own ignorant past into a testimony or a ministry for the 
correction of others today. For no one can minister or teach upon a subject they themselves have no 
experience with. 

14 Instead of feeling guilty for your own past actions, use them as evidence of your wisdom and 
as evidence of your victory over the World’s obstacles. Use your corrected failures as the textbook 
that you shall teach others from. Allow your corrected errors to qualify your wisdom to teach. This 
very gospel is a product of such advice. 

15 Let the immature thinking of others bounce off of you like rain. Do not drink the immaturity of 
others by responding to their ignorance with more ignorance. In hostile situations, protect yourself 
first through immediate forgiveness! Never empower the weaknesses of others with resentment 
and/or your immediate impulse to act as they did. Be the Light in all situations! 

16 Once you have performed the act of forgiveness you can believe that GOD is sure to follow up 
with justice. This is a divine performance. Work for GOD, not for self. For it is selflessness that gives 
strength to forgiveness. No one can hurt or betray a self that doesn’t exist. If you are hurting it is most 
likely because you have accepted someone else’s immaturity onto your self. You have allowed the 
immaturity of others to change your God-like nature. 

17 Therefore, do not waste time on revengeful, resentful and angry performances. For with your 
divine performance GOD is sure to close the show! Only seek to help. Even in argument, only seek to 
correct the ignorance of others. Never argue angrily or resentfully; only teach. 

18 Mature Hiphoppas never argue just to prove their point. Such an argument is poindess. Instead, 
try to learn and truly understand the opposing view. Show respect for the thinking of others and with a 
forgiving heart remind them of their own ignorance for their own sake. Perform Forgiveness. 

6) Perform Patience. Practice expressing calm endurance, silent strength and inner resolve — 
these lead to patience. Be tolerant of others and their views and always be willing to wait. Whatever is 
yours is yours by Divine Right. Within the spiritual life there is very lithe need to rush or to be 
anxious. Simply ask and then wait in an expectant manner. 

Usually what you do not receive is for your own good. Here, patience is the ability to be still 


and allow opportunity to fall into your lap. Do not run after opportunity; only position yourself to 
receive opportunities. Usually it is the righteous that remain still through the changes of the World (in 
a strategic position) so that when the World unexpectandy changes again opportunity falls into their 

2 Remember that opportunity is not to be chased down, it is to be searched for. Opportunity is not 
to be hunted, it is granted. It is not taken, it is received. Hiphoppas are encouraged to find strength in 
the things they already have. Be patient, even with ignorant selfish people. Be patient with them as well 
as with yourself and prepare for the fall of the ignorant; it is inevitable! 

3 Sometimes the fall of the ignorant will temporarily hinder the rise of the Hiphoppa. In this case, 
the attuned Hiphoppa has already prepared for the inevitable fall of the ignorant through 
independence and a variety of divine performances and rises while others are trapped under their own 

4 In all things perform patience. Even with difficult people be patient. No matter how ignorant or 
inconsiderate people may appear to be, always remember that ultimately everyone is growing, 
learning and developing according to their own level of consciousness, and if they are not then they 
will not be around you much longer. Be patient. 

5 Some people will simply not see it your way — be patient, you and they are always growing. 
Eventually, everyone sees the Truth; however, everyone grows at their own pace. What is obvious to 
you today may not be so obvious to others. But if you stand in Truth and in righteous humility they 
shall eventually see what you see. Be patient. Everyone arrives at the Truth eventually. 

Finally, we must continue the practice of being patient with ourselves. Let us remain committed 
to our principles, performances and disciplines but let us not be too anxious to receive spiritual 
insight and power — all shall come in time. 

For we have seen for over 40 years that it does not matter how much meditation one does or 
how virtuous one may live, spiritual insight and power happen on their own, in their own time. You 
simply must continue your practice until you are granted the results that you desire. Be patient and 
learn the art of waiting. 

8 The spiritual life is not the material life; it moves within its own time. When you are being 
delayed for some trivial reason do not get upset or worried; simply go with the flow. Go with the 
flow because your very steps are counted and guided by spiritual forces; be patient. Be willing to wait. 

9 Practice performing patience while waiting in line. Practice patience with difficult people. 
Practice patience with your own spiritual development, with your career, with your children, with 
your parents. In all areas of life learn how to apply the virtuous performance of patience. Many 
disasters have been avoided and many have come to see the light by the correct use of patience. As the 
philosopher Carlyle once said, “Every noble work is at first impossible. ” Perform Patience. 

7) Perform Charity. Be of a giving nature. Be of service to the progression of life itself. 
Perform charity often and do not concern yourself with whether your giving shall be returned to you. 
Give for the sake of giving. Give of your talent as freely as GOD has given it to you. 

1 Freely giving away samples of one’s talent actually opens unexpected doors for the giver and 
for the receiver. Give of yourself, give opportunity, give knowledge, give time, give money and other 
resources. Charity actually relives human suffering. Be willing to forgive the debt of those who owe 

2 Through your own actions, be the example to society as to what charity looks like. Do not attach 

yourself to anything. All that you have should be able to be given away in a second’s notice. The one 
who gives never loses. The one who owns nothing cannot experience theft, loss, foreclosure, seizure 
or confiscation. 

3 Charity also proves the wealth of an individual even if that individual has lithe or no money. 
Only a wealthy mentality (even with lithe money) can freely give. And likewise, only a poor mentality 
(even with an abundance of money) has nothing to give. 

4 If it is wealth (which includes money) that you seek, it is very important that you act wealthy 
first through charity. Seek to perform charity in public and in private. Charity raises your self-worth. 
Public charity sets a good example within your community and private charity sets a good example 
before your God. 

5 Find ways to perform charity, but also be careful not to make those who you are charitable 
toward dependent upon you. Give with the intenhon of relieving one’s suffering. Sometimes a free 
gift can prolong one’s suffering and/or prevent one from learning a much-needed lesson. 

! So remember, as you seek to help and assist people, always remember that everyone is where 
they are for a reason. We have found that some people are exacdy where they need to be in life 
regardless of how impoverished and/or dangerous their circumstances may seem to be. GOD is 
engaging us all. 

At all times we must walk and talk with a giving heart, but if a person is not also willing to help 
himself, there is little that anyone can do for such an individual. Therefore, be wise in your giving. 
Give with the intention to truly help and empower. Sometimes the giving of nothing is the greatest gift 
of all. Perform your charity. 

8) Perform Love. Show your Love. Be compassionate and caring. Give others the devotion that 
you expect from GOD. For our God is Divine Love and this Love is not blind. It is lust that is blind. 
Love is unconditional. It makes itself available to the loved. Love is patient. Love suffers long. Love 
is kind. Love proves and empowers one’s ability to teach and guide others. 

1 Allow GOD to manifest through you toward others. It is from GOD that your Love comes and it 
is from here that we correctiy express our Love. 

2 Love all and hate none; but when all hate, Love none. To truly Love is to unite with the being of 
others, and at the beginning of your spiritual understanding it is important to guard your heart. For 
Love is healthy and hate is diseased. Love all who deserve your Love, and hate no one. For in Love 
you are truly protected and empowered. 

3 The attuned Hiphoppa knows that GOD is the headliner in every arena of life, and that it is 
GOD’s performance that is sure to follow the Hiphoppa’s opening act of true Love. Be the Love to 
those that truly deserve it. See the holiness in those people even when they cannot see it in themselves. 

4 Their divinity is the Truth of their being. Therefore, let us practice speaking only to the divine 
nature of people; such is their true essence, but do not live in denial of those who do not truly Love 
you. Even when you are cursed out and/or disrespected, remain calm and centered, knowing that such 
responses are not the Truth of anyone’s being; such responses are indeed temporary. 

5 This is why the immature always regret what they say and do and often wind up apologizing for 
it. Wait for the apology because those who return to their right mind and seek your pardon of their 
immaturity deserve your Love and understanding. 

If you remain calm in the midst of such temporary fits of rage, ignorance, immaturity or 
sadness, eventually you will see those angered, ignorant, immature, depressed people return to their 

true state of peace, awareness and normalcy. And if they truly respect you, even Love you, they will 
apologize not for their own well-being but for yours. 

Anger and sadness are not normal for any human being, therefore such states are always 
temporary. Joy is normal. Peace is normal. LOVE is normal. The opposite of this is abnormal. 

8 At all times perform with Love. Search your heart for the people you Love most and LOVE 
THEM. Look at the people you love and say with your inner voice, I Love you. Make this a habit. 

9 Despite the emphasis others may place upon doing things strictiy for payment, in whatever you 
do, perform it with Love. If you hate or dislike what you do, stop doing it! 

10 If you dislike or hate what you do even if you are paid for it, ultimately the result of your 
compensation will not be fulfilling. In fact, it will only depress you. Therefore, do what you Love to 
do. And do not be afraid to do whatever it is that you Love to do. Find time for it. 

11 Although forgotten, Hip Hop was created out of Love. Early Hiphoppas performed their 
elements out of Love. With or without payment, early Hiphoppas loved Hip Hop. With all tasks and 
people show Love. 

9) Perform Faith. Demonstrate your faith. Do not live exclusively by your natural reasoning or 
believe exclusively what your senses tell you. Live by faith. 

1 Faith is not just a belief in unseen things; it is an unconditional confirmation of the finished 
work. It is a knowing or expectancy that comes from living a spiritual and virtuous life. Faith is not an 
invisible thing, it is a very visible thing; it has physical effects. In fact, faith is the invisible substance 
of visible things. Faith is simply what you perceive as real. Is God real to you? Are God’s abilities 
real to you? 

2 Whatever you believe your God can actually do shall be done! Because of unrighteous and non- 
spiritual living, if you do not truly perceive your Spirit abilities and the strength of your God, then it 
is your own doubt that weakens the supernatural abilities of your own Spirit over the material World. 
Live a virtuous life and every month do something or say something that requires faith. Practice faith. 
Expect results! 

3 As an example, as simple and as easy as it is to faithfully order food from a restaurant you 
should likewise faithfully order Health, Love, Awareness and/or Wealth from the universe. In this 
example, the universe is the restaurant. 

4 When you know that you have money to eat, you effortiessly and confidendy enter the 
restaurant, sit down and order whatever you have a taste for. Such is the same with spiritual living. 
When you know that you have an abundance of spiritual money (faith; the effect of righteous/virtuous 
living, helpfulness, patience, etc.), you boldly order from the universe those things that you need. 

5 Just as easily as you might order a beer from a bar, with the confidence that comes from 
righteous living, order for yourself peace and prosperity with the same expectancy. Point to the 
unseen and translate the unheard. Practice exercising your faith by ordering things in faith. 

Temple Members are united in the faith that Hiphop is GOD’s response to our suffering. Our 
faith as Hiphoppas is established through our trust in the divinity of our unique historical experiences. 

At the heights of our faith (knowing) we believe that our God has called a new nation into being 
and WE are they who are called of GOD. We are a new people; a truly free people. We are not 
subjected to the blessings, curses or prophecies of other nations and faiths. GOD is dealing with us 
right now! Today, we are a Holy Integrated People Having Omnipresent Power. 

: The truly attuned Hiphoppa performs and walks in this faith (knowing). Those who walk in this 

faith and both regularly and randomly perform acts of this faith, are truly inspired and rarely 
depressed. They are joyous and strong while others remain anxious and weak. They are at peace even 
when others are afraid — these are the effects of faith. 

For GOD is an exact god. Those that live by faith need not an abundance of anything. They 
always have exacdy what they need exacdy when they need it; in fact this is the abundance. Never too 
soon, never too late, never too much and never too little, the faithful always have exacdy enough! 

10 Faith and the knowing that comes from righteous living eliminate fear and doubt. And likewise, 
fear and doubt caused by ignorance and unrighteous living eliminate faith. Decide right now which of 
the two you shall serve — fear or faith, doubting or knowing, surviving or living! 

11 Practice faith by performing random acts of faith. In troubling situations, be still and know that 
your God is GOD! Store up your spiritual money (faith) in righteous/virtuous living and then order 
whatever you need from the universe. 

12 Immerse yourself in something that your God must follow up on and complete. Believe in your 
God! Expect the presence, power and activity of your God! Believe God, not the World. 

13 Regularly perform faith. Accumulate and then spend your spiritual faith-money wisely. Bruce 
Barton reminds us that “The ablest men in all walks of life are men of faith. Most of them have much 
more faith than they themselves realize.” Perform Faith. 

10) Perform Overstanding. In all things seek the deeper meaning. Truly seek to know the pain, 
joy, needs and wants of those who you may come into contact with. Cultivate your mind to truly 
overstand the situations and circumstances of others. 

1 Even just for a moment, join them in their life experience. Know this. To understand is to 
comprehend whatever you have been taught. However, to over stand is to experience whatever you 
have been taught. Such is the essence of wisdom and spiritual leadership. 

2 At all times perform overstanding. Seek to know through experience your own views as well as 
the views of others. Never settle for simply being educated. For with spiritual overstanding comes 
discernment and with discernment comes agreement, resolution, conclusion and solutions. 

3 While knowledge makes you aware of things, overstanding makes you aware of the character 
and nature of things. For it is not enough to know whatever you know. You must also experience the 
things that you know in order to truly know them and correctly apply them. More than just knowing 
something, it is far better to experience whatever you know. This is the essence of wisdom and true 

4 Overstanding proves the validity of one’s acquired knowledge. Know this. Just because you 
have been educated, does not mean that your education is truly productive to your real life. Theories 
must be tested and facts change all the time. The true Hiphoppa does not just read the Gospel of Hip 
Hop; she performs the Overstandings of this gospel and proves to herself the value of this gospel in 
real life. 

5 The teacha must know for sure that the Gospel of Hip Hop truly works in real life before she 
can seek to teach it to others! The teacha must be certain of the trueness and authenticity of the Gospel 
of Hip Hop. Such certainty is found in the heart. The trueness of this gospel is determined by its 
compatibility with your heart. Does this path feel right to you? You cannot teach this gospel if you are 
uncertain of its overstandings; if you are still in doubt. 

Know this. The teacha argues on behalf of the Gospel of Hip Hop not for the sake of winning, 


but for the sake of offering others the possibility of experiencing Health, Love, Awareness and 
Wealth. He argues only from experience and for the sake of reaching harmonious agreements 
between parties of conflicting opinions. 

You must always seek to overstand the things that you know; and always seek to experience the 
Overstandings of this gospel. Live by the productive experiences of your life. Learn to repeat the 
actions of your own success. Learn from the mistakes as well as from the achievements made by your 
actions as well as the actions of others. Discipline is a result of wisdom and overstanding. 

Applied wisdom is overstanding. A Hiphoppa’s wisdom is manifested in that Hiphoppa’s life. It 
proves that he truly overstands. More than just talking about what they have experienced, you can see 
the results of a Hiphoppa’s wisdom by the effects in and of that Hiphoppa’s life. 

I Joy is an effect of overstanding. Peace is an effect of overstanding. Mercy, compassion, justice 
and patience are also effects of overstanding. However, you can be wise and not experience any of 
these virtues. Be guided. Wisdom and knowledge are two different things. 

10 Wisdom can be achieved through life experiences, while knowledge can be acquired through 
educational/intellectual studies. But to overstand is to have experienced them both. To overstand is to 
act upon what you know and have experienced. 

II Knowledge proves that you know some things. Wisdom proves that you have experienced some 
things. But overstanding proves that you are active in both your knowledge and wisdom of things. For 
it is the guidance of our God that adds valuable experiences to our knowledge. Such experiences 
create wisdom. But even the wise are not always motivated to act. They have experience, yet they are 
not always experiencing! 

12 Know this. Wisdom is not righteousness. In fact, to be wise one must go through some very 
unrighteous situations; one must experience things that can only be experienced in failure, fear and 
ignorance. And after one has learned from such fearful and ignorant experiences, one then becomes 
wise. For when knowledge is backed by experience and the Hiphoppa can skillfully apply them both 
while performing life, that Hiphoppa is said to be overstood. 

13 For it has been said that the experience gathered from books is of the nature of learning; the 
experience gained from actual life is of the nature of wisdom; and a small store of the latter is worth 
vastly more than any stock of the former. (Samuel Smiles, Self-Help [New York: American Book 
Company, 1904]). Perform Overstanding. 

11) Perform Truth. Don’t just seek to know the Truth; seek to perform the Truth, be as genuine 
and as real as you can. While everyone else performs behind their variety of masks and phony 
personalities, you must be the Truth in such illusionary and fake circles. 

1 This is what it means to keep it real! It means to be true to yourself — be your true self. Don’t 
hide behind falsities and illusions. Such a performance leads to nowhere. Knowing Truth is to know 
what is real. Performing Truth is to manifest or actualize what is real. But what is real as it pertains to 

2 What we know to be real and what is real are two different things. Truth is the ultimate reality of 
reality itself. It is the real reality of reality; it is the whole, it is what it is. To perform Truth means that 
what we believe to be real corresponds with what is actually real. 

3 Most people experience all kinds of things in their lives, and their experiences are indeed real to 
them. But in Truth, their experiences are not real at all! Experiences in material reality are more the 
opinions of the observer than that of actual Truth. 

4 Yes, your experiences are T.R.U.E. They are The Reality U E xperience. However, they may not 
be the T.R.U.T.H.; The Reality U T ruly Have. The material World is true. But the spiritual realm which 
projects the material World into existence is the Truth. It may be true that you are in prison. But the 
Truth is that prison was first inside of you. Deal with the Truth and you shall be free. 

5 Know this. There is reality, and then there is your perception of that reality. Reality is the Truth, 
but your perception of that reality is a fact. It is true for you. In the material World, what is called 
Truth is actually an agreement as to what is real. These are called facts. And so many people rely 
upon the facts of life as opposed to the reality of life. 

1 Perform Truth. For Truth is the whole, while lies are its fragments. Falsity is the fragmentation 
of the Truth. Falsity takes a fragment of the Truth and treats it as if it is the Truth itself. Do not be led 
by falsities, illusions and lies. Seek Truth! Speak Truth! Perform Truth! Be a whole person as often as 
you can. Be mindful of how many times you fragment and hide your true Self for the sake of others. 
Practice being whole and transparent. 

Truth is also freedom from the bondage of ignorance. Truth is the revelation of what already 
exists but just could not be comprehended or seen before. Truth is the cause of awareness or ahhh- 
wareness. Truth is happening right now as you read this gospel. For Truth is the ultimate gospel, but 
no gospel is the ultimate Truth. 

n Truth cannot be actually written down. In reality, Truth cannot even be described in words. All 
words, numbers, shapes and letters are symbols which assist us in understanding the realm in which 
Truth exists. Words, numbers, shapes, and letters, even dancing, rapping and singing are all 
translations of what is really the Truth. 

Therefore, we must seek Truth beyond the material World and its symbols. And we must seek 
Truth beyond our physical senses. These tools (symbols and senses) fragment the Truth so that we 
may create an ordered World out of the Truth that is a chaotic oneness. Seek Truth! Be truthful, and 
perform your Truth. 

12) Perform Skill. Because the Hiphoppa is independent and self-sufficient in the World, 
perfection of a chosen skill (that is in demand) gives the Hiphoppa a lifestyle that supports the seeking 
of her purpose in peace. As with the performance of discipline; seek the perfection of your chosen 
skill. Practice perfecting your skills. 

1 Most people want many things for themselves. Some have dreams and goals they wish to 
achieve for themselves, but they just continue to admire the achievements of others because they 
simply have not mastered the skills needed to manifest their own dreams and goals. All goals require 
skill mastery to be achieved. 

2 The most important questions a Hiphoppa can ask when daydreaming, visualizing, praying 
and/or wishing for things and desirable situations are: What am I actually capable of doing? What can 
I really accomplish? What have I mastered? And what are my skills? 

3 Those without a perfected skill that is in demand will find it difficult to lead an inner-city 
spiritual life. Having a skill that is in demand is what separates the one who is chasing resources and 
opportunity from the one who is chased by resources and opportunity. 

4 Attuned Hiphoppas are experienced in Hiphop’s nine elements and we are experts at two or 
more of Hip Hop’s artistic elements. We seek to sharpen our skills in every phase of life that requires 

5 In parenting, in teaching, in nurturing, in apologizing, in loving, in playing, in fighting, in 

speaking, in cooking, in working, in cleaning, in eating and with all the elements of Hiphop and with 
all of the performances of the Divine Performance, perform with skill. Seek to be an expert at all that 
you do. Do nothing haphazardly. 

! When performing your skill you must be conscious of how skillful you are. Attuned Hiphoppas 
who perform the Divine Performance learn that each performance requires spiritual skill. 

In many cases, such skill is found and perfected in batdes, confrontations and threatening 
situations. Never seek confrontation, but never be afraid to fight or display your skill! 

It is when we are challenged by people, places, things and events that we are made strong and 
skillful in life. For at the end of all human knowledge and strength GOD shall appear! Once fully 
practiced in overcoming the challenges of life, the attuned Hiphoppa is spiritually strong and 
prepared to teach and lead others. 

- Perfect your cultural, spiritual, artistic and intellectual skills by performing your skills often. As 
Henry W. Longfellow once stated, I will be a man among men; and no longer a dreamer among 
shadows. Henceforth be mine a life of action and reality! I will work in my own sphere, nor wish it 
other than it is. This alone is health and happiness. Perform Skill. 

13) Perform Intelligence. Our intelligence is creatively inquisitive. Therefore, practice asking 
questions especially about the things that you are already familiar with. For it is the question that 
drives us toward our God, not necessarily the acquired answer. Asking the right questions leads to 
spiritual awareness and peace. 

1 At the start of one’s quest for spiritual awareness one must ask the correct questions that will 
expand one’s ability to acquire and apply correct spiritual knowledge. We must question GOD to 
know more about our God. 

2 For it is indeed true that your God will answer all of your questions with astonishing accuracy. 
The Hiphoppa uses faith to see what is not yet physically there and uses action to bring those things 
into existence. Intelligence (the ability to know and perceive) questions the two. Be careful. Question 
GOD, but never doubt God. 

3 Just as our faith sees and confirms what is not yet physically possible, our intelligence must ask 
questions concerning the possibilities of what is perceived to be possible. But do not allow the 
performance of your intelligence to override your faith. 

4 For we are guided by the questions we ask, not necessarily by the answers we get. But once our 
intelligence has given its performance it must be put back in its place; in the dimension of question, 
perception, logic and rationale. This is what it means to perform your intelligence. Do not allow your 
intelligence to just rule over your life. Apply its sharp inquiry and sense of perception when 
necessary to shape the reality that you truly desire. 

5 We (Hiphoppas) should pay more attention to how we view the World because the solutions for 
many of society’s ills lie inside of us. Hiphoppas must question the so-called facts of the physical 
World but after gaining an awareness of one’s spiritual nature, question not (only believe) the Truth 
of one’s Spirit. As Colton reminds us, Doubt is the vestibule which all must pass before they can enter 
the temple of wisdom. Perform Intelligence. 

14) Perform Communication. Be aware of what you are communicating to the World. Do not 
just talk for the sake of talking. Be mindful of every word, thought and action that you may 
communicate to others. Instead of speaking out of idleness, perform silence. Most events, good 

and/or evil, begin with thoughts and then words and then actions. 

1 The attuned Hiphoppa creates a productive life arena through the thoughts and words he 
chooses to express. Every thought and spoken idea creates an awareness around the Hiphoppa. This 
awareness attracts the people, places and things that help to openly manifest the intentions of that 
Hiphoppa’s heart. 

2 By speaking for the sake of joy and peace the attuned Hiphoppa creates an awareness that 
attracts joy and peace in one’s life. Attuned Hiphoppas speak of good things so that good things may 
manifest in their lives and in the lives of others. Do not label your work Ready to Die unless you are 
ready to die. Do not claim to be Criminal Minded unless you are prepared for the results of criminal 

3 Do not think and/or speak those things that you wish to avoid in your life, and be careful of what 
you continuously listen to. Be aware of those who speak with bad intentions and perversion as the 
main subject of their conversation. Seek to correct them humbly if they are simply unaware; or 
simply avoid their company if they reject Truth. 

4 When others are frustrated, use diplomacy and speak from the perspective of wisdom. You can 
say: Just let it go... You’re bigger than that... Don’t let this situation steal your joy... Forget them... 
GOD has bigger plans for you... Are they really worth it? 

5 Do not judge. Simply make observations and show others, with wisdom and overstanding, the 
causes and the effects of what they communicate. People should know that your character and 
personality is one of maturity and trustworthiness. Lead by example. Advise others with your very 
personality and the results of your life experiences. 

b Do not linger around those whose conversation carries impurity and scandal. Seek the 
companionship of those who you study and pray with. Know this. Communication is not just speech. 
Hiphoppas communicate through writing, drawing, fashion, personal character, dancing, rapping, 
eating, etc. 

For when the attuned Hiphoppa finally acknowledges the Truth that GOD is present; that 
Hiphoppa’s character changes. And when that Hiphoppa’s character is one of righteousness others are 
disciplined and inspired not only by that Hiphoppa’s words, but also by that Hiphoppa’s character and 
very presence. For there are certain things that people just cannot do in the presence of holiness. For 
the very character of the attuned Hiphoppa disciplines, teaches and inspires those who surround her. 

8 Attuned Hiphoppas care more about the totality of what is being transmitted or passed on to 
others than about the way in which one actually speaks. While others communicate hatred, we 
communicate love. While others communicate anger, we communicate joy, not by speaking it but by 
being it. 

;i Even in fierce argument we must practice and strengthen our spiritual reflexes. We must train 
ourselves to never enter into the insanity of anger, bitterness and/or hatred while arguing. We must 
perform our communication, not just communicate. For example, we should NEVER ARGUE IN 
FRONT OF CHILDREN or where they can hear the thoughts of our angry, resentful, fearful minds. 

10 Discipline yourself! Guide your inward and outward communication. Learn to speak well, read 
well and write well; these lead to good communication skills. Learn to deliver your point of view 
quickly and accurately — get to the point. And remember, sometimes the best communication is 
silence. Never be afraid to say nothing at all. 

11 For it is in the performances of one’s life that one’s intentions are communicated and then 
manifested. Perform your communication and be aware at all times of what you are communicating 

as well as what is being communicated to you. 

12 Quarles reminds us that If any speak ill of thee, flee home to thy own conscience, and examine 
thy heart; if thou be guilty, it is just correction; if not guilty, it is a fair instruction; make use of both, 
so shalt thou distill honey out of gall, and out of an open enemy create a secret friend. Perform 

15) Perform Responsibility. Regularly check your response-ability. This means to regularly 
check the character of what you respond to. Prepare for what you must respond to and be mindful as 
to how well you respond. Ask yourself daily, What is my ultimate responsibility? Have I met my 

1 True Hiphoppas always seek to help, which proves their selflessness. True Hiphoppas always 
seek to uplift, enhance, and strengthen those who rely upon them. Even if it is personally 
uncomfortable; the true Hiphoppa does what is required of him. Such an ability is not for everyone, 
nor can such an ability even be performed by everyone. Responsibility is a spiritual skill. 

2 It is maturity, self-respect, and self-sacrifice that helps to develop the response-ability of the true 
Hiphoppa. Without maturity, self-respect and the ability to sacrifice for others, it is difficult to be a 
responsible person. This is why many young Rap fans start off irresponsible. They simply lack the 
ability to respond to issues beyond my clothes, my rent, my car, my thirst, and so on. They cannot see 
past their own individual wants and needs. Self-sacrifice is the essence of responsibility. 

3 The Temple of Hiphop encourages Hiphoppas to do what they are supposed to do when they are 
supposed to do it. Most people are led by their wants and not by their needs. Most people do what they 
want to do as opposed to what they must do, and this is just irresponsible. 

4 Hiphoppas are encouraged to do what they must do first, then do whatever they want to do later. 
Always doing what is pleasurable and/or easy to do sets one up for a weak foundation in life. For 
there is nothing special about easy, it is the conquering of the difficult that makes one special and 
even appreciated. 

5 The one who goes out of her way to remove a difficulty is respected by everyone. The one who 
can be depended upon is respected by everyone. The one who makes sacrifices for the good of the 
whole is respected by everyone, and this is what it means to be responsible. It means that you and 
others are clear as to where your commitment lies. 

1 The attuned Hiphoppa is not afraid of commitment. In fact, the attuned Hiphoppa builds a 
character that demands respect by selflessly performing her commitments and responsibilities. At 
times, we must even sacrifice for those who depend upon us. 

We will not always like what we must do, but if the greater good depends upon our commitment, 
then those dependant upon our sacrifices must not be let down. Attuned Hiphoppas are dependable 

8 The attuned Hiphoppa upholds an image of maturity and can always be depended upon. 
Remember, with whatever you must do; if you want to do it then it is not a sacrifice. It is when you do 
those things that you personally do not want to do that you are indeed sacrificing. However, to be 
responsible is to be dependable. 

! Hiphoppas are encouraged to be dependable people, responsible people, committed people. For 
us, the “balanced life” is when you want to do what you have to do. When your responsibilities are a 
joy to complete, your life is balanced. When you are committed and responsible to something or 
someone you truly love, when your sacrifices bring you peace and joy, your life is balanced. 

10 Charles Kingsley reminds us to thank GOD every morning when you get up that you have 
something to do which must be done, whether you like it or not. Being forced to work, and forced to do 
your best, will breed in you temperance, self-control, diligence, strength of will, content, and a 
hundred other virtues which the idle never know. Perform Responsibility. 

16) Perform Action. The most important thing to know of one’s Self is one’s purpose. The 
fulfillment of one’s life purpose is the cause of true joy and happiness. Do not become idle or live 
without purpose. Although you may be still seeking your purpose, perform action. Never just sit 
around being unaware of the effects of your actions or your non-action. 

1 The attuned Hiphoppa shows others through example what righteousness, love, justice, charity 
and overstanding looks like. The attuned Hiphoppa is aware of how her actions teach society. Such a 
Hiphoppa knows that every social act is a lesson performed in and for one’s family, friends and 
larger society. 

2 For every cause or act there is an effect or response. Be aware of what you cause to exist 
through your thinking and your actions. We are the offspring of our own actions. We actually create 
ourselves through action which is motivated by purpose. So, what’s your purpose? If you lack 
direction or purpose in life, focus your mind upon the actions of your teacha. 

3 Pay attention to the way that your teacha performs an action and imitate those performances. 
Know that your teacha is impartial to success or failure. See how your teacha is not attached to the 
effects of the act. Feel how your teacha not only gives but sacrifices. 

4 The attuned Hiphoppa overstands that even while acting we do nothing at all. The attuned 
Hiphoppa knows that all is the Great Oneness Deity and it is only G.O.D. that actually acts. 

5 When we are eating, breathing, talking, walking, working, driving, etc., we really do nothing at 
all. Only GOD through Nature is moving which gives us the temporary appearance of movement. The 
attuned Hiphoppa does not act nor cause action when it is overstood that all action is the divine 
performance of GOD. We are actually the effects of GOD in action. 

Like when the wind blows dried leaves across a road. The leaves have no sense of the wind 
blowing them along, yet the leaves move. Physical bodies have movement in a similar way. Forces 
(winds) blow against us and push us toward this circumstance or that circumstance. We must learn to 
navigate the forces (winds) of life toward the fulfillment of our life’s purpose. 

However, such navigation has more to do with allowing the force to carry you without you 
getting in your own way. Spiritual navigation has to do with allowing GOD to guide your life; it’s 
about GOD’s leadership in your life. Some people regard GOD’s leadership in their lives as a choice. 
They say; I now give my life to GOD, as if they had the authority to do such a thing! 

8 The leadership of GOD in your life is not a choice. It is the Truth! It’s a realization, an 
awakening, a new awareness, a sense of giving up and letting go on your part. The leadership of 
GOD is happening now! It is you who must realize this by releasing your fears, doubts and disbeliefs 
about your own God-force. We must get in harmony with what GOD is already doing in our lives! 

' Know this. When our will is not the Will of our God we naturally begin to experience pain and 
suffering. The Will of our God is for Hiphoppas to be joyous, at peace and prosperous. Our God’s 
Will is occurring long before we come to realize it. And those things which happen against our will 
are usually for our own good. For GOD sustains life itself. You do not choose GOD; GOD chooses 

10 Because life is sustained by GOD, every act of the Hiphoppa should be performed as a tribute 

and sacrifice to GOD. No work (or person) is too difficult to deal with when all is done as a tribute 
and service to your God. With this, the attuned Hiphoppa escapes the cycles of cause and effect 
because the attuned Hiphoppa causes nothing and is detached from everything. Only GOD is moving, 
acting and speaking. 

11 Perform difficult activities knowing this. E.L. Magoon once said, Existence was given us for 
action, rather than indolent and aimless contemplation; our worth is determined by the good deeds we 
do, rather than by the fine emotions we feel. They greatly mistake who suppose that GOD cares for no 
other pursuit than devotion. Perform Action. 

17) Perform Prayer. Both regularly and randomly raise your heart to GOD in prayer. Make time 
to pray. Take time to pray. Pray in the shower. Pray while driving, while walking, working, etc. Thank 
GOD often and find peace in the security of GOD’s presence. Do not concentrate on the proper words 
to say. Focus more upon expressing the joys, questions, cries and groans of your own heart. 

1 Prayer is relaxing; it lowers one’s heart rate and blood pressure. For us (templists), prayer is 
not ritualistic or repetitive speech. Do not posture before GOD; allow your heart to cry out to GOD, 
with GOD. For it is the sincere cry of the heart in joy or in sadness that attracts the response of the 
Great Spirit, not words. 

2 Know (through righteous living) that you are loved and cared for and that your God will always 
make a way for you. Know in your heart that your God already sees what you need. So when you 
pray, thank GOD for satisfying your needs in advance. Thank your God for the finished work. 

3 For everything already exists and is readily available to you now! It is only your doubts that 
block or deny the existence of everything happening to you at once so that (out of your own fear of 
chaos) you can bring order to your World. When praying, simply allow things to happen by ceasing 
your doubt and/or fear of them happening. 

4 Stop doubting and/or denying the existence of those things that you want. Everything you need 
already exists in your reality. Stop doubting and/or denying that those things you desire are separate 
and distant from your immediate reality. Simply allow them to exist in your World. Fet there be this... 
and let there be that. Expect what you want in prayer. 

5 However, it is important to remember that GOD is an exact god. Everything that you need you 
really already have. Most of the time we simply are not looking clearly enough into our own 
environments. Sometimes we also become convinced of the importance of things that we really do 
not need. Be careful! 

6 With your whole heart repeat the following prayer regularly: 

Great and Holy Spirit I AM — the light of my World! The Love that guides me. Enter now into 
this temple fulfilling the purpose for which it was built. I AM — clean and unafraid. Great 
Spirit, keep my foot upon the path of holiness that I may give without watching the cost, and 
endure without stress. I am in your care and protection. For when my eyes cannot see a way, 
Your Love reveals the obvious and I am saved again. There it is! 

Say this with your whole heart. Feel it, see it, believe it and know it! Use your heart and expect 
GOD’s response. Move in this faith. But remember, your prayers are more likely to be answered 
when your prayer requests are also in harmony with your being, your intentions, your true thoughts 
and actions. 

Know this. Hiphoppas do not always get what they want in prayer; most of the time they receive 


exactly who they are in life. For it is who you are that shall determine what you shall receive in 
prayer. You receive what you believe, and you achieve what you perceive! You get what you expect 
and respect! You can only attract that which you really are. 

7 Therefore, care not for what the World believes is valuable and care not for how things may 
appear to be to your intellect. Recognize only the oneness and simply allow things to come to you. 
Everything you want is already with you now. Your reality is really a World of possibilities. You 
decide what comes in and out of your reality based upon your level of expectancy. 

10 When praying, you not only expect GOD, but you also respect GOD. Prayer proves one’s 
respect for GOD, and you get more of what you respect. Therefore, after you have opened your door 
of respectancy, open your door of expectancy! 

11 Be still, and allow things to happen. This will take courage because it is your own fears and 
disbelief that keeps all of the chaos of actual reality away from your conscious awareness. This is 
what prayer is all about; it’s about access, not excess. Prayer is a special language humans use to 
communicate to the guiding force in their lives. 

12 Know this: the prayer of the attuned Hiphoppa has to do with spiritually accessing the 
productive resources and circumstances that are already available to one’s self. 

13 The attuned Hiphoppa prays (communicates) with GOD. And notice how I am writing this; the 
attuned Hiphoppa prays with GOD, not to GOD. When you pray to GOD there is distance between 
you and GOD. In a way, your prayer must still reach GOD. But when you pray with GOD there is no 
distance, no space and no intervals of time. Your prayer request can happen instandy! 

14 When you pray, thank GOD and know that the blessing has already been granted and that it must 
only be revealed to you (through you). Thank GOD for what you already have and ask to always be 
enlightened of GOD’s plan. You always want your prayer request to be in harmony with GOD; 
sometimes GOD will give you your request only to show you how useless and silly your “needed” 
request actually was. Before you ask about what you want, ask first to know what GOD wants. 

15 GOD is concerned with human development, so when you pray for yourself sincerely pray for 
others; even those people that you do not personally know or do not even personally like. The heart 
that can sincerely do that is always heard by GOD. Remember, GOD is praying with you. 

16 The Great Spirit answers ALL prayers! No prayer goes unanswered. For if you are truly not in 
possession of that which you are praying for, GOD will truly provide it. But if you already possess 
that which you pray for GOD will not answer your request twice. Therefore, if your prayer goes 
unanswered either you are being protected from your own ignorance or you already have that which 
you are praying for and you simply have not comprehended it yet. 

17 We must remember to pray that you may see the solutions that we already have and always 
thank GOD for the protection that we cannot see. For when you pray you do not always get what you 
pray for; most of the time you actually get exacdy what you need! 

18 Those things that you don’t have, you don’t need! Those places that you can’t go are also 
dangerous for you! Trust the love of the Great Spirit! 

19 Remember, all prayers are answered. The question is, are you in the environment or awareness 
of your answered prayer? Many people receive their answered prayer many times and simply don’t 
see it because they are expecting it to come from a familiar place or source. 

20 Therefore, as attuned Hiphoppas we must be open and receptive to the unexpected activities of 
GOD. We must be willing to identify and retrieve our blessings and answered prayers from, through 
and in unconventional, unexpected, and beyond-normal circumstances, sources and places. 

21 Remember, you are speaking with GOD when you earnestly pray, and your God has an infinite 
amount of ways to deliver to you the desires of your heart. The challenge for many is that they reduce 
God to their own understanding, which blinds them from seeing GOD for real. You cannot ask an 
infinite source to communicate back to you in only one way, on one day, through one person, or one 

22 GOD is spirit, and to communicate to spirit you yourself must become spirit. As a spirit being 
operating effortiessly in the spirit realm, you can then see GOD and GOD’s activity ultimately 
leading to your fulfillment. 

23 So, when you pray or communicate with GOD seek understanding into the Mind of GOD, the 
Will of GOD, and the plan of GOD. Your God already has your best interest in mind, everything is 
already working in your favor; the challenge for you is to really believe this. Do you truly perceive 
and expect GOD’s love and care? When you pray, perform your prayers in faith. Act upon them. 
Perform Prayer 

18) Perform Hip Hop. Be conscious of Hip Hop as GOD’s response to our suffering. For Hip 
Hop is the strategy that has freed us from sickness, hatred, ignorance and poverty. 

1 Be conscious of Hip Hop as a divine blessing with divine purpose. That Hip Hop is beyond 
entertainment and Worldly validations. 

2 Be conscious of Hiphop as a lifestyle and as an awareness. That Hiphop is a unique and 
empowering identity that has developed into an international community/culture of specialized 

3 Be conscious of Hip Hop as its nine elements, B.E.G.D.B.F.L.K.E., and teach them by example. 

4 At all times perform Hip Hop’s elements with perfect skill. Whatever the specific element might 
be, the attuned Hiphoppa has mastered it and has perfected it. 

5 The attuned Hiphoppa is Hiphop and is conscious of how Hip Hop is expressed in society. 
Performing Hiphop is all about having the courage to be your true self — to express your true identity. 
Self-creation is the ultimate Hiphop performance. We are not just doing Hiphop; we are H.I.P.H.O.P. — 
a Holy Integrated People Having Omnipresent Power! 

1 Those who criticize Hip Hop today as being obscene, misogynistic and criminal are just as 
immature and limited in their thinking as we appear to be in ours. If we were approached with any 
kind of respect, or even compassion, or even logic, our critics would see us not as a bunch of 
irresponsible, money-hungry thugs but as a forgotten group of people trying to survive in an already 
corrupt World, making the best out of the conditions we found ourselves in at birth. 

This is in no way an excuse for our own immaturity. However, our immaturity today will be the 
warnings to future Hiphoppas as to what not to do and where not to go. 

8 As long as Hip Hop is regarded as a music genre it shall always be criticized in the way that it is 
being criticized today. However, when Hip Hop is viewed as the international culture that it is, we 
come to the realization that Hip Hop is going through the same growing pains that most of the 
World’s cultures have gone through at their origins. 

9 Any logical, compassionate eye would see that Hip Hop is need of help. Instead of criticizing 
Hip Hop, show us your “better way” of life. Reveal to us the folly of our ways and point us in the 
right direction. And while you’re at it, try listening to our concerns and grievances and try to remedy 

10 We are fully aware as to what we look and sound like in mass-media today and we are even 

frustrated with ourselves. But we also overstand the struggles of our people and why we look and 
sound the way that we do. In fact, the Hip Hop community is known for warning other communities 
about the fallacies of living a criminal life; our advice comes from experience. 

11 We know that cultures are like people and just as people teach people, cultures teach other 
cultures. Hip Hop is no different in this regard. 

12 It is only natural that as a young community we will make mistakes. However, we will not be 
young forever and we will not be immature for long — yes, we will grow up! However, in the 
meantime, our immaturity should motivate others toward their own maturity. 

13 Our immature behavior today is teaching all the World’s cultures (including future Hiphoppas) 
what not to do and what not to become. When you see us acting stupid you should check yourself to 
see if you are not acting just as stupid in another area of life. 

14 The Truth is, every culture teaches other cultures, and today Hip Hop is teaching the World 
about the inevitable path of suffering caused by putting Worldly prestige and power above GOD. 

15 We shall outgrow this lesson and produce other lessons with our collective life experiences, but 
while we are young we are in the process of relearning the World for ourselves and this process is 
not easy. We are in the process of knowing the World and GOD for ourselves — such is a painful 

16 Therefore, let us perform Hip Hop on a higher level. Let us as Hiphoppas strive to be better 
than we were yesterday. Everyday let’s seek ways to be responsible toward one another and 
collectively mature with our handling of Hip Hop. We may start out criminal minded but indeed we 
shall all end up spiritual minded. 

17 As James Freeman Clarke teaches, Progress in the sense of acquisition, is something; but 
progress in the sense of being is a great deal more. To grow higher, deeper, wider, as the years go on; 
to conquer difficulties, and acquire more and more power; to feel all one’s faculties unfolding, and 
Truth descending into the soul — this makes life worth living. 


23 These are all divine performances. Make these performances your daily habits. Learn them 
while you are young and teach them to your children. This collective character is the personality of 
the attuned Hiphoppa. 

24 The character and personality prescribed in The Divine Performance offers the true Hip Hop 
activist an empowering code of conduct capable of achieving lasting peace and uninterrupted 

25 More importandy, the character presented in The Divine Performance opens up the realm of the 
Inner City, the Kingdom of Heaven, the realm of supernatural events and miracles. 

26 Although each performance can be used as an individual teaching or meditation; it is all 
eighteen performances that make up the total character of the spiritually attuned Hiphoppa. Templists 
who are studied in the Divine Performance can teach this Overstanding to others. Such a character 
draws the favor of GOD. 

27 Once we realize how awareness, blessings and Worldly resources come through us and not to 
us, we are encouraged to give, to help, to love, and to listen. As we look to GOD for guidance and 
strength; others look to us. We are the blessing, the answered prayer, the needed assistance in the lives 
of those that surround us. And this life is not an easy one to achieve or even to maintain at the 


At the beginning of such a path, your friends will desert you, your family will disrespect you, 
your place of employment will terminate you, and your school will fail you — you may even wind up 
houseless. As your new awareness begins to become your new reality, others who do not possess 
your new awareness will cease to understand you — but hold on! 

29 Your closest associates (family included) will show their true natures. Those who didn’t like 
you in the past will like you now and those who like you now will not like you in the future. However, 
you MUST stay focused upon the creation of the new you. This is a time where you must place your 
interests above everyone else’s interests, wants, needs, desires and fears. 

30 This is an act of selfistness — not selfishness, but selfistness. To be selfist simply means to tend 
to the critical needs of one’s self above the temporal needs of others. It is when one takes one’s self 
seriously and stands up for one’s self. And remember, this is not selfishness, where you think, care 
and are concerned only with your own self interests, regardless of who you hurt in the process. Not at 


Selfistness still includes a care for others as you care for yourself. However, the difference 
between being selfish and being selfist has to do with whether you are using people for your own 
goals and achievements or whether you are using yourself for your own goals and achievements. 

32 The selfist uses himself to achieve his goals, whereas the selfish uses others to achieve his 
goals. The selfist gets to a point where he simply must gather up all that is generated by his name and 
work so that he may properly organize his life; the selfist simply needs time to himself. Whereas the 
selfish gets to a point where he must deprive others of his resources in an attempt to have more. The 
selfist still empathizes and cares for others but has simply reached a point where he must now care 
for himself. The selfish cares only for himself. 

33 For it is usually the selfishness of others that causes the selfist to withdraw into seclusion. You 
will learn that those who care little for your spiritual growth have not the capacity to truly care for 
you. Therefore, cling only to GOD. Give your heart to GOD only; express your deepest thoughts and 
emotions to GOD only. Others will only continue to hold you to their own needs and wants. 

34 In fact, many spiritual teachers have failed to reach their full potential because they’ve spent too 
much time debating, arguing and trying to convince others of GOD’s Love without taking some time 
to experience such Love for themselves. It is known by the wise that NO PERSONAL TIME or 
thought should be given to those who do not respect the Truth. They’ll get it one day. 

35 Many spiritual teachers have painfully learned that when they have given up their spiritual lives 
for the comfort of others who care not for the things of the spirit, they (the teachers) end up with 
nothing. They do not gain the spirit, nor the friendship or resources they’ve forfeited their spiritual 
path for. 

36 In the end, the spiritual teacher that has given up the pursuit of perfection for family and friends 
finds that such family and friends never really cared for the teacher to begin with; they were only 
looking to secure their own needs and insecurities at the time. 

37 In the end when you are left unfulfilled and ultimately unhappy in your older years, you will 
find your own family and friends apologizing to you, saying that you should have stayed on your path 
and not have listened to them because they were only thinking of themselves at the time. In the present 
moment while the argument, debate and questioning is going on, everyone seems right. 

38 Everyone is a master spiritual teacher expounding upon THEIR wisdoms and truths when they 
are arguing for THEIR interests. However, in the end it is you who suffers for not having the courage 
to follow your own heart and vision. Be strong. 

39 The questions for you are: How serious are you about GOD? How serious are you about the 
development of YOUR spiritual character? Many millions of people are familiar with the World’s 
spiritual teachings, but fail to actually practice them when the path of life turns turbulent. Many people 
desire to live in paradise, in peace, love, unity and joy, but in actuality they really don’t believe such 
states are possible for them. For them, these states of awareness are only words, and this is what 
makes life difficult for them. 

40 They say “I believe in GOD” until they experience the death of a loved one. They thank GOD 
for their good fortune, but then forget about GOD when they cannot seem to achieve what they want 
for themselves. They read spiritual texts of all sorts, only to pick out the parts that they are 
comfortable living with. All of this makes life hard for them, and if you continue to align yourself 
with such people you will NOT experience all that the true and living GOD has in store for YOU. 

41 If you believe in GOD, then BELIEVE IN GOD! If you believe in a spirit realm then don’t cry 
at funerals. If you believe in universal order and “what goes around comes around” then don’t be 
disappointed when things don’t go your way, or when others suffer because of their own thinking and 
actions. Make the decision to finally take your spiritual life seriously. BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF! 

42 As you grow spiritually, stressful decisions and/or life events will all be part of your growth 
and maturity. Stay focused! Even if you fall at times and revert back to your old self and feelings, 
simply get back up and re-align yourself to the desire in your own heart for self-improvement. For 
there is no final judgment for the one who is truly seeking perfection. Such a seeking is the true 
character of a spiritually alive Hiphoppa. 

43 However, the worst thing that you can do is ignore the Truth when it is in your face. Many 
people suffer today because when real Truth was in their presence they debated it, they disrespected it, 
they ignored it. You cannot afford to make such mistakes. Do not criticize or judge anyone too 
harshly, and do not run from challenging situations. Give a divine performance in all areas of life. 

44 For it is truly wonderful to be alone in the desert, mountains and/or forests at peace practicing 
one’s disciplines. But the true test of your discipline is to be in the stressful, depressed and/or lustful 
influences of the inner city and still maintain your discipline, principles and peace. Such is truly a 
divine performance. 

45 However, at the beginning stages of one’s spiritual development it is almost impossible to be 
around those who care little for spiritual reality. In fact, it is at the very beginning and at the very end 
of your spiritual training that you will find it most difficult to associate with others. 

46 For when your character is one of righteousness others, suffering from guilt, will feel 
uncomfortable around you. When you are succeeding because of your principles others without 
success will become jealous and bitter toward you. For it is the most difficult thing to endure, having 
your own family and friends bitter and jealous because of your success. 

47 If you choose to remain within the company of such people, you will find yourself in a very 
strange situation where you are constandy compromising yourself for others; always putting your 
happiness aside for others, always turning your light down so that others can feel comfortable and 

48 In such an unfair situation you will often have to turn your light down for the sake of others. 
You will have to alter your true personality so that others may feel comfortable around you. All of 
this is destructive to the development of your true SELF! Yes, it is the selfless life that eases the pain 
of other people’s immaturity, but the attuned Hiphoppa does not live in denial. You have the right to 
preserve yourself and your inner joy. Don’t let people take advantage of your God-nature. God is to 

be understood, not used. 

49 Please remember, those who do not walk your path cannot experience your reality. You can 
share your reality with them but in the end they will betray you; they have no choice. It is not that they 
actually want to betray you; it is more the fact that they are simply acting from their level of 
awareness, from their insecurities, from their character which in many ways is contrary to yours. 

50 Therefore, it is important that you develop a habit of non-attachment. This life requires that you 
remain independent and self-sufficient. Not in a non-trusting or in an “I’m better than everyone else ” 
attitude, but very strategically and with care for all who surround you, remain independent and self- 
sufficient in all dealings. Maintain your own space; this is the creation of your Temple of Hiphop. 

51 Your heart is full of love, yet you are surrounded by jealousy and bitterness. You actually care 
about people, yet very few actually care about you. At some point you must get to your place of peace. 
At some point you are going to have to build your sacred space; your temple. Every man and woman 
of God must have a place outside of the World, family and friends in which they can go to receive 
rest, rejuvenation and instruction. 

52 At some point you are going to have to STAND UP for your SELF! Now may be the time to 
truly and unapologetically LOVE YOUR SELF! If no one around you is willing to truly love you, 
care for you and make you happy as you are doing for them, then it is of extreme importance that you 
take responsibility for your Self and love, care for, and make your Self happy — such is truly your 
only real purpose in life. 

53 You cannot allow your loving heart to lead you down a sucker’s path. You cannot allow your 
humility to keep you in a subservient position in your own life, in your own house and with your own 
family and friends. 

54 You cannot keep running around putting out everyone else’s fires, neglecting your own 
burning house! You cannot continue to compromise yourself and expect to be fulfilled in your life. 
You cannot continue to love those who do not or cannot love you back. These events will destroy you. 

55 Be the higher, wiser, stronger YOU at all costs and may your performances always draw the 
applause of GOD. There it is! 



1 The H-LAW is an acronym for Health, Love, Awareness and Wealth. This code of conduct, the 
H-LAW, governs and protects the quality of the Hiphop lifestyle. This is what Hip Hop actually 
produces for the Hiphoppa. 

2 Hiphoppas who are true to Hiphop as a strategy toward self-improvement and empowerment 
comply with this advice and seek not to transgress it. The H-LAW is actually the divine condition (or 
nature) of the true Hiphoppa. 

3 The natural condition (or nature) of other cultures produces for them the laws that govern the 
development of those cultures. All cultures are not the same, and therefore are not governed by the 
same laws of development as their neighbors may be. Every thought and act of the attuned Hiphoppa 
can be checked against the H-LAW. For this law/condition is one of the first foundations needed to 
understand an attuned Hip Hop lifestyle. 

4 The H-LAW is sometimes called Hiphop ’s laws because, in addition to being a time-tested set of 
virtues to observe, it is the actual life guide used by Temple Members to achieve and maintain 
personal peace and lasting prosperity. The H-LAW can also be contemplated as Hiphop’s Lessons 
And Wisdom. 

5 However, the H-LAW is not to be observed as four individual codes of conduct. Instead, the H- 
LAW is to be observed as one collective behavior toward peace and sustained prosperity. Health, 
Love, Awareness and Wealth are all principles that work together toward one’s total well-being and 
joy. This is what Hiphop is all about; Hiphop is all about producing health, love, awareness, and 
wealth for Hiphoppas. But remember, the gifts of the spirit are reserved for those who live in spirit. 
Many people desire the gifts of supernatural health, everlasting love, expanded awareness and 
abundant wealth, but fail to live the life that causes such conditions. 

b When the H-LAW is one’s regular habit the traps and obstacles of urban life lessen dramatically. 
Commit to this lifestyle and try not to contradict it! Stay committed to the perfection of your Self, but 
engage the H-LAW cautiously and gradually. This is real! We can send our minds and bodies into 
shock when we suddenly change the habits that we have engaged in for so long. 

Therefore, gradually adopt the lifestyle that is prescribed here. Do not try to swallow everything 
at once. However, when you have adopted it, do not send your mind and body into shock by 
contradicting your principles. Perfect your Health! Perfect your Love! Perfect your Awareness! 
Perfect your Wealth! But do it gradually. Do not say; Ain’t nobody perfect. Say instead; I am not 
perfect yet! Or; I am being perfected. 

8 Get in the habit of visiting and then living the reality of your Higher Self. Reach for a habitual 
lifestyle that includes no intoxicants, no excessive eating, control of sexual desires, a vegetarian and 
health-conscious diet, cleanliness, the practice of your chosen skill, the study of important facts and 
updated knowledge, prayer, visualization, exercise and rest. 

J These repeated activities lead to personal peace and power while the opposite leads to personal 
stress and worry. Rise up! Arise to your Higher Self! YOU ARE A GOD FORCE. 

10 The Truth is that being attracted to the spirit realm only means that you belong there. Other 
people belong other places, but you are attracted to the things of the spirit because that is who you are. 
Your very being is divine and is moving toward its ultimate fulfillment. The question is, will you be 

ready when you become your Higher Self? 

11 The Hiphop spiritual life is not so much about adding to one’s self or seeking a new knowledge 
of some sort. Spiritually living Hip Hop seems to be about preparing for the inevitable coming of 
your Higher Self into physical manifestation. Instead of adding to one’s self, Hip Hop’s spiritual path 
is all about subtracting useless ideas and outdated education from the memory of one’s soul. 

12 Most people make the mistake of thinking that the spiritual life is to be attained after a rigorous 
practice of self-restraint and prayer. This is not altogether true. Yes, self-restraint and prayer are 
critical to one’s spiritual development, but we’ve learned now that once you have committed even one 
time to the actualization of your Higher Self it is inevitable that such a Self will materialize at some 
point in your life. 

13 The issue is not whether you will attain a higher, deeper level of spiritual awareness, the issue 
is will you be prepared when your higher, deeper level of spiritual awareness arrives? Will you be 
still doing the same immature things you’ve been doing when your Higher Self arrives? Such 
contradictions are indeed dangerous and even embarrassing. 

14 The language you spoke as a child you can no longer speak as an adult, and the language you 
spoke as an adult you can no longer speak as a teacha. Right now you are pregnant with your Higher 
Self. However, the question is, will you be prepared when such a Self is born? 

15 Much of the H-LAW’s practice has to do with first strengthening one’s will to even achieve 
such a condition. We are talking here about health, love, awareness and wealth, and to achieve any one 
of these conditions the will of the Hiphoppa will have to be strong. For without willpower nothing that 
the mind wants to do will ever get done. 

16 Know this. It is the will of the Hiphoppa that directs that Hiphoppa’s electro-magnetic energy. It 
is the will of the Hiphoppa that causes that Hiphoppa’s Hip Hop life to begin. Hip Hop is willed into 
existence. Hip Hop is deliberately produced, it is willed into existence by God. And this is what every 
attuned Hiphoppa must know; God wills things into existence. 

17 God’s Work is God’s Will. Here, we observe that spiritual strength is found in one’s mastery of 
one’s will. It is the will that resists temptation. It is the will that seeks GOD. It is the will that pushes 
you and urges you onward toward your completion. It is the will that achieves goals and manifests 
visions. All of these are possible with a strong will, and strength of will is produced by uniting your 
will with the Will of God. 

18 Will is spiritual energy, and it requires spiritual management. Will-power begins as an attitude. 
“I will” is forward movement, but “I won’t” is also forward movement. The first, “I will,” affirms the 
strength to proceed into a new experience. The second, “I won’t,” affirms the strength to remain in the 
same condition. Neither is good or bad, but one (“I will”) moves you forward to achieve, while the 
other (“I won’t”) moves you forward as you are. 

19 “I won’t” is just as powerful a statement as “I will” because “I won’t” is really “I will not,” and 
whether you affirm “I will” or “I will not” you are still willing. You either will move or you will not 
move, but both require will-power to achieve. To do nothing requires will-power, and to do 
something requires will-power. 

20 Know this. A spiritual man without a strong will is like a beautiful car without a steering wheel. 
Will-power is your inner-energy emanating from your inner-G; your inner-guidance, your inner 
God, the Love. 

21 Everyone is moving forward. However, the question is, are you moving in the right direction? 
Some people are moving forward but away from their purpose. Others are moving forward toward 

disaster and hard times. However, the direction of your Hip Hop life is determined by the power and 
intensity of your will. 

22 The ability to fast, to resist temptation, to study, to exercise, even to practice B.E.G.D.B.F.L.K.E. 
all has to do with will - power and your level of will-power. The H-LAW strengthens the will of the 
Hiphoppa because it takes a higher level of will-power to create the habitual life prescribed here. 

23 Know this. Hip Hop’s spiritual lifestyle must be willed into existence because technically we are 
the first of our holy nation. And those Hiphoppas that are to come after us, future Hiphoppas, will 
have to follow the same technique in their (your) time because even then they (you) shall be the first 
in their (your) environment to seriously commit to such a practice. 

24 Commit to the H-LAW and then teach it to others. Many people do not even have a point of 
reference as to where they should begin the correction and further development of themselves. Help 
them! Help them with these instructions; you may actually save someone from a life of hardship, 
frustration and pain. Blessed are those who achieve and sustain their Higher Selves through the 
practice of the H-LAW. 


1 Health is a state of being at peace in one’s mind and body. It is the state of being well or whole. 
For Hiphoppas, health is the state of total physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being. 

2 A healthy Hiphoppa has a positive attitude about life itself and is at peace with the state of his 
physical body as well as his mind. A healthy Hiphoppa, even when sick, is undefeated! In fact, being 
healthy does not mean freedom from sickness; it means continuous healing. 

3 For we are all healing everyday. Right now as you read or hear this instrument you are healing. 
Your body and mind are all regenerating themselves and dissolving potential sicknesses right now at 
this very moment! The question is; what are YOU doing to assist in such a process? 

4 The body is in need of life-giving, nutritious foods, physical exercise and rest. The mind is in 
need of stimulating ideas, purpose and knowledge; especially knowledge about itself. The Spirit is in 
need of peace, love, unity and joy. Together they are all in need of a stable and nurturing 
environment. For Hiphoppas, this is a healthy lifestyle. 

5 Health is one of the only true forms of material wealth a Hiphoppa has. Therefore, throughout 
our lifetime we must seek to spend our health (wealth) wisely. Health is also about overcoming 
sickness. Not that you will never be sick, but how fast do you overcome and/or recover from 
sickness? Even prevent sickness? All of this points to good health. 

However, we must not wait until we are sick to try to be healthy. Instead, when we are healthy we 
should try to be even healthier. Isn’t it funny how when we are sick and we wish to recover, we eat all 
the right things and get plenty of rest? Then when we fully recover because of the healthy foods, 
drugs and rest we have taken, we go right back to the very foods, drugs and nonstop activities that got 
us sick in the first place. We must reverse this. 

Be wise about your health. Prevention is the key! Don’t use the hospital to patch yourself up 
after you’ve become sick. Use the hospital and the expertise it provides to prevent sickness and 
physical harm to yourself. Before you become a diabetic you should eat as if you are recovering 
from diabetes now. Before you are diagnosed with cancer you should eat, think and live as if you are 
trying to overcome cancer now! 

If you know that certain foods, drugs and even rest periods are responsible for the recovery of 


your health when you are sick, then why not make these certain foods, drugs and rest periods a 
regular habit in your daily life before you get sick? Why not eat healthy now and rest as often as you 
can so that you may dramatically decrease your chances of being sick at all? This is what it means to 
be conscious, or aware. 

Isn’t it funny, even ironic, how you can never find time to rest and care for yourself until you 
get sick? As long as you can move around you will. You will work, work, work, work, work and even 
work some more with no time toward the upkeep of yourself until you get seriously ill. You can 
never find time to rest or read, or commune with GOD, or listen to soothing, relaxing, healing music 
until you are confined to a bed, sick and in pain. We must reverse this. 

10 Why must your God slap you down in sickness for you to focus upon your own well-being 
today? Is this not immature on your part? Shouldn’t you be voluntarily seeking and planning your 
own well-being through moments of rest, right thinking, right eating and exercise? Or is this the true 
purpose for sickness, to get you to focus upon those things that truly matter? 

11 Isn’t it equally ironic how your friends, family and even employers will deny you time to 
yourself unless you are sick and in pain? It seems that only when you are sick can your so-called 
friends and family, as well as your bosses, treat you the way that they are supposed to in order to 
maintain your good health. When you were up and about, healthy and working, it was actually them 
and their situations that made you sick! 

12 When you are sick and in pain, it seems to be at that time that you focus upon all that you 
should have done to remain healthy. All of your goals and dreams seem very important when you are 
sick. Nothing going on in the World seems to be of much importance when you are sick and focused 
upon your recovery. Grow up, Hiphoppa! Prevention is the key to good health. 

13 Achieve your goals now while you are in good health. Seek your God now while you are in 
good health! Eat right, think right, and live right while you are in good health. Do not squander the 
riches of your good health on lust, drugs, overeating, partying, anger, worry and/or depression. 
Respect your Self! Do not neglect your Self! Every day that you are healthy is a day to rejoice! Every 
healthy moment that you experience is an opportunity to achieve your life purpose. Cherish and make 
wise use of your healthy days. 

14 Without good health all Worldly goals will be difficult to achieve. Joy is an effect of good 
health. Peace is an effect of good health. Every act or thought should be checked against one’s status 
of good health. For in the World there is nothing more important to preserve than one’s good health. 
If you are healthy there is no need to ever really be depressed. Health is happiness. Be happy today. 
Do not wait until you are sick to then realize this Truth. 

15 Good physical health can be sustained with discipline (self-control), while sickness almost 
always begins with temptation (spiritual weakness). Not that you will never be sick in life, but 
discipline (self-control) minimizes your chances of attracting certain illnesses that could have 
otherwise been avoided. 

16 To ensure good health the attuned Hiphoppa must first adopt a habit of responsible thinking and 
eating. In this Overstanding the Temple of Hiphop offers a standard strategy toward responsible 
thinking and eating and good overall health. However, the attuned Hiphoppa must discover, study and 
know the make-up of his own mind and physical body in order to reach a maximum level of personal 
health. Study yourself. 

17 The attuned Hiphoppa must know what foods, thoughts and environments he is allergic to and 
which enhance his well-being. 

18 The attuned Hiphoppa must know or begin to pay more attention to the foods, thoughts and 
environments that setde the body, mind and Spirit. What is healthy to some can easily cause sickness 
in others. One man’s poison is another man’s cure. Know thy Self. 

19 Even if you are sick today do not allow such sickness to overcome your ability to cure 
yourself. All sickness is curable. Listen to your own inner-voice and be guided. Do not be led by the 
negative or positive reports of doctors and nurses. They have been baffled over and over again by the 
human body’s own miraculous healing abilities. Go wherever you must go and do whatever you must 
do to achieve maximum health. Listen and be guided. Know thy Self! 

20 In addition to knowing the deeper essence of your Self, it is just as important to consciously 
take care of your Self Neglect is the number one cause of fatal illnesses. Do not neglect your Self! 
Respect your Self! Check your status of health regularly. Not just by getting a physical check-up, but 
by seriously examining what works for the sustainment of your well-being and what simply does not. 

21 Others may be able to indulge in fast foods, smoking, drinking, etc., but because of the life path 
that you have chosen such simple pleasures may indeed be toxic to you. Others may vomit at the very 
smell of bitter herbs and raw vegetables. However, because of the life path that you have chosen such 
foods may be exacdy what you need to survive. Do not force your way upon anyone, and equally 
allow no one to force their way upon you. Know thy Self! 

22 On the subject of good physical health there is no one strategy fits all recipe. And those who 
refuse to modify and/or change their destructive thinking habits will have little success with 
maintaining good physical health even if they change their diet. Sickness is almost always caused by 
self-neglect and/or destructive thinking habits. However, there are some general principles to 
achieving good physical health that can get anyone started toward realizing the H-LAW. They are as 

23 First Principle. First the attuned Hiphoppa must come to the realization that the term food is a 
misleading tide. Most people believe the term food means anything that you can eat. This is not true. 
Food is any substance that provides nutrition or maintains life. Ideas are also food. In fact, it is usually 
the consumption of the food idea that leads us to the physical eating of a specific food item. One 
should first avoid eating bad food ideas. 

24 The body is nourished by life-sustaining foods while the mind is nourished by life-sustaining 
ideas. The Spirit is nourished by love while society is nourished by order. If any one of these foods 
(proteins, water, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, productive ideas, love, purpose, peace, order, 
etc.) is missing from one’s regular diet, sickness (spiritual disharmony/weakness) is bound to 

25 Food is a misleading term because everything one eats does not maintain the vitality of one’s 
life. The attuned Hiphoppa must find life-giving food and eat it. Everything edible is not food. Every 
new idea is not nourishing. Every environment does not enhance your well-being. Know thy Self! 

26 Actually, the term food should be thought of as either energy/vibrations or as chemicals. For 
the stomach knows not what is warm, cold, hot, or freezing and the mind eats both love and hate. 

27 The small and large intestines know not sour or sweet, salty or bitter. All foods are read by the 
internal organs as chemicals. It is mosdy the tongue that determines what is sweet, sour, salty, bitter, 
hot, cold, warm, or freezing. But these are sensations that mosdy happen in the mouth, whereas such 
sweet, salty, and bitter, tastes can produce some very harmful effects upon other areas of the body 
once leaving the mouth. 

Likewise, all ideas are eaten by the mind as vibrations. Both harmonious and dis-harmonious 


ideas are eaten and digested by the mind, which in turn manifests the essence and intention of such 
ideas in the life of the (eater) thinker. The act of reflection is the mind’s digestive process. The more 
you think about something the realer it becomes. Such an idea is digested in the mind as good, evil, 
happy, or sad based upon the experiences of one’s life and what set of values one has chosen to live 


29 The attuned Hiphoppa must begin to eat not just for the tongue but for the total well-being of 
the body and mind. For sickness is almost always an indication that one is out of harmony with one’s 
true being. However, on the subject of food when one’s mind is fresh and clean one will seek and eat 
foods that are fresh and clean. 

30 Most people judge how they are going to eat and think based upon the reactions of the tongue 
and/or the emotions. These acts are immature. Taste has lithe to do with health and likewise, basing 
one’s expanded awareness on if it feels good or not prevents the true Hiphoppa from gaining wisdom. 

31 For it is when we are challenged and threatened that we learn of our strengths and weaknesses, 
and we become wise. However, most people simply don’t want to go through pain, suffering and/or 
hard times to become wise; yet most people desire to be wise. 

32 Likewise, few people voluntarily invite the bitter and sour tastes of life. But everyone desires to 
be prosperous and strong. Sure, there are some stimulating benefits to good tasting foods, as well as 
emotionally stimulating ideas, but taste and soothing emotional ideas alone cannot compare to the 
benefits of simply eating and thinking to productively live and develop. 

33 Most people despise rain, for when it is raining and/or snowing everyone appears to be 
inconvenienced. However, it is during these seasons that the Earth is preparing to bring forth its 
harvest. No rain, no harvest! 

34 Hiphoppas must begin to get accustomed to the delight of bitter, raw, sour and/or room- 
temperature foods just as we would delight in sweet, cooked, salty, hot and/or cold foods. Hiphoppas 
must get use to the rainy and stormy seasons of life and use those difficult times as moments to 
spiritually learn, grow and seek opportunity. Such habits create wisdom. 

35 In our time there is no way around this discipline. Just as rainy days are bound to happen in 
one’s life so that the harvest can come later, all foods (bitter or sweet) are chemicals and all food 
combinations (causes) are like mixing chemicals in the laboratory of your physical body 
(manifesting an effect). 

36 When we feel sick because of what we have eaten, it is because we have violated the delicate 
balance of our physical bodies by disregarding the very real reality of what nurtures the body, mind 
and/or even the Spirit. In reality, when we disregard Truth we suffer. However, all suffering is 
temporary. In fact, the attuned Hiphoppa has realized that suffering is actually a purifier. It is a 
director. It is a common creator of wisdom. Suffer once or twice, but learn your lesson! 

37 It is with wisdom (and usually in hindsight) that people see how their hardest and most difficult 
times in life were actually the times that they grew up and realized more Truth. It is for these reasons 
that wise people are scarce and hard to come by. It is because no one chooses to suffer so that they 
may become wise. 

38 Likewise, few people are willing to eat the bitter and sour foods of the Earth even if such foods 
are healthier for them than the sweeter and tastier foods they are accustomed to. Yet when they 
become ill, they seem to find the discipline to eat the necessary foods required for healing. But again, 
why must we wait until we are suffering to simply eat right, rest and exercise? It is obvious that if we 
always eat as if we are recovering from illness, we shall never be sick. 


Know this. To spiritually grow we must get accustomed to (and even invite at times) the 
suffering, failures and disappointments of life, for they are not actually setbacks, they are the way in 
which many human beings learn. Such suffering is usually caused by not taking your Self seriously. 

40 If you have declared your spiritual identity, then you must seriously live it out or you shall 
physically deteriorate. Things that others can do freely and effortiessly in the physical World, you 
will not be able to do. However, the things that you can do freely and effordessly in the physical 
World as well as in the spiritual realm, others will not be able to do. Know thy Self! Love thy Self! 
And most of all, respect thy Self. Don’t apologize for your blessing, don’t hide your Self; reveal your 


One of the most difficult things for any seeker of Truth to achieve is to simply take his or her 
spiritual Self seriously. Sometimes it is just too much to believe that you are actually the one chosen 
by GOD to fulfill the purpose of the universe. What an honor, and what a burden! However, if you 
continue to doubt, fear and/or fail to put aside old habits and pleasures in exchange for the 
manifestation of your true life purpose, then you shall truly suffer and deteriorate, achieving nothing 
in the end. Grow up! 

42 GOD has but one purpose for you, and if you fail to fulfill it, the universe itself has no use for 
you! This is where sickness and suffering begins. Through suffering the mind of the universe teaches 
and directs those that have a special purpose. Know thy Self! 

43 Seeing suffering, failure and disappointment as purifiers, life-guides and wisdom builders, the 
Hiphoppa learns quickly what to do and what not to do in order to establish a lasting peace in one’s 
life. Suddenly wise advice, or the privilege of learning without suffering, becomes very useful and 
important. Perform Listening. 

44 For just as the body reads material food items as chemical compounds and digests these foods 
according to physics, not according to whether it tastes one way or another, the Hiphoppa has realized 
that all life circumstances are created for the further perfecting of one’s Self. All circumstances (good 
or bad, tasty or bitter) are to be used toward one’s own advancement and the advancement of others. 

45 Remember, Love and forgiveness replenish while hate and resentment deplete. If you wish to 
sustain the health of your body you must sustain the health of your mind. Remember, whatever the 
mind creates, the mind must maintain. Believe in your Self! Take your divine Self seriously! Do not 
neglect your Self! 

46 Second Principle. Foods are moods. All foods are drugs. Food can stimulate certain physical 
and mental activities as well as hinder the same. Ideas are the same. Ideas motivated by hate, worry, 
and fear have real chemical reactions upon the physical body. Love, faith and knowledge have their 
physical effects as well. 

47 The attuned Hiphoppa must begin to break away from the addictions of poisonous edible items, 
some of which are: caffeine, worry, alcohol, anger, sugar, hate, guilt and salt. These drugs/moods are 
almost as addictive as heroin, revenge, cocaine, anxiety, stress and morphine. In some instances, 
sugar, salt, guilt, hate, caffeine, selfishness and alcohol are even harder to resist and/or release one’s 
self from simply because of the World’s acceptance of these drugs/moods. 

48 Hiphoppas must begin to train themselves to accept and eat foods/ideas that are free from these 
drugs/moods. In our time there is no way around this discipline. Slowly but surely the Hiphoppa must 
lessen his intake of all drugs/moods until it is clearly a choice to ingest them and not an addiction. 

49 Third Principle. The Temple of Hip Hop advises all members to lessen their intake and 
eventually abstain from the eating of animals and animal products. This includes milk, cheese, butter, 

lard, eggs and other animal products. 

50 There is simply too much evidence that points to the destructive results of continuously eating 
animals and their products. If at all possible, try to add more wheat, barley, tomatoes, beans, peas, 
strawberries and garlic to your diet. Try to eat more organic green vegetables that are free from 
pesticides and other harmful chemicals, and drink an abundance of distilled water if available. 

51 Although we recognize that all of nature is eating itself and even though we do not criticize, 
condemn, nor judge those that are carnivorous, it is our conscious respect for life and the suffering 
of all life-forms that concerns us most. 

52 The philosophy of our temple on this matter is that no living creature should be subjected to 
serve another against its free will. With the discovery of alternative food sources, one day Hiphoppas 
will not have to participate in the destruction of other life-forms just to eat. One day we shall be able 
to feed ourselves without the use of plant and/or animal body parts. 

53 We regard all life as part of the Great Event. We (Hiphoppas) are not superior to any living 
creature. All life is participating in the same Great Event and therefore belongs to the same common 
family. We all have a right and a purpose to be here. We anticipate the day when we are able to 
communicate with other life-forms and not just eat them or have them eat us to live! The answers to 
many of our human challenges are found in those life-forms that we continuously kill and eat. 

54 Although in our time it may be difficult or seemingly impossible for even attuned Hiphoppas to 
discontinue the consumption of other life-forms it is clearly a goal that all attuned Hiphoppas are 
required to consider and possibly achieve. Every time we sit down to eat, let us also thank the Spirit of 
the life-forms that we are eating as well as those that have paid for and prepared the meal. Simone G. 
Parker provides us with a meal prayer. Let us affirm... 

Thank you GOD, for you have once again showered us with an abundance of food. Let our 
mouths enjoy the taste as our bodies receive the blessings, and the angels of digestion and 
nutrition guide us through this meal toward a healthy and happy outcome. There it is! 

55 Fourth Principle. With the third principle in mind, every seven days Hiphoppas should 
increase their water intake. One should drink water and water-based soups and eat or drink fruits and 
vegetables often. 

56 Medicinal teas, tonics, love, herbs, faith and certain roots are also acceptable. But if these items 
are already part of one’s regular diet a physical fast will not be necessary. 

57 Every seventh day is called a day of abnegation — a time when attuned Hiphoppas not only 
abstain from certain foods, but also abstain from certain pleasures, desires, environments, the 
careless spending of money and non-productive ideas and/or people. Seek silence. Quiet yourself. 
Not just your mouth and/or voice, but your desires and emotions, your wants and needs. 

58 We must voluntarily abstain from pleasure and desire before the universe itself forces us into 
this position through sickness and/or accident. We must not overindulge in the pleasures of life or 
eventually they will lead to suffering. And in such suffering we may acquire a dislike and disinterest 
in such pleasures. Then how shall we be happy? 

59 Be happy! And take time to make your body happy as well. Do not deny your flesh that which 
makes it happy. However, with all pleasures and desires use moderation so that such pleasures and 
desires remain pleasures and desires. Reward yourself with pleasure only after you have a firm grip 
upon the disciplines of your life. Pleasurable desires such as sex for example are actually healthy; an 
active sex life actually prolongs your life. Use your pleasures; do not let them use you! 

Prove to yourself that you have total control over the pleasures and passions of the flesh by not 
always indulging in them. Only then can you truly enjoy them. Practice pleasure-fasting regularly. In 
the beginning days of your spiritual training, every seven times that you deny yourself pleasure, you 
may give in to your pleasurable desires once. Perform Discipline. 

61 Remember, the flesh can be controlled and subdued but it will not be denied until you are totally 
in Spirit and away from the happenings of the material World. To be happy, seek this balance. 

62 Fifth Principle. The Temple of Hip Hop advises its members to walk often, visualizing one’s 
Self healthy and at peace. Go outside and walk! Some might walk in the evening while others may 
walk in the morning. Do whatever works for you. But walk and/or run as often as you can. The idea is 
to get your heart pumping at about 120 beats per minute for 20 minutes, three times a week. While 
walking, breathe through your nostrils, visualizing a healthy body, mind and Spirit. 

63 Although it is almost forgotten today, walking is a necessary part of the philosophical life. To 
stimulate one’s reasoning abilities as well as other faculties of the brain, one must walk. Higher 
consciousness and critical thinking are gready stimulated by regular periods of walking. Try to 
remember that it is not just air that we breathe. We are also inhaling and exhaling consciousness. 
Mastery of one’s own breathing is another key to good health. Therefore, do not become addicted to 
sitting and/or allowing your mind to continuously wonder. Be active! Walk and run as often as you 
can. Breathe! And study the benefits of certain breathing techniques. 

64 Sixth Principle. The Temple of Hip Hop advises its members to stop eating solid foods at least 
two hours before sleeping. Attuned Hiphoppas should wake up to the daily diet of prayer as food then 
water or tea, then fruit, then soup and then solid food. Such a process can also be reversed as one 
prepares for sleep. 

65 Hiphoppas are advised to eat little meals throughout the day, as opposed to several big meals at 
certain times of the day, and with alcohol to use moderation. One shot of whiskey, or four glasses of 
beer, or a half bo the of wine three times a week is moderate. 

Seventh Principle. Attuned Hiphoppas are prohibited from consuming food/drugs to which 
there is no purpose. The Temple of Hiphop recognizes the medicinal uses of all food/drugs but 
advises its members against using, abusing or misusing any food/drug just because it might be 
considered cool or even popular to do so. With all foods and drugs be responsible, follow the given 
directions and use them in moderation. 

If a Hiphoppa consumes a food/drug for the purpose of relaxation, that Hiphoppa should also 
find out what is stressing, aggravating or agitating her well-being. The Hiphoppa should seek the total 
elimination of the stress, etc., and avoid the habitual consumption of the food/drug. Seek freedom. 

68 Although it is easier said than done, Hiphoppas must practice controlling their emotions. Do 
not allow yourself to become upset to the point of openly expressing an angry or depressed response. 
Practice making awareness your habit, peace your habit, love your habit; not drugs or foods. 

69 If a Hiphoppa consumes a food/drug for the purpose of relieving depression, the Hiphoppa 
should seek to find out why she is depressed. Hiphoppas are encouraged to take control of 
themselves! This does not always mean self-restraint. Here, control of one’s self means that the 
Hiphoppa has made a choice not to become over -worried, over-saddened, or even over-angered. 
Ultimately, YOU are in control of YOU! 

70 Acknowledging only GOD as real and valuable, the attuned Hiphoppa lives life fearlessly! For 
every challenge (or life circumstance) is a test to make the Hiphoppa a stronger, wiser and better 

71 The Hiphoppa should finally realize that she is in control of all emotions, moods, desires and 
feelings experienced in the mind, body and Spirit. While foods and drugs may offer temporary relief, 
the Hiphoppa should seek the real cause of such discomfort and heal it. Remember, what is true may 
not necessarily be the Truth . Seek freedom. 

72 Hiphoppas should never assume that food/drugs are the cure for sickness or discomfort. The 
cure is usually found in the balancing or fine-tuning of one’s life. 

73 The questions one must ask are: Where am I out of balance? Why am I not satisfied? What am I 
afraid of? What am I worried about? Sometimes the body can be relieved or temporarily restored, 
even strengthened with the correct use of a certain food/drug. However, food/drugs should not be a 
substitute for simply eliminating the bad habit, situation or inadequacy that has caused the imbalance 
in one’s life. 

74 When under the influence of a medicinal food/drug the Hiphoppa should use that time of relief 
to seek, learn from and ultimately eliminate the real problems in her life if there are any. This was 
(and still is) the original reason for ingesting a food/drug — it was to expand awareness, heal and/or 
find answers; even see one’s future. It is a known fact that the origins of knowledge and many useful 
inventions began with the use of mind-altering drugs. 

75 Although some food/drugs like marijuana seem to stimulate the Hiphoppa’s artistic, intuitive 
and/or academic abilities, the effects are temporary. Hiphoppas are advised to ingest and offer all 
foods/drugs with a specific purpose in mind. However, if the Hiphoppa cannot achieve academic, 
intuitive, spiritual or creative greatness without the assistance of a specific food/drug, that Hiphoppa 
must investigate the reasons for such mental or intuitive shortcomings and use such food/drugs in 
moderation, ceasing her dependency upon the use of such a food/drug. 

In no way whatsoever does the Temple of Hip Hop advise its members or the general public to 
engage or not engage in the legal or illegal drug trade. Our aim here is to advise our people about 
their health and expand the discussion on food and drug use within our communities. Drugs like 
marijuana are used to sustain or enhance human performance and induce a feeling of well-being and 
relaxation. From shamanistic knowledge to the oracles at Delphi certain natural hallucinogenic 
food/drugs have been part of the development of human awareness since the dawn of human 

In fact, to speak against ALL drug use as somehow wrong or shameful is irresponsible and it 
impedes upon a person’s Freedom of Mind. No, we don’t want young children experimenting with 
unsafe foods and mind-altering drugs. However, adult Hiphoppas do retain the right to self-medicate. 
Drug use is not the problem, it is drug abuse that is the problem and that’s why young people 
shouldn’t have free access to such substances. To abuse or misuse any food/drug is indeed 
irresponsible and even dangerous. Drugs are to be used, not abused. 

The deeper questions here are, what is the criteria as to what state of mind a person should be 
in? Is it even right to judge what kind of mind-state is good or bad for someone other than yourself? 
Caffeine, Viagra, anti-depressants, alcohol, aspirin, cold and cough medicines and even medicinal 
teas are all drugs, or rather conventionally accepted stimulants. In the name of freedom, can anyone 
judge the enhancement of another person’s quality of life? 

Marijuana (as an example), different from aspirin, is a quality of life drug. Aspirin is more of a 
quantity of life drug; it may help you to live longer. However, upon closer observation the line 
between quantity and quality of life may be interpreted one way or the other based upon the 
experiences of the user. Sometimes the use of certain drugs enhances both the quality and quantity of 
one’s life. 

; - r ' Still, Hiphoppas should know why they have chosen to ingest a drug. What’s the point? The 
Temple of Hip Hop advises its members against the continuous use of ALL food/drugs especially 
illegal food/drugs as it may cause legal harm to the Hiphoppa. Be careful! Agencies of all sorts are 
trying to trap Hiphoppas with our uses of legal and illegal foods and drugs. 

81 Take extra care especially when traveling. Think ahead. Follow all the traffic laws, even the 
ones that seem unfair and outdated, and wait until you are in a safe and stable place before you decide 
to ingest your food/drug of choice. Again, stay alert and be careful! If you are going to use drugs 
don’t abuse drugs. Be responsible! 

82 The Temple of Hip Hop advises its members to be extra careful when buying any food/drug in 
an unjust society. The safest course of action is to minimize or eliminate one’s dependency upon 
certain legal and illegal foods and drugs altogether. In addition, practice fear, doubt, anger and 
food/drug fasting regularly. Prove to your Self regularly that you can stop. Don’t make excuses! 
Conquer your addictions! 

83 Know this. The best time to quit an addiction is when you get sick. The next time you are 
physically sick, use that time to fully abstain from those addictions that may have helped to make you 
sick. Use the breakdown and recovery process of sickness to free yourself from addiction. Don’t 
make excuses! Conquer your drug addictions! Such acts prove your spiritual strength and trust before 

84 Eighth Principle. Hip Hop Kulture’s undisciplined and immature experiences with alcohol, 
tobacco and firearms have been devastating. For these reasons, Hiphoppas are advised to limit their 
alcohol intake and never operate heavy machinery like motor vehicles, factory machinery, exercise 
machinery, guns, etc., while under the influence of an intoxicating food or drug. And again, the 
Temple of Hip Hop advises against the habitual consumption of any food/drug product. This includes 
smoking. Prove to yourself that you can stop. Stop now! Be a friend to yourself; not an enemy. 
Establish your freedom and independence today! 

85 Weapons are to be kept safely and secredy in the house. Hiphoppas are not advised to carry 
their weapons outside of their homes unless they are teaching, participating in a weapons show or 
practicing, or there is an immediate danger threatening the safety of a Hiphoppa’s home, family or 
general well-being. 

; All Hiphoppas have the right to defend themselves and master the use of their weapons through 
practice. Using one’s weapons for anything other than practice and/or self-defense can eventually 
jeopardize one’s peace of mind, freedom and good health. 

87 Ninth Principle. The Temple of Hip Hop advises its members to plan for periods of rest. 
Attuned Hiphoppas enjoy rest and we rest often. 

88 Different from sleep which is a state of temporary unconsciousness and a decrease of bodily 
movement and responsiveness to the external World; rest is the easing of mental and/or physical 
exertion and/or activity. We sleep to achieve rest. 

Know this. Freedom is found in one’s ability to rest at will. Slaves cannot rest at will. 
Workaholics cannot rest at will. Those who place results above peace of mind cannot rest at will. 

0 Rest comes as a result of completion and/or victory. Rest is the actual manifestation of peace. 
Rest is freedom or relief from movement. It is the opposite of working. The decision to rest is 
evidence of one’s self-respect. Deciding to rest proves that you care about your mind and body and 
their abilities to perform. Rest is owed to the one who has worked. 

91 True Hiphoppas are never ashamed of rest, for rest is mental and emotional tranquility. The 

Temple of Hip Hop advises its members to plan for eight hours of sleep per day and at least one hour 
of rest; even more if necessary at times. 

92 Contrary to the belief that such regular amounts of sleep waste the years of one’s life, attuned 
Hiphoppas overstand that during sleep the total body (mind and Spirit as well) repairs and rejuvenates 

93 During sleep the body replenishes its life-force and vital fluids. It prepares to operate at its peak 
when you return to it (wake up). 

94 During sleep the mind is made aware through dreams, while the Spirit replenishes its life-force. 
Attuned Hiphoppas cherish sleep and rest, for sleep and rest are not wastes of time. They are 
requirements for maximum health, love, awareness and wealth. 

95 Seek to sleep and rest often. By studying and then practicing the science of breathing the 
Hiphoppa can achieve a rejuvenating rest without sleeping. Just thirty minutes of slow and long, deep 
abdominal breathing through the nostrils brings one’s mind and body rest. Prove your freedom and 
independence by resting at will. 

1 Tenth Principle. Personal hygiene also maintains good health. Hiphoppas are advised to wash 
their hands regularly and be mindful of their cleanliness and appearance. 

97 Although exposures to certain strands of bacteria have been found to actually strengthen one’s 
immune system, attuned Hiphoppas are advised to regularly disinfect and dust the rooms of their 
homes with antibacterial sprays and soaps, for these acts minimize the continuous accumulation of 
bacteria that can hinder one’s maximum health. 

i; Likewise, safe sex and abstinence has been a longstanding tradition amongst attuned Hiphoppas. 
In our time, sexually transmitted diseases and their causes cannot be immediately seen by the physical 

Invisible sexually transmitted diseases can only be seen by the mind’s eye. The physical eyes 
are deceived by beauty just as the physical ears are deceived by soft and sexy sound vibrations. 

100 Discipline is your only friend while temptation is your only enemy. With all matters dealing 
with sex and personal hygiene, perform discipline and self-respect. Seek to be physically and 
spiritually clean and not dirty. 

101 Show yourself the highest respect by committing to your own well-being. Self-control and 
self-respect are the best preventers of physical illness. Respect your Self! Do not neglect your Self! 

i ° 2 Eleventh Principle. Finally, attuned Hiphoppas are advised to pay more attention to their sense 
of smell. The sense of smell is direcdy connected to one’s memory. And a lot of times our actions, 
emotions and behaviors are influenced by certain smells even without us being conscious of those 

103 Each smell that we encounter triggers or creates specific memories in the mind that direcdy 
influence our behaviors, emotions, etc. This is why it is important to burn only one fragrance of 
incense at a time. This is because the sense of smell is our primal way of learning and hearing Nature. 

104 The sense of smell and the fragrances that it detects communicate valuable information to the 
mind. We don’t just hear, see and talk to communicate with Nature and each other, we also smell. Fear 
has a smell to it. Anger has a smell to it. Sex has a smell to it. Happiness and joy, even sadness all have 
smells (fragrances) to them. 

105 Vegetarians smell different from carnivores. Smokers emit a certain odor, as do alcoholics. 
Many animals can smell a storm coming, even earthquakes. Most mothers in Nature identify their 

children through smell and odor. People speak unconsciously about the smell of money, the smell of 
trouble, or something smells fishy. These metaphoric phrases actually have some reality in the realm 
of smell, fragrance and memory. 

106 The sense of smell is a very powerful trigger for the recall of certain memories. And this is 
why it is always best to document your good times and moments of peace, or victory, or courage, or 
love to a fragrance that captures that moment. This way, you may train your emotions to respond to 
your set of specific fragrances. Such a practice is commonly called aromatherapy, and there is more 
to this science than what is written here. 

107 The point here is for you to be conscious of what you and your environment smell like. Not 
just physically, but more importantiy, on that sub-atomic spiritual level. 

108 Try to emit a pleasant fragrance through a peacefully lived life. Peace has a smell to it as well. 
Let us try to smell like peace, love, unity and happiness. Let us seek to emit the fragrance of Health, 
Love, Awareness and Wealth to all of Nature’s beings. Such leads to good health. 

109 However, having outlined now these eleven basic principles to good health, let us remember 
that sickness is often a time to reflect upon what is most important in life. Often good-hearted people 
that are in good health still get sick so that they may focus upon becoming even healthier in Spirit, 
mind and body. Others of the spiritual path are protected by sickness; it prevents them from engaging 
in other activities that might have become worse for them than the actual illness they experience. 

110 Too often we will overwork or stress ourselves out, eventually causing ourselves an even 
greater harm than the sickness that we actually experience. Sometimes through sickness we are forced 
to stop our own activities and/or avoid the activities of others for our own greater good. Most minor 
sicknesses that are easily curable are often warnings against some life activity we are engaged in that 
shall eventually cause us an even greater suffering. 

111 True Hiphoppas are advised to pay attention to the minor illnesses of their lives to avoid the 
more major illnesses that can occur through neglect. Again, respect your Self! Do not neglect your 


1 Know this. Love is the essence of one’s being. It is a very real motivating, healing, nurturing 
force. It is you. 

2 One’s feeling of Love is the actual existence of one’s non-physical being. To Love is to care, to 
protect, to heal and to nurture. To Love is to surrender or transfer one’s being toward someone or 
something. Love is the essence of one’s being — one’s caring being. 

3 The act of loving is an act of self-enlargement; it is an act of spiritual growth. To Love is to 
extend one’s being; to enlarge the essence of one’s self to include the survival and comfort of one’s 
self and others. 

4 When Hiphoppas express Love we are transferring the essence of our being toward the person, 
place, thing, or event we are in Love with. To be in Love means that you have made a conscious 
decision to share or transfer the essence of your being to whomever or whatever you are in Love 

5 To Love yourself is to transfer the vital animating essence of your Self to yourself. It is a form 
of Self-strength. To Love others is to consciously transfer the essence of your being to them. 
However, to Love something or someone other than your Self more than you Love your Self will 

eventually lead to your weakness. 

h For when you Love someone it is very important that they Love you back. If you are not 
receiving the Love you are giving, such an unbalanced relationship will eventually lead to your 
suffering. In fact, most people suffer in their relationships because they usually Love people who do 
not truly Love them back. 

However, when one loves others on behalf of GOD or even loves others unconditionally 
because of one’s own life principles, one’s suffering is diminished dramatically. The attuned 
Hiphoppa expresses Love because such a principle is the essence of life itself, not because an 
individual deserves it. Love is to be lived, not given. 

8 There is no Love at first sight. There is only lust at first sight. Love comes with a knowing that 
is acquired over time. Love is committed. Love is not sex! 

The term making Love is misleading. Sex, no matter how gratifying, is not Love. To Love 
someone is to seriously know and care for the essence of that person. It is an acquired familiarity with 
the essence of a person. Love is a oneness in being. Like Hip Hop and Rap, Love and sex are two 
different things. 

10 Sex may be part of loving relationships, but love is not necessarily part of sexual relationships. 
Sex can be part of love, but Love is not part of sex. Love comes with trust. Lust does not, and sex is 
mosdy an act of pleasure or reproduction which in and of itself is good and right. 

11 However, the need for Love is a thirst of the Spirit. The need for sex is a thirst of the flesh. The 
decision between Love and lust is made in the mind. When people are in Love it means that they have 
decided to create a bond in being. 

12 When people are in lust it means that they have decided to pleasure one another through a 
variety of physical bonds and stimulants. Again, lust is a thirst of the flesh, while Love is a thirst of 
the Spirit; neither is above or below the other. 

is Nevertheless, the Temple of Hip Hop teaches that lust is natural. For without lust there would be 
very little physical attraction. Lust can also be calming, relaxing and even rejuvenating. However, lust 
is a craving that must be overcome or else it will strip you of your freedom, your good health and 
your peace of mind. Use lust; do not allow it to use you. 

14 Know this. Love holds together what lust attracts. Lust cannot hold any couple together; 
eventually, the decision to Love must come into play or the lust-driven couple will not remain 
committed to what has stimulated their physical senses in the beginning. In this example, lust is 
temporary attraction, while Love is a bond formed by an emotional commitment. 

15 Falling in Love is also a misleading term. You do not actually fall into Love. In actuality you 
stand in Love! For Love strengthens and rejuvenates. Love is a spiritual progression, unlike lust, 
which is a physical sensation. Most of the time, it is our flesh that is attracted to other flesh. In most 
cases if it were not for lust people would not have stayed together long enough to experience Love. 

16 The Temple of Hiphop advises its members to practice overcoming lustful thirsts but not to 
discard lust as evil. It is not. Lust is natural, while Love is supernatural. However, even Love must be 
practiced in discipline. Loving those who hate you is self-destructive. Loving those who do not 
appreciate your Love is emotionally painful. 

17 This is not to say, love only those who love you. More accurately, live Love and those who 
surround you will benefit from your Loving nature; others, because of the hardness of their own 
hearts, will find you incompatible with their hateful, resentful, revengeful nature and they will be 
compelled to get away from you. 

18 However, like Love, lust can be dangerous without discipline. But on the other hand, lust is 
healthy for those who are truly in Love. Sometimes committed men and women forget to lust after 
one another although they may still deeply Love one another. 

19 Know this. The flesh will not be denied. It can be trained and controlled, but it will not be 
denied. If trust is established in the relationship between consenting adults then lust should not be 
forgotten. The flesh is not evil, it is just younger and freer than the spirit on earth. Remember, the 
flesh belongs to the earth; it is the spirit that is the foreigner. 

20 The Temple of Hip Hop encourages Hiphoppas to not only Love one another, but Love all of 
creation — be Love itself. For Love is everlasting and lust is temporary; use them both in balance 
toward your own good. However, we have seen now how Love replenishes the body, mind and Spirit 
while hate deteriorates the body, mind and Spirit. And lust challenges the mind, body and Spirit. Seek 
freedom. True freedom is to be free from guilt and addiction to one’s own lustful desires. 

21 Remember to use lust toward your own happiness as well as the happiness of others; but do not 
allow lust to use you. Practice fasting from lust often, and refrain from multiple sex partners; attuned 
Hiphoppas are self-sufficient even with lust. However, if you do not have your lustful thirsts under 
control, such lustful activities shall indeed lead to your own suffering. With all of the Temple of Hip 
Hop’s teachings... Love is the message! 

22 But know this. Guard your heart, and while being Love give your love to those who deserve 
your Love; others who do not deserve your Love will receive it anyway from being in the presence 
of your Loving nature. 

23 So, how does one experience Love? What is an act of Love? The answer begins with attention. 
For when we truly Love someone we give that person our full attention. We attend to that person’s 
growth, happiness, protection and general well-being whenever we can. When you Love someone 
you are compelled to care for that person. 

24 Love actually rides the act of attention. And you can always tell what a person truly loves by 
what that person is focused upon and willing to put time into. Hiphoppas must never forget this. 
Whatever you Love, you put time into. Whatever you Love, you care for. Whatever you Love, you 
protect. Whatever you love, you will nurture and develop. 

25 Hiphoppas must Love themselves, Love GOD and Love their true families; this is healthy and 
right. We cannot put our full attention upon those who do not really Love us; this is an act of self- 
destruction. To Love all unconditionally sounds good when preached, but it does not actually work 
out to one’s benefit in real life. 

26 Therefore, Hiphoppas are advised to be Love. Be of a loving, nurturing, caring nature so that 
those who do not love you may still receive a portion of your automatic Love. This is a supernatural 

27 On the other hand, you are natural, you are affected by your natural flesh. Do not deny this; 
such denial leads to suffering. Therefore, Hiphoppas are equally advised to give their unconditional 
Love to those who equally Love them unconditionally. 

28 For us Hiphoppas, we have learned that Love is truly precious, and to give attention (Love) to 
those who wish to enslave us or use us has proven to be nonproductive! We have now seen for 
ourselves that when you Love everyone unconditionally you wind up hating everyone 
unconditionally, meaning that you become distrustful of people and even resentful of people because 
of their own unworthy conduct toward your sincere act of Love. 

However, had you been selective with your Love and attention, you would have grown stronger 


in Love, because such worthy people would have returned to you the Love that you gave to them 
many times over. Giving your Love freely to anyone and everyone makes you a poor judge of 
character, which eventually leads to your own sorrow because you have now surrounded yourself 
with those who did not really deserve to be in your presence. 

30 Such people did not receive your Love gratefully, they took your Love selfishly. Eventually 
you wound up confused, wondering what went wrong when all you were trying to do was “Love your 
neighbor” as you loved yourself. But now you’ve learned that everyone cannot Love you as you Love 
yourself because everyone is NOT you, nor has everyone experienced your life and level of Love. 

31 Now you’ve turned old and those who truly deserved your Love did not actually get it because 
you were spending so much time loving those who could care less about you. You did not Love those 
who really deserved your Love, you neglected them and yourself for those who squandered your 
Love and time. This leads to resentment and a dislike for humanity. 

32 Therefore, Hiphoppas are advised to help and try to understand those who do not Love us, but 
nothing in this gospel says that we must Love those who hate us. Instead of hating those who hate us 
or have no Love for us, let us simply ignore them; give them neither Love nor Hate. Let us give them 
no attention and no more of our time at all. Simply leave them alone. 

33 Reserve your Love for your true family. True Love is a precious and rare jewel; like faith, 
Love is spiritual currency. Therefore, be selective in who you spend your Love with. You don’t ever 
have to hate anyone, but you equally do not have to Love them either. 

34 For when Hiphoppas seek a permanent loving union together they vow to care, nurture, support 
and protect one another. For what the World calls marriage we call adoption. For when Hiphoppas 
seek a loving union, all parties agree to adopt each other just as foster parents adopt children. 

35 Each member of the union vows to care for the other, nurture the other, protect the other, advise 
the other, and listen to the other. For us, marriage is the adoption of our lover. It is a nurturing unit to 
which one finds empowerment and peace to achieve one’s purpose and tackle the challenges that may 
come in pursuit of that purpose. 

36 All members of the union are independent and bring to the unit whatever skill or resource is 
necessary for the survival of the unit. Fove is the bond, the glue, the essence of what keeps the unit 
together. Love is not the only thing that keeps a union together, but without Love it is difficult for any 
lasting union to exist. 

37 Therefore, Hiphoppas are advised to evaluate their union every five years, and live with one 
another at least three years before officially adopting the other. It is neither the belief nor the practice 
of the Temple of Hip Hop that two people should be wedded to each other for their entire lives. 
Evaluating one’s union and true commitment to one another every five years is healthy and right. 

38 Every Certificate of Union issued by the Temple of Hip Hop expires five years from the date of 
its issue. In this way, Hiphoppas can evaluate their commitments to each other without legal harm. In 
addition, if both members of the union decide to renew their commitments to each other in five years 
then truly they belong together. 

39 However, if one or both members of the relationship decide not to renew their commitment at 
the end of five years, their Certificate of Union shall expire and the union shall be automatically 

40 The Temple of Hip Hop advises Hiphoppas under 25 years of age to wait the first two years of 
their relationship before producing or adopting children. And even if two Hiphoppas produce and/or 
adopt children it must be clearly understood that such children are the sole responsibility of both 

Hiphoppas individually for life. 

41 NEVER DO WE ABANDON OUR CHILDREN! Hiphoppas are advised to Love their children. 
You experience Love itself when you Love and care for your children. Reserve a special Love for 
them. Give them your time and your attention. Hug them, play with them and be sure to teach them, 
advise them, protect them and most of all listen to them. 

42 One of the best ways to teach our children that they are valuable is to value them. Often we must 
compliment them, point out their special qualities to them, fulfill their prayers, support their 
legitimate dreams and aspirations, let them know that we are interested in them above the World and 
our individual careers. 

43 Lor all of this is healthy and right. To Love is to always be doing the right thing. You can never 
be called wrong living the habitual character of LOVE. 


1 If an electrician walked into a room with a person untrained and unskilled in electronics, it is 
safe to say that the electrician and the unskilled individual would view the room in two different ways. 

2 The electrician would walk into the room and see things that the untrained, unskilled individual 
would not. It’s the same room but the electrician sees the room in one way and the untrained 
individual sees the room in another way. Neither person is wrong in their interpretation of the room; 
it is just that the electrician has a certain knowledge that gives her the ability to see the room in a 
different way, even in a more expanded way. 

3 The electrician, just by glancing at the room, would habitually take special notice to the room’s 
electrical oudets, lighting fixtures, wiring, etc. The electrician could ascertain certain things about the 
room that the untrained person simply could not. 

4 It is not that the electrician is a better person or even more intelligent than the untrained 
individual, it is simply a matter of awareness. Because of a certain knowledge, the electrician has 
access to a different sight — a broader view. 

5 Even deeper, we can see how the one room changes several times according to the observer’s 
knowledge (or awareness) of that room. The electrician sees one kind of room and the untrained 
individual sees another kind of room; but in reality there is only one room. The room could change 
again if a professional painter accompanied the untrained individual and the electrician into the same 

0 The painter’s knowledge of paint and wall textures would reveal an entirely different room to 
the painter than the electrician and the untrained individual might be capable of seeing. Because of 
their levels of awareness, the painter, the electrician and the untrained individual would all see the 
same room in three different ways, and each view of the room would be correct and true for the 

The room would change a fourth time if the painter, the electrician and the untrained individual 
were then accompanied by a professional plumber. The point is that your perception of your 
environment is created by the amount of awareness (or knowledge) that you have. Your reality is 
based upon your knowledge. 

8 Awareness comes to us by way of knowledge or inspiration. The more things we know and feel, 
the more things we can see. Any thing that the brain doesn’t have a word for it cannot see. It sort of 
overlooks the object or subject. Therefore, the more words we know, the more things we can see and 


9 Every thing that our eyes sense must be pictorially identified in our minds in order for us to 
actually see it, or more accurately, notice it. In fact, you don’t see what you have never seen. You 
don’t notice what you don’t have a previous reference for. Things are going on all around you right 
now but because these things are not in your immediate vocabulary you remain unaware of such 
things and their happenings until they are pointed out to you; you don’t actually see them, nor do they 
actually affect you consciously. Know this. We see, act and feel according to our vocabulary. In 
physical nature we respond to our vocabulary. Whatever is not in our vocabulary we don’t notice or 
respond to. 

10 The untrained individual entering a room with an electrician is analogous to the apprentice 
walking in the World with a teacha. Just as the electrician is trained to identify and restore electrical 
wiring and power, a teacha is trained to identify leaks, breaks and clogs in one’s creative flow and life 

11 The teacha is trained to see GOD’s movements and look past the projected illusions of the 
material World. It is not that the teacha is somehow above everyone else, it is that the teacha has 
committed himself to seeing the spiritual World more than choosing to see the material World. The 
teacha notices spiritual reality. 

12 The teacha practices seeing his dreams in the physical World. Such a practice is commonly 
called Creative Visualization or Spiritual Actualization. The question is, what do you see? Or rather, 
what are you trained to see? What are you aware of? Are you really conscious ? 

13 Awareness is an ability of consciousness. Consciousness and being conscious are not the same 
things. Consciousness is generally thought of as awareness and/or sensitivity. However, 
consciousness is more of a field, a substance, a realm, a force that we are all immersed in. 
Consciousness gives us the ability to be conscious. 

14 Consciousness makes us conscious, and to be conscious one must be aware of one’s own 
thoughts, identity, surrounding environment and sensations. One must be awake to one’s reality. 
However, the Hip Hop community has used the term conscious to also mean having a conscience — a 
moral sense of right and wrong. 

15 Those of our community who have displayed high moral character and ethical behavior, an 
aura of spirituality and peace in addition to social activism and protest, have always been called 
conscious. Artists who may Rap about social conditions or point out possible solutions to the 
challenges facing our community have also been called conscious rappers, distinct from being called 
gangsta rappers as a comparison. 

16 But when being conscious is applied to being aware we must ask ourselves, what we are 
conscious of? What are we actually aware of? What are we awake to? For if the brain processes 400 
billion bits of information per second yet we are only aware of 2000 bits of that same information, 
which is mosdy assigned to physical reality and bodily functions, then what is our true reality? 

17 For if it is our own senses that tell us what is real according to their nature, then what is reality? 
Our sense of touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing gives us their interpretation of the physical World. 
But what exists outside of our sense perception? For if reality is only electrical signals or choices 
being made and interpreted by our brains through the senses, then the reality of your life is truly what 
you perceive it to be. 

18 With more and more awareness you should be able to do and see more and more into the true 
nature of your reality. You are doing what is happening to you. The observer affects the observed. We 

only see what we want to see. 

19 Therefore, if at the sub-atomic quantum level of reality the observer and the thing observed are 
really two aspects of the same event, it is accurate to teach that life is what you make of it, and that you 
truly get what you expect; that it truly is all in your mind — GOD willing. At the quantum level, two 
supposedly separate things like an observer and an atom seem to affect each other in such a way that 
if the observer looks at an atom it is a particle in a fixed position in space, yet if the same observer is 
not looking at the atom it remains a wave in superposition in space — meaning that it is everywhere at 
once until we look at it again. 

20 Our true being seems to exist in a unified field of infinite possibilities that we call GOD. 
Everything seems to be going on at the sub-atomic level at the same time in the same space until we 
choose one outcome by denying all others. It is perception that creates reality. 

21 It seems that physical matter is both particles and waves at the same time. Meaning that there are 
physical as well as a non-physical existences to everything our senses can detect. Even we are 
physical/non-physical beings. Actually the body is the mind in particle form and the mind is the body 
in wave form. 

22 The Truth of the matter is that physical reality and the observer of physical reality are two 
aspects of the same unified field/event. The observer affects what the observer sees. We basically see 
what we want and need to see. 

23 This goes for our other four senses as well. We are telling physical matter through our sense 
perception what we want it to smell, feel, taste, sound and look like based upon what we have decided 
over many years shall be real for us. In essence, everyone affects the reality they see, hear, touch, 
smell, and taste. 

24 The physical World is a potential until we choose it to be what we desire. Space is the 
substance/environment that helps us to see separate things; it blocks reality so that we can get specific 
things done. At this level of understanding, we are the universe itself focused upon who we are (it is) 
and where we are right now. Meditate upon this paragraph before going further. 

25 As spirit/human beings, the universe is seeing what it is capable of as us! To know that you are 
not in the universe, but that you are the universe itself, is self-awareness. To know that you are an 
idea, a possibility, a hope, a try-out in GOD’s mind; this is self-awareness. To know that GOD is 
depending upon you to fulfill the purpose designed for you is self-awareness. 

26 To create yourself is self-awareness. For when you create yourself, you know yourself. And 
when you know your Self, you know God. Not that you are GOD, but that you are GOD’s. You belong 
to the very fabric of the spiritual realm itself. 

27 Your intention is your answer to GOD’s purpose for your existence. Your intention is what 
affects the very fabric of your space-time reality. It is not about your words so much as it is about the 
intention behind your words, the emotion you put into your statements, the feelings and graphic 
mental pictures that occur simultaneously in the mind while speaking, the moaning and groaning of 
one’s being, these are what the universe listens and responds to. 

28 Therefore, by believing in ourselves as attuned Hiphoppas with special abilities to complete 
our tasks in this reality, we command the fabric of life itself toward the aim of our desires. Again, 
everyone affects the reality they see and experience, so what do you see and experience? 

29 Do you see and experience Hip Hop as an international culture of peace and prosperity? Do 
you even think something like this is possible? Is such a vision truly the intention of your heart, or are 
you really, truly, deep down inside, just looking to make a little more money and maybe a better 

quality of life for yourself and your family? 

30 This is fine. But you are going to have to keep it real with your SELF! Maybe you just want to 
rap, or break, or tag, or deejay; maybe you just like to be in the presence of Hip Hop’s artistic 
elements. All of this is fine, and no one can judge a person who is upfront with others and honest with 

31 But those who are compelled to do Hip Hop’s preservation work must keep it real with 
themselves or life can get more difficult than it probably already is. And keeping it real with one’s 
self has to do with one’s awareness of one’s self, one’s abilities and one’s destination or goal — what 
is your intent? YOUR REAL INTENT? 

32 If you truly intend to preserve Hip Hop then Hiphop shall truly preserve you. The issue is your 
intentions, this is what GOD is listening to; this is what the universe is responding to. To be true to 
one’s self is to live for and from one’s true intention without compromise or excuse — this takes 

33 However, with this understanding, if our true intention as a group is to preserve and expand Hip 
Hop, then the very fabric of the universe itself will respond to our heartfelt intentions if it is safe for 
us. In fact, the universe gives the intention special abilities to actualize itself and it protects and guides 
such intentions toward actualization. Those whose intentions match the group’s collective intention 
inherit the powers and abilities to complete the actualization of the collective intent. But remember, 
GOD is not mindless; GOD is thinking with you. Meditate upon this paragraph; read it again slowly. 

34 For us, Hip Hop is not a product of the physical World to be bought and sold, but instead 
Hiphop is a principle in the very real cosmic order of the conscious universe. We know that Hip Hop 
is an event of the universe, and not a Rap music CD. This is what it means to be a conscious Hiphoppa 
or an attuned Hiphoppa. It means that you are aware of Hiphop’s total nature as an event of the 
conscious universe itself. 

35 As a conscious Hiphoppa you have the ability to go beyond yourself. In a more cultural sense, a 
conscious Hiphoppa or a Hiphoppa that is said to be aware is one who feels a connection to the 
visions, dreams and desires of her ancestors, children and parents. The aware (or attuned ) Hiphoppa 
is conscious of the fact that she/he was born into an already underway movement toward peace and 
justice in the World; that we owe our activist ancestors the respect of continuing their dreams within 
our own. 

36 Those in the Hip Hop community who are aware of their place within their ancestors’ visions 
and their children’s historical heritage are said to be conscious. We are aware of our roles in the 
continuation of our own ancestors’ struggle for freedom and justice as well as the dependency of our 
children upon our success. We (the conscious) do not live exclusively in our present, or past, or 
future; we live in all dimensions of time at once. 

37 When we speak in the present, we are also speaking into our so-called past and into our so- 
called future. When we lift our arm and move our hand, we are lifting and moving information that 
has a variety of existences on a variety of different atomic and sub-atomic levels. I am aware that 
when I speak today in my present, my past as well as my future are listening and feeling what I am 
saying. My existence today is the hope and faith of yesterday as well as the heritage and foundation of 

38 We (conscious Hiphoppas) are aware that we are the dream characters of Dr. Martin Luther 
King Jr.’s dream. We are the thoughts of our parents, the outcome of their intentions. Yes, we can 
transform ourselves into whatever we desire, but it is the conscious Hiphoppa who shows respect and 

acknowledges the vision of those whose intentions created him. 

39 Such an awareness has very lithe to do with the content of one’s artistic expression. Just 
because you may write and then perform a song that expresses the social ills of society doesn’t mean 
that you are a conscious person. 

40 The idea of judging a person’s level of civilized conduct, spiritual awareness or aptitude for 
revolutionary action based upon their artistic expressions is a fairly new concept and I would say a 
poor judge of a person’s real revolutionary, spiritual or civilized character. 

41 A conscious artist is NOT necessarily a conscious person. And likewise, a thug or gangsta artist 
is NOT always on his way to prison. In fact, many true revolutionaries have actually developed from 
criminal-minded to spiritual-minded, inspiring others through productive life examples to do the 
same. In fact, in our culture wisdom is NOT achieved by living a righteous life. 

42 Wisdom and true understanding are achieved through a series of failures, mistakes, insecurities 
and doubts, which one overcomes, turning such life experiences into degrees and credentials for the 
warning and teaching of others. A conscious artist is simply aware of his non-physical nature and 
seeks to develop it just as one would develop his physical nature. To be aware is to also be awake; it is 
to be alert or not asleep; it is to be conscious and not unconscious. 

43 However, many people are stagnated in life not by being ignorant, unaware or unconscious, but 
by being inconscious, which is the inability to act upon one’s own productive thoughts and plans. To 
be inconscious is to not be fully awake to the will of one’s true Self — different from unconscious, 
which is a mental/physical condition more related to sleep or immobility. To be inconscious means to 
exist, yet be unaware of one’s own existence and weak in the execution of one’s own will — to be, yet 
not actually BE. 

44 Inconsciousness can be said to be a state of self-awareness that is foreign to one’s natural and 
true state of being. To be inconscious means that you are awake and alert through an awareness that is 
artificial to your real Self. To be asleep to one’s true Self or to rest from one’s true Self can also be 
called inconsciousness. 

45 Inconsciousness can be called the seat of unhappiness because it denies one the ability to 
actualize one’s innate potentials. It handicaps the development of one’s character and personality. An 
example of an inconscious human being is one who knows not his own purpose yet is stimulated to 
the purpose of others. To surrender to this condition of mind can be called inconsciousness. 

46 Another example of inconsciousness is to feel your true purpose, character, identity and 
personality, yet fail to actualize them because of your own fears, insecurities, doubts or other kinds of 
emotional and/or mental inabilities. The emotional and/or mental state of knowing yet not doing can 
be called inconscious . Drug addiction is another form of inconsciousness. It is that act of consciously 
doing things that you consciously don’t really want to do — it is like observing yourself sleepwalking 
through life, bumping into things along the way. 

47 To be conscious is to know your potential nature and to fulfill it. To be conscious is to activate 
one’s natural powers and talents. And in the activation of one’s innate abilities one becomes aware. 
For to know one’s Self, one must create one’s Self. 

48 For we have seen that some people, in spite of the traps and obstacles of the streets, are still 
able to achieve their purposes in life. Others are hindered and stagnated by the traps and obstacles of 
street-life. Why is this? The difference lies in what they see. 

49 Everything is an opportunity, and everything is a failure. It’s all in how you see it. Whether you 
allow life’s circumstances to control you or whether you control life’s circumstances. The issue is, is 

your mind controlling you, or are you controlling your mind? Are you conscious or inconscious? 

50 Ask yourself now even on an intellectual level, Am I the slave of my own mind or am I the 
master of my own mind? Do I passively allow the circumstances of my own life to control me or do I 
control the circumstances of my own life? Am I afraid of my own life or am I living my own life? 

51 Attuned Hiphoppas practice experiencing the essence of Spirit beyond the fears and limitations 
of the body, and experience an empowerment and strength that ensures victory over the traps and 
obstacles of the streets. However, practicing the essence of spirit requires a certain single-mindedness 
which is the essence of spiritual awareness. But that same single-mindedness left unchecked has 
prevented many from growing and developing in the physical World and accepting new and valuable 
ideas and discoveries. Seek balance. 

52 Still, it is a single-minded spiritual awareness that prevents fear and it is fear that prevents 
single-minded spiritual awareness. Duality in thought is what prevents spiritual awareness. In Truth, 
the only things that can prevent you from achieving spiritual reality are fear, doubt and disbelief. 

53 Above all, it is fear that hinders the most. Fear is of the flesh. It is an instinctive craving for the 
protection and safety of the physical body. It is manifested by the body’s will to live. However, fear is 
not Truth. 

54 The Truth is that there is one permanent reality — The Great Oneness! The unified field! GOD! 
And all of life’s creations and circumstances (good and/or evil) are really different manifestations of 
the one reality, the one power, the fully aware cosmic ocean of potentiality, the one Great Spirit! 

55 When the attuned Hiphoppa realizes that all is GOD, including the Hiphoppa, this very 
awareness frees the Hiphoppa from living exclusively through the fears of the flesh. When you 
realize that you are made from GOD’s imagination, that you are a divine idea of GOD, you will live 
as infinitely as the Divine Mind that thought of you. 

56 Know this. Peace is a decision of the Spirit. The Spirit (You) decides whether it believes in 
(places its focus upon) the peace of God or the fear of flesh. The flesh does not cause peace. Only the 
Spirit (You) makes this decision, and having to make decisions on spiritual matters as opposed to 
being single-minded on spiritual matters is what causes the fear, doubt and disbelief that stagnates the 
growth of one’s spirit. 

57 Problems are only problems when you focus upon certain events as problems. It all lies in your 
interpretation of life’s events and situations. Nothing is all bad and nothing is all good. All is subject 
to your interpretation based upon your values. 

58 What you call a problem might be the very opportunity you have been looking for. And what 
you interpret as an opportunity may indeed be a problem! But how can anything be a problem when 
every situation can be used as an opportunity? Only a limited and defeated mind interprets life’s 
challenges exclusively as problems. 

59 Therefore, use the circumstances of life to your advantage. Do not attach yourself to your 
limited understanding of the material World. If you have made the decision to live as a Spirit Being in 
the material World, then all of life’s circumstances are to your advantage; even your so-called 
problems or disappointments. Let go! Stop trying to fix it all yourself. It’s all good! It’s all GOD! 

The mind is a tool of the Spirit — You. You are infinite and eternal. Therefore, You need not fear 
or worry. But the flesh is finite and destructible and instinctively manifests fear and worry through the 
mind as survival mechanisms for its own preservation. This is when the animal instincts of your body 
are controlling and leading you and your mind, as opposed to the opposite. 

61 The material World is a challenge for an unaware Spirit. The Spirit does not live here, yet in 
ignorance it tries to adopt an existence it is not of. The unaware Spirit believes that it is separate from 
all forms and circumstances when it is not. 

62 The Spirit that is not at peace has made a decision not to be at peace through ignorance and/or 
denial of itself. Fear arises out of our own denial of being one with everything. Through your own 
limited interpretations of life circumstances You have decided to create the fears and/or 
disappointments of your life. This happens when the unaware Spirit is in Love with the happenings of 
the physical realm as opposed to being aware of the happenings of the spiritual realm. Know this. 
Everything is working to your advantage right now! 

63 When the unaware Spirit is in Love with the flesh, it transfers the essence of its being into the 
flesh, eventually forgetting its alternative (true) existence as a spark of the divine. It actually believes 
it is the physical body and thus values material reality over spiritual reality. This can be said to be a 
form of inconsciousness. 

64 Such a belief arises out of continuously focusing one’s conscious attention upon the past and/or 
the future as well as upon separate and individual things, as opposed to realizing that ALL is one and 
ALL is now! 

65 Constandy focusing upon the past causes guilt, depression, and judgment. Likewise, constantly 
focusing upon the future causes over indulgence, worry and anxiety. Both cause stress. Live now! 
Love now! Be here; NOW! Your past is with you now! And your future is with you now! And all is 
one reality NOW! 

l! When Hiphoppas cease submitting to the cravings, disappointments and fears of the flesh, 
Hiphoppas will become courageous in the face of all physical threats and unpleasant circumstances. 
When the attuned Hiphoppa realizes that GOD is the true force behind all people, places, things and 
circumstances, then that Hiphoppa approaches life as its master, not as its slave. Live now! Love now! 
Be now! You are creating the future you now, and you are actualizing the past you now. Your 
challenge is fear. 

Practice facing the fears of the body. Some fears will be legitimate instincts to prevent harm to 
one’s body or circumstances. Most fears are illusions and assumptions based upon either a lack of 
knowledge (awareness) or a chronic attachment to the happenings of the physical World and its 
temporary circumstances. In any event, it is fear that stagnates spiritual and cultural growth. 

68 For we are not the physical body, we are the Light within it! We are literally beings of 
consciousness or Light. Fear prevents this awareness and likewise, this awareness prevents fear. The 
more we are aware of ourselves as non-material beings with the ability of mind to affect the physical 
World, the less fearful and disappointed we shall be. Realize this now and live free! 

'■ Stop doubting and going back and forth with your spiritual development. Eliminate the 
contradicting dualities in your character and simply choose to be the powerful spirit that you already 
are. Be spiritually single-minded. For in Spirit, what is impossible with the body is possible in the 
Oneness of Mind. For if you are to truly overcome the traps and obstacles of the physical World you 
must finally decide to live as a Spirit Being, acknowledging the very real existence of the great 
Oneness all around and within you. You are truly an event within a greater event. 

70 Practice living as a Spirit being or as a dream character in the material World. For when we are 
aware of (and practice) our Spirit/dream existence in the material World the results are wonderful! 
Take your spiritual Self more seriously by putting its character and activity before everything else 
and it shall become more and more real for you daily. 

71 The object of the Hiphop spiritual life is to learn how to make one’s spiritual reality the 
dominant activity of one’s physical life — to bring spiritual reality into physical manifestation. Ask 
yourself, if you are reading this instrument silently to yourself, where is the voice that is repeating the 
words that you are reading? Where is this voice that speaks without the use of a larynx, tongue, or 
mouth ? 

72 Try to remember that it is not your two physical eyes that actually see the past or the future, yet 
you do see your past and you do see your future. You can close your physical eyes and still see your 
past and future. It is just a different type of sight. Ask yourself; with what sight do I see my dreams? 
Where is that place? Who am I in that place? Where exactly is the inner-voice that I hear reading the 
words of this gospel? Is this voice in my (your) head or is it actually somewhere else? 

73 Ask yourself now, in what dimension outside of space-time are my other non-physical senses? 
The answering of these questions leads to Spirit awareness. 

74 For this inner -voice, sight, hearing, etc., is You! You are not your mouth, your ears, your eyes, 
your hands, your feet, etc., you are the conscious being that uses these tools to affect and interpret the 
physical World. You are Light! You are the knowing of the universe concentrated into your immediate 
time and space. You are an address in the universe. You ARE the essence as well as the utterance of 
your name. 

75 This is what it means to be a conscious Hiphoppa or an attuned Hiphoppa. It means that you 
have created yourself! You are not a product of someone else’s purpose. Through your striving to 
experience reality direcdy, you have expanded your awareness and thus your abilities in the physical 

7 Release fear and doubt caused by your own duality of thought and be the real YOU now! Be 
single-minded about your spiritual nature. While others spend their time acquiring temporary 
material goods and pleasures, you seek to rise to the Truth, to the true nature of your being. Not just 
communicating and functioning in the symbolic reality of words, but experiencing the true reality of 
what those word-symbols represent. 

We now know that to exist and operate in and from the Truth is the ultimate strength an attuned 
Hiphop activist can possess on Earth. It’s all about what you are aware of. You can only do what you 
know. Therefore, KNOW THY SELF! Before you can manage large sums of information you must 
first manage your Self 

; Know this. Se/f-management is spiritual, Se/f-organization is intellectual, Self-esteem is 
emotional, and Se/f-governance is political. Before you can truly learn something you must first learn 
your Self and then manage and cultivate who you have discovered. For when you are your authentic 
self without excuse or limitation you see with your real eye, you listen with your real ear, and you 
speak with your real mouth. You are awake; you are aware! Now you can learn. 

j Like the painter and the electrician walking into a room with a person untrained in electronics 
and painting, the spirit realm is all around us physically, people just do not see it. And they don’t see it 
because they have not been trained to see it. 

80 The spirit realm (or the kingdom of heaven) is not invisible; the issue is that you are blind. You 
are simply untrained in this specific subject. It is your ignorance that makes the spirit realm invisible 
to you, and likewise it is your awareness that makes the spirit realm visible to you. What do YOU see? 

81 In fact, the more ignorant we are the less we see; and the more aware we are the more we see. 
However, we must also remember that it is this balance between knowledge and ignorance or 
knowing and not knowing that forms the totality of what we perceive of ourselves and our 

environment. Here, the term ignorance is more accurately the mysterious. And to teach the mysteries 
is to reveal the Truth. True ignorance (motivated by fear and doubt) rejects the Truth. 

82 However, ignorance (as the great mystery) is also a form of knowing; it is unknowing, or the 
unknown, which is actually a form of knowing. You know that you don’t know, and the knowing that 
you don’t know is an awareness unto itself. 

83 Mystery is a force like knowledge; it too can transform a human being for the better. The 
assumption that ignorance is somehow wrong and to be avoided in and of itself is not a wholistic 
thought. Ignorance and mystery are to be used toward one’s total awareness. As is said often, 
ignorance is bliss. Sometimes the best knowing is to not know at all. 

84 Many people have achieved great things in life simply because they didn’t know that they 
couldn’t achieve them; they didn’t know of the risks so they proceeded with what appeared to be 
courage, but in fact was ignorance. This is how Hip Hop got started. 

85 We have observed and experienced the fact that it is mystery that prompts one to know; it is not 
knowing that prompts one to know. But we can also say that it is knowing that produces more 
knowing because it is the knowing that you are ignorant that motivates you to become more aware. 

86 Mysteries and secret knowledge help you to humbly remember all that you do not know, and 
how important it is to know; even if what you know is that you don’t know. 

3 Actually, knowing relaxes the mind, while it is mystery that motivates the mind. It is when we 
DO NOT know something that we seek to know of it. But should we seek to know of everything that 
we may become partially aware of from time to time? 

88 Most people run from ignorance and toward knowledge, not realizing that some things are not 
to be known. The knowing of things alters one’s physical condition, one’s physical appearance, and 
the circumstances of one’s physical life. All knowledge (or knowing) is not good knowledge or even 
useful knowledge. 

89 In fact, too much information at one time can cause an overload in the mind and produce a 
nervous breakdown in a person. Ignorance can do the same. Not enough information at one time can 
also cause the nervous breakdown of a person. Of course, the issue here is balance. 

" In addition, unpleasant information can also do the same; as with doubtful information, and 
fearful information, as well as information that turns out not to be true, or reveals itself as false after 
you’ve set your life up around the reality that such false information provided to you. 

91 We can see here that awareness is a balancing act between knowing and unknowing; awareness 
is unknowing and knowing at the same time. We create ourselves and our life circumstances based 
upon what we want to know and what we refuse to know. We are that which we accept and that which 
we do not accept at the same time. 

92 It is your knowing and your unknowing together that creates your total awareness. Therefore, 
in your quest to know and to become educated, do not look down upon ignorance. Instead, learn to 
live consistendy within the awareness of the total YOU! Live wholistically. 

93 Live without duality in thinking; be only one character. Be your Higher Self. Fix your mind 
upon only one character and it shall become real for you. But remember, whatever the mind creates, 
the mind must maintain. Doubts, fears and anxieties hinder the mind from maintaining the productive 
perceptions you have created for it. The same applies to the body, the spirit, and the tongue. 

94 Do not allow yourself to become so overwhelmed by the World that you cause emotional 
confusion and uncertainty in your own my mind, body, and spirit. Such will deteriorate those things 

and ideas created by your mind, body and/or spirit. Remember, whatever the mind creates, the mind 
must maintain. Create your Self and be consistent and content with your creation. This is what it 
means to be aware and alive. 


1 Know this. True wealth is associated with prosperity and well-being, even good health. Wealth is 
not just money or an abundance of valuable material possessions. Wealth also deals with anything one 
possesses in abundance that has value in terms of exchange or use. Knowledge is wealth. Skill is 
wealth. Love is wealth. Any valued exchangeable thing that one has in abundance is wealth. 

2 However, pertaining to money, wealth is created by one’s skill mastery and knowing things that 
others simply do not know. Those who have mastered a useful skill that is also in public demand are 
often wealthy. Those who possess secret knowledge or advanced knowledge are also often wealthy. 
Money is not wealth, but money can assist in your wealthiness (your well-being). 

3 Many people believe that money is the cause of evil in the World and as a result they remain in 
poverty. As J. P. Wingate has pointed out, Money is NOT the cause of evil in the World; it is poverty 
that is the cause of many of the World’s evils. Because of poverty many people do, say and believe 
things that they would never have done, said or believed had it not been for their state of 
impoverishment. It is in their attempt to escape poverty that many people (even the rich) do some very 
devious things. 

4 Money in and of itself is a neutral social force that brings out and advances the true nature of a 
person; whatever that nature may be. This is why it is better to arm yourself with the habits of the 
Divine Performance before and while you seek riches for yourself — and be clear as to why you 
desire such riches. 

5 Most people want to be rich and not necessarily wealthy. Most people want more money as 
opposed to well-being. Most people are simply afraid of being poor so they believe that being rich 
will prevent such a condition. Hiphoppas are advised to seek wealth over riches, but never be ashamed 
of acquiring money. 

Being rich is not just about living a luxurious life; it is more about access to better living and 
being appreciated and accepted by talented and influential people who would otherwise ignore us. 
Being rich is about having the ability to help those in need — beginning with one’s self. It is about 
relieving the suffering of the poor and assisting in the common good of the society in which one’s 

Being rich is also about being respected and admired. It is also a form of protection and 
security, even happiness. Yes, money does buy happiness! However, money does not buy joy. 
Happiness is temporary, whereas joy is everlasting. Ultimately it is joy we want, and such joy is 
connected to one’s state of well-being. 

8 Money is good. However, money without knowledge can be dangerous. Money without friends, 
freedom and a virtuous life will still lead to loneliness, stagnation and depression. For even if we 
possess huge houses, cars and cash, without love, trust and respect it is as if we had none of these 
material things at all! 

y What’s the sense in having expensive linen sheets but too much stress and anxiety to sleep at 
night? Or a luxurious car but no freedom to drive it? What’s the sense in even owning a bank if you 
must run the bank’s affairs from a hospital bed because of poor health? 

10 The Temple of Hip Hop encourages its members to be financially independent but not at the 
expense of one’s health, love, awareness and true wealth. Temple Members learn to acquire their own 
sources of money and save it as well as invest it; we may even give it away. 

11 Temple Members depend only upon themselves for their financial well-being. We are self- 
motivated, self-directed, self-disciplined and self-sufficient. We are not solely dependent upon anyone 
for our well-being. 

12 And the key word here is DEPENDENT! Yes, you will need the assistance of others to acquire 
money — however, depending upon another for your financial stability, or giving others total control 
or authority over your finances and/or life decisions, almost always leads to disaster. 

13 As attuned Hiphoppas, very seldom do we borrow but often we give. We are not looking to 
only get paid; we are also looking to pay others. Know this. The key to wealth is found in one’s 
ability to usefully serve and empower others. Wealth is an attitude. In fact, wealth is the attitude that 
attracts riches (money). DO FOR YOUR SELF! 

14 True Hiphoppas are entrepreneurs. For when one works for one’s Self one is truly free. But 
with such freedom comes responsibility. One must be honest with one’s Self. If one has not the skill or 
discipline or even desire for self-employment, which includes self-control, moderation, a healthy 
savings and the preservation of one’s source of income, one must find no shame in getting a job. 

15 Some jobs are great sources of income and stability and should not be looked down upon or 
done haphazardly. Hiphoppas are encouraged to take pride in their jobs (whatever that job may be) 
knowing that the strength of one’s employment, family, community and nation depends upon a job 
well done. 

16 But we must also remember that jobs do not lead to freedom or wealth. It is work that leads to 
freedom and wealth. Jobs provide temporary social stability and security. Work is more connected to 
one’s purpose in life. You must know your purpose, decide upon what you really want and then get up 
and go get what you really have the skills, education and discipline to achieve. But remember, it is 
ignorance that causes poverty and knowledge that causes wealth. 

17 Although a great sense of personal achievement and self-esteem can be achieved through the 
completion of a rewarding job or task, for a Hiphoppa to be trained solely for the workforce violates 
the H-LAW. The Temple of Hiphop promotes the realization of one’s GOD-given talents and real 
purpose in life — these lead to wealth. 

18 For these reasons, not only does the Temple of Hip Hop promote the acquiring of jobs for 
those in need of a steady income, but entrepreneur ships and the start-up of small businesses are 
encouraged even more. Hiphoppas should eventually seek to go into business for either themselves or 
with their families before they are robbed of the time and energy that comes with youth. 

19 The principles of wealth (as it pertains to money) are grounded in the laws of Intention. If you 
really don’t have a wealthy attitude or a natural expectancy for money you will not achieve the riches 
that you desire. Money will come, but you will never be able to hold on to it. Becoming rich is simply 
a matter of attitude. The first step toward millions of dollars is having a million-dollar attitude! You 
have to actually expect money to get money. 

20 However, on the other hand, in our life journeys we also pick up things that we don’t really 
need. Not just worthless items, but also people and certain activities, such as being ripped off, cheated, 
exploited, and the like. These experiences not only can make you angry, bitter, fearful and resentful 
toward others and future business possibilities, but you can also pass such negative, non-productive 
life experiences on to others simply out of habit and/or reflexes. 

21 This is why it is very important to choose your close friends and business partners wisely, 
because not only can you receive certain unproductive experiences from your closest associates, you 
can also express these same unproductive experiences toward others. Be mindful not to continuously 
repeat the disappointing and hurtful experiences others have displayed toward you. 

22 Through the performance of forgiveness discontinue the disappointing and hurtful experiences 
others have displayed toward you. Be spiritually responsible. Do not pass on the bad habits that you 
may have learned growing up. Treat all business dealings as a game that, whether you win or lose, 
you can always return to the next day — don’t take it personal. 

23 Most people become bitter and angry in business because of their own fear of failure. No one 
wants to lose. They despise their losses and failures because they believe that such disappointments 
are final. Or those disappointments reflect badly upon their character. This could not be further from 
the Truth. 

24 The Truth is that everyone fails. Failure is a part of life; it is a part of growing up. In fact, 
failure is the great teacher of the wise and the most important tool of the inventor. The quicker you 
learn that, the quicker you shall take advantage of your failures and cease to allow your failures to 
take advantage of you. 

25 Going through failure and being a failure are two entirely different things. No one can be 
called a failure if they continue to try. It is only when you give up and cease to grow that you have 
truly failed. Imagine the amount of failure we had to endure just to write this gospel and establish our 
temple. No, it was not easy! But had we given up, you would not be reading such a gospel today, nor 
would the Temple of Hip Hop be standing as a beacon of Light for all true Hiphoppas. 

26 Know this. The road to riches is paved with one failure after another, one disappointment after 
another, one rip-off after another. Do not be discouraged! The key to wealth is found in one’s ability 
to manage failure and see the opportunity in disaster. Read this paragraph again and again until you 
fully comprehend its meaning. 

27 Even in the midst of non- supportive people, mis-trust, criticism, envy, greed and even your 
own personal failures, you MUST press on! Never give in to the immaturity that surrounds you, 
simply plan around it — and remember, don’t take it personal. Always take the high road; such is the 
essence of business success. 

28 You cannot give disorganization and expect to be organized. You cannot have a nasty attitude 
and expect to attract pleasant customers/consumers, business partners, investors, etc. You cannot have 
a poverty consciousness and expect to attract wealth. These are called the Laws of Attraction. You 
attract to yourself exacdy who you are inside. 

29 Although Hiphoppas are advised to save their money, you cannot hoard your money and 
resources and expect to attract more money and resources. You cannot cheat people and expect not to 
be cheated. The Temple of Hip Hop encourages its members to always remain fair in all business 
transactions and competitions. 

30 Likewise, if you are cheated resort to the principles of charity instead of revenge so that you do 
not harm yourself or pass on such actions to others. Revenge, deceit and hostility in the long run only 
destroy and/or hinder your ability to succeed. 

31 If you wish to be successful, help someone else become successful, even your competitors. 
This is a divine performance. The best way to attract opportunity is through charity. Everyone needs 
help, even your competitors. Therefore, give of your Self. Advertise your superior skill openly and 
freely. By empowering others, you empower yourself! 


The principles of wealth also rest in the mastery of a specific skill that is in demand. Basically, 
it makes no sense to devote your time to the comprehension of a skill that in years to come will not be 
in demand. The principles of wealth (in terms of money) rest in your ability to learn from the needs 
of the past, know the needs of the present and predict the needs of the future. 

33 Know this. If money is your ultimate goal, you shall never achieve it. With any goal it is 
important to reach beyond what you want so that you are sure to pick up the specific things you want 
along the way. 

34 By setting a higher goal than the one that you truly desire, you will achieve all mediocre goals 
along the way. Money is always a mediocre goal when compared to peace of mind. Money can always 
be collected along the way. Never love the accumulation of money or money itself. However, if 
money is not important to you, you will never keep it. If you want money you must get serious about 
acquiring and keeping money. 

35 If money is what you want, advertise the mastery of your skill. Give portions of your skill away 
for free. Others will be sure to pay for it once they have seen the benefit of it. 

36 The Temple of Hiphop suggests seeking the personality of your God first so that all other 
material possessions can be picked up along the way in peace. If you are serious about acquiring 
money, seek God. For with God (or rather, in the character of God) you shall always have enough 

37 However, the Temple of Hip Hop further advises its members to seek ways to live with little or 
no money at all. Different from living in poverty; live a simple life. Learn to live according to your 
means. Extravagance and excessiveness lead to stress and worry. 

38 True wealth is not based upon how much one has; true wealth is based upon how much one can 
do without. It is not just about what one possesses, it is more about what one can let go of. For when 
one is content with one’s self, no material loss can ever overwhelm such a person — self is the 
ultimate value. 

39 An attuned Hiphoppa invested in herself can never really experience loss — she is self- 
sufficient. She is sufficient unto herself; self is enough for her. If she loses her eye, or ear, or arm, or 
leg, she makes use of whatever is left knowing that these things (arms, legs, ears, eyes, etc.), as 
valuable as they are, are still not as valuable as one’s self. 

40 Self-sufficiency, or rather the state of being sufficient with only one’s self is one of the truest 
conditions of real wealth. This is also why Hip Hop’s artistic elements are so important to the life of 
the Hiphoppa. Beyond being money-makers, Hip Hop’s artistic elements focus the Hiphoppa upon the 
value of one’s self. These elements preserve the privilege of producing and eating from one’s own 
hands, from one’s own self-expression. 

41 As is mentioned throughout this instrument, Hip Hop’s artistic elements are human skills which 
bring value to one’s own self-expression. The emcee is sufficient in his Emceein, the DJ is sufficient 
in her Deejayin, beat-boxers are sufficient in their Beat Boxin. The wealth and value of each Hip Hop 
element produces riches as well as well-being for the practicing Hiphoppa. 

42 The attuned Hiphoppa is first content with herself, with her own skill and self-expression, and 
such contentment produces a wealthy mentality which then produces money and other valued 
resources. Self is the true wealth and from this true source comes riches. 

43 However, being rich with an abundance of money should only be a preferred condition, not a 
necessity to one’s condition. Yes, we want money! But even without money we are still content with 


Know this. Those who are unhappy with a little will be equally unhappy with a lot. And those 
who are happy with a little will be equally happy with a lot. Nothing satisfies the one who is not first 
satisfied with a lithe. Even deeper, nothing satisfies the one who is not first satisfied with himself. 

45 Do not allow abundance and large sums of money to trap you. Be grateful for what you already 
have. Most of the time, it is your lack of money that is actually protecting you from the World as well 
as from your own ignorance. 

46 While practicing Hip Hop’s elements, be content with GOD. This is important because without 
Hiphop’s spiritual sight Hip Hop’s elements cannot really be productively experienced or accurately 

47 In this state of spiritual blindness, instead of Hip Hop’s elements liberating and freeing the 
Hiphoppa from incarceration or an oppressive workforce, Hip Hop’s elements practiced through 
excessive want, greed, anxiousness and guilt are reduced to mere alternative work programs 
themselves, eventually robbing the Hiphoppa of his freedom and peace. 

48 Without the sight that sees beyond time and forms, even sincere Hiphoppas will sell (and have 
sold) the mastery of their element for only a fraction of what it is really worth. And what is the true 
worth of one’s skill mastery? Answer: peace of mind through a real and solid victory over the streets! 

49 Not just more money, but more freedom! Not just more popularity, but more respect! Not just a 
sense of security, but a sense of contentment and peace! These are the effects of mastering one’s 
spiritual skill through Hiphop’s spiritual sight. 

50 At some point you must take off the makeup, the designer clothes and the jewelry and face your 
God! At some point everyone has to grow up. And growing up has to do with realizing your 
immature ways and outgrowing them. 

51 Know this. Poverty is a personal choice, and so are wealth and riches. Greed does not make one 
richer. It is the attitude of already being wealthy that attracts and maintains steady streams of wealth 
and riches. However, without Hiphop’s spiritual sight, those who exploit Hip Hop’s elements usually 
reduce themselves to marketable products. 

52 Again, Hip Hop is not a product, nor is it exclusively a performing art. Hiphop is not even a 
material thing. Hiphop creates products and inspires artists, ministers, politicians, comedians and 
professors of all styles, but Hip Hop (in and of itself) is not a material thing. It is a shared idea, a 
feeling, an awareness. 

53 Others may still be stuck with the idea of Hip Hop being just good music. This may work if you 
are a Rap fan. But if you consider yourself to be a true Hiphoppa and you seek a lasting success living 
Hip Hop and performing its elements professionally, you are going to have to approach Hip Hop with 
more wisdom, organization and skill than all the employees, C.E.O.’s, ministers, professors and 
artists of the entire entertainment, academic, religious, fashion and media industries. Otherwise, you 
will be eaten alive by these industries and professionals. Be clear with this. 

54 For these reasons the Temple of Hip Hop starts the training of its members with the 
comprehension of Hiphop as a collective consciousness; a unique urban attitude, an empowering 
identity, an international culture, a life-improvement strategy, a creative self-evident awareness, and 
an international cultural movement — not just music or even entertainment! 

55 Such an awareness brings Light to those whose grievances are ignored and identity rejected. 
Such an approach to Hip Hop is the seat of political power and the birth of true freedom for us. With 
this new sight, we can begin transforming ourselves, our environment and eventually our personal 

56 For these reasons the Temple of Hip Hop encourages Hiphoppas to think beyond the normal 
social definitions and conditions of things. Rethink your World! Hiphop’s spiritual sight transforms 
subjects and objects for the enhancement and protection of the Hiphoppa. Yes, the current financial 
situation in the United States is terrible for many families and it seems like our government and many 
global corporations today just don’t care — or do they? More importandy, can they? 

57 Nations grow and societies do move forward. As we have seen many times with the rise of 
America’s homeless population, if you cannot keep up you will be left behind, trampled, even eaten. 
Whether this is right, or just, or fair is irrelevant. The object here is survival — survival of the richest. 
Therefore, let us not personally complain about high prices, let us outthink, or rather rethink the 
whole situation we may be experiencing. 

58 Remember, it is not what happens to you that is real; it is actually your interpretation of what is 
happening to you that is real. You decide to be happy or miserable based upon your own 
interpretations of life’s events. Everything is perception, and perception is based upon knowledge. If 
your nation’s prices have become too high for you it only means that that part of your nation has 
become smarter than you. They are using certain techniques, skills and knowledge to render you 
dependent upon not only their products, but also their prices for such products. But there is always 
another way around high prices. 

59 Your task then is not to complain, but to outsmart the situation by applying some kind of skill, 
technique or knowledge capable of making high prices low prices for you. You simply need to either 
make more money, which usually requires the acquiring of more knowledge and more skill, or you 
need coupons, savings tags, and sale days. Either way, you can always rethink your condition. If you 
find yourself unable to make ends meet it may mean that it is time for you to invent something or 
engage in some new experience that clearly requires you to adopt new skills and new knowledge, or 
even new relationships. 

60 Know this. Poverty is about applied ignorance, while riches are about applied knowledge. If 
you really don’t know where the money is then you cannot have it. Prices are going up because most 
people in the World CAN afford them! If prices are too high for you it only means that the World is 
passing you by. Everyone is not as poor as you are. You may be poor simply because you don’t know 
where money is, you are not part of that money-making community. You don’t speak their language, 
nor do you hang out in their circles. And why? Maybe because you don’t believe you can. 

61 Inspired by the Spirit of God, Hip Hop was about the renaming and redeveloping of a corny, 
bland and segregated society. Our ultimate transformation was of the entire American mainstream 
popular culture itself, and this is what saved us. We simply perceived our World differentiy and 
suddenly everything changed around us! Early Hiphoppas realized intuitively that everything was also 
something else. This spiritual sight (awareness) gave us the ability to begin transforming our 
surrounding subjects and objects in an effort to create new ways to survive and develop in a society 
that ignored and rejected our very existence. 

62 The original Hiphop sight began with the conscious awareness that everything was also 
something else and that everything could be renamed and reinterpreted and thus reused or modified in 
its use. With this kind of awareness we were instandy transformed from insignificant and rejected to 
important, free and accepted. No one handed us such validations, we simply declared ourselves 
“fresh” and within immense poverty and injustice we were made fresh again. 

63 Our new perception of reality (sight) would transform the very clothes on our backs, our 
shoes, our language, everything! For example, what was once a rag used to wipe sweat or clean 
dishes, or what was once an insignificant construction worker’s boot were transformed into 

important fashion statements worth millions of dollars and worn upon the heads and feet of many 
mainstream clothing models, sports personalities, artists and politicians alike, just because we (Hip 
Hop) gave these products a value they did not originally have. 

64 Such a transformation occurred when we were inspired to give our dirty rags, worn shoes, old 
jackets and even outdated furniture value. By seeing our dirty rags, torn clothing and broken furniture 
as valuable we escaped poverty by reinterpreting the value of what we already had. In addition, Hip 
Hop brought with it new techniques, skills and knowledge. And with these new skills and techniques 
we outsmarted the poverty of our parents and carved out a whole new life path for ourselves. 

65 Likewise, by seeing the expensive clothes, music, foods and tastes of the mainstream as corny 
(no longer cool or even necessary) we devalued the riches of the World and forced the mainstream 
popular culture to accept our values! 

(! We simply stopped trying to participate in the 1970’s and 1980’s mainstream, and everyone 
came to us! This is what Hip Hop’s political power is; it dictates what is valuable in urban areas. It 
defines the urban reality of the Hiphoppa for the empowerment of the Hiphoppa. 

In fact, it was the strength of our collective Spirit rebelling against what was being force-taught 
to us that first introduced our Hip Hop awareness or sight. We simply stopped participating in our 
own oppression by not valuing the music, art, fashion, foods, politics, education, etc. of the 1970s 

Jti This is why the continuous promotion of mainstream values like expensive cars, clothes, 
jewelry, houses, etc., without the balance of cultural values like faith, courage and wisdom weakens 
Hip Hop’s political position in the World. It makes our people devalue their own possessions and self- 
worth in an effort to acquire something outside of their own socio-political reach. 

j So while we chase the temporary values of the mainstream, the mainstream exploits the 
everlasting values of our souls, and this causes our poverty. 

70 The true Hiphoppa values Hiphop! True Hiphoppas reject the reliability and authority of 
mainstream commercial resources and values as valuable. For they are truly worthless when 
compared to the everlasting and priceless essence of Hip Hop itself. 

71 Although the American mainstream of the 1970s and 1980s would tell us that our material 
possessions were worthless and that Hip Hop itself would not last but three more years, we rejected 
such opinions and appreciated the little bit that we did have. 

72 30 years later, we discovered that the ability to change and/or improve one’s situation was 
based upon one’s ability to transform the things and ideas already available to one’s self. We did not 
accept our condition, we changed it! 

73 It was here that we learned how Hip Hop’s political power (even economic power) begins when 
you can appreciate and value what you already have as opposed to envying the resources and 
achievements of those who do not respect you. 

74 Self-empowerment begins when you can bring value to those people, places, things and events 
already around you or in your possession. We simply took responsibility for ourselves. We did not 
accept the conditions of our parents; we decided to become active participants in our own survival. 
We simply gave ourselves value. We began to define ourselves. 

75 Know this. Poverty begins when you envy those things outside of your immediate reach. Wealth 
begins when you learn to value and make use of those things that you already have. 

This is why early Hiphoppas would avoid crossing over from the undaground to the 

mainstream. Crossing over into the mainstream meant that you no longer had the ability to define 

77 Through your voluntary participation in an environment that did not truly respect you, you 
ultimately devalued yourself. By remaining independent with the power to define ourselves and our 
environment we maintained our ability to compete. 

This is the only real reason Hiphoppas were accepted into the mainstream arena. It was (and 
still is) because in competition what we had (Hip Hop) was a force that no one in any mainstream 
market could compete against. So, as the old saying goes, if you can’t beat em, join em! And join us 
they did. 

y No mainstream business that depended upon urban areas to survive was able to compete with 
the force which Hip Hop exploded onto the national scene with. Therefore, many Hiphoppas were 
immediately paid large sums of cash (which was only a fraction of their true worth) before they 
realized the magnitude of what GOD had really blessed them with. 

10 Only now have we realized that the ability to compete is the essence of power in business and 
politics. Indeed, integration and conformity weakened our ability to remove our oppression using our 
unique business and political-competition tactics. In fact, even though we were poor, we were not 
impoverished. With little or no money we still lived well. We may have not been rich but we were 
indeed wealthy. We lived wisely, not poorly. 

81 Ironically, it was our lack of money and access that protected us from the excessive and often 
toxic lifestyles of the rich. The idea of eating bacon, eggs, sausage, butter, cereal, milk, toast and 
orange juice all at once as a balanced breakfast was ignored by most low-income Hiphoppas of the 
1970s and 1980s, who ate oatmeal, cream of wheat and cold cereals instead. 

82 Certain professional exercise techniques that were later proved to be damaging to the physical 
body were also ignored by early Hiphoppas. Our aerobics was Breaking, Popping, Locking, walking, 
handball, stickball and basketball, which the mainstream would later incorporate into ITS plans for a 
healthy body. 

83 Attuned Hiphoppas who could afford the steak and eggs advice dined on fish, fruits, juices and 
vegetables long before it was a popular health trend to do so. Because of our low incomes, we were 
already walking, jogging and riding bicycles long before such activities became popular health 

84 Later in life we learned that not having access to mainstream living actually saved us from 
certain diseases and sicknesses that were caused by the excessive lifestyle of the American 
mainstream of the 1970s and early 80s. We learned early that in the short term, the lifestyles of the 
rich and famous might have looked appealing and desirable to many, but in the long term, such 
lifestyles proved to heighten one’s chances of disease, stress and injury. 

85 Know this. Sometimes it is those things that you do not have as well as those places that you do 
not go that are actually saving and enhancing your life. As contradictory as it may sound, it was 
actually our low incomes that protected us. And this is not about living poorly, this is about living 
simply. Living according to your means, in proportion to your work. 

86 This has always been the balance for those communities born in urban environments: Be in the 
mainstream, but not of the mainstream. Be content with the mastery of your chosen skill and live 
within the means that your skill provides. This leads to peace. 

87 However, those who have mastered a skill that is in demand never have to look for money or 
chase opportunity; they are chased by money and opportunity. The objective is not to get more 

money; it is to get more skill! It is to be more influential, more inspiring, and more useful; this will 
get you more money in the long-run. 

88 Believe it or not, staying out of trouble and presenting a pleasant and easy-to-get-along-with 
attitude will also help you to attract real money-making situations and strengthen your position in 
business competition. Most times competition is not about defeating your opponent direcdy; it’s about 
being able to endure long enough to overcome life’s challenges. 

89 From a spiritual perspective, most times the one to succeed in fierce business competitions is 
simply the one who has endured the longest. And usually endurance has to do with remaining focused, 
fair and just while others remain anxious, greedy, unfair and unjust. Most of the time those greedy 
and unjust people who compete against the righteous eventually trip themselves up with their own 
greedy and unjust personalities and practices. 

90 Know this. A selfish, non-caring, I’m-just-doing-my-job attitude always increases one’s 
impoverished situation. For if your skill, technique, knowledge, or service is one that shapes, protects 
and/or further develops the society in which you live, you cannot work just for money or go along 
with exploitative business trends that place money over the sanctity of human life. This will lead to 
your own depression in your older years. The life of the Hiphoppa must mean more than the 
accumulation of money and property. 

91 Ultimately, to exist without the need to compete is Godlike, and living in a non-competitive 
environment is peace. Living a simple life within your means protects you from participating in 
certain stressful activities that are caused by having to compete to maintain more than you actually 
need. With all business transactions, employees, employers and products, be fair, be tolerant, be clear 
and be just. Live simply. 

92 Practice equality amongst employers, employees and tasks. Show no favoritism and lead by 
example. Most of all, seek the perfection of your chosen occupation. Always seek to improve your 
industry. Be the best at what YOU must do. Such perfection leads to lasting wealth, the opposite leads 
to sustained poverty. 

93 Everything is perception. Wealth is also created by perception; the Gospel of Hip Hop is 
evidence of this. Perception is everything and it is knowledge that creates one’s perception. It is not 
that you are actually poor, it is that you may perceive yourself as being poor. 

94 No one is actually poor, most people simply don’t know how to get money or where the money 
actually is. Money is everywhere, but if you don’t know how to grab it, or who to talk to, or even how 
to talk money, you will simply not have any of it. Being rich is about having a certain knowledge 
and/or skill that is in demand. 

95 However, for the spiritually minded this very overstanding goes a bit deeper. Everything is 
perception, and perception has to do first with knowledge. However, that word knowledge takes on a 
slighdy deeper meaning when applied spiritually. 

9,8 To know something or someone spiritually is to have an intimate relationship or understanding 
of that something or someone. So when asked, do you know GOD?, the answer is not achieved only 
intellectually. There is also a healthiness, a wealthiness, a liveliness to one’s being when one truly 
knows GOD. Even during times of sickness or some other challenging situation, those who truly 
know GOD are comforted and strengthened by such knowing. There are physical effects to your 
union with GOD. 

People say things like, You haven’t aged at all, or, Why do I feel like I know you? Knowledge of 
GOD affects you physically. You can see the Light of GOD on a true truth-seeker’s face. However, 

this is not the case for most people. Most people use GOD in the same way that the World uses them. 
They want GOD to pay their bills and heal their sicknesses. This is the value that they themselves 
place upon their own God. 

98 For their god is not the God of the universe itself. Their god is truly the god of their lithe 
houses, represented by wall ornaments, body trinkets, spiritual guides and books. Such a god is not 
GOD at all! Such a god is more of a self-induced invisible baby-daddy/mama. 

yy Most people, due to their own attachment to their own material World, do not want their God to 
rescue them completely from sickness, hate, ignorance and poverty, which would mean giving up the 
pleasurable addictions of their material World and changing some unproductive habits. They prefer 
to have their god help them from a distance to live with sickness, hate, ignorance and poverty. They 
want their god to live with their demons. And this they call., .being blessed! 

100 Hiphoppas must mature beyond this level of spiritual understanding. We must realize that there 
is only GOD manifesting in different forms! And that we have the spiritual ability to create and 
control all situations, circumstances, people, places and things in the physical World through an 
awareness of everyone and everything’s true source in the one GOD. We must believe, perceive and 
achieve in God! Control of one’s life is achieved by giving up the ultimate control of one’s life. Be 

101 Everything is possible within the nature of God! But too many spiritual people don’t really 
believe this. Is this you? Do you really know GOD? Do you really know your true God-force, your 
true spirit name/nature? Do you answer the calling of your higher-Self, or do you continue to answer 
the cravings of your physical body? 

102 If you have matured to the awareness of having what you need when you need it, then this 
particular lesson may not be for you. However, too many so-called spiritual people walking a so- 
called spiritual path tend to live some very poor lives. This too Hiphoppas must mature from. 

103 If you live a spiritual life then you should be practicing your spiritual skills in real life. If we 
are not content with ourselves yet, or at this particular moment, we should be visualizing ourselves 
better than who and/or where we presendy are. Whether it is a health issue, love issue, awareness 
issue or wealth issue; see your situation through the eye of God. Use your spiritual skill! 

104 Don’t just believe in GOD; perceive through the reality (emotional intelligence) of God. The 
question here is, why are you still broke, yet you claim to walk in the Spirit? Maybe you are still 
reading about GOD’s nature as opposed to adopting God’s nature? Maybe you are still thinking and 
not being? 

105 In any event, we must try to remember that the spirit realm is chaos to the human intellect. 
Rational thought limits the supernatural ability of Spirit and this is why so many truth-seekers still 
don’t have what they need to survive in the material World. They are still seeking as opposed to being. 

106 When it comes to spiritual reality, they know it but they don’t feel it yet. So, they are definitely 
able to recite Socrates, Moses and Jesus, even interpret ancient spiritual texts, but still they are behind 
in their mortgages, losing their investments, can’t afford healthcare, and are hungry, sick and tired. 

107 Remember, the top of the World is still the bottom of heaven. Those who walk a spiritual path 
through life may not be richer than anyone else, but we are indeed wealthier than everyone else — we 
live life abundantly. As true beings of Spirit we are wealthy for the purpose of relieving human 
suffering, beginning with our own. 

108 If you are true to your spiritual principles and lifestyle then there should be some evidence of 
your fidelity. If your training is of a supernatural nature, then we should be able to experience your 

supernatural skill. 

109 Those who live in the spirit realm live above the material World; we live deeper lives. 
Therefore, from the spirit realm we should be able to manipulate the material World because it is the 
spirit that quickens the flesh, not the other way around. 

110 I am the Teacha! I am KRS ONE! This is my opinion of myself. But in order for anyone to 
actually agree with me and/or respect the validity of my opinion so that I may be treated the way in 
which I perceive myself, there must be some evidence to the claim that I am making. 

111 And this is the point. There is a ton of evidence everywhere to substantiate every claim that 
I’ve made of myself, because really I only claim to be what the people already say of me; I only 
repeat their critiques, praises and expectations of me. However, I still practice hard because it is still I 
who that must produce the initial evidence of my own claims. 

112 But the point here is to apply these examples to your own spiritual life. Do you claim to be a 
mystic, a minister, a prophet, a teacha? If you do, then where is the evidence of your claims? If you 
claim to walk with GOD then why are you frustrated, addicted, afraid, depressed, unfulfilled, etc., 
against your own will? 

113 On another note, if you claim to walk with GOD why are the people around you still lost and 
bitter? NO! If you claim to possess the Light, then let us see you use it! Let us see you transform your 
block. Let us see the miracles in your life. Save your children! Secure your spouse. 

114 And get what I am saying here. This is no place for posturing and puffing one’s self up, this is 
not the case at all! However, it is of extreme importance that we understand the urgency in being who 
we say that we are, and I am using myself as an example as to what such urgency actually looks like. 

115 As an example, I am not the richest rapper in our community. I am Hip Hop’s first official 
teacha; I live a simple life — a principled life. I am not pushing my lifestyle upon anyone. You do you 
and I’ll do me. But if the doing of me includes my claim of “teacha,” then where is the evidence of my 
claim? What you call yourself is your business. But what I call myself is indeed my business; it’s my 
actual bread and butter! 


So, yes I may push (drive) that new Benz, or spend $700 on dinner for two, or purchase a rare 
book for $1200. Sure, I am a popular rapper today, but in the end what am I teaching, and is it 
effective? Am I following my purpose? I humbly reply “yes.” 

117 This is why you are listening/reading this instrument right now, because I am being right now 
exacdy who I claim to be, the Teacha, and this nature is what makes my life magical. 

118 This gospel took years to write and thousands of dollars to produce, years that I didn’t have 
and money that I couldn’t see when I first began to gather the notes for this gospel, yet here it is! The 
Gospel of Hip Hop stands as evidence not only of GOD’s love and concern for Hip Hop, but such a 
gospel is evidence to all of my own claims and beliefs about myself as a spiritually guided Hip Hop 


The point is that as a spirit-being you should have very few challenges creating yourself in the 
material World. Yes, there will be challenges, but if you remain within the boundaries of your 
principles and life purpose you shall not really be affected by such challenges. As long as you are 
following your purpose, you shall have everything you need to manifest your purpose. And this is 


If you are truly of a divine nature then the state of your country’s economy shouldn’t affect 
you. Gas prices shouldn’t stop you from traveling. Home foreclosures shouldn’t prevent you from 
buying the home of your dreams. School tuition shouldn’t stop you from pursuing the best education 

available for yourself and your child. Bad credit in the World shouldn’t prevent you from making 
God’s investments on Earth. 


The real issue is knowledge, knowledge of GOD over the World’s knowing. The body of 
knowledge that you presendy possess right now may be useless to you if it is not sufficiently 
matching your needs and making your life comfortable. Even your present knowledge of GOD may 
need to be modified or changed completely in order for you to achieve the state of consciousness 
required for a peace-filled and prosperous life. 

122 Remember, it is not GOD that makes you rich, it is knowledge and skill that makes you rich. 
GOD makes you aware, and your Godly awareness attracts wealth and opportunity as needed. 
However, if you don’t have something it’s really because you don’t know something. Having or not 
having is a matter of knowing or not knowing. For those on a Hip Hop spiritual path, poverty happens 
when your spiritual knowledge does not keep up with your material needs. 

123 For spiritual people to achieve those material things that we may need to survive we must truly 
feel that we deserve whatever we desire and then expect it to come in some unplanned, unexpected 
way (GOD Willing). To achieve true wealth we must practice using the expectancy of our minds. It’s 
not just about reading books and watching metaphysical DVDs; it is more about actually putting to the 
test that which we read and believe is true. 


I don’t know how everyone else did it, how everyone else became successful, but for me, for 
KRS ONE, my success began with the proper use of my own mind. This was the first lesson GOD 
brought to my understanding. I visualized my entire career. Everything that I am doing today, 
including the writing of this gospel, I first visualized years ago when I was houseless in New York 
and I’ve continued to use these spiritual techniques throughout my 22-year Rap career. 

125 This is the essence of what I teach today — self-creation, self-construction. As far as wealth 
goes, we must affirm in our minds those things that we want for ourselves and then forget about them 
so that the thought leaves our human intellect and enters the realm of Spirit (divine intelligence) 
where all things are possible. Do you really believe that such a technique is possible? 

126 Do you really believe that you can affirm whatever you desire and then forget about it, 
knowing that it is on its way? For we do not dwell upon the things that we already have; we simply 
know (feel) that we already have them. And likewise, we do not dwell upon those things that we expect 
to come; we simply wait for them to appear. But really, what do you expect? What do you accept as 

127 This is the beginning of health and wealth for those who claim a Hiphop lifestyle. First, we 
affirm in our mind’s eye the object that we desire, then we purchase or acquire a small accessory to 
the object we desire, like an air-freshener if it is a car, or a lamp if it is a house. Then we FEEL how 
we would feel when we have the object in our possession, such feelings draw your desires to you. As 
mentioned earlier, expectancy creates wealth. 

128 We repeatedly practice this feeling technique once before sleep and once as we awaken for 
about a week, then we forget about our desire, knowing that it is on its way. This is a standard 
technique for the spiritual-minded; it is commonly called “creative visualization.” However, such a 
technique goes even deeper and further once practiced in real life. 

129 Know this. Thought is like a cloud, or a mist, or rather a form of temperature. The mist of the 
mind is what actually influences things to happen and even causes things to appear. Whenever we 
think of something it is just a thought until we put some kind of feeling to it, that magical heat that 
makes things move. Whether that feeling is one of fear, or sadness, or excitement, once that 

feeling/heat is part of a thought, that thought takes on a life of its own. 

130 Thought by itself is nothing without one’s true feelings and intentions (the heat) within it. The 
mind is like a faucet, thought is like running water and your intentions and feelings are what warms 
the water up or cools the water down. Study this example closely. 

131 When you are showering you will notice that even though you may adjust your faucet to add 
more warmth to the water, in most cases the water temperature does not change instandy. Only if you 
are in a modern state-of-the-art designer bathroom does the temperature change exactiy when you 
turn the faucet. 


In this example we can see how the mind works. You may think of something today, but it will 
take some time for your thought to manifest. You may turn on the faucet of your mind to heat up or 
even cool down your situation but you must realize that the mind affects your life in the way that 
temperature affects water; the effects are gradual for the beginner, and some people do burn 
themselves with the heat of their own intentions. 


Most of our minds are old and worn, and so we find it almost impossible to intend and feel our 
desires into physical manifestation. We need relief now, and our minds simply do not work like this. 
Because of the worn-out conditions of our own minds due to worry, fear, depression, doubt, 
resentment, etc., it simply takes too long for such a technique to have any real effect upon our real 
lives. But this can be corrected. 


Creative Visualization is reserved for those who have given their lives over to the reality of 
mystical experiences. There is a certain character that goes along with each level of spiritual 
awareness. You cannot expect any results from your spiritual practice if deep down inside you still 
doubt that such mystical experiences are even possible. 

135 When you direct your mind to heat up or cool down your situation, patience is a must. Patience 
is crucial for beginners because beginners are very distant from the effects of their own mind. It is 
this distance that creates the illusion of time passing and the need for patience because you are waiting 
for the manifestation of your own intentions. 

136 Such distance is indeed safe for beginners because you really don’t want the manifestations of 
your own immature thinking to materialize instandy. Until you have matured to the level where your 
thoughts are habitually healthy to your own well-being, your God-nature shall remain a safe distance 
away from your material reality — for your own good. 

137 This is why things take time to manifest, it is because your own doubt and fears have placed 
you in a safe distance from your own power for your own good. Time gives beginners the ability to 
change their thinking before such thoughts become reality. 

138 It is when you have matured spiritually that you eliminate the distance between you and the 
effects of your own mind. This is when you decree something and it happens instandy or the next 
hour, or the next day, or the next month! Know this. The closer you get to your own mind, the closer 
you get to God. 

139 Attuned Hiphoppas are advised to practice eliminating the distance between themselves and 
their thoughts in an effort to secure and enhance the state of their well-being. This takes time and 
practice. The technique goes as follows. 

140 First, get in the habit of decreeing with feeling the desires of your heart and see how long it 
takes for such desires to manifest. When I first started my creative visualization exercises it took 
years for my visualizations to materially manifest, but they did! And each time my dreams came true, 
my faith in such an ability was strengthened. 

141 I began to believe in the power of my own mind, but with the realization of such a powerful 
ability came the character and nature that goes along with such an ability. I had to discipline myself to 
speak in a certain way, to cancel out certain feelings and visions I may have had toward certain 
adversaries, critics and situations — and it was not easy. But after a while, I began to experience the 
manifestations of my thoughts materializing faster and faster in my material reality. 

142 Today I intentionally put distance in front of my mind and my feelings so that I can take 
advantage of time. Some things are not meant to occur instandy when you want them to occur. Today, 
I’ve learned that it is easier to simply put one’s spiritual nature on auto-pilot and allow one’s self to 
simply flow with GOD’s intention, which is found in one’s purpose, as opposed to always trying to 
make things happen. 

143 Sure you can create any life you desire for yourself with your mind. But you must always 
remember that GOD is thinking too. And GOD is actually looking out for your best interests — your 

144 Practice eliminating the distance between you and your own mind. Measure how long it takes 
for your mental reality to become your physical reality, and seek to shorten the time it takes to 
manifest such a reality. Being within seven days of one’s thinking is actually a safe distance for a 
powerful mind. 

145 Therefore, we must affirm our needs several times in an earnest prayer, affirmation or 
visualization and then prepare for their arrival with a matching character. Practice often. Everything 
is already with you NOW, including your Higher-Self! Simply let it be; point to your perceived 
reality and say to your self... There it is! 



1 Peace and much Love. Know this. It is not a coincidence that such a testimony is before you now. 

2 At this very moment you are being called out of the World again for your own protection and 
further development. Will you answer the call this time? Will you believe in your Self this time? You 
are who you think you are. 

3 Why say that Hip Hop is your lifestyle yet continue to doubt your own Self and the Gospel of 
Hip Hop, which exists to protect and empower you? Why fight against your Self and the reality of 
your own life experiences? Why deny your own empowerment? Believe in your Self and in the 
gospel that speaks highly of YOU! 

4 Don’t let those who surround you overwhelm you with their doubts and fears. You are the light! 
You are the light of your World! And you are NOT alone. Others are content with being ordinary and 
average, they do not strive to attain the character of God! In Truth, they are afraid of it. 

5 But you have dared to explore the unknown. You are indeed different. And this is what may have 
angered and/or depressed you in your early stages of spiritual maturity. It is the fact that you feel 
average and ordinary but in Truth you are not. Many of us have suffered as you do, and many of us 
have overcome our frustrations living with the weak in Spirit, the doubtful of mind and the guilty at 

We know what it feels like to give, and give, and give, and still get no result, or in most cases no 
appreciation or even respect. We know exacdy what it feels like to give your life-force to those who 
do not replenish your life-force, to love those who refuse to show you the same love in return, to 
willing assist those who exploit you. 

We know what it is like to assist in the freedom of those who refuse to free themselves, to give 
charitably to those who receive with expectant hands, to argue with others about THEIR well-being, to 
be the one that everyone relies upon to get them out of trouble and difficulty! 

8 Yes, I know your struggle and I also feel your pain. Your compassion for those around you is 
your only weakness. Your care for people is the cause of most of your headaches! At times you feel 
that if you were more selfish, or that if you were by yourself, you would be at peace. You wouldn’t 
have to help those who were going to turn around and diss you! 

I Like you, I also yearned for the presence of GOD above all else only to be surrounded by 
stressful, fearful, doubtful people who never seemed to ever be at peace. They want what you got 
without having done the work or endure the sacrifices that you did to achieve what you got. And on 
top of this, such people trapped by their own chronic state of denial, continuously blaming and 
criticizing you for their shortcomings in life, are leading to your depression and anxiety. I’ve been 
through this as well in my younger years. 

10 My character and reputation would be called into question quick if I decided to have a carnal 
moment, yet everyone around me, even my criticizers, continued in the very ways that they falsely 
accused me of. But wait! GOD is real. And you are who you think you are. DON’T GIVE IT UP! Stay 
your course! 

II There IS light at the end of this tunnel, and it begins with your entrance into your Inner City. 
Often spoken of as the Middle Way, the Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of GOD, walking the path, 

etc., the Inner City is that condition of being habitually moved to spontaneous right choices — it is the 
good life. 

12 Without thinking, without planning, without assistance you arrive right when you are supposed 
to, you get exacdy what you need at the exact moment you need it, you are protected and guided by a 
larger intelligence than that of any person, group or institution. Whenever a decision must be made 
toward your forward movement, peace and/or survival, somehow you always make the right choices 
or rather, the right choice is always made for you. 

13 This is the Kingdom of GOD, the realm of Heaven, the Middle Way, the Shining Path. This 
condition is what we call the Inner City, and it is produced by enduring the ignorance and temptations 
of the World and its people. 

14 It is when you have walked in righteousness and nobility for so long that you develop certain 
spiritual reflexes to material challenges. You no longer respond to the World like everyone else does, 
or like everyone else would like you to. They live in denial and their actual lives confirm their false 
view of the World. 

15 However, you are not in denial, you are in Truth. Your reflexes are spiritual, not physical. For 
many years you have walked in love and with a caring heart. You’ve immediately sought to help those 
in danger, you’ve felt for people that you didn’t even personally know, you went out of your way to 
bring comfort and relief to those in need, you are reliable and you’ve been reliable. 

16 Therefore, be encouraged in the Truth of your being, which is clearly defined by your 
intentions, actions and by what you lend your time and resources to. You are attracted to this gospel 
not only because it has something important and personal to tell you about your Hip Hop life, you are 
also generally attracted to the things of the Spirit. You spend your time and money seeking Truth, and 
GOD sees that. 

17 This gospel is now in your presence because obviously it is time that you turned up the volume 
on your own spiritual life, on your own dreams, on what is important to you. However, you’ve been 
waiting for everyone else to understand what you understand, and see what you see for too long, and 
they’re not seeing it yet. But you must not give up on your Self or give up on the reality of your OWN 
spiritual experiences. Obviously you see (sense) something more than your Self, something greater 
than your Self; you feel that your nature is divine. 

18 Others have laughed at you, ridiculed you, and have even conspired against you, but you’ve 
also seen their plans fail completely or never reach the full magnitude of what such plans intended. In 
Truth, it is your very nature that protects you and guides you. 

19 Know this. Cats are attracted to cat reality; dogs are attracted to dog reality. Birds do bird things 
and fish do fish things. Each acts according to the nature each naturally possesses. A culinary student 
is attracted to cooking, an attorney — law, a doctor — medicine, a teacher — knowledge. But only a few 
are really attracted to GOD and the ways of the Spirit. 

20 GOD must be in your nature for you to even be interested in GOD. Sure, everyone would like 
their prayers answered, but YOU seem to be attracted to GOD. You seem to yearn for the face of 
GOD, not just the hand. You seem to want to know the mysteries of spiritual living; others are simply 
not interested in such subjects because it is NOT in their nature to know. 

21 You are a person who truly seeks peace, love, unity and good times in your personal life, but it 
seems that everyone around you is becoming increasingly depressed and confused. You must save 
yourself from this or you will be limited, even destroyed, by this. This is why those who are called to 
a life in Spirit and are constantiy assisting others through life’s challenges frequendy and regularly 

take time to themselves. We go away for 40 days and 40 nights so that we may rejuvenate our spiritual 
and emotional vitality. 

22 This is important because you are always asked to help. You are always lending yourself to 
others — baby sitting, doing someone’s hair, giving money, giving advice, speaking on behalf of 
others, teaching, giving bail money, feeding, etc. You MUST tend to YOUR needs or you will not be 
of any use to anyone! You are the dependable one in your group and it seems that people take 
advantage of your good nature. However, YOU ARE NOT ALONE in this! You are truly one of the 
great minds of your time. Do not doubt yourself! 

23 Recentiy (like in the last three months) you’ve been feeling an urgency to complete your 
projects and realize your goals. You have been feeling like you are at the crossroads of your life, like 
now more than ever you have to decide WHO you are going to become over the next three to five 

24 Your future is always on your mind. Your only challenge is what you believe you are capable 
of. But like many who finally realize what their true purpose is, you too have doubted yourself for 
too long. How good are you, will you be accepted, will you get ripped off, will you fail? Deep down 
inside you may fear your own success more than your own failure. 

25 Like most who are instructed by GOD to do a seemingly impossible task, GOD seems to be 
urging you to act upon your true purpose despite your fears and doubts. It seems to be TIME FOR 

26 This seems to be the year for GOD to become more real in your life because only gods are 
attracted to GOD. Only divine people are attracted to the things of the divine. Regardless of your 
artistic or academic self-expression, you are a divine being. It’s time to stop being what everyone else 
thinks you should be, and be who you know you are. 

27 Remember, the universe is exact. There are no mistakes. You are hearing this word now because 
it is time for you to hear this word now. You are the light of your world. You are being called to help 
others because you have the power to help others. Others don’t have the abilities that you have just as 
you don’t have the abilities they have. Your ability is God — and it’s time that you start being it! 

28 People ask you to help them because THEY BELIEVE that you can. They feel that you can. 
People don’t ask those who they feel are helpless to help them. People don’t ask the powerless to 
empower them. People are asking for your help because they know that you can help them. So why 
not join in on THEIR FAITH IN YOU and express more FAITH IN YOURSELF? 

29 Everyone can see your aura, your character and your reputation clearer than you can. It is you 
who doubts you; everyone else believes in what they feel about you until you say or act otherwise. So 
what are you affirming to yourself and others? Nobody’s perfect, I ain’t nobody special, I can’t..., I 
don’t..., I hate..., etc.? 

30 Ya know, the only difference between a “demo” recording and a “master” recording is your 
interpretation of what has been recorded. What do you feel about your own being and self- 
expression? What do you believe you are capable of? 

31 This is the year that you make the inner you the outer you. For your own survival, you must 
believe more in your inner reality than in your outer circumstances. You are clearly the light of 
YOUR World, the savior of YOUR home, the teacher of your neighborhood. 

32 Even when you don’t see how you can help, your very involvement or attention toward others 
create solutions that didn’t even exist before. And this is the challenge; you are a healer by nature. 
However, it is not your intellect that heals; it is your loving presence, your time, your attention, your 

care that heals. 

33 Your wanting to comfort another, to selflessly give attention to what someone else is going 
through, to help others along their way and realize their goals — these acts shall raise you up and 
actualize your own purpose successfully because blessings come THROUGH you, not TO you. 

34 The more you are giving, the more you shall be receiving. The more you love and care, the 
more you will be loved and cared for. The more peace you provide to others, the more peace GOD 
shall provide to you. But remember, cats are cats by nature and dogs are dogs by nature. Those who 
seek certain professions and fields of life do so out of their very nature. And so it is with you. 

35 Your thirst for Truth is evidence of your nature — USE IT! Your ability to care for others 
unconditionally is evidence of your true nature — USE IT! Your yearning for the presence of GOD is 
evidence as to what your true nature really is — USE IT! 

36 Your only challenge is doubt; therefore your only strength is faith. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! 
Be and live in your inner-Self. You have help in places that you have not even touched upon yet. 
Search yourself; YOU ARE NOT ALONE! You have a divine power that only YOU can express for 
others. For if you do not express your divinity, the people of your world suffer. 

37 Remember, if you go to a person that you believe is a doctor and that person refuses to heal 
you; you suffer. If you go to a person that you believe is an attorney and that person refuses to defend 
or argue for your rights you suffer. The point is that people are suffering today because many divine 
people simply don’t believe that they are divine and capable of divine work; the activity of the World 
overwhelms them. 

38 For divine people like you there’s nothing special about yourself or your life circumstances. 
For you, little miracles happen often, but they are normal to you so you don’t celebrate your divinity. 
Plus, many divine people keep their divinity to themselves or turn their spiritual light down so that 
others are not uncomfortable around them. It’s time for all of this to change. 

39 It’s time for GOD’s people to stand up! Evil and suffering occurs in the World when divine 
people ignore their divinity — their responsibilities. Others cannot do what we can do, that’s why it is 
not being done. We must get to work quickly. YOU ARE THE SAVIOR OF YOUR WORLD! 

40 You have a tremendous responsibility to promote health, love, awareness and wealth to your 
people with your Hip Hop existence and activity in the World. Acts of kindness and assistance, acts of 
mercy and forgiveness, disattachment from the material World, mentoring, charity, trustworthiness, 
commitment, responsibility, etc., are all acts of holiness, and each act strengthens and proves your 
own divinity. 

41 These repeated acts of holiness eventually become the habits of your life, and after a while you 
have no choice in any situation but to habitually act from this place of holiness and care for life and 
freedom — and this is where YOUR frustration with others began! 

42 You have become habitually addicted to the Ways of the Spirit, yet others have not. Where 
others habitually react physically and carnally to physical and carnal situations, you have been 
habitually compelled to react spiritually to physical and carnal situations, and such habitual actions 
have not been easy for you in the material World around materially-minded people. But hold on! You 
are entering your inner city. 

43 Even though certain outcomes have not always worked out in your favor, and even though 
you’ve been embarrassed, and cheated, and lied about; and even though it has been lonely and unfair 
for you, even though you’ve done what was right while others enjoyed their wickedness, behold! You 
have defied the World and its many temptations with your habitual right actions motivated by the Will 

of your Spirit, and it is now time to receive your reward — the Crown of Life. 

44 Such a habit of righteousness eventually creates a reality that we call the Inner City, where the 
physical World and its material conditions seem to act in accordance with your will. Your physical, 
spiritual and mental surroundings seem to walk and talk with you. Everything seems to work in your 
favor. The good, the bad, the faithful and the fearful; the victories, the setbacks and the so-called 
defeats all seem to work in your collective favor. 

45 People that you need to meet show up unexpectedly, while those who you care not to meet seem 
to somehow always just miss you. The numbers that randomly show up around you are always exact, 
like 101, 202, 303, 404, etc., or 11, 22, 33, 44, etc., or 10, 20, 30, 40, and 100, 200, 300, 400, etc., and 
111, 222, 333, 444, etc. 

46 Even when you are late it is because you shall arrive right on time. You begin to notice how 
opportunity keeps coming your way even while others are convinced that the World has gone mad! 

47 Without any effort on your part you are protected, promoted, guided and secure. Health, love, 
awareness and wealth surround you. People see the light in you and on you, and strangers feel that 
they know you like a family member. Others claim that you resemble someone that they admire. 

48 No matter what you look like physically, or have materially, you are beautiful. You are truly 
attractive. Even beyond your physical appearance, people are attracted to you and your beauty. You 
never seem to really age. 

49 When you are entering your Inner City your spiritual receptivity becomes very sensitive. You 
enter a condition of making unconscious spontaneous right choices. Without really thinking about 
your choices, the right choice seems to always be made for you. 

50 You arrive at places just before or after the accident. You feel the essence of people beyond 
what they are saying. You have become the right guided one — the Teacha! 

51 Your continuous habit of righteous living and generous giving over many years has opened the 
gates of the heavenly realm which many wise teachers have written about and have said was all 
around and spread out across the Earth but that people just did not see it, or more accurately, didn’t 
care to see it. Most are not even really looking for it. 

52 But because of who you are, and the way in which you have freely chosen to conduct your life, 
you have died to your material reality, only to be resurrected to your spiritual reality. The things that 
you took pleasure in before as a human being, you must now set aside for your completion and 
enjoyment as a Spirit being. 

53 Take courage in this Overstanding and allow it to strengthen you. It is the Truth. Those who 
walk in righteousness and in love, speak with care, fight against oppression and corruption, cannot be 
bought or tempted, hear no gossip or schemes of evil, and seek not to cause conflict and war, are 
blessed beyond blessings! They are guided, fed, clothed, taught, promoted, advertised and protected 
by truly divine forces! 

54 This is why the World doesn’t work for you. This is why the World doesn’t validate you, and 
why you cannot seem to succeed in conventional styles of living; you are simply not of the World! 
Your home is the Inner City, and your frustrations come from YOU wanting the pleasures, securities 
and validations of the World as a human being, yet you are clearly a Spirit being operating in a 
habitual spiritual reality but in the material World. 

55 The issue is that you must finally decide to make up your mind. You must actually create (make) 
your mind. For it is you (the Spirit) that creates (makes up) your Mind, and the Mind then goes on to 
create the physical Body and life circumstances. The question is, are you going to live and be moved 

by your Inner-City reality or are you going to live and be moved by your outer-city environment? 
Which has more value to you? Which one brings you peace? 

56 At some point in your training you must finally accept the spiritual life and its powers and 
cease trying to live two lives in two opposing realities, one spiritual/mystical, and the other 
material/worldly. You should repeat to yourself: I am a resident of GOD’s spiritual Inner City. I prefer 
to walk with GOD in the realm of the Spirit. I have freely chosen God over the World, and I am content 
with my choice. 

57 Say all of this to yourself over and over again: I am content with my free choice. I am content 
with GOD’s presence. Spiritual awareness is more important to me than the temporary sensations of 
the World. At some point in your training you will be surrounded by fearful, desperate, doubtful 
people, most of which will be your closest associates, even members of your own family. But do not 
be depressed by this, they are there to help build your strength. Humble yourself and Perform 
Listening; this will be one of your greatest challenges. 

58 For when you are surrounded by the fears and doubts of others, it means that it is time for you 
to exercise the faith and principles that govern YOUR life. Often it is your compassion that opens 
your heart to suffering people; however, you cannot become them because you are NOT them. 
Perform Listening knowing that the fearful and the doubtful cannot do what you do nor can they see 
what you see. They have not done the work to arrive at your level of spiritual skill; perform patience. 

59 In Truth, your random acts of righteousness and love have led you toward the realm of Heaven 
which we call the Inner City. Just don’t doubt who you are. Don’t give up on your SELF! Don’t abort 
the birth of the divine you! Remember, those who are born to comprehend the mysteries of GOD have 
no choice in their comprehension — GOD is in their blood! Even when they do not want to see, they 
see. Even when they do not want to hear, they hear. Even when they do not want to know, they know. 

0 And you must be clear with this. You may be surrounded right now by people who are 
confident and sure of THEIR fears and doubts but you CANNOT make their fears and doubts your 
fears and doubts. Don’t make other people’s problems your problems. Always seek to help wherever 
and whenever you can, but as sure and confident as they are in their fears and doubts, you must be just 
as sure and confident in your faith and principles. 

61 Others seem to live their lives doing any unrighteous thing they desire while those who are 
born for spiritual comprehension and leadership lack the skills for unrighteous living. Those who are 
born for righteousness will continuously fail at unrighteousness, while those who are born for 
unrighteousness will continuously fail at righteousness. 

62 For the righteous have no choice but to be righteous while the unrighteous limit their decisions 
to unrighteousness. You cannot try to be righteous; you either are or you are not. Likewise, those who 
are Hiphop really have no choice in their Hiphop identity; it is simply who they are! Therefore, let us 
accept ourselves and in doing so, accept the powers that come with the acceptance of ourselves. 

63 You cannot try to be Hiphop; you either are or you are not. The same principle is applied to 
spiritual living; you either are of the Spirit or you are not! And again, the free choice is always yours. 
God is a privilege, not a right, and again, this gospel for Hip Hop is not a new spiritual idea, it is a 
confirmation of the spiritual ideas Hiphoppas already hold. 

64 For the unrighteous are called into the World while the righteous are called out of the World. 
You will know if you are called out of the World simply by your failure to succeed in the World. 
Those who are successful in the World have been called to do so by the World. And likewise, those 
who are Hiphop are called for that purpose. 

65 Be yourself! Envy not the riches and/or longevity of those cultures foreign to your own. 
Respect the beliefs of all believers but put no faith in those beliefs and traditions that do not respect 
the experiences of your life. Be and enjoy yourself! Learn from the history that your God has made 
for you. Live your Hip Hop tradition and it shall become real for you! 

Respecting and even learning the traditions and basic teachings of all cultures expresses one’s 
maturity and wisdom. But denying and/or neglecting the Truth of your own being to associate with 
foreign cultures and beliefs expresses one’s immaturity. Be yourself! And if you are Hip Hop, don’t 
front! Be Hip Hop! 

1 Lor the righteous hurt themselves envying and chasing the success of the World while the 
unrighteous hurt themselves envying the victories of the righteous. At some point the Hiphoppa must 
evaluate her Self and be reborn to the path which she is prepared to commit to. All paths lead to the 
one GOD. 

" The heart does not lie. You know exacdy who you are and what you truly desire. Be not 
ashamed of your past or your future; neither of them are exclusively yours. Your life experiences 
were (and still are) necessary for you to have arrived at this very moment. And here you are — blessed 
beyond any blessing! 

9 Through practice you shall acquire that sensitive sight that sees the exactness of GOD. Beyond 
rational explanation, you must learn to trust in divine intelligence and the timely alignments that come 
with such a trust. GOD speaks to you in this way, so pay close attention and be guided. 

9 Know this. Anyone can read the Gospel of Hip Hop but only those that are born of the Inner 
City shall have the ability to put it to use. You may be one of these people. Are you? Are you a C.I.T.Y. 
planner? One who plants Consciousness In The Youth. Are you a builder of civilization? 

71 Lor GOD has risen up a new people from the dust of the Inner City who are not afraid to hear 
GOD’s voice and do their God’s work. GOD has opened the eye of a new people to continue the 
renewing of the human spirit. Are you one of these new people? Are you Hiphop? When the elements 
of Hip Hop are before you do you feel excited or do you feel aggravated? Does Hip Hop bring you 
joy or anxiety? The truthful answering of these questions will reveal if you are Hiphop or not. 

72 On another note, even though the results of an infinite intelligence are shown and proven 
throughout the existence and history of Hip Hop itself, still many religious people doubt Hip Hop’s 
divine nature. They doubt us, doubt our teachas and doubt GOD. Others mock us, mock our teachas 
and mock their own GOD. Indeed, they mock us just as they did all of the young prophets and nations 
of World history. Such disbelief is the way of the World. 

73 But we hold no grudge and we harbor no anger. GOD has already revealed to the spiritual- 
minded the coming of Hip Hop as a spiritual force for the uplifting and empowerment of the 
forgotten and rejected youth of the World. As Bishop Clarence E. McClendon preached in 1999 
during his X-blessing series, I submit to you that it’s not some of their eyes that have been blinded, it’s 
some of ours! I submit to you that the reason a lot of people are not coming to the kingdom of GOD 
right now is not because their eyes are blind, but because our eyes are blind. ’Cause we think they 
gotta look a certain way and walk a certain way and talk a certain way to come in. And GOD said, ‘If 
you open your eyes I’m a show you brothers of yours, sons of mine, that you haven’t even identified 

74 Bishop McClendon continues, You got to be spiritual for this. Church folk can’t do this. 
Religious people will not be able to walk this line, because they’re going to be looking for cookie 
cutouts of themselves. They’re going to be looking for folk who look like them and talk like them and 

walk like them and ‘oh bless GOD,’ ‘hallelujah,’ ‘praise the lord,’ ‘thank you Jesus,’ ‘we were sharing 
the other day,’ and these folks ain’t gonna talk like that. They gonna be like ‘what up, what up, what 

75 For it is true that to the righteous all things are righteous, and to the wicked all things are 
wicked. To the beautiful all things are beautiful, and to the ugly all things are ugly. And likewise, to 
the godly all things are godly, and to the ungodly all things are ungodly. For the voice of GOD lives 
within all creation, and those who live with GOD can hear it. 

GOD’s true gospel speaks to all living things; it is not just words in a book, it is the Love. But if 
you cannot truly hear the voice of GOD, then you cannot truly hear the instruction of GOD. And if 
you cannot hear the instruction of GOD, it is the World that shall instruct you. 

And what is the instruction of the World? It is an instruction that convinces one to doubt 
everything — even the way of one’s own God. It is an instruction that convinces one to express 
individual desires over the common good of all. It is an instruction that leads to the sinking S.H.I.P. 
(Sickness, Hatred, Ignorance and Poverty). 

; Such an instruction convinces men that they are boys and boys that they are men. Such an 
instruction convinces women that they are girls and girls that they are women. Such an instruction has 
adult men and women justifying their own enslavement and the enslavement of others with statements 
like, Well I’m just doing my job! For such is the Way of the World! 

} Such an instruction creates slaves for the World’s workforce. For it is disunity, disbelief and 
disrespect amongst people that keeps the World’s workforce unified. The way of the World is to doubt 
everyone and trust no one, while the way of the Spirit is to believe and trust the one GOD. For these 
reasons we are obedient to GOD and we recognize the divinity in all whom we may encounter. 

80 For it is only the enslaved who cannot see what the one GOD is doing with Hip Hop. For the 
mind of the enslaved cannot rejoice in the freedom of others, and for these reasons they judge us. For 
many successful slaves say, “I hear GOD’s voice.” But if GOD does not speak their written language, 
it is as if GOD never spoke at all! Let us seek to ease their suffering with our divine performances. 

81 For them, GOD must speak English and abide by the laws of the World in order to convey 
divine instructions. But we hold no grudge and harbor no anger. For our God has truly spoken 
through our hearts and we did hear. For these reasons we are obedient to GOD. The World can say 
whatever it likes; we are NOT obedient to its ways. 

82 Rather than believe, in disbelief the World and its representatives cut themselves off from even 
their own God. Such people are truly lost! And it is for this reason that the Great Spirit has raised us 
up from nothing! That the whole World shall see from whence we came, and be inspired again to 
reunite with their God and their religion. For everyone shall give their God credit for the success of 
Hip Hop! And this is how it should be done. 

83 Our existence as a temple for Hip Hop points people back to the timeless ways of GOD and 
their own religious traditions. This is why all true and attuned Hiphoppas are encouraged to study the 
principles of all religious faiths so that we may steer the people of those faiths back to the essence of 
their own principles and traditions. Our aim is to inspire truth-seekers from all backgrounds to 
continue seeking Truth. Simone G. Parker has taught us to be R.E.L.I.G.I.O.U.S.: to Realize Every Life 
In GOD’s Image Offers Useful Solutions. 

84 Discrimination and elitism have no place within the Temple of Hip Hop. Our gospel exists at a 
time when we (Hiphop Kulture) are at the lowest level of political power and organized social 
influence ourselves. So when we become politically powerful and socially organized, we shall know 

for sure that it is truly GOD who has lifted us up. For GOD has instructed us to enter our Inner City 
and transform its streets. Therefore, open your eye, Hiphoppa! For the mind of every Hiphoppa is a 
city of ideas. 

85 Enter your Inner City today and transform your streets! Rename your avenues and repair your 
roads. Focus not upon the criticisms or the praises of the World; focus only upon the achievement of 
your life’s purpose. Behold! We have already defied the institutions of the World! Imagine what we 
can achieve by believing in the divinity of ourselves. Enter your Inner City! 

86 The population of one’s city is the ideas one has allowed citizenship to in one’s mind. For 
every Hiphoppa is the mayor of her city. And it is the wise mayor who productively directs the 
population of one’s city toward peace and prosperity. Crime does not exist in the city that nurtures the 
dreams and goals of its population. 

; Do not be afraid to walk the streets of your own Inner City! Enter your Inner City and 
transform the streets of your own mind! Such teaching is the essence of the Gospel of Hip Hop. For 
we know who we are! We need not the validation of anyone or anything to substantiate who and what 
we are. For it is GOD alone that builds nations, and for these reasons we are obedient to GOD — the 
Love that continues to bless us. 

88 What is the X-Blessing? The X-Blessing is the drawing near of unidentified sons and daughters. 
It’s when GOD begins to draw near those that have not yet been identified, and then begins to open the 
eyes of His people so that they can recognize them. And this is why I am preaching to you, because you 
got to know what GOD is up to. The religious will miss it, the regular church going folk are not going 
to be a part of this, but the spiritual will be. (Bishop Clarence E. McClendon, The X-Blessing, Part 
Three, 1999) 

89 This is us. This is Hip Hop. GOD has chosen us for a great work! Let us not reject the invitation 
of GOD. Let us finally get prepared to answer the door! 

GOD now seeks refuge in the temples of our Inner Cities. Open your door of awareness and let 
GOD in! Hiphop Kulture appreciates GOD. We shall feed our God, clothe our God, love our God and 
restore our God to strength in our Inner Cities! For our God shall find strength in the Templists of 

91 The last days of other nations shall be the first days for the Hip Hop nation. We must believe in 
ourselves! We must enter our own Inner Cities and make them worthy of GOD’s presence. Behold 
Hiphoppas! The presence of the one GOD is now! Prepare your Inner Cities for the presence of your 
God! Such is the teaching of our temple. And for these reasons we are obedient to GOD — the Love 
that Guides Our Direction. 

92 Prepare yourself now! The presence of GOD is sudden! For it is always some unseen disaster 
or even blessing that instandy changes the World and its power structure. So let us be prepared. Let us 
always be prepared for the activity of GOD in the World. 

93 We know that when the World rejoices, the Spirit of justice mourns. And when the Spirit of 
justice rejoices, it is the World that mourns. The failed plans of an unjust and disobedient World are a 
victory for justice! 

94 Choose today who and what you shall represent. Through your own thoughts, speech and 
actions choose today who you shall be and become. If you are Hiphop, do not deny your own 
protection and power by doubting your true identity and disrespecting the gospel that is before you 
now. Don’t be a hypocrite! Be what GOD has given you your strength and skill for. 

For we would rather appear contradictory to the World, yet be consistent with God, than to be 


contradictory to God so that we may appear consistent with the World! 

' ■ The opinions of an ignorant and temporary World are valueless when compared to the wisdom 
and heavenly conditions of the loving and eternal GOD. Choose today whose approval you shall 
prepare for. Such a choice shall eventually relieve your frustrations and doubts. 

’ But it does not stop there. For as more Hiphoppas begin building up their Inner Cities, such a 
process shall bring our Hip Hop (outer) city into physical manifestation. Such an inward process shall 
firmly establish our outer reality. This begins our social movement and the true meaning of our 
Hiphop civilization. Our concept of civilization begins with a serious focus upon one’s human skills 
independent of technological knowing and/or assistance. 

99 Black’s Law Dictionary describes “civilization” as A law, an act of justice, or judgement which 
renders a criminal process civil. Black’s Law continues, A term which covers several states of society; 
it is relative, and has no fixed sense, but implies an improved and progressive condition of the people, 
living under an organized government. It consists not merely in material achievements, in 
accomplishments in culture, science, and knowledge, but also in doing of equal and exact justice. 

9 Advancing the concept of the Inner City outside of the spiritual realm and into the social realm, 
we find that just because a nation has made a variety of advancements in the field of technology, does 
not mean that such a nation has become civilized. A nation’s inner cities must be peaceful, prosperous 
and secure for that nation to have domestic tranquility. 

100 Technology does not measure the extent of one’s humanity. Neither does technological skill, 
nor does intelligence; nor do power and influence measure and/or define civilized human behavior. 
Tech skills, etc., are the tools for human survival, they are not survival itself. Indeed these tech tools 
are very important to the survival and further development of the human being, but still, tools do not 
define one’s humanity. 

101 How you love defines your humanity. Your ability to solve problems, and the way in which 
you do so, defines your humanity. The ability to think and act beyond your own personal wants and 
achievements defines your humanity. Your character defines your humanity. 

102 What kind of human are you? What can YOU do without technological assistance? What can 
YOU command your body and/or mind to do independent of your tools? Self-control, as an example, 
is a human skill that technology cannot really produce. Care is a human skill. Speech is a human skill. 
Writing is a human skill. Thinking is a human skill. Hip Hop is a human skill. Even the creation of 
technology itself is a human skill. 

103 Technology is commonly thought of as the science of mechanical and industrial arts, whereas 
civilization is commonly thought of as an advanced stage in developing societies. Which do you 
value more? 


Civilization includes intellectual, cultural and material development. It includes progress in the 
arts and sciences as well as writing, record-keeping and the development of social institutions, all of 
which are present and gradually maturing within Hip Hop today. 

105 Technology is the scientific method and/or material used to achieve a commercial or 
industrial objective. This is how hip-hop is used today; it is used as a tool of commerce, not as a 
means toward better human relations. In light of this, Hiphop Kulture shall always make use of its 
technologies and technological innovations not just for industrial and/or commercial interests but 
also for the actual sustainment of its civilized society. 

106 Technology is the application of a refined science, whereas civilization is an application of a 
refined mind. Technological advancement is not civilization. To be truly civilized, human beings 

must interact with each other in advanced manners. To be truly civilized we must first be human. We 
must reinforce our quest for human rights with an unshakable commitment toward our human duties. 

107 Know this. Humanity is GOD’s technology; the more you master GOD’s technology, the less 
you will need to depend upon the World’s technology. GOD’s technology heightens productive 
human interactions, creating the effect of civilization. It does not matter how technologically 
advanced a nation is; government corruption, racism, murder, theft, deceit, selfishness, greed, cruelty, 
etc., are not advanced human interactions. To be truly civilized one must first be humane. One must be 
refined in learning, morality and social manners — the causes of civilization. 

108 Integrity, peace, love, unity, happiness, charity, respect for life, respect for one’s environment, 
artistic, intellectual, spiritual and political refinement, etc., are indeed advanced human interactions. 
And it is these advanced interactions amongst human beings that the Temple of Hip Hop seeks to 
promote and preserve. 

109 Such a promotion and preservation of civilized human behavior begins with us. As Hiphoppas, 
we must be civilized if we expect others to be. And those who live the Hiphop lifestyle are indeed 
civilization builders. 


This not only means having concern for the public good and the peace of a society’s citizens, 
this also means respecting and perfecting our human abilities over the advancement of our 
technological achievements. This is what Hip Hop’s nine elements are all about. Each element 
commits the Hiphoppa to the perfection of her human abilities. 

111 In fact, Hip Hop may be one of the last truly human expressions free from technological 
dependency. Yes, we use, have used, and will continue to use technology to advance our lives and art. 
But when technology fails, the true Hiphoppa can still express Hip Hop because Hip Hop does not 
need technology to exist; it is a human skill, it is GOD’s technology. 

112 A deeper understanding of Hip Hop can give us a deeper understanding of technology and its 
productive uses. In the fast-moving, rapidly growing World of technological innovation it is this 
awareness (human awareness and skills) that is most important to preserve if we are to preserve true 
Hip Hop as well as our own peace of mind in a technological World. 

113 The questions are: What can YOU do without technological assistance? What valuable thing 
can your hands or body produce without technological assistance? Again, Hip Hop is a human skill. 
Breakin, Emceein, Graffiti writing and Beat Boxin are human skills. Deejayin as cuttin’, mixin’ and 
scratchin’ is also a human skill. However, it is the cuttin’, mixin’ and scratchin’ aspects of Deejayin 
that make it a human skill. 


It is not just the creation of technology that is the human skill; it is what you do with such 
technology that is the value of one’s human skill. Human intelligence in manipulating existing objects 
produces technologies of all sorts. But after such technology is produced we cannot forget the mind 
or the creative process that produced it. Yes, turntables are a form of music technology, but it is 
cuttin’, mixin’ and scratchin’ that are indeed the human skills brought to turntable technology. 

115 This is what many DJs lack today. They rely upon music technology to define their DJ-ing as 
opposed to relying upon their Deejayin to define the use of their music technologies. In addition to 
knowing little about the other elements of Hip Hop, many of today’s DJs focus more upon the 
manipulation of technological innovation to exist (beat-making) rather than on the perfection of their 
cuttin’, mixin’ and scratchin’ abilities. 

116 Still, Breakin, Emceein and Beat Boxin require no technologies at all to exist. You can produce 
and perform the act of Breakin, Emceein and Beat Boxin anywhere and at any time! Without any 

money, or clothing, or even a microphone, or any recording devices, without even light you can still 
produce Breakin, Emceein and Beat Boxin at will. These sacred elements to our culture require no 
technology to exist; they are human skills. And this is where one’s Hiphop lifestyle (habit) begins. 

117 Hiphop reminds us of what it means to be truly human. Hiphop conditions us to communicate 
with one another in person and not just over the Internet or through a cellular phone. True Hip Hop 
was born out of the Great Spirit and remains a mental and physical human activity. 

118 As we perfect our human skills we also strengthen ourselves against the technological 
dominance of those who wish to exploit us and our resources. The Truth that we Hiphoppas must 


True Hip Hop will always seek to empower and free human beings as human beings. Not that 
we are against technological innovations or those who survive by way of technological assistance, 
but to be clear here, we must never get into the habit of believing that Hip Hop (like most products) is 
produced by television, radio, CD manufacturing, office buildings, distribution centers, music stores, 
recording studios and high-speed computers. 

120 Yes, these tools are very important to the presentation and sustainment of Hip Hop’s activity 
and history in the World but again, Hip Hop in and of itself is a human skill produced by the human 
Spirit, and it must remain this way. Such is real Hip Hop. 

121 This we must never forget. And even though most of us are already totally dependent upon an 
outside technological system of some sort to live, pay bills and eat, it is always liberating to know that 
Hip Hop as a human skill offers some balance, even relief from mainstream technological 
employment dependency. Such knowledge keeps us and our children’s children free and 
entrepreneurial, well-grounded upon what is real. 

122 Never should we be totally reliant upon technological innovation to eat and pay bills. As 
Hiphoppas we should be able to cause our wealth (well-being), and teach and protect ourselves with 
the activities of our innate abilities. 


As thinking human beings, technology should never exclusively define our humanity. Let us 
walk more. Let us write more. Let us talk face-to-face more. Let us learn or re-learn how to depend 
upon our divine natures more. Let us re-learn how to fight without guns, and communicate without 
phones, and travel without cars or airplanes, and even live without money! 

124 Growing up in the World’s ever more rapid acceleration toward total technological 
dependency strips many human beings of some of the greatest yet most basic human skills we have, 
like environmental survival skills, natural instincts, our psychic abilities and even such 
mental/emotional human skills as intimacy, courage, understanding and patience. These are human 
skills. And as the growth of technology attempts to tighten its grip upon the production of our very 
being it is wise to promote and never forget those skills that make us truly human. 

125 So, while still in the process of building Hiphop Kulture and while using the best of what 
technology has to offer to expand our culture, we (Hiphoppas) must seriously consider for ourselves 
the meaning of our group, the use of technology and the true concept of civilization in World history. 

126 If we are serious about our children’s well-being in just the next 10 years, Hip Hop’s World 
image is going to have to continuously improve. Our activities yesterday and today are setting up the 
heritage that our children shall claim and promote for the World’s respect and trust tomorrow. 

127 Just ask yourself, if Hip Hop was to stop tomorrow, what would be the human history and 
heritage of the Hip Hop community in World history? What would OUR children rely upon as their 

credible and authentic human heritage? What will the dictionaries and encyclopedias say of us as a 
distinct human group? 

128 As Hiphoppas let us never forget our humanity. Let us eat and live off of the talents of our own 
existence. Let us never become dependent upon things outside of ourselves to actualize that which is 
already within us. Let us become a nation of exceptional human beings — independent and self- 


As Hiphoppas, we must become the civilization that we expect others to be. We can talk and 
dream all day about living a better quality of life, but if we are unwilling or incapable of governing 
ourselves then (for the safety of the World) we deserve to be governed by others. 

1 30 For if GOD is GOD then GOD is also Hip Hop! And regardless of anyone else’s union with 
GOD, we Hiphoppas must have a union with GOD for ourselves if we are to be truly free, living in 
peace and prosperity as an independent World culture. 

131 Different from spiritual enlightenment or even praise and worship, our most pressing 
challenge is to simply live by the principles we have established for ourselves. Endurance, not 
conquest, shall be our greatest strength. Other communities shall fall because they contradict their 
very foundations, while we shall rise by simply being consistent with ours. 

132 For there is no need to fight those who have contradicted their own foundations (their 
principles); they shall fall by their own hands! However, we Hiphoppas are a principled nation which 
produces principled people. 

133 The question is, who and what are you actually creating your Self to be? Yeah, you might have 
a goal to achieve or you may be a professional right now but really, who are YOU becoming? Where 
is all of your effort actually going? 

134 And there is no wrong answer or better answer to these questions. Every truly serious seeker 
of Truth knows that faith makes all things possible. And those ideas that we think on continuously and 
desire in our hearts secredy eventually come to pass. The deeper question here is, upon what story 
shall you place your faith? Even deeper, what exactly is YOUR birthright? What heritage do YOU 
claim? What is the style of YOUR life? 

135 The importance in answering such questions for yourself rests within the fact that we are only 
living the stories that we have come to accept as Truth. Change the story; you change your life. 

136 Our work as templists re-establishes a spiritual heritage, a cultural birthright and a daily code 
of conduct, a lifestyle for all who seek peace, love, unity and safely having fun through the culture of 
Hip Hop. Although it may have been called many different names throughout human history, that 
which we call Hip Hop today is a very ancient experience. 

137 This first instrument speaks to the spiritual observations of our tribe. Our tribe is called 
Hiphop and/or Hip Hop, and our experiences belong to us! We need not borrow anyone else’s 
experiences to substantiate or interpret our own. We need not borrow the gods of other cultures to 
have a relationship with our own. 

138 Why borrow or adopt the birthright and/or heritage of a foreign culture when you can clearly 
point to the richness of your own? Or do you borrow the customs of foreign cultures because you 
know not the divinity of your own? Wake up! Wake up to the reality of the LOVING GOD who loves 
you as you are; as a Hiphoppa! 

139 And this is the good news for OUR PEOPLE today searching for identity and meaning to their 
lives! WAKE UP! Believe in your Self! Believe in the divinity of your own everyday experiences and 
you shall live in the reality of who you believe your Self to be. For we are all made up of the stories 

that we choose to believe. So what do you believe of yourself and of Hip Hop’s story? 

140 If you are not prepared to live this culture (Hip Hop) to its fullest, then please close this 
instrument and hand it to someone who is. However, the real question is, where do YOU place YOUR 
faith? And is it really working out for you? 

141 Ask yourself seriously, are you at peace ? Are you in love ? Are you whole ? Are you empowered 
by your faith? Is God really real in your life? And only you can truthfully answer these questions. 
Why live in denial when you can live in real Health, Love, Awareness and Wealth as an attuned 
Hiphoppa for real? Why deny that which you already are? 

142 Here, we approach Hip Hop as the subject that we put our faith into because we know this 
subject to be true. In our time (and possibly in yours) we have learned that the history that we are 
taught as the facts and as the Truth about ourselves cannot be trusted. In my time, ALL AMERICAN 
HISTORY IS INACCURATE AND INCOMPLETE, especially when it comes to us and our 
experiences in the United States. Therefore, to regain and know of the Truth about ourselves, we must 
BE ourselves and not our education. 

143 Even if this means starting our history over again from today, or rather continuing our history 
from what we know to be true, we must at some point begin the re-creation of ourselves and our 
civilization through the accurate documentation of our past, present and future activities in the World. 
WE must tell our OWN story to our OWN children. 

144 WE must seriously begin to believe in ourselves and the historical documentation that we are 
inspired to create for ourselves. We must stop saying that we have lost our history, culture and 
heritage and begin proclaiming the rebirth of our divinity and the establishment of a new history, 
culture and heritage. 

145 Let us not see our ignorance or loss of accurate historical data, resources, land, etc., as a 
handicap but rather as an opportunity to be truly born again! In fact, whoever we were as a People led 
to our enslavement and present state of oppression. However, we can recreate ourselves today. This is 
what Hiphop is all about. 

146 And yes, we can believe in what is true for us, and Hip Hop is what is true for US! It may NOT 
be true for anyone else. Others may find peace and prosperity in the strict observances of other faiths 
and the histories of their religions, and they are right to do so. But here, WE ARE HIP HOP! And we 
are right to BELIEVE IN OURSELVES ! 

147 Here, Hiphop is the unique activity of our collective consciousness. Hip Hop is our collective 
faith in action. Hiphop is what WE are being and Hip Hop is what WE are doing! 

148 When WE appear Hip Hop appears; and when WE are gone Hiphop is gone. Indeed, life IS 
what you make of it, and Hip Hop is what God has made of our lives. Let us live and learn the gospel 
that reflects the experiences of OUR unique history as Hiphoppas. 

149 Let us learn from the accumulated wisdom of OUR ancestors. Is GOD not with us also? Did 
GOD not create us also? In fact, the real question here is, where is an omnipresent GOD not? Even 
deeper, what exists outside of GOD? 

150 For if GOD is ALL then GOD IS HIP HOP! And we need not borrow anyone else’s 
interpretation of GOD to have union with GOD. Are we not GOD’s children also? Let us then begin to 
act like the sons and daughters of the Most-High GOD and draw the blessings that can only come by 
way of a pure heart, a clear mind and an upright character. Is this not the whole point to even the most 
ancient of spiritual practices? 

You can be a very talented Graffiti writer, Emcee, Deejay, etc, but if your personal living 


habits and views on life are not in alignment with the Truth of YOUR being; you cannot expect to 
achieve any real fulfillment doing whatever you do in life, even if you do it well. 

152 One thing that we have learned for sure is that it is the Hiphop lifestyle itself (not one’s talent) 
that empowers one to live a peaceful and prosperous life approaching Hip Hop’s artistic elements 
with success. So let us begin the study of ourselves seriously. 

153 Let us stop aligning OUR faith with those who don’t respect us. WE ARE HIPHOP! And ALL 
peaceful people are welcomed within our city. 

154 For we have seen now that those who are destined and chosen for spiritual awareness only 
need to prepare for their inevitable transformations. For us (the spiritually minded), spiritual growth 
is not just about adding to yourself, it is more about preparing for the inevitable appearance of your 
own intentions. 

155 Once you have made up your own mind to live a spiritual/mystical life, it is inevitable that 
such a reality will eventually reveal itself to you. The idea then is to simply prepare for the inevitable 
coming of your Higher-Self. Such an awareness is not to be attained, it is to be prepared for. You are 
already your Higher-Self. 

156 The question is, are you prepared for the inevitable actualization of your own Higher-Self? It 
is like giving birth to a child. Under normal circumstances, once mom realizes that she is pregnant it 
is inevitable that a child will be born. However, the question here is, how healthy shall this child be? 

157 Yes, it is inevitable that a child is on its way. But such a child can still be born prematurely or 
even late. Such a child may be born with certain health issues because of the conduct of the mother 
and/or father. Such a child can still be abused, neglected, aborted, or even born dead. The same 
examples can apply to the birth of your Higher-Self. 

158 From the time you make up in your mind that it is the spiritual life that you want to live, you 
are at that very moment pregnant with the intention to achieve your Higher-Self. At this moment it is 
of extreme importance that you begin to eat right, think right and live right or you can hinder the 
development of your own Higher-Self and, more importandy, its delivery. 

159 Therefore, ENTER YOUR INNER CITY and nurture the development of your Higher-Self. 
WE ARE HIPHOP! And we need nothing else to survive and grow. We are content with the burden 
GOD has given to US! 

160 Bishop Clarence E. McClendon explains in an advertisement for his sermon entided The X- 
Blessing that while the World has labeled this generation as ‘Generation X ,’ and has written them off 
as rebellious, uncommitted and lazy, GOD says that He has chosen to mightily use this generation for 
His supernatural purpose and plans. 

161 Bishop McClendon proclaimed in 1999 that “believers” need to adjust their thinking and to 
understand that there is an unusual blessing and endowment upon this generation. 

162 Bishop McClendon reveals through scripture how GOD has once again today chosen the ones 
that nobody expected to deliver a generation and impact the World. God is raising up a generation 
that He has called and anointed with a special grace to spark revival throughout our nation. 

163 So, let us rise now! Let us mature into those Holy Integrated People Having Omnipresent 
Power. Let us NOT squander OUR gifts or smother the development of OUR Higher-Selves this time. 
Let us actually begin to reveal and un-Rap them. We have great work to do, let’s get to it. There it is. 



1 Peace and much love to all future Hiphoppas! Rejoice! For we are truly blessed people! Do not 
be discouraged or depressed by the criticisms of the World. For ignorance is always bold and certain. 
However, ignorance is also temporary. For it is better to be fresh in the sight of your God and wack to 
the World, than to be fresh in the sight of the World and wack to your God! 

2 For the same World that hails you up in praise is the same World that can tear you down in 
judgment! The same World that condemns you is the same World that hails you up! Such is the way of 
the World. Be prepared! 

3 Therefore, focus not upon the praises or the criticisms of the World. Focus only upon your 
performance before GOD! Stand only in Truth! For the correction of GOD is like that of a loving 
mother while the criticisms of the World are like those of rebellious children. For the World will hate 
you one day and then love you the next. 

4 Likewise, the rewards, awards and validations of GOD are like the handmade clothing of a 
protective mother that is given to her child to guard against the harsh elements of those rainy and cold 

5 However, the rewards, awards and validations of the World are like the mass-produced clothing 
of an impersonal corporation that is sold to you for a price. Such clothing offers only temporary 
protection against the harsh elements of those rainy and cold seasons because the clothing 
manufacturer needs you to keep coming back to purchase clothing. Eventually such clothing even 
goes out of style. 

For the mass-produced clothing of the World impresses only the immature, while the handmade 
clothing of God impresses only the wise. Choose today the garment you shall wear! For we have 
learned that sunny and warm days are followed by cloudy days which are followed by rainy and 
stormy days which return to sunny and warm days. 

Those who are unaware of the spiritual seasons of life believe that when the storms of life beat 
upon their circumstances they are doomed to that situation for the rest of their lives. It seems as if the 
storm will never end! And in desperation they make decisions under pressure, which force them to 
make the wrong decisions in life. In the long run, such desperate decisions only prolong their 

" Attuned Hiphoppas who have acquired the knowledge of life’s seasons and cycles occasionally 
go through the same storms everyone else goes through. However, with an awareness that the storm 
is always temporary, attuned Hiphoppas remain calm and mentally still, allowing the storm to pass 
over them. Others without knowledge of life’s seasons try to run from the storm, only to wind up 
running with it! Even more people miss valuable opportunities and lessons that can be found in the 
midst of the storm by running away from the storm. The same applies to the sunny days. 

y Not realizing that everything has its season, the unaware Rap fan believes that he is running 
ahead of the storm when he is actually keeping up with the storm! For when the storms of life beat 
against your clothing it is usually best to remain still and allow the storm to pass you by. The same 
applies to the sunny days. 

10 With difficult people and circumstances, be still. Be on good terms with all people, even if you 
must be silent in the face of those that disrespect you. Develop the habit of not saying things that you 

may regret later when the storm of hostility and/or depression has passed. Be silent, be still. Even with 
all forms of temptation, be silent, be still. Allow the storms of those tempting desires to pass over 
you. Do nothing! When tempted, do nothing. 

11 But know this. Only those who wear the handmade clothing of God — Purpose, Mercy, Peace, 
Charity, Love, Overstanding, Truth, Discipline, Inspiration, Wisdom, Gratefulness, Self-Sacrifice, etc. 
— can stand still in the midst of life’s storms (changes/temptations). These are the designer labels of 
our everlasting God. For only divine clothing can withstand the various storms of life. 

12 For when it is sunny and warm, meaning that everything is going your way, such a season is 
not to be used to relax and indulge in the pleasures of the World. Such a season is always used to 
prepare for those rainy days. And such preparation is not done in fear. Such a preparation is done 
with an overstanding that all Worldly relationships, validations, rewards and opportunities are indeed 

13 Attuned Hiphoppas preserve their Health, Love, Awareness and Wealth during those sunny and 
warm seasons in preparation for the inevitable storms (changes) to come. After a while the storms do 
not even affect the attuned Hiphoppa’s H-LAW. With wisdom the attuned Hiphoppa sees that it is 
during those rainy days that the people of the World are fed. 

14 For it is through challenges, changes and disappointments that the people of the World gain 
wisdom. For it is the storms of life that humble and teach the people of the World. However, Spirit 
beings remain still and protected in the most terrifying and difficult of life’s storms. For they are not 
taught (or fed) during the stormy seasons or during the sunny seasons. They are taught (or fed) by an 
acknowledgement of the Truth which comes to everyone first but is rejected by those who value the 
World more than they do their own God. 

15 Actually, Spirit beings find opportunity in the very midst of the storm. While others attempt to 
run from the storm, or fight the storm, or criticize the storm, Spirit beings find their opportunities 
within the storm! 

16 For true power is not gained through conquests and takeovers, it actually falls into the laps of 
those prepared to catch it! Those who take by force prove that they were unprepared to freely receive 
what they have stolen. Whatever they took they did not truly earn and it is not theirs to keep. It shall 
return to its rightful owner! 

17 For true power is given when GOD upsets the normal order of human civilization, causing 
shifts in public demand, which causes a redistribution or reallocation of Worldly wealth and 
influence. Everyone eventually gets an opportunity to govern their World. The question is, what are 
you prepared for? How shall you govern? Even the sunny days are temporary. 

18 With a knowledge of life’s seasons we know that it is always some unexpected turn of events 
that changes everything and opens doors that did not even exist before. Therefore, stay true to your 
purpose in life. Perform patience. No matter how humble or grand, be true to your life’s purpose and 
envy not the achievements of others. 

19 For the material World is truly temporary. Therefore, do not become aggravated, angry, 
worried or disappointed with those who appear to be in Worldly power today, for in a minute they 
shall be in power no more and the effects of their temporary power and prestige shall also fade away. 
We have seen this too many times. 

20 Not that we wish harm or failure upon anyone; such is not the character of an attuned Hiphoppa. 
However, it is a fact that the World and Worldly circumstances are indeed temporary. For those who 
chase after the pleasures, powers and items of the World chase after things that are temporary in their 

very existence. Be still, be committed to your life purpose and perform patience. It is inevitable that 
your day will come again. Stay focused! 

21 For in the reality of the material World, everything is deteriorating. Every material thing, every 
physical structure, requires maintenance for its continued existence in the material World! Nothing 
physical is permanent. And likewise, every person that holds Worldly power today will not hold such 
power tomorrow. And those who have not Worldly power today shall indeed have an abundance of 
such tomorrow. For this is the way of the World! Be prepared when it is your turn to govern! Treat all 
people with respect when you are in power and they shall remember you and your children. 

22 Hiphoppas who hold Worldly power, prestige and/or popularity should never forget that such 
powers are indeed temporary. That when it is sunny and warm one should be prepared for rainy and 
cold! And vice versa. For those who praise you today shall curse you tomorrow. And those who curse 
you today shall praise you tomorrow. 

23 Therefore, focus not upon the praises, the criticisms or the curses of the World, for they are 
truly powerless! Instead, focus only upon the Truth of your God animating your purpose. Indeed you 
are a projection of the universe itself! You are what the universe is doing right now! Your existence 
and purpose are part of the balance of the entire universe. Know this. It is of extreme importance to 
the unfolding of the universe that you be your true Self! 

24 As mentioned throughout this gospel, the most important practice attuned Hiphoppas can do for 
themselves is to actually BE themselves. And after that is achieved, one must literally become one’s 
own best friend. 

25 You must realize rather quickly that the 20-year-old you has depended upon the 10-year-old 
you for its very survival. And the 30-year-old you is depending upon the 20-year-old you for its very 
survival. And the 40-year-old you is depending upon the 30-year-old you for its survival. 

26 As an example, just think for a moment about the decisions that you made, as well as the 
decisions that were made for you, at just 10 years of age. Whether you were conscious or 
unconscious of the decisions made at 10 years of age, they have nonetheless had a profound effect 
upon your life at 20 years of age. And yes, the decisions that you possibly made at 20 years of age 
will have and/or have had a profound effect upon the well-being of your life at 30 years of age. 

27 In fact, if you are 30 years of age now, for example, it was the 10, 15, 20, and even 25-year-old 
you that was actually more important to your survival at 30 years of age than your 30-year-old self is 
now. For if the 10, 15, 20, and 25-year-old you did not make the right decisions, it is likely that the 30- 
year-old you is suffering for it today. 

28 For it is not only the you of today that is responsible for your well-being and status in life 
today, it is more that your past self is responsible for your total well-being right now and that at this 
very moment you are the manifested thoughts of your past self. Do you like what you have created so 
far? The future you is truly depending upon you today to make the right decisions for its well-being 
and social status tomorrow. This is what it means to be a friend to your own Self! 

29 Do not wait until you are 40, 50, or even 60 years of age to ponder how stupid and careless you 
may have lived your life at 20, 25, 30 and 35 years of age. Grab hold of your life now! Perform 
responsibility now! Achieve your purpose now! Be your own best friend NOW! Do not become 
stagnated by your own inconsciousness. 

30 However, it gets even deeper than this. Yes, you may understand how your past self has affected 
you today. But consider the idea that your future Self can also affect you today. Being your own best 
friend includes the concept of being your own guardian angel. 

31 Consider the seventh sense where there is neither time nor space, where everything is actually 
one thing, where the concept of time simply does not exist. Everything is here and now. You at 10 
years of age and you at 70 years of age exist right now at whatever age you believe yourself to be 

32 Consider your mind a time-traveling device that can take you far into your so-called past as 
well as far into your so-called future. All of you at different ages exist together as one being right 
now. This means that if you are truly aware that time does not govern your mind, the 70-year-old you 
can literally act as the spiritual guardian of the 20 or 30-year-old you now. 

33 You can begin at 20 years of age (for example) visualizing yourself watching over, protecting 
and guiding your 15-year-old self. This would mean that when you were physically 15 years of age, 
the mind of the 20-year-old you actually did look out for the body of the 15-year-old you. This would 
explain a lot of the miraculous things that happened to you during your teenage years. It would be 
because the future versions of you (which is you right now) learned of this technique and applied it. 

34 Try to understand this. Read the previous paragraph again slowly to really understand what is 
being taught here. If you begin to regularly visualize yourself guiding and protecting the younger 
versions of yourself today, then by continuing this practice for the duration of your physical life, 
your 70 year old self (as an example) is guiding and protecting you now! Just as you are appearing to 
your 15-year-old self as its guardian angel today, so it is that your 70-year-old self is appearing to 
you now if you continue this practice into your future. 

35 This means that the decisions that you make in the future are also affecting your life now, just 
as the decisions that you have made in the past are also affecting your life now. All things are one 
thing. In your seventh sense, at the deepest levels of your being, there are no separate spaces and there 
are no past, present or future intervals of time. Everything is actually here and now. 

36 The memories of your future self are the imaginations of your present self. And the memories 
of your present self are the imaginations of your past self. Whatever you desire or are doing in the 
future is also affecting you now in your present. You can see who you are in the future by your 
desires today. This is why it is of extreme importance that you lead a virtuous life. Every thought and 
desire that you act upon in some way affects your total well-being in the so-called past, present and 

37 So be careful with this technique. With your own mind go into your own past with love (not 
judgment) and protect and guide the younger versions of yourself. Do not seek to change anything; 
just give your younger Self strength to arrive at your present self. Free yourself from the bondage of 
time! Learn through your seventh sense to manipulate the illusion of time in your life. Use your time 
wisely. Do not allow it to use you ignorandy! 

38 When you pray; pray not just for your future self, but pray also for your past self. And when 
you meditate, meditate upon the victory of your youth. Give yourself the habit of watching over the 
younger versions of yourself with the wisdom and overstanding that you have acquired today. There 
is no time! You can be 5 years of age or 50 years of age right now. 

39 If you continue this practice of praying and/or meditating back onto yourself for the duration 
of your physical life, then indeed the future you is correcting, guiding and protecting you right now 
with what you have yet to learn. Remember; the 16-year-old you cannot actually see the experiences 
of the 60-year-old you. But the 60-year-old you can see the experiences of the 16-year-old you. Let 
your future Self advise you. 

The 16-year-old you (now aware of this gospel) must listen out for the warnings and 


inspiration of the 60-year-old you. And likewise, the 16-year-old you must be a friend (even a 
servant) to the 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60-year-old you. This is also the essence of a disciplined Hiphop 
life; Se/f-creation, Se/f-control and Se/f-direction. 

41 The attuned Hiphoppa who is Se/f-created, Se/f-directed and in control of one’s cravings is 
rarely depressed, insecure or confused. The attuned Hiphoppa commands the environment she enters; 
not by force but by the spiritual character she openly displays. For this reason, the attuned Hiphoppa 
is safe wherever she goes. She is rarely insecure or confused within her environment because in fact 
she is no longer living within her environment; her environment is now within her. 

42 In other words, most people feel vulnerable within their own environments as well as foreign 
environments because they lack the ability to influence the happenings of either. Things are going on 
in their environments which they believe they have no control over. This causes all kinds of 
insecurities, worries and doubts. 

43 However, if you are to have any victory over the chaotic happenings of your own environment 
as well as the environment that you may enter then you must be able to exert some kind of influence 
over the happenings of such environments. This kind of influence over one’s physical environment 
begins with the ability to project your own mind (through Spirit) beyond the confinement of your 
own insecurities, doubts and fears and onward toward Truth. 

44 For when the Hiphoppa lives in doubt and in ignorance of his higher Self, the Law (or Way) of 
the universe confines that Hiphoppa to his lower self. The one who has not even tried to perfect 
himself shall never go beyond the confinement of himself. Fear, doubt, selfishness and spiritual 
ignorance turns one’s own mind against one’s own Self, and confines such a person to the prison of 
his own perceptions. 

45 The true Hiphoppa must make an effort to complete himself if he desires to exert any real 
influence beyond himself. An incomplete person is unable to direct himself. It is like having a broken 
leg or a broken wing. Only a Se/f-directed person can get to where he needs to be. Everyone else is 
drifting or being directed by the intentions and influences of others. 

46 Very simply, when you gain control of your Self you shall be able to command your Self to do 
whatever you wish. The real issue as to why you cannot heal yourself, feel good about yourself or 
achieve those things that you really want for yourself is because you have very lithe control of your 
Self. Your mind does whatever IT wants to do! Your body does whatever IT wants to do! Your 
emotions are out of YOUR control! And YOUR own environment acts as if you are not even there! 
The master of your house is asleep. WAKE UP, HIPHOPPA! 

47 When you gain control of your Self you shall tell yourself what to do, and where to go, and 
what to be and it shall have no choice of its own but to do, or go, or be that which you have 
commanded it. But first, you must get control of your SELF! 

48 Just think. If you wanted to pick up a glass of water but your arms were doing whatever they 
wanted to do on their own, and the glass of water was doing whatever it wanted to do on its own, and 
the table and everything else were all moving on their own, it would be impossible to pick up the 
glass and drink. In fact, there would be no glass to drink from. 

49 This is how most people live their lives! They have no control of themselves or their 
environment. They are tempted by this and disciplined by that. They are helplessly blown across life 
like a leaf in the street! This type of life can make anyone insecure, fearful, doubtful and stressed out! 
It is only when you have complete control of your arms and hands that you can then effortiessly move 
them toward that which you desire. 

50 Even deeper, when you realize that what you call your Self is actually the table, the glass and the 
water as well as your arms and hands, then the table, the glass, the water, your arms, your legs, your 
mind, your physical environment and your life circumstances shall all stop doing their own things. 
They shall hear your commands and obey them because at this level of awareness they have no 
movement outside of your Self — outside of your perception. Your very presence brings everything 
into harmonious order with each other; each other meaning the totality of your Self! 

51 It is only your limited perception that allows your environment to do what IT wants. In fact, 
because of your own doubt and disbelief you allow your environment to do whatever IT wants — no 
one is directing it. This is why it is of extreme importance that you first gain control of your own Self 
if you are to attain any kind of real peace or lasting prosperity. Such a control begins as a consistent 
learned habit of the mind. First YOU must get your mind right! First YOU must make the decision to 
direct your OWN mind, which is done through a defeat of your bodily cravings. Then when you have 
made up your mind, when you have created your mind-state outside of your cravings, stick to it! 
STAND YOUR GROUND! Do not be moved! * 

52 Know this. An uncontrollable, imperfect mind is a prison for the true Hiphoppa. For if you 
cannot direct your own mind and body beyond your own temptations, fears and doubts then it is 
obvious that you are led not by what YOU desire for your Self but by what your mind and body crave 
for themselves. You are their slave. This is why you cannot seem to get anything done for yourself. In 
spirit you must finally make up your mind, create and build your own mind-state. 

53 It is YOU (Spirit) that must order your mind and body to think and move toward YOUR 
success; otherwise they will think and move toward the fulfillment of their own successes which is 
your spiritual failure. Right along with the knowing of one’s Self and even the creation of one’s Self 
is the true directing of one’s Self. Once your tempting desires and cravings no longer have a hold on 
you, you can properly direct your Self. 

54 For it is the will to direct your Self even in the most confusing and uncomfortable situations 
that proves your spiritual maturity. In fact, the ability to actually direct one’s thoughts and actions 
above the cravings of the flesh is a skill that every true Hiphoppa growing along a spiritual path must 

55 This is why many people feel stagnated in their lives, even with success. Most of the time it is 
because they either lost the ability to direct themselves or they never had the ability to direct 
themselves. They’ve become slaves to their situations. Whenever they think of something that they 
would like to do for themselves it is always their OWN uncontrollable fears, doubts, cravings, 
temptations and other immaturities that prevent them from achieving that which they say that they 
want for themselves. 

56 In this case someone will say, I want X but I’m too afraid to do what it takes to achieve X. Or 
they will say, I want X but deep down in their very being they really don’t believe that they deserve X, 
or can actually achieve X. Here, it is fear and/or doubt that is not only stagnating one’s life, but this 
same fear and/or doubt is actually guiding one’s life. Such a person is not led by his will to achieve X 
(purpose). Such a person is led, guided and directed by fear and/or doubt. 

57 The cure is to direct your Self beyond your fears and/or doubts with awareness. Being Self- 
directed is the beginning of peace and prosperity. And this skill begins with taking your Self seriously. 
This means to finally make the decision to be that which you say you are. Whatever that is, be it 
NOW! Bloom where you are planted! Fove your Self. 

58 Don’t wait for the best opportunity or some favorable situation to arrive before you actually 
begin the process of self-transformation; grow from what you already know! Practice the control of 

your emotions (sadness, anger, even happiness) when you are confronted by selfish, depressed and/or 
angered people. Begin today to seize control of the environment in which you live and the mind in 
which you have. Do not allow the environment, people’s attitudes, or the cravings of your mind to 
move you exclusively; at this very moment make the decision to begin moving them! 

59 Most people will say that they are looking for peace and prosperity but in actuality they are 
looking for the cravings and temptations of their own mind and body. If you are serious about peace 
you must look for it with your eyes, ears and other physical senses. Most people have no control of 
their own eyes! This is crazy! Most men cannot stop themselves from looking at the breasts and asses 
of women passing them by in the street. And get what I’ m saying here: THEY CANNOT CONTROL 

60 They may say that they are “looking for GOD,” but this statement is actually said figuratively. 
In reality their eyes are in control of them. They say that they are looking for GOD (as an example), 
but their own eyes disagree with them. The eyes themselves look wherever they choose to look 
regardless of what the man says he wants for himself. This is crazy! This is self-oppression. 

61 On the other hand, women in need of attention, knowing that men are looking at their breasts 
and asses, put on the tightest and most revealing costumes in order to tempt men into associating with 
them. And many women will say that they are “seeking to attract the favor of GOD,” but in reality 
they are seeking to attract sexual favors. This too is crazy! They claim to be listening for the voice of 
GOD, but in reality their ears are listening to the problems and scandals of the World around them. 

62 As Hiphoppas we must gain direction of our own physical senses. We must direct our eyes, 
ears, etc., toward that which we claim to be searching for. Know this. In any given environment there 
are millions of things going on, but if you chose to allow your physical senses to focus only upon 
what stimulates the physical body, you will in no way see GOD or enter the realm of Spirit. 

63 Likewise, we must ask ourselves, Am I the tempter/temptress in other people’s lives, tempting 
them with my good looks, breaking up marriages and families, preventing people from reaching their 
own spiritual potentials with my own desire for sex and vanity? Am I a walking distraction? You will 
in no way enter the realm of Spirit if you present yourself to the World as a tempter of others. 

64 Wear only the God-made garments of Wisdom, Love, Faith, Discipline, Truth, Charity, Mercy, 
etc., holding as a mighty weapon this Gospel of Hip Hop, and you will attract the same to you. With 
this character, not only shall you be protected against the temporary storms of life, but indeed you 
shall maintain your VICTORY OVER THE STREETS! 

65 We have seen now that Life does move in seasons, and if we can be still and observant we will 
begin to see the seasons (patterns) of Life as well as of our own lives and be able to predict changes 
and heed warnings. 

One of the most important spiritual practices one can learn is how to detect the repeated 
patterns (the seasons) of Life and of one’s own life. Yes, the seeming chaos that we call “Life” is 
predictable and it speaks through natural occurrences, symbolic natural signs and repeated 

The Temple of Hip Hop tracks and records the naturally repeated patterns of our Hip Hop life 
and harmonizes such patterns with the patterns of Life itself. The synchronizing of these patterns 
(repeated occurrences) makes up the natural reality of our Hip Hop lifestyle. Our patterns are unique 
to us; we are not linked with the life patterns and prophecies of other cultures. We respect and love 
them all but we are indeed free to discover and live our own prophecies and life patterns — this is 
freedom for our people. 

’ ’ There are things that we as a group (Hip Hop) repeatedly do, and these repeated activities make 
up the character and language that we speak and understand. Likewise, there are things that Life itself 
repeatedly does, and these activities make up the character and language that Life speaks and 


To know the naturally repeated patterns of Hip Hop not only causes peace and security for the 
knower, but knowing Hip Hop’s repeated patterns puts the knower in direct relation with the essence 
of Hip Hop’s existence and movement in the World. Without such knowledge it is almost impossible 
to correcdy guide the Hip Hop community or one’s self within it. 

70 Likewise, knowing the repeated patterns of Life itself puts the knower in direct relation with the 
existence and movement of GOD — the Love that moves our movement. And without knowledge of 
GOD we are blind to GOD’s activity in our lives. Often what we call errors and mistakes are actually 
GOD’s guidance. To get us to arrive at where we are supposed to be, we are often led through a 
variety of other seemingly unrelated activities and events. 

71 Instead of moving harmoniously with GOD, in ignorance we get in our own way trying to 
correct ourselves, preventing GOD from guiding us toward our ultimate peace and joy. In such 
ignorance we must setde for guessing what GOD is doing in our lives as opposed to knowing what 
GOD is doing in our lives, assisting GOD in the perfection of our lives. 

72 Everything happens in season, in its proper time, and failure to move within Life’s seasons is 
what causes stress and loss. Knowing that yours is coming in due season produces the virtue of 
patience and gives one strength to endure while waiting for one’s season to kick in. 

73 Those with knowledge of Life’s seasons refrain from doing things outside of one’s seasons. 
We plant our dreams in the cold and rainy seasons of life only to harvest the grains of success in the 
cool and sunny seasons. Others of us with different styles of seed plant our dreams in the sunny and 
cool seasons, reaping our harvest in the cold and rainy seasons. 

74 You simply have to know who you are and why you are. Your Hip Hop spiritual path may begin 
with your own knowledge of your own seasons and life cycles. Hip Hop has its own seasons but such 
knowledge is secret at this time because of the exploitive way hip-hop is being approached in my 
time. As scholars, just because we know doesn’t mean we must reveal. 

75 However, Hip Hop’s seasons, as well as Life’s seasons, can be discovered on one’s own 
through the study of one’s own life patterns. You can also apply fractal mathematics and the living 
(wearing) of Life’s most celebrated virtues (garments) — Peace, Love, Unity, Joy, Patience, Charity, 
Forgiveness, etc. — to achieve such knowledge. In order to learn from Life you must submit yourself 
to the service of Life; do what Life does and Life will do what you do. 

Life serves the interests of all without judgment. Life does justice, not judgment. 

Life sustains all in its environment. Life is a provider, a sustainer. Life endures. 

Life heals and self-creates. Everything about Life is healing, nurturing and creative. 

Life teaches and makes its participants aware of themselves and their environment. Life is 







This is the character that we must align ourselves with if Life is to reveal its secrets. One thing 
that we know for sure about Life itself is that it repeats. Life is all about repetition, and repetition is 
also about consistency. 

81 Therefore, one way of submitting to Life is to be as consistent as one can be with one’s true 
nature. Once you have decided to commit to a lifestyle that reflects your true nature, be consistent 

with that lifestyle. Life itself will teach you not only about the seasons of your own life but about the 
seasons of Life itself. 

82 As scholars of the Hip Hop arts and sciences we are encouraged to observe the character of 
Life itself and repeat its ways. As scholars, let us join in on the work that Life itself does. Take some 
time and observe Life, how it seems to function, its likes and dislikes, its causes and its effects, as well 
as its repeated patterns. Know this. The study of Life is the study of GOD’s Will. 

83 However, as Hiphoppas we have learned that consistency itself is actually a season. We’ve 
learned that there are times to be consistent and then there are times to be inconsistent. We’ve learned 
that Life itself is alive, and it does contradict itself in many ways because it offers us choices. The 
same exact events never repeat themselves; it is the exact same conditions that cause the occurrence of 
certain events that repeat themselves. 

84 It is then up to us. How we choose to handle such conditions determines whether the events of 
the past shall happen again as they did in history. The repeated patterns of certain conditions are 
indeed consistent, but not repeated events in history. Consistency and inconsistency are creations of 
logical and rational thought trying to make sense of a seemingly chaotic natural World. Such terms, 
when applied to human affairs, are what we call “social virtues” — virtues that spring up based upon 
the survival needs and comfort of a dominant social group. But in the end, we do have choices. 

85 Today, being consistent is completely overrated, especially when compared to simply living 
one’s life. In my time, African Americans still have to be consistent with the collective character of 
the White mainstream, religious groups and political parties in order to even exist in the United States 
successfully. This form of consistency is indeed destructive to African American well-being and 
growth. How can any group discover what is right for them while being consistent with the purpose, 
prophecies and life-path of another group? Can such a condition even be called “freedom?” 

86 When it comes to Hip Hop, being consistent with anyone or anything outside of our Hip Hop 
experience is self-destruction and this is why continuous consistency with someone or something 
foreign to our Hip Hop experience is simply not right for us. We must study and discover our own 
life patterns and seasons in order to be truly free and productive. 

; Being consistent generally means being constant, predictable and dependable, whereas being 
inconsistent or contradictory simply means to be of an opposite view, to break with tradition or be in 
conflict with an accepted normality. In a real effort to preserve and further develop Hip Hop it is now 
time that we break our spiritual, physical and psychological ties with many of the World’s prophecies 
and psychological patterns. In our quest for real freedom, now is the time for us to respectfully 
contradict many of the traditions that were forced upon our parents in an effort to truly discover what 
GOD has in store for us. This is true freedom for our people. 

88 Most people however, confuse contradiction with hypocrisy, and most often accuse a 
contradictory person of being a hypocrite. A hypocrite is someone who makes false claims to virtue. 
Hypocrisy has to do with virtue, or rather the lack thereof, whereas contradiction has to do with 
change of view; the two are not the same. This is why spiritual-minded people should not attempt to 
be too organized in worldly affairs. Those of spiritual mind operate within a different timing, and so 
at times we may contradict the timings of the World by being behind the times and/or ahead of the 

89 Yes, we are encouraged to be consistent, but with ourselves, our own principles and with our 
own spiritual nature. In this case, we are ordained to be consistent with Hip Hop because we are 
Hiphoppas. And such a consistency with Hip Hop creates a slight inconsistency with that which is not 
Hip Hop. As spiritual beings we must get comfortable with arriving late sometimes or arriving early 

at other times. Our consistency is grounded in our true nature; it is not grounded in the ways of the 


That which is not consistent with Hip Hop cannot be consistent with us. We have the right to 
grow as a social group, and growth is contradiction. Nothing that is consistent grows or changes. It is 
when you contradict your present reality that you really get a new one. A seed that is consistendy a 
seed never becomes a flower, a plant, a tree, or a vine. 

91 If you like your present lifestyle, if it fulfills you, then by all means be consistent with that 
which is consistent with you. But if your present lifestyle is unfulfilling and stagnating then you must 
contradict your present life for a new one. Examine yourself for real. 

92 Being consistent with something or someone going nowhere is self-destruction. However, self- 
creation is the result of properly contradicting one’s self and one’s lifestyle for a better one. To think 
and to change one’s mind, to hold two opposing thoughts within one’s mind, to grow intellectually is 
to contradict some aspect of your present reality and character in exchange for a new one. 

93 Without a wholistic view of reality everything seems to contradict everything else. Nature is 
very contradictory to human awareness because we cannot yet see how all the pieces fit together. 
Things change in physical Nature. Adulthood contradicts childhood. Life contradicts death. Hot 
contradicts cold. Man contradicts Woman. Humanity contradicts Nature. 

94 But when you realize that most of what we sense as physical reality is really the effects of 
consistent invisible forces, you begin to see the unity of things and how all things work together for 
those who’s eye is open to the activity of GOD. GOD’s activity has been known to contradict 
humanity’s activities because humanity is not consistent with GOD. The question then becomes, who 
are you going to be consistent with, them or GOD? 

95 Only in spirit is there any real consistency, any real constant, and even the spirit realm has 
seasons to it. The physical World with its condition of dualities — up and down, right and left, back 
and forth, in and out — makes you have to choose sides and be consistent so that others can label and 
identify you for their own understanding of their own reality. Ultimately, consistency in my time is 
used as a character meter, some kind of morality check which informs others whether you are O.K. to 
deal with or not. 

96 This is not altogether a bad thing though. People like consistency because it is predictable and 
so the consistent person appears trustworthy. Therefore, as Hiphoppas, let us be consistent with GOD 
— the Love that made us Hip Hop. 

Let us as Hiphoppas be consistent with a Hip Hop character that glorifies GOD and produces 
health, love, awareness and wealth for all who participate in the Hip Hop experience. 

98 Let us be consistent with the principles of our temple which teach us to be consistent with GOD 
— the Love that Guides Our Direction. 

99 Let us be consistent with our own history which reveals the activity of GOD — the Love that 
brought us this far. 

100 Let us be consistent with our own dreams, our own visions and our own future, which teaches 
us the promise that GOD has declared to OUR people. THE LAST DAYS OL OTHERS ARE THE 
LIRST DAYS LOR US! We are Hip Hop, and we shall survive the prophecies of foreign nations and 
cultures. We now know that it is our consistent focus upon the law, overstanding, voice and exactness 
of GOD that shall raise us up and establish our holy nation in due season. 

101 In a way, we can see what GOD is doing today. This gospel for Hip Hop is not even really for 
the time in which it is written. This gospel is for the true Hip Hop nation that is to come after this age 

is complete. Those who can comprehend this instrument today and walk in its principles are indeed 
blessed. But really, the citizens of our Hip Hop nation are not even born yet; they are waiting for this 
instrument to arrive in the hands of their parents. And as you can see it just did, in due season. There it 



1 Know this. We are seeds. We are spiritual seeds planted in this dark World. It is not the body that 
we are, it is the flower within it, the fruit within it, the spirit within the seed/body that we are. The 
body is our protective shield, our husk that houses the spirit/seed inside, planted within this World to 
sprout at our time of shedding. 

2 In reality, there is only creation. In reality, there is only one thing Going On Daily — GOD! The 
true concept of creation has no room for destruction. All is creation! This Overstanding explores the 
illusion of death, and gives some examples that might point the way to the reality of LIFE. 

3 Know this. There is only creation and further creation; death as destruction is an illusion. The 
term destruction only implies the act of deconstructing or breaking something down. However, even 
to destroy is to create. Even destruction must be created; even death is a new birth — a new creation, a 
new reality, a new thing that your essence is experiencing. 

4 Consider the fact that destruction, for the most part, is simply another form of creation. Again, 
destruction must be created. Therefore, whatever is real cannot be destroyed — it can only be changed. 
Therefore, creation cannot be destroyed; it is the only real thing happening. Energy cannot be 
destroyed; it only changes. 

5 Once You are or it is; YOU and/or IT can never not be. You and/or IT can only be changed, 
transformed or further created. Your physical form can change but YOU will never not exist. YOU 
are the essence of you. And if you are to overcome the illusion of death, it is you who must decide to 
be and live as the real YOU right now. Nothing real can ever be destroyed. The real YOU is not 
physical. YOU are the actual breath of GOD. 

■ The real YOU is the animating essence (the breath) of the Great Spirit. YOU are not your body. 
YOU are the breath (or consciousness) that must continuously enter the body for the body to have life 
and ideas. If YOU (the breath) are separated from the physical body for just a minute or more, the 
first thing that the body loses is consciousness. 

Therefore, let us consider humanity as not the billions of people on this planet, but instead let us 
consider that humanity is found in the air/substance that such human animals are breathing. As an aid 
to our disciplinary practices over the cravings of the body, let us enter our physical bodies as 
opposed to being them. 

" Let us consider ourselves as consciousness, the breath of GOD, Spirit. And when such a 
Spirit/consciousness is inhaled into the animal, that animal is made to act like the consciousness that 
has entered it. Such an animal is being human or acting human. However, the true human (the breath 
of GOD) is what is causing your physical body or animal/natural self to act human. This is what we 
call a human being. Human beings are natural Earth creatures (animals) being or acting human. 

■' However, the true human is not a physical creature at all. The true human is actually a non- 
physical being invading the body of an animal. And this is where the struggle between the natural self 
and the spiritual Self begins. 

10 Know this. Your physical body is formed by the Earth’s animal intelligence in preparation for 
the incoming breath of GOD — YOU. However, it is YOU who must tame the cravings and desires of 
your natural/animal self so that you may ride, work and stir your animal self toward the fulfillment of 
YOUR true life’s purpose. 

11 For if YOU have not tamed and trained the animal that YOU have entered, such an animal will 
lead you everywhere but where YOU need to be. This is the beginning of Hiphop’s spiritual training; 
subdue the animal that YOU have entered first, so that YOU may travel through life in peace. Still, 
some people spend their entire lives taming and training their animal selves, never becoming fully 

12 Hiphoppas don’t have time for this! True Hiphoppas are advised to subdue their animal 
instincts and get to their spiritual work quickly. Be all of yourself! For when you are all of yourself 
there is no more need to subdue or train any aspect of yourself. When you are your whole Self other 
aspects of your animal-self will automatically fall in line with the Truth of your being. Be one with 
your SELF ! 

13 You are REAL! And you are eternal! Death, as in the end, is an illusion. Sickness, as in 
deterioration, is an illusion. Poverty, as in lacking, is an illusion. All that the universe is, YOU are. All 
that the universe has, YOU have. All that the universe does, YOU are doing. Go with the flow! 

14 Know this. Spiritual Awareness is not about you doing anything! It is about YOU being in 
harmony with what is already going on. Life and death are already with you now. When you close 
your eyes you don’t see only blackness, you see your ideas. So when you no longer have physical 
eyes (in death) you are left with your own thoughts to see. 

15 For what is truly man-made when human beings are products of the conscious universe itself? 
For what idea is originally human when it is the Great Spirit alone who thinks, creates, inspires and 

16 Consider the idea that we are doing exacdy what Nature wants us to do. That it is our own sense 
of I, Me and My on an unconscious level that has us believing that we are doing something separate 
from Nature itself! 

17 For it is only the unaware mind that thinks it is separate from the universe, separate from 
Nature, separate from Eternal Mind! And in thinking so, it limits its own authority and capabilities for 
Health, Love, Awareness and Wealth in the physical World. Separate selfhood is an illusion, and this is 
why so many people are lonely and/or insecure. 

18 For the only way to truly prove that you are separate from Nature is to use your limited 
intellectual perception of reality to create something contrary to what Nature is all about. And so, in 
the name of an undeveloped I, Me and My, unaware human beings have used their limited perception 
of reality to contradict and challenge Nature by creating the illusion of sickness, hate, ignorance and 
poverty for themselves! 

19 It is like saying, for the sake of maintaining the illusion of being separate from Nature, look 
Mother (Nature), I will perceive and accept suffering for myself because it is the only thing that you 
are actually incapable of! And so we suffer in our own attempt to perceive ourselves as separate from 
the universe, Nature and Eternal Mind! 

20 Many people have traded the Truth of an infinite creation for the illusion of a final destruction. 
Such a mindset is the equivalent of children who wish to have their own identity and make it on their 
own, so they rebel against their parents and cut themselves off from what is rightfully theirs only to 
struggle throughout life ignorant to the fact that they are heirs to all that their parents have, being only 
smaller versions and/or continuations of their parents in reality. 

21 WAKE UP HIPHOPPA! You are a sleeping God. Not a sleeping god, but in fact God asleep; an 
unaware God. You are like a spirit-seed planted in this Worldly reality, awaiting your time to sprout! 
The Hiphoppa is God asleep, while God is the attuned Hiphoppa awake! The Hiphoppa is an unaware 

God, while God is a fully aware attuned Hiphoppa. Let’s go deeper. 

22 Human beings are said to have five senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting, with 
a sixth sense that is called human intuition or the ability to perceive without the use of the other five 
senses or rational thought. However, human beings possess even more senses than these. In fact, 
“balance” is a sense that is very seldom mentioned among the human senses. 

23 Actually, “balance” can be called a “sixth sense” while human intuition can be called a “seventh 
sense.” But for the sake of mass understanding we shall not include “balance” as a “sixth sense,” 
although Hiphoppas do acknowledge that they possess more than five or six senses. 

24 For there is a seventh sense (technically an “eighth sense”) that is even beyond balance and 
intuitive perception. Know this. To perceive is to become aware through the senses; even through the 
“sixth sense” or intuitive perception. It is to apply one’s senses to material objects in order to 
understand and operate them. However, the seventh sense is the awareness of oneness and wholeness; 
it is to sense the oneness and interconnectedness of life itself, it is a knowing, a being. 

25 Technically, there is nothing to perceive (or sense) because nothing is separate from one’s Self. 
In fact, there is no Self separate from the conscious universe. There is no you and them, yours and 
theirs, this and that, so there is nothing to “sense” or perceive or try to understand. Here, you can 
only be! There is nothing you do not know, nothing you do not have, and nowhere that you are not. 

26 In the seventh sense all existence is one! And your particular identity or sense of Self is simply 
the conscious gathering of the universe into your particular time and space. 

27 Here, we realize that whenever we think (or perceive) that we are this or that we limit our 
access to the entire conscious universe to our individual identities. And it is this type of an awareness 
that gives us our sense of order, independence, security, I, Me, My, etc. 

28 However, the seventh sense is to feel the Truth of the one great unified conscious event as one’s 
Self. It is to return to one’s non-physical essence while still physically aware. It is to wake up to the 
reality of the conscious, chaotic universe while voluntarily dreaming the ordered material World! 

29 Most people do it at their time of death (awakening). But some, though meditation and/or some 
dramatic life event, actually wake up to the oneness of the conscious universe while still dreaming the 
perceived reality of physical life! What a revelation! 

30 Consider the idea that this life, as we know it, is simply the dream of our true existence as 
beings of Light (consciousness). For it is Light (consciousness) that we are, and it is more Light 
(consciousness) that we shall become. At the time of our physical deaths, we simply wake up! For this 
physical life is only a temporary rest for our real existence as beings of conscious Light. 

31 Consider this. Conscious awareness uses an enormous amount of energy — even in the physical 
world. This is why those who think often also sleep often. Just by being conscious we wear our bodies 

32 Likewise, as beings of Light, (consciousness) we use an enormous amount of energy in the 
universe just to remain conscious. Therefore, as non-physical beings of the conscious universe we 
rest from our true existence as Light only to dream the life we are living now. The physical World is 
the dream or idea of the spiritual realm and spiritual beings. 

33 The longer we live (dream) in this physical World the more rest we are getting as beings of 
Light in the conscious universe. And when we have fully rested (lived) in this physical World we 
simply wake up (die)! 

34 However, while resting, some beings of Light experience nightmares (traumatic life 

experiences) such as physical injury, worry, sickness, hate, ignorance, poverty, etc., which cause them 
to be awakened from their sleep (die) before they are fully rested as Spirit beings. 

35 Such people, at their physical deaths, awaken to their true selves as beings of conscious Light, 
only to find themselves still tired or unfulfilled. Such people (beings), for a lack of energy 
(fulfillment) fall back to sleep, returning to the dream of physical life, repeating the process again 
until they are fully rested. 

36 However, those people (beings) that do get a full life’s rest awaken at the time of their physical 
deaths fully rested. Such people (beings) acquire the energy needed to stay awake as beings of Light. 
They do not have to rest again for a long, long time. They do not need to sleep again, having dreams 
of physical life, with its traumatic and stressful experiences. As fully rested beings of conscious Light 
they live in the peace of Eternal Mind. 

37 If you notice, when you are sleeping, your dream world is just as real as the physical World 
you are resting from. In your dream world you have friends, relatives, memories, material goods, 
concerns and responsibilities that are all very real and very important to you while you are asleep. 
However, when you awaken from your sleeping you care nothing for the people, places, things and 
events of your dream world — especially if your dream (life) was a nightmare! 

38 While you are dreaming, nothing except the happenings of your dream world is important to 
you until you wake up. In fact, when you are asleep in the physical World you literally look dead. It is 
only the automatic physical functions of the body that continue to operate when you are asleep. 
However, conscious awareness (You) is gone! And without You (conscious awareness) the body is 
semi-lifeless, even fully lifeless! 

39 For death (just like your dreams) is so real, so relaxing, so important, such an escape to you 
that when you die you care nothing for the happenings and relationships of the physical World that 
You have left behind unless you choose to. 

40 For the consciousness that you suddenly remember at your so-called time of death is the Truth 
of your being! And in that Truth is a peace that is simply unattainable in the illusion of physical life. 

41 In death you escape the illusions of physical life. You are in Truth! You may even wish that all 
your relatives and friends were dead so that they may experience the peace and joy that you have 
attained by escaping the nightmares of physical life. However, the reality is that in death you wake up 
and care little for the World you have left behind. 

42 Just as when you awaken from sleep, caring little for the people, places, things and events that 
you have left behind in your dream world unless you choose to, so it is at the time of your physical 
death. The only thing you take with you, the only thing of any true value from one dream world to the 
next is the love, respect and ultimate lesson you have acquired while dreaming. 

43 Consider this. Your physical existence is simply the dream of your non-physical existence at 
rest. And likewise, your non-physical existence is simply the dream of your physical existence at rest. 
But oh what a joy when you actually wake up in your physical dream. Such an experience is indeed the 
essence of spiritual empowerment! 

44 What an empowerment! What a great revelation it is when one becomes conscious to one’s true 
Self as a being of conscious Light while still dreaming one’s physical reality! To realize that 
everyone in your conscious awareness, including your environment, is part of your self-induced 
dream state, is the beginning of spiritual awareness. In fact, your physical body is the vehicle that is 
carrying you through your dream — a dream created by your mind. 

For when one is spiritually conscious while physically dreaming, all things become possible. 


For what in the physical World is impossible to the one whose physical body is asleep, yet whose 
conscious awareness is awake to the Spirit in the physical World? 

46 For when you reverse your conscious perception to perceive this physical World as the dream 
world, anything becomes possible! Fear is eliminated because death becomes simply an awakening, a 
transformation, a realization, an exit, as birth becomes simply an entrance. All is creation! 

47 Everything is one! The universe is one! And all that proceeds from the universe is one! There 
is no other material reality. Therefore, there is no death for the being of conscious Light that leaves 
the physical body every night at sleep! There is only transformation and rejuvenation. 

48 Destruction (as in the end of a thing’s existence) is actually the illusion of an undeveloped and 
unaware mind that has not carried the essence of things to their final and ultimate conclusion. For the 
only thing that is truly impossible in the physical universe is destruction. 

49 For we hold and limit the universe to our particular time and space out of fear and/or doubt. 
Like a security blanket, we create and hide ourselves within our physical bodies. And out of fear and 
ignorance we use our conscious perception to deny the terrifying presence of the infinite and chaotic 
conscious universe! We are hiding in our dreams. 

50 The seventh sense produces a kind of sight that sees the material World as an effect of 
conscious Light-energy — a dream. Everything physical is changing its form before your very eyes. 
The things of the material World are indeed temporary and illusionary. 

51 Only Spirit itself (conscious Light-energy) is real and everlasting. Everything else is an effect 
of Spirit. And the intelligence of all people, places and things have their origin in Spirit, which has its 
origin in the Light-energy of Eternal Mind. 

52 Here, the attuned Hiphoppa becomes the teacha! Having realized that there is no separation in 
Light-energy, and that everything and everyone is simply another manifestation of intelligent Light- 
energy, the teacha looks beyond the temporary effects, cravings and temptations of the material 
World, manipulating and affecting the intelligence of the material World at its source, which is Light- 

53 There are no separations in Light-energy or the intelligence that produces it. All is one, 
including space and time or space-time. Light-energy simply manifests in a variety of forms and 
effects; forms and effects that we create and manipulate with our perceptions. 

54 But you can manipulate Light-energy with your mind simply by expecting it to obey your 
commands. Yes, it is really that simple! And this is why the Temple of Hiphop teaches spiritual 
training before and beyond traditional praise and worship . 

55 The training of one’s Spirit is all about the releasing of one’s fears and doubts, and getting past 
the cravings of the physical body for real! The spiritual training offered by the Temple of Hiphop is a 
re-education as to what is real and possible spiritually. Here, learning to live beyond one’s physical 
senses is all about freeing one’s self from living exclusively within the interpretations of one’s 
physical senses of physical reality. 

56 Beyond faith, once you know and operate within the reality of the Spirit realm, you shall 
habitually expect the laws of such a realm to obey your commands. 

57 Just as when you are born to this World; weak, helpless, dependent and unaware of your life as 
a human being, so it is with your birth in the Spirit World. 

58 When you are an infant in the physical World you live within the wants and needs of an infant in 
the physical World. An infant expects to drink milk. An infant expects its mother to be there. An infant 

expects to play. An infant expects to sleep. An infant expects to learn. 

59 As you become a teenager your wants and needs change based upon your level of maturity. 
Teenagers expect certain things that infants do not expect. And likewise, adults expect certain things 
based upon their level of maturity that neither teenagers nor infants expect. 

It is not that such things as cars, houses, a job, a career, relationships, etc., are out of a 
teenager’s reach; these things exist around all teenagers. But most teenagers are uninterested in 
mortgages, car notes, and career choices; others are not qualified to possess such items and ideas. 

61 Yeah, they may say, That’s a hot car! Or, I want a house like that! But the Truth is that, they 
don’t really expect to have a car or a house like that. The adult (on the other hand), who knows and 
operates within an adult World, expects to acquire in this World whatever she has worked to achieve. 
And the key phrase here is ...whatever she has worked to achieve. 

62 However, beyond adult maturity exists Spirit maturity. And here, Spirit beings require things 
and circumstances that adult human beings do not require. Know this. If you are beginning to require 
the things of the Spirit more than the things of the World, YOU are indeed becoming an aware Spirit 
being. The challenge now is, do you actually believe that? 

63 Do you truly believe that you are Spirit? Do you actually operate within a Spirit reality? Do 
you expect spiritual results? What have you actually worked to achieve spiritually? This is what 
spiritual training is all about. 

64 How can anyone expect to communicate with anyone or anything if they do not speak the 
language of who or whatever they wish to communicate to? 

65 How can you speak to GOD without knowing GOD’s language? GOD does not speak English, 
French, or Spanish. GOD speaks Health, Love, Awareness, and Wealth and hears intentions, not 
words. Through your thinking, feeling and daily activities do you speak GOD’s language? Are you 
even in communication with GOD for real? 

GOD, the Light of Eternal Mind, speaks through all of existence. Are you listening? GOD, the 
Great Spirit, does not speak through temples, churches, synagogues, mosques or lodges exclusively. 
GOD is more likely to speak through the circumstances of your life. 

' Know this. Everything is GOD! If it exists it is GOD and it is aware. All that your senses 
perceive is intelligent and aware at some level. The challenge for many is that through undisciplined 
and unrighteous living (immaturity) they come to believe through guilt that they cannot expect to 
command the intelligent forces of the universe and Nature. We expect Nature to govern us, so it does. 

’ 1 Just as certain adults will not share certain information with certain children, so it is with the 
many manifestations of GOD toward immature human animals. Through undisciplined and immature 
living the intelligence of the spiritual realm and Nature itself stops communicating with the immature. 
Such immaturity cannot be trusted. 

1 ! Everything is intelligent and aware of you. You simply may not be aware of the intelligence that 
flows through everything. Our physical body is intelligent; it is an effect of Light-energy, yet we 
seldom speak to it. 

70 Your material possessions, your ideas, sickness, health, poverty, wealth, as well as the 
circumstances of your life are all intelligent beings caused by the effects of conscious Light-energy; 
an energy that you can communicate with because your own mind is made active by the same 

71 For when you fully realize (expect) that reality itself is one intelligence moving and 

manifesting (thinking) in a variety of ways, and that you are one of the ways in which it is thinking, 
moving and being, you shall speak to the oneness of all reality with a certain confident expectancy 
and it shall respond to you. 

72 For when you truly realize that there really are no separate spaces, you shall appear 
everywhere! And when you truly realize that there really is no such thing as time for you, you shall 
reinterpret your own past for yourself and create the future that you desire for yourself NOW. And 
when you truly realize that everything is conscious at some level you shall seek to learn the secret 
language that communicates to all Light. 

73 This is what it means to live beyond your immediate time and space. Such concepts as separate 
things, times and spaces are indeed illusions. Try to adopt this understanding. 

74 Say to yourself: I am Hip Hop! Such a realization frees me from the restraints of separate 
things, times and spaces because Hiphop itself is beyond separate things, times and spaces. This is 
why Hip Hop affects everything and can be applied to anything! It is an idea of Divine Mind. 

75 Through affirmation, visualization and practice I have adjusted my consciousness to the identity 
of Hiphop itself. I have given up the ethnicity that I was forced-taught to be, and I have united with a 
timeless, formless and spaceless intelligence called (for political identity) “Hiphop.” 

For the ancient statement, As a man thinketh, so is he, is indeed true. Again, try to adopt this 
understanding. Say to yourself: I am the activity and survival of Hip Hop itself! The collective 
consciousness (intelligence) that is called “Hiphop” will not allow me to be defeated. As long as my 
challenges rely upon intelligence for their existence and survival I shall never be challenged. 

As Hiphop itself I move and think much faster than those who are just performing “hip-hop’s” 
artistic elements. Any battle or challenge within Hip Hop is simply me battling or challenging some 
aspect of my Self. 

I move and do things much faster in the material World because speed is a concept that comes 
with distance, time and separate places, and for us there are no separate places. We are already there! 
Adopt this understanding of Hip Hop. 

j WAKE UP HIPHOPPA! Your role as a Hiphoppa is a divine decision. Your challenge is to 
finally believe in your Self. You are more than just a rapper, dancer, or graphic artist. You are an idea 
of Divine Mind choosing to perform such activities, and all of existence knows this except you. 

80 At some point you must put aside the immaturity of fear and doubt, and move at the speed of 
your own thoughts. At some point your thinking, acting and being must come into harmony with one 
another. At some point YOU must be the total YOU. This is an act of spiritual maturity. 

81 The Hiphoppa who thinks one way, feels another way, and acts yet another way is spiritually 
immature. At some point you must decide to be what you say that you are and do what you say that 
you do. 

82 Maturity or adulthood is when one has made the decision to live as one perceives one’s Self. If 
you perceive yourself to be a Hiphoppa but you are living a life contrary to Hiphop, then it is your 
own immaturity (doubt) that stagnates your life. 

83 If you perceive within yourself that you are a minister, teacha, prophet, a man or woman of 
GOD, then you must bring your perception of yourself and your daily activities into harmony with 
one another. 

84 You cannot feel like a prophet yet talk like a pimp. You cannot feel like an emcee yet spend 
your day working a nine-to-five job. At some point there will be conflict between the true nature of 

your being and the activities of your physical body in the World. This process is not easy. 

85 This is why spiritual training is so important. Such training helps you to center and balance the 
activities of your mind and body toward the Spirit. For if YOU instruct your body to do something 
and the body is unwilling or has something more pressing to do, such a body instandy becomes your 
prison, even your master. And this is the state that many people live within daily. 

They say; I know that I am a very talented Emcee (as an example) and I would truly like to only 
do this with my life. In my heart I want to live this! But then the circumstances of the physical World 
operating upon the physical body have such a person following the desires, cravings, fears and 
doubts of the physical body, as opposed to fearlessly following the Truth of his being, which is not 
physical at all. 

87 Know this. If you are to achieve anything in this World you must be willing to suffer for it. And 
not that suffering is a requirement of achievement, or that you will even have to suffer at all. But in 
Truth, if you are not willing to suffer to actualize your true Self, then you are simply not worthy of 
your true Self. This path that leads toward eternal joy is paved by denying temporary happiness. 

88 It is the power of one’s creative Spirit that brings non-physical ideas into physical 
manifestation. During this process the intelligence of the physical body doubts and fears the activities 
of the Spirit. And this conflict is what causes suffering. Decide now who you are going to be and stick 
with that! 

89 For when YOU (Spirit) are in conflict with the desires, cravings, fears, and doubts of the 
physical body, such conflict confuses the mind and then nothing can get done. You must decide right 
now if you truly are who you say you are. 

90 If you are an emcee for real, then you should be doing nothing else but actualizing your Self as 
you truly are. Everyone and everything is indeed second to the actualization of your true Self. But 
what does this mean for real? 

91 It means this: Are you willing to give up all Worldly desires for the actualization of your true 
Self, or are you going to give in to the demands of the physical World and its hold on YOUR physical 
body? It is just that simple. Sure, you may have to get a job to support your family or live somewhere 
that you do not really want to live. However, these decisions are always temporary and should only be 
a last resort. 

92 When you make this decision in your life for real the whole Young and Old Universe (Y.O.U) 
comes to your aid. Yes, in the beginning there will be an adjustment period where the physical body 
will rebel and life itself will seem too hard to bear. But HANG ON! After a short while your true Self 
shall begin to emerge. 

93 Once you become YOU, which is everything in existence, then everything in existence must 
obey YOU because it actually is YOU! Your sight changes. And behold, you can see! You are your 
daily events. You are your day. 

94 You now see that when the sun rises and creates a new day that everyone has a different 
experience in that same day according to their own perceptions? For if the concept of a day truly 
existed outside of your Self (as most people believe) everyone would have the experience that the day 
wanted them to have. Everyone would have the same experience in a day. And in many ways people 
do share the same daily experiences. 

95 However, the Truth is that you do not live within the day; the very reality of the day lives within 
you. So any interpretation you have of your day is undoubtedly true for you as well as those who take 
part in your day. 


Wake up Hiphoppa! You are your day! Speak to the intelligence of your day. Tell it what you 
want and how you would like it to present itself to you. And expect an answer. 

’ With an awareness of your seventh sense, you become the very day itself! Everything that goes 
on in your day first goes on in you. Therefore, when you bring peace to your Self through the habits 
of your divine performances you are actually speaking the secret language of peace to the 
intelligence of your day. 

98 Know this. The seventh sense is a sense of being one’s whole Self. It starts with you being who 
you say that you are. You can be anything! So why not be exacdy who you see yourself as? 

99 The problem for most people is that they cannot be their true selves because of the 
consequences related with being one’s true Self. Everyone would be their true selves if such 
consequences as loss of employment, expulsion from school, divorce, death, argument, etc., were not 
looming in the background of one’s decision to be one’s SELF. 

100 Fear and/or doubt are always the root causes as to why people don’t actualize themselves. 
Attachment is another hindrance. Ignorance is another. However, all of these hindrances are indeed 
illusions created by our own minds. 

101 In Truth, you really don’t know what will actually happen if all you did was be YOU. 
Something great can actually happen to you! Your friends and family may even accept you more. 
Why do you believe that it is difficult to be you? What are the real obstacles? 

102 Ask yourself; “Why do I immediately envision disaster whenever I think of being the real me or 
expressing my real feelings? Why am I not inspired to overcome when faced with an obstacle? Why do 
I believe that in a challenging situation I will lose or be hurt? Why do I believe this?” 

103 What you think can turn out to be the worst experience may actually turn out to be exacdy what 
you need to survive. And most of the time this is exactly what happens. 

104 Face your fears! If you are truly pursuing your purpose nothing can stop or hinder you from 
achieving such a purpose. Do not base your expectations as to what may happen to you upon what 
may have happened to others, even those doing the same things as yourself. Where others have failed 
YOU will succeed! Your blessing is unique! GOD is truly with YOU! 

105 Remember, your purpose is not only yours; it belongs to GOD also. Your purpose is GOD’s 
Will and GOD’s activity. Nothing on or in the Earth can stop or hinder the divine Will of GOD! And 
once you feel this, you are in your seventh sense. You expect your spirit reality. You have taken total 
responsibility for your Self knowing that GOD is responsible for you, that GOD is ultimately 
Guiding Our Direction. 

106 For it is the responsibility of every attuned Hiphop activist on the path of self-actualization to 
develop his/her seventh sense. For your society is yours to create and shape; everything makes a 
difference. The question is, what kind of productive difference are you making in your community? 

107 For when you realize that every moment of your life affects every other moment of your life, 
you shall become more aware of the choices that you make (create) in life. James Allen points out in 
his book As A Man Thinketh: Man is made or unmade by himself; in the armory of thought he forges 
the weapons by which he destroys himself; he also fashions the tools with which he builds for himself 
heavenly mansions of joy and strength and peace. By the right choice and true application of thought, 
man ascends to the Divine Perfection; by the abuse and wrong application of thought, he descends 
below the level of the beast. 

108 For it is always our decision who we become in the World. GOD has already made us perfect 
in spirit; now it is up to us to consciously unite with GOD’s vision of us. For it is obvious that GOD 

intends for us to be HIP HOP in our time, so with this awareness KRS has become Hiphop conscious 
of itself! Such is the seat of OUR power and strength in the material World as Hiphoppas, and as you 
can see, IT WORKS! There it is. 




1 Consider this. Spiritual life is reflected more in natural circumstances and symbolic ideas. To be 
more specific, the natural/physical World is an effect or rather a temporary flickering, a spark caused 
by the activity of Light-energy (electromagnetic radiation). All is Light-energy! It is only our 
perception and interpretation of Light-energy that actually presents the material World to us. 

2 All is Light. All is Eternal Mind. At the essence of all material things are vibrations of 
electromagnetic waves commonly called Light. What we call the material World is simply our 
interpretation of these electromagnetic waves. Everything that we see or sense is really our 
interpretation of Light. And you can perceive and then use Light as anything that you wish. 

3 The material World is our interpretation of various forms of Light. The vibration of Light is 
constant; however, it is our interpretation of Light that creates our material World. 

4 Anything that you desire you can have, because nothing is actually separate from your Self. 
Simply act and feel like you already have whatever you desire, and it must materialize. You and 
whatever you desire are really the same things in essence. 

5 Having an attitude of expectancy regulates the speed at which we detect Light-energy, and focus 
(or conscious attention) directs expectancy. However, it is one’s values , which are created by the 
principles one has come to accept in life, that organize and direct one’s focus . Read this again until 
you fully understand its meaning. 

' Together, one’s life principles, which create one’s values, which direct one’s conscious attention 
or focus, which then directs the force of one’s expectancy, manipulate our interpretation of Light- 
energy and certain people, places, things and circumstances manifest in our lives. You truly get 
whatever you expect. 

Your awareness of yourself (or focus upon your Self) as a certain kind of person controls the 
speed at which certain kinds of human necessities (values) vibrate into your environment. Remember, 
principles + values + focus = expectancy. What do you expect? 

9 Know this. The awareness of human beings vibrates at a much slower rate than the awareness of 
Spirit beings. Human beings tend to focus upon (or rather expect) slower material vibrations than 
Spirit beings. Likewise, the values and necessities of Spirit beings lead those beings to expect bigger 
results from Light-energy than human beings are capable of perceiving. 

9 Vibrations such as health, love, wealth, faith, forgiveness, etc., vibrate at much faster speeds of 
awareness than sickness, hate, ignorance, poverty, doubt, hate, revenge, etc. The question here is, 
which group of vibrations do you truly value the most? What do you expect? Of course, at first 
glance one is quick to value health over sickness or forgiveness over revenge. However, upon a 
closer observation we can see that most people value the power of sickness more than they value the 
power of health. They actually expect sickness more than they expect health. They actually believe 
more in the possibilities and powers of sickness than in the possibilities and powers of perfect and 
continuous health. 

Sure, on the surface we agree that forgiveness is better than revenge and that love is better than 


hate, until we (ourselves) are wronged in some kind of way. Then our real principles and values come 
to Light. And it is our focus (or expectancy) upon these real principles and values that speeds up or 
slows down our awareness. You are the Truth! And you cannot truly lie to your Self. 

11 Human awareness vibrates at the speed of all it sees. It is our own focus (conscious attention) 
that interprets Light-energy itself. The more we focus upon things, the more we become aware about 
things, eventually expecting the actualization of what we are aware of. 

12 Therefore, when one truly expects one’s own spiritual reality and begins to truly value (focus 
upon) the principles of Spirit as opposed to the temporary effects of the World, one will eventually 
manifest the reality of Spirit in the temporary reality of the physical World. Such activity appears 
supernatural and miraculous in the physical World. However, such supernatural and miraculous 
activity is simply about adjusting your expectancy of things by adjusting the value you place upon 
things. Everyone affects the physical reality they see and perceive. 

13 When you truly value (see/perceive) your God, the presence of GOD shall be with you always. 
When you begin to truly value Spirit, spiritual things shall begin happening to you. Most people want 
GOD in their lives but they do not really expect GOD in their lives. Either they do not really value 
GOD or they do not really value themselves. 

14 When you expect GOD in your life, God then appears! However, if you expect to fight your 
devil when you wake up every morning, such a devil will be right there ready to do batde with you 
every morning! Attuned Hiphoppas must be mindful as to what they place their focus (conscious 
attention) upon. Again, the question here is, What do you truly expect? Even respect? What do you 
truly value? 

15 For it is through the repetition of certain words, affirmations and prayers that one focuses 
one’s awareness upon the values of one’s heart. It is also what one places one’s money and time upon 
that determines what one values most. 

16 This is why it is so important that you freely give abundandy and from your heart to whomever 
(or whatever) is your spiritual guidance. Not just because tithing, donating, volunteering, etc., helps 
your man or woman of GOD financially and releases him/her from chasing the values of the World 
just to eat and pay bills. But tithing, etc., and the amount that you tithe, etc., prove to your Self how 
much you value the people, places and things of the Spirit. 

17 Such giving strengthens your own sense of expectancy. Such high value placed upon the things 
of Spirit speeds up (or intensifies) the awareness of the human being that is focused upon Spirit. Such 
acts eventually transform those human beings into Spirit beings because such acts can only come 
from human beings who expect to be and live in Spirit. 

18 For, Spirit awareness vibrates at a much faster speed than human awareness. Therefore, the 
Spirit being out-runs, out-feels and out-thinks the human being on all levels of physical reality. Spirit 
beings see and operate in a much faster non-physical World/vibration than human beings. So, human 
awareness cannot even see the movements of Spirit awareness because of its (human awareness) own 
slower (material) vibratory speed (awareness). This is what makes the Spirit realm invisible to us; we 
simply vibrate too slow. 

19 Human beings are commonly thought of as intelligent animals — the bridge between the 
spiritual and the material World. The more you realize (value) your Self as a Spirit being, the faster 
you will vibrate. In fact, the more aware you are of your God, the faster you shall vibrate. 

20 Know this. The closer you arrive to your source (the oneness), the faster you shall vibrate, 
intensifying your Light-energy until your flesh is completely consumed in it. 


Such speeds in awareness give one a considerable advantage over the illusionary traps and 
obstacles of the physical World. Through different speeds/levels of awareness, the attuned Hiphoppa 
travels through different speeds/levels of Light-energy, affecting and manipulating the people, places, 
things and circumstances of the physical World. 

22 The same concept can be applied to time and space. Time and space are really two aspects of 
the same thing. Commonly, such a reality is called space-time. Space-time is the reality in which we 
exist. It is believed to be absolute. However, our space-time reality responds to our perception of it. 

23 Space-time reality is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone has their own inner-clock that 
measures time and everyone has their own inner-ruler that measures space. Yet the total space-time 
dimension remains the same for everyone. 

24 It is like two people with one knife each about to slice up the same loaf of bread. No matter how 
they decide to carve up the bread there is still only one loaf. Daily we manipulate time, space and 
Light in the same way. 

25 Sort of like flour, or even water. For example: flour is the source of a variety of breads, 
crackers, cakes, cookies, etc. All of these items are indeed different but the binding essence of them 
all is the same. In this example, flour is Light-energy. 

26 Just like water, as another example. You can freeze water, steam water or allow it to remain in 
liquid form. But whether as ice, steam or liquid, water is water. In fact, it would be very accurate to 
see your physical body as a glass made of ice (Light), with your Spirit (more Light), being poured 
into the glass as semi-hot water. Your thoughts (more Light) are the steam. And the very Light (or 
heat) of you (Spirit) melts away at the physical body (the glass made of ice or more Light). 

27 Everything is Light-energy. Whether it is solid, gas, liquid or other, all is vibrating Light- 
energy. Whether as people, places, circumstances or things, all is still Light. When you realize (value) 
your Self as Light and when you realize (value) everything you see as Light, you will see the oneness 
of everything as different forms of Light. With such an awareness of oneness (the seventh sense), the 
attuned Hiphoppa exists in harmony with the cycles and patterns of the universe itself. 

28 The attuned Hiphoppa has freed his mind and can now see (sense) GOD. Know this. The 
strength of a free mind is in not knowing what it cannot do. An uninstitutionalized mind is free to 
really think and create! It doesn’t know what it can’t do. 

29 For when your mind is truly free and in harmony with the intention of the universe, your 
thinking, your speaking and your actions all unconsciously match the mathematics and patterns of the 
universe itself. It’s like the universe plays with you, advises you and walks with you throughout the 
day like another presence (person) that you can actually rely upon. And this is what really gets the 
work done EFFORTLESSLY! 


For as a teacha, you will also be an activist and a helper of the lost. On behalf of GOD, we 
literally sacrifice our peace at times for the sake of the World’s maturity. However, it is GOD — the 
unified field of infinite possibilities — that is actually doing the work. When you are aware of this, it 
shall be easier to deal with those who surround you with their worries, doubts and fears. 

31 Imagine, the Great Spirit has sent you (or rather sacrificed you) for the sake of your World. 
You are the Light of your World! You are GOD’s representative to all the people in your World. And 
they would be wise to listen to your advice. 

32 For as far as your influence shall reach, so shall you be the Light to all in your influence. This 
is the meaning of self-sacrifice. And such sacrifice can only be performed by the Lights of Eternal 
Mind. Know this. Hip Hop’s spiritual practice has to do with becoming more spirit than flesh, more 

God-like than man-like; it has to do with becoming more energy than matter, more principle than 
politics, more Hip Hop than Rap. 

33 Knowing, feeling, and living in the great boundless cosmic event is the Truth! Actually 
knowing (without any doubt or fear) that GOD is with you, and that there is nothing after GOD, that 
there is only GOD projecting everything, that everything and everyone (good or evil) is connected 
and projected by the one great cosmic event — GOD — the attuned Hiphoppa becomes the teacha, fully 

34 As the teacha, the attuned Hiphoppa sees the World beyond time and separation. For in the 
oneness of GOD everything moves in harmony with your being. Everything is ONE! Everything is 
HERE! This awareness has been called “Knowledge of Wholeness” where reality becomes a matter of 
what you allow to materially exist out of the great chaotic boundless event that surrounds you, where 
you are a participant in the unfolding of life itself. Take some time to truly understand this. 

35 Once the attuned Hiphoppa realizes that there really is no then and now, this and that, him and 
her, them and us, that in reality everything is happening in the oneness of the Great Now Event, the 
attuned Hiphoppa matures and begins to further create the actual flow of reality itself. No event is 
wrong or bad if you live in a reality where all events and circumstances work out in your favor in the 
end. Life itself moves with the attuned Hiphoppa. 

36 In his book The Mystical Christ, Manly R Hall puts it this way: It is difficult to explain such a 
term as ‘knowledge of wholeness.’ The Greek mystics defined it as ‘participation in causes,’ by which 
they meant soul-awareness of the divine plan. As the intent and purpose of God is inwardly known, the 
consciousness is filled with a wonderful understanding that cannot be defined. 

37 By adjusting your conscious awareness to the substance (Light) that is all around you, you 
simply allow Health, Love, Awareness, Wealth, people, food, the new car, house, clothing, etc., to 
effordessly appear to your senses and the senses of others as needed. Life was not meant to be 
random; such is caused by ignorance. You can plan your future. If you really and truly live the 
Hiphop spiritual life, then you can simply feel that you already have whatever you desire and it shall 
eventually appear to you. It’s really that simple! Try to feel how you would feel when you actually 
have the thing or things that you want. Thank GOD (divine intelligence) in advance for supplying you 
with all of your needs. Expect and respect what you desire. 

38 Know this. Spiritual power comes not with just believing in your God. To truly walk in power 
we must also perceive in our God! To believe is to trust, but to perceive is to become aware. You can 
believe in your God, but until you perceive through your God-nature your true spiritual power shall 
remain undeveloped. To achieve what GOD has for us we must see the World through God’s eye. We 
must perceive in (or through) God! After we believe that there is a substance/event/spirit commonly 
referred to as “GOD,” we must take the next step to perceive ourselves working through that 

39 As the teacha, the attuned Hiphoppa recognizes the value of GOD projecting Light as the 
physical World. Whether the seasons of life appear to be temporarily favorable or disappointing, the 
teacha recognizes only the source of all things (Light-energy) as credible, not its effects. Cars, 
clothing, food, jewelry, etc., are all temporary effects. They are not original things. They flicker and 
spark for a moment and then they are gone. Only the one GOD is permanent. 

40 Many people believe that GOD exists but they do not perceive themselves within such an 
existence. They do not operate within the reality of their own God-force. They operate within their 
own perceived reality, separate from their God-force. They believe in GOD but they do not perceive 
through God. Hiphoppas must mature beyond this level of spiritual understanding. 

41 However, one of the main reasons why many Hiphoppas do not graduate past their beliefs of 
GOD, is because to really see GOD and begin living from your God-nature you have to be shown 
your God-nature through a series of trials, tests and tribulations and not many people are willing to 
go through such experiences in order to see the strength of their own God-force. 

42 Remember, Pharaoh’s army has to be chasing you down into the sea in order for you to see that 
you can split the sea and walk right through it. It is within batde and adversity that you truly see and 
experience your God-nature. For there are real divine forces that protect the elect of GOD, but you 
won’t ever discover them until you are put in some dangerous or compromising position. As long as 
you are protected and living in perfect peace you will not know what you are really capable of. 

43 Face your fears. Debate your doubts and dis your disbeliefs. If you cannot do this, you cannot 
grow spiritually. This is how many truth-seekers become cowards. It is because they know the Truth 
but they don’t yet actually live the Truth. To live the Truth of one’s being one must display a sense of 
courage, one must be tested for the validity and strength of such being. I am the greatest live emcee of 
all time! And so, I am often tested on this claim. 

44 Jealous producers, envious rappers and disinterested sound engineers often attempt to sabotage 
my performances and undermine my sound quality. Yes, some of our most celebrated Rap icons do 
try and have tried to sabotage KRS ONE’S live performances. Yes, the promoters do try to cut corners 
and penny-pinch when it comes to sound equipment, and yes they do lie about the amount of 
equipment and hospitality they are providing. Yes, the sound does cut off! Yes, the microphones do go 
out! Yes, fights break out in the audience! 

45 Yes, all kinds of things can and do go wrong, but the teacha is unaffected. In fact, it is here that 
the teacha begins to see and experience his own strength and divine abilities. I’ve been conspired 
against and disappointed so many times by my own Hip Hop peers that now I’ve come to see it for 
what it really is — many are simply afraid of my skill, however many more simply don’t understand 
it! It’s like they enjoy putting obstacles in my way just to see me overcome them, or they try to prove 
me wrong about something so that they may appear knowledgeable; others are just plain afraid of 

46 And they are afraid because I have a history of bathing other rappers, and yes, I am vicious for 
my time. It doesn’t matter who’s on the show with me, KRS ONE is usually the last one to go on; I am 
usually the headliner, and I say this with humility. However, having such a reputation as a live emcee, 
being the greatest emcee of my time, does have its drawbacks and this is what I am trying to say here. 

47 When you are the best in your field others will try their best to undermine your skill and even 
sabotage your performances, but if you are truly who you say that you are, all of their trying will 
only aid you in the pursuit of your own excellence and the achievement of your own purpose. The 
teacha bathes with the intent to correct the opposing force. The teacha bathes with knowledge and 

48 We never invite confrontation — however, adversity actually strengthens us. As truth-seekers we 
must never be afraid to confront adversity and sabotage head-on, knowing that we truly are who we 
claim to be. When you are truly who you claim to be, your being effortlessly operates above the 
effects of any low-level attack; you are the correction. You are actually there to put an end to the 
ignorance attempting to sabotage and/or criticize you. 


49 For the one GOD can be perceived as our Father and the Earth as our Mother, but these are 
figurative and symbolic terms. The realm of Spirit is beyond rational/intellectual thought. The 
challenge is that GOD is a oneness — a boundless conscious event. Yet, rational/intellectual thought 
must individualize, label, question and define each temporary effect in an effort to make sense of the 
physical World. The intellect wants order out of chaos. But the true reality of the one GOD is chaos to 
the intellect. 

50 Therefore, stories, parables, angels, devils and other symbolism are used to explain spiritual 
concepts simply because the realm of Spirit cannot be fully comprehended through intellect alone. 
Such a technique of symbolism and parable is also used throughout the Gospel of Hip Hop to explain 
some very real concepts in spiritual living. Let us continue. 

51 Consider this. Heaven is not just where you are going; heaven is where you came from. 
Nirvana is not just a state of awareness to attain; it is the very state of awareness you have forgotten. 
The Gospel of Hip Hop should not be the only authentic Hip Hop lifestyle; it is simply the way that 
GOD has instructed us to come at this time. 

52 The World of nature, with its system of prey and predators, is a projection of spiritual reality. 
Just as the deer is hunted by the lion, human beings are hunted by devils. Not half-man, half-animal 
caricatures, but in fact, jealousies, greeds, hatreds, fears, temptations, etc. In the realm of Spirit these 
predators are real! 

53 They eat and eventually deplete one’s life-force. We will become aware of our true reality and 
be better equipped to protect ourselves when we overstand that we are part of a spiritual food chain 
system just as the deer is part of a natural food chain system. 

54 All day and night we are giving and receiving the conscious breath of life. But spiritual beasts 
(devils) seek to deplete our life-force (consciousness) for their own nourishment. Randomly, these 
packs of predators seek our life-force to sustain themselves. Jealousies, greeds, hatreds, lusts, fears, 
etc. are like real beasts that have no life unto themselves so they seek the life-force emanating from us 
to survive. 

55 In the Spirit realm thought is as real as a cloud or a mist or a fog. In the physical realm thought 
is temporary material things and circumstances. Either way, thought is real! And the thought-energy 
of others (if left unrestrained), whether good or evil, will roam around looking to fulfill its purpose 
in the lives of random people. Like stray animals looking for food, the random thinking of others 
will wander around until it is either fulfilled or transformed (further created). 

56 Both good and evil undirected thoughts wander aimlessly, like the way certain airborne 
bacteria wander throughout the air until a series of life circumstances brings them into the nostril, eye 
and/or ear of some random individual. And it is not that such airborne bacteria (wandering thought) 
in and of itself is harmful to us. It is more the fact that our immune systems (principles and values) 
may not be as strong as we may need them to be. Such weaknesses in our own natural defense system 
(mind) give airborne bacteria (wandering thought) the advantage over us and we become sick 

57 Such wandering and undirected thought roams around until we run into it, and then it seems 
like some unexpected circumstance always seems to come our way. People usually call such 
circumstances good luck or bad luck. However, it is the thinking of unaware Spirit beings (human 
beings) that create such wandering thought-energy and random life experiences. 

58 Some thought-energy is created with the intention to help (so-called good luck ) while other 
thought-energy is created with the intention to harm (so-called bad luck). The intellect cannot see 

itself; only the Spirit can accurately look at the mind of reason and intellectual awareness. And only in 
Spirit can the teacha see and manipulate thought-energy of all kinds. 

59 Knowing that the ultimate force behind all thought-energy is Light, the teacha accepts all 
random life experiences (both good and evil) as manifestations of properly directed Light or 
misdirected Light. Dealing with physical reality from its source (which is thought-energy), and 
dealing with thought-energy from its source (which is Light-energy), the teacha manipulates the 
physical World itself (causing miracles) with the empowering awareness of the oneness, for there are 
no separate things or events. 

60 It is because of our own ignorance (or denial) that we become prey for wandering spiritual 
predators. Traditionally, evil and unpleasant people, places, things and circumstances were (and still 
are) called the works of devils or beasts, even vampires sucking the life-force out of you. However, in 
reality such predators are simply the manifested ignorance of people we may or may not consciously 
know. And there are many of them! 

61 Ignorance seeks Light (awareness) because it has little of its own. Ignorance is attracted to 
awareness but awareness is not attracted to ignorance. Ignorance seeks awareness; however, 
awareness does not seek ignorance. Therefore, the teacha does not fight ignorance to destroy it. The 
teacha feeds ignorance Light (awareness) and defeats ignorance by further creating (transforming) 
and/or redirecting it. 

62 Know this. The teacha uses creation, awareness, knowledge and/or transformation as weapons 
against random ignorance. When the teacha is hit with an unpleasant and random situation, the teacha 
transforms the situation or redirects the thought-energy of the situation toward her highest good with 
an awareness of that situation’s ultimate source in the Light of Eternal Mind: the one GOD. 

63 Hiphoppas must overstand that as long as they remain in the born state of animal/human being 
they are subject to the natural laws of nature. When the attuned Hiphoppa comes to the realization that 
she is a Spirit being and that the only Truth is oneness, then the deer defeats the lion, the mouse 
defeats the cat, the cat defeats the dog, and You defeat the World! In other words, the prey becomes the 
predator. The employee hires or fires the employer. The child teaches the parent. The patient heals the 

64 In the meantime, human beings are being hunted and preyed upon not by one devil but by 
several. One vice (devil) is no match for any human being. It is the accumulated pack of devils that 
continuously attack and devour one’s life-force. 

65 Packs of devils, such as hatreds, angers, insecurities, worries, greeds, etc., lure us to our defeat 
through a variety of temptations. Randomly, these packs of spiritual predators seek our shells 
(bodies) and eat them by eating the conscious life-force that sustains the physical body. 

This is what it really means when someone asks, What’s eating at you? Or when someone says, 
Hate just ate him up! But know this. We are protected by our natural weapon — the mind! 

The mind of an attuned Hiphoppa is the weapon used to fight off devils as the attuned Hiphoppa 
develops (rests) spiritually in the physical World. The mind is our natural camouflage... our 
porcupine back... our venom... our turde, snail and crab shells. It is our speed, our strength, our 
wings, etc. 

" J Devils attract and lure us to physical harm through smell, touch, taste, sight and sound — even 
intuition. But a disciplined and sharp mind protects us. Every human being has this weapon or natural 
defense. But only Spirit beings ever really learn to use it. And even fewer Spirit beings learn to 
actually master it! 

The natural technique (or strategy) of a devil is to use temptation and deception. Our technique 
(or strategy) is discipline and Truth. Therefore, when we are confronted by devils (lies and cravings), 
the mind must not be clouded by ignorance, drug abuse, self-doubt, fear, guilt, etc., or we lose the 
fight, and our shells (bodies) are cracked and our life-force is devoured. 

70 This is how Inner-City pain and suffering is manifested. Both are the manifestations of being 
constandy hunted by spiritual predators. Sometimes our life-force is bitten and scratched and we 
manage to escape with injuries such as depression or anxiety. Other times, our life-force is 
completely devoured and our physical bodies collapse and/or we are driven to insanity. 

71 However, when we remember (or realize) that we are Spirit we can effectively use the mind as 
a weapon against such devils. Such a realization (or enlightenment) is the Truth. And it is in the 
knowing of this Truth (that you are Spirit and not the physical body) that we automatically become 
disciplined, avoiding the unnecessary suffering caused by the temptations of devils upon the physical 

72 Spiritual awareness is enlightenment. And it is enlightenment that causes discipline. Separate 
your conscious awareness from your physical body, even your mind, and you shall be better able to 
fight off the devils. Practice observing the cravings of your physical body and always seek Truth. Do 
not give in to temptation and lies. 

73 For, anyone who deceives and/or tempts people does the work of devils. Not that they 
themselves are devils, but that they are possessed by devils, devils control their motives. Attuned 
Hiphoppas must always examine themselves to be sure that they are not wearing or saying something 
that is deceptive and/or tempting to others. 

74 The public image, appearance and words of the attuned Hiphoppa should always promote 
Health, Love, Awareness and Wealth. With what we say, do and wear we must always seek to help 
those who are victims of deception and/or temptation. Most people do not even know that they have a 
devil. With a sincere care for the well-being of others we must always advise (even through our 
clothing and jewelry) the seeking of TRUTH! 


75 Enlightenment is a revelation, an awakening, a new way to interpret your reality. It is 
figuratively called Light because it assists your ability to understand or see. To be enlightened is to 
become aware. Enlightenment is a state of awareness; it is the awareness of leaving one’s self-caused 
immaturities. However, for those Hiphoppas who live in the physical World there is no prolonged 
mentally sustained sensation of enlightenment. For the most part, enlightenment comes and goes. 
Great ideas and revelations appear like flashes of Light in the mind. 

5 The results of your new awareness (or enlightenment) can remain with you for a long while, 
even a lifetime and beyond, but the actual moment of enlightenment is temporary. Like a flash, it 
exists for only a moment. What you are left with is the revelation achieved by such a flash of 
enlightenment. Once enlightened, you can never return to ignorance again. This is what gives the 
impression that the actual experience of enlightenment remains with you throughout your life. 

On the contrary, it is through the experience of being enlightened or becoming aware that one’s 
attitude and oudook on life changes, giving the impression that one has remained in the actual 
moment of enlightenment. For the attuned Hiphoppa, enlightenment is not the final stage of spiritual 
development while in the World. Enlightenment happens throughout one’s life. 

8 For the attuned Hiphoppa, enlightenment has to do with realizing one’s true Self as Spirit, 
detached from the senses and sense objects of the World. However, this is only part of what is needed 
for those who are living in modern inner cities and are still faced by spiritual predators. 

! The one who is enlightened is usually the one who is the recipient or achiever of spiritual Light 
or awareness. The enlightened one is the one who receives Light and radiates Light. But in the reality 
of a chaotic Inner City, enlightenment (or awareness) is not enough to combat the perceived devils of 

88 Devils are attracted to Light and beings of Light. When God is with you, you are a target for 
devils. Likewise, when you assist others you become a target for devils. Be prepared! Ignorance seeks 
to eat awareness. But like a moth that is attracted to a flame, devils are attracted to beings of Light 
only to be incinerated when they finally make contact with such enlightened beings. 

81 This is one of the reasons why many enlightened souls leave the city to find comfort and peace 
in the mountains, forest, suburbs and other more secluded and private environments. They care not to 
sacrifice themselves for the good of those around them. And such is their decision to make. Such is 
their privilege. They have earned their escape. They are indeed free! 

82 For when one is enlightened it is difficult to live around those who are not. In fact, not only is it 
depressing and spiritually depleting to constandy witness other human beings being helplessly 
devoured by devils, but even when you have become unplugged and unattached, wandering devils 
(through people and circumstances) will not cease attacking you! 

83 But some Spirit beings are indeed sent into the World to do bathe and free people from their 
own demons. Some Spirit beings are prepared to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the World’s 
maturity. In the Hiphop Kulture these Spirit beings are called teachas. At times we deny ourselves the 
comforts of the mountains and lakes to enter the Inner City for the purpose of freeing people from 
their own demons. And we are divinely equipped for such a task. 

84 Devils run from us! Demons hide from us! Our very presence makes the carnally-minded 
uncomfortable, the criminally-minded repent, and the spiritually-minded rejoice! For while others 
enjoy their enlightenment far from the chaos of the Inner City, teachas enjoy endarkenment right in 
the center of the Inner City. Chaos does not baffle us. 

85 For the teacha, the state of endarkenment also helps in one’s spiritual survival while working in 
the Inner City. Endarkenment is not a state of ignorance and it does not imply a lack of spiritual Light. 
On the contrary, endarkenment is the ability to move in the World without the aid of intellectual 
awareness or a plan, a sign, etc. 

86 Endarkenment is the ability to see in the dark chaos without the aid of rational/logical thought. 
It is a level of spiritual awareness where the teacha appears to operate harmoniously and effordessly 
in chaos. It is a stage in one’s spiritual development when intellectual awareness — a plan, a script, a 
book, a map, etc. — is no longer needed for one to move victoriously in the physical World. One is 
aware of one’s God and sees the World beyond time and separation. Everything is NOW! And all is 

87 For when we are spiritually young we are in need of Light (order/awareness). The one GOD 
provides Light (order/awareness) so that we may develop and see our way. But if the one GOD 
provides Light (order/awareness) or decrees that there should be Light (order/awareness), then where 
is this GOD? 

88 The one GOD does not exist in the Light (order/awareness) that is provided. GOD’s Light is 
for us. GOD exists as Light, not in Light. The one GOD is Light! And we are sparks of that Light! 

However, the World cannot see its own Light or GOD as the ultimate unified Light-energy. 

; 1 To the World, the one GOD exists in the Dark. For it, GOD exists in those highly chaotic and 
dangerously forbidden, hidden, secret places that incite fear in the hearts of those who forever seek 
comfort in the temporary security of predictable events. 

0 The practice of endarkenment begins with the understanding that it is the constant search for 
Worldly/intellectual security which is usually the idea of never doing without, always having an 
abundance of whatever is needed, always knowing ahead what is going on that keeps us from being 
totally developed as spiritually mature beings. 

91 For as long as we depend upon our intellectual pre-planning abilities exclusively, we shall 
never develop the ability to see and act spontaneously in the dark with GOD where most times there is 
no foreseeable plan! At this state of awareness things are effordessly and spontaneously created as 

92 Here, the teacha overstands that abundance and wealth are great resources to have but having 
the ability of true faith is worth even more! It is here that the attuned Hiphoppa realizes what faith 
actually is. 

93 Here, Faith is about having what you need exacdy when you need it. Quite different from 
asking GOD (in fear) for an abundance of this or that, the attuned and boundless teacha gets exacdy 
what he needs exacdy when it is needed. In the one GOD the teacha truly trusts. 

94 Miraculously and with littie effort the teacha receives the perfect weapon just before the fight. 
The teacha receives the exact amount of cash just before the bill. The teacha receives the perfect 
vehicle just before the trip. The perfect clothing just before the engagement. This is the practice of 
endarkenment. It is about trusting and perceiving in your God even when your intellect is baffled and 
cannot see a solution. It is about seeing and walking in intellectual darkness as spiritual Light. 

95 At this level of consciousness, the teacha does not move around the World; it is the World that 
moves around the teacha! Through discipline and righteous living, the teacha expects the intelligence 
of life itself to be in harmony with the fulfillment of her purpose. Everything happens perfectly in its 
right place and perfectiy in its right time; always right on time. 


9(5 Consider this. Most inner-city children are afraid of the dark. They are afraid of what their own 
minds create in the dark. However, when the light comes on they quickly learn that a room in the light 
is the same room in the dark. 

y Here, room is the same as life circumstances and situations. As we mature and become more 
familiar with the objects in our rooms (people, things and life circumstances) it doesn’t matter if the 
light is on or off. 

98 With such a maturity (wisdom) we gain the ability to move freely in our dark rooms (unpleasant 
and challenging life situations) without bumping into anything (wrecking one’s life) or being afraid 
(stagnated in one’s life) because we know where and what everything is (there is only one source — 

y:) In fact, when we are threatened (challenged by the World) it is darkness (intellectual chaos) that 
protects us. Continuous Light (order, prosperity, love, security, skills, a plan, etc.) only exposes us 
(through people, things, and situations) to our predators (fear, anger, jealousy, envy, etc.). Although 
order is useful toward the cause for peace, order also gives our predators time to focus in on us. The 

teacha is like the eye of a tornado! 

100 Attuned Hiphoppas are guided through the darkest rooms of life with an awareness of GOD’s 
actual presence. Attuned Hiphoppas find contentment in the darkest situations (situations that the 
intellect cannot foresee) because they have learned to use their Spirit sight to see in the dark (chaos). 

101 For the attuned Hiphoppa, endarkenment is more of a feeling experience than an actual seeing 
experience. It is an awareness. We call it a sight because the presence of the one GOD (Light) makes 
you aware and better able to comprehend (or see) your situation. 

102 Here, endarkenment is about feeling and then trusting (beyond the intellect, instincts, emotions, 
and senses) GOD’s actual presence; the presence that speaks to and from the essence of your being. 
This practice is essential for the building of one’s faith. 

103 The question here is, can you still see in Spirit even when your intellect cannot see in the 
physical World? Does the World tell you what and how it is, pressuring you to assimilate? Or do you 
tell the World what and who you are; forcing it to assimilate? 

104 Here, the teacha achieves the ability to accurately see and act in the dark (chaos) by truly 
walking in the Right Now of his God! The teacha would ask, Where is your faith if your intellect 
(sense of security) must confirm your victory before you decide to act? Where is your God if She is so 
distant from you that in order for you to keep up and stay spiritually motivated She must send you a 
sign, a blessing, a word, Light? 

105 The teacha has realized that he is Light! That when GOD sends Light into the lives of others, it 
is the teacha that GOD is actually sending. The teacha does not look at life’s obstacles as 
disappointments. The teacha sees all obstacles and criticisms as well as difficult people as challenges 
sent to him by the one GOD for spiritual correction and development. 

106 The teacha has realized that the only harmony is the Great Oneness Deity (GOD)! Conscious 
Light-energy is the totality of a teacha’s reality. And so, the teacha handles difficult people and 
circumstances simply as unaware sparks of Eternal Mind. Some people may be simply spiritually 
blind or unaware, but their existence is still in GOD — in time they will see. 

107 Here, the teacha does not fall victim to judging and criticizing the spiritually blind. Instead, the 
teacha opens the eye of the blind to the reality of Spirit by revealing a superior personal character in 
the face of challenging events and people. The teacha is calm and confident in any situation because 
the teacha sees GOD and GOD’s activity in every event. The teacha educates the ignorant not with 
words, but with a superior personal character which is usually understood by the ignorant later in 
their lives. 

108 Mastery of spiritual knowledge is found not in what one knows or in what one teaches, it is 
found in what one does and in how one lives. No one can actually experience internal illumination 
and not reveal this enlargement of understanding in daily living. Growth is a positive process and 
bears witness to itself We know that improvement is real when it refines and ennobles human 
character. The lives of mystics prove the victory of internal light over internal darkness. (Manly P. 

109 Know this. Just as bats see clearer by natural sonar, similarly humans see clearer in Spirit even 
though we have natural eyes. For it is our natural senses that illuminate and receive Light when in use. 
Light stimulates the ability of the eyes, yet it is the eyes (or Worldly sight) that distract the Hiphoppa 
from a life in Spirit. Darkness is not the absence of Light it is the presence of a different Light which 
requires a different kind of sight. 

n° True Hiphoppas eventually learn how to switch their sight (or withdraw their natural senses) at 

will. Whenever we use our natural senses to either give or receive, we spiritually glow or illuminate. 
When we illuminate through the use of our natural senses our very Light attracts devils. 

111 Consider this. There are two ways in which the enlightened illuminate Light. One way is when 
Light is received in the form of Health, Love, Awareness or Wealth. These lesser Lights/vibrations 
assist the enlightened one while in the World. The other way is when those same Lights/vibrations are 
stored in one’s Spirit (Self) and then given or illuminated toward others. 

112 You will notice that whenever you try to do what is good or achieve what is good there is 
always opposition. One of the ways spiritually-minded people know that they are blessed is when 
victory is achieved in the face of adversity. Such victories, however, should mature you from being 
just spiritually-minded to being spiritually active! 

113 For the average Hiphoppa, adversity is the work of devils! But for the teacha, transforming 
adversity, fear, doubt, disbelief and temptation into understanding, faith, love, security, courage and 
discipline is the work of God! 

114 Such victories are almost always won in batde. For such adversity strengthens the spiritual 
skill of the teacha. For we are never afraid to display high spiritual skill against ignorance and other 
obstacles and traps of Inner-City life. Teachas are never afraid to fight. 

115 Moving in Spirit (at the source) in the dark (in chaos) with the natural senses withdrawn 
(emotionally centered) you cannot even be seen by devils (wandering ignorance) because you are 
emitting no Light (awareness) in the physical World; your awareness and activity is spiritual with 
physical results. You deny the value of the physical World. You are not focused upon the physical 
World. You are not flashing and flossing your Light (awareness) in the physical World so to the 
people of the physical World you are incomprehensible — even invisible! 

116 For everything is truly everything. And to really comprehend the ALL of everything one must 
comprehend chaos. But such an awareness is not actually chaotic. It only appears chaotic to the 
intellect because the intellect creates the physical World of rational thought and individual things by 
denying the true reality of the oneness so that it can focus. 

117 However, it can be very uncomfortable and difficult to have your senses continuously 
withdrawn from sense objects while living in the Inner City. It is difficult for the compassionate 
Hiphoppa not to assist those in need when living in the Inner City. But the attuned Hiphoppa must 
always remember that people are where they are because of who they are. Be careful with whom you 
choose to help, assist or support; sometimes you can make things worse. 

118 To remain invisible to devils (jealousy, etc.) you cannot receive nor give Light 
(awareness/resources, etc.), lest the devils (jealousy, etc.) will see you and attack you. It’s just like the 
deer that must go to the lake to drink, sensing that the lion is waiting right there. 

119 Nature is set up in such a way that your predator will always be waiting at the place that you 
must go to receive or give nourishment. This means that every time your God must help you or you 
must help others, devils are attracted to that very situation. For they too are part of the Great Event 
and their adversarial nature actually strengthens the spiritual sight (awareness) of the teacha. But once 
they (devils) realize that they are dealing with a teacha, indeed they begin running! 

120 Again, you will know when you are blessed when there are oppositions, fears and/or other 
challenges in the way of achieving your goal or purpose. They are there for you to overcome and 
learn from. Most opportunity is found in difficulty. Most of the greatest discoveries are found in the 
darkest of life circumstances. Stay focused upon the ultimate cause (GOD), not the temporary effects 
(people, places, things and circumstances). 


However, even in the Light the enlightened are seen, hunted and randomly attacked by devils. 
However, the teacha uses the mind as a weapon against the devils while giving and receiving Light in 
the World. Armed with an awareness of the Truth that is backed up by a consistent character of 
righteousness, the teacha effordessly defeats (transforms) devils. 

122 The attuned Hiphoppa prepares ahead of time for encounters with devils. We do not run or 
hide from circumstances that can do us harm, we prepare for them. Attuned Hiphoppas are never 
afraid to display their skills and talents in battie. We are already victorious! 

123 The endarkened are not seen by devils because their existence does not always require the 
Light (help, assistance, security) of their God. They (the endarkened ) have learned to walk in the dark 
with GOD without the use of their intellectual abilities. 


After we attain enlightenment, having realized ourselves as Spirit beings, we no longer need 
the crutch or assistance of a sign, a plan, etc., to guide our intellect and natural senses. At this stage we 
walk with (or trust) our God when we are intellectually blind. 

125 We no longer need to receive or illuminate Light in order to see our way in the World. We are 
no longer afraid of the dark. We are no longer distant from our God. There is nothing to give and 
nothing to receive in the oneness of our God! 

126 We need not ask GOD for anything when we realize that everything is already available. Here, 
we pray not for GOD’s Light to come to us. Here, we simply exist as the Light in the darkness! We are 
no longer afraid of the dark. We are Light! 

127 For enlightenment is like a light bulb being turned on in a dark room just long enough for you 
to get a glimpse of what is in the room. Then the light bulb is turned off again. 

128 Having been enlightened helps you to see some of the furniture and items of your room 
(environment). Enlightenment also shows you where the windows and doors are in your room 
(environment). It literally shows you where life’s exits and entrances are. Enlightenment shows you 
exacdy where and who you are in life. 

129 With this knowledge you know how to approach your life and how to escape confusion and 
unnecessary suffering. Those who have been enlightened are the beneficiaries of being in 
illuminating situations. However, they do not remain there mentally or spiritually. For the most part 
we live in darkness. 

130 When GOD turns the Light (awareness) on in your room (life) you will also see where your 
devils (ignorance) are. Likewise, those devils will see you. Like moths attracted to a flame, devils are 
attracted to enlightened beings. 

131 For these reasons as you are studying the way of this gospel it is not always wise to illuminate 
yourself by either calling GOD into your life, or expressing the Will of your God in your life, or 
even showing the practice of your skills and talents. Don’t be a show-off! Sometimes it is best to 
follow your God’s voice in the dark — in secret, avoiding unnecessary challenges. As I have said 
many times, Real bad boys move in silence! 

132 For when the Light comes on in your life it is obvious that there are devils in the same room 
with you. If the Light stays on for too long you can be attacked! 

133 The one GOD turns the Light on in your life just at the right time and for what seems like only 
a second. You then see the reality of your situation (life) and return to the darkness. 

134 It is when GOD calls you and in faith you come without intellectual or rational assistance 
through the challenges that you are endarkened. You are endarkened when you have learned to use the 

purpose that you were born with to survive in the World — intellectually unassisted. 

135 Not that you will never need intellectual Light. But when your Light attracts devils 
endarkenment becomes a helpful spiritual alternative. Trust GOD! GOD is in the dark (in the chaos) 
providing Light like nourishment, protection and guidance to the intellect even when the intellect 
cannot see or plan its own way. 

136 For when you are no longer afraid of the dark (the chaos) and can see and act in the dark (the 
chaos) you are spiritually mature. You are endarkened! You move in a realm where everything seems 
to effordessly happen right on time and just when you need it to. Your only hindrance is worry, which 
is actually the denial of your God. 

137 For when you learn to accept the guidance of that invisible intelligence that Guides Our 
Direction, even when you are not thinking about it, things just always seem to work in your favor. At 
this level of consciousness, even when things seem to be going all wrong (to your intellect) you are at 
peace in the knowing that everything is actually working in your favor. Nothing exists outside of 
GOD. Now go and kick the devil’s ass! There it is! 



1 Freestyling, as it was originally known, was an effort to modify and personalize the popular 
dance-forms of the 1970s. During the 1970s Hiphoppas mimicked James Brown’s “Get On The Good 
Foot” dance steps and combined them with older, more traditional dance forms and body movements 
(like Capoiera martial arts), creating new individualized dance moves commonly called freestyling. 

2 Such personalized dance moves were called freestyling or going-off because the dancer was 
basically presenting old and new dance forms in his or her own way. Uniqueness in traditional dance 
and body movements was the original idea of freestyling or going-off. It was about doing your own 
thing within the traditional structures of dance. 

3 In the 1970s, it was common for people to do their traditional dances to the songs of the day. But 
artists like James Brown, Sly and the Family Stone and the Jimmy Castor Bunch had instrumental 
breaks in their songs. Part of the excitement of listening and dancing to these artists was that most of 
the popular songs of the late 1960s and early 1970s had the artist singing throughout the entirety of 
the song, whereas James Brown and others would sing up to a point and then stop in the middle of the 
song, causing an instrumental break to occur. 

4 When this break in the vocal performance of the song occurred it was commonly understood 
that this was the moment to go-off ( or make up your own dance moves). It wouldn’t be long before a 
specific group of youth dancers would form specific dance moves to accommodate the breaks of 

5 On the east coast these dance forms would be called Breakin or b-boying. On the west coast these 
freestyle dance forms would be called Boogying ( Boogie-ing ), Popping and Locking. However, both 
coasts were united by their love for the breaks in certain recordings. 

Some of the earliest b-boys and breakin crews were known as Don Campbell and the 
Campbellock Dancers, the Rock Steady Crew, the Nigga Twins, B-boys In Action, the Beat Street 
Dancers, New York City Breakers, the Dynamic Breakers, the L. A. Breakers, and the Breeze Team. 

When Rap music became popular in 1979 many Breakers, Poppers and Lockers (as well as 
Graffiti writers) became Emcees and Deejays, bringing their b-boy/b-girl terminologies with them. 
When these ex-Breakers and Graffiti writers performed their unwritten, unrehearsed, off-the-top-of- 
the-head rhymes, they called it freestyling because the same rules that were applied to the b-boys and 
b-girls of the past were now applied to the Emcees and Deejays of the present. 

8 Today freestyling is mosdy an Emcee affair. Those Emcees who spontaneously create and 
perform unrehearsed and unwritten rhymes can be said to be freestyling. 

9 Here, with this project, I have gone even further with the concept of the “free” “style” by 
offering 365 inspirational rhymes for a free Hip Hop life. The Free Styles are free to all Temple 
Members. Such members use these rhymes as daily affirmations, as well as potential choruses and 
verses in songwriting and/or book writing. Moreover, the Temple of Hip Hop uses these verses as 
tools of inspiration for true Hiphoppas. 

10 Although each verse is relatively short (two bars each), each verse introduces an important 
subject for daily observation and discussion. There are 365 verses — one for each day of the year. 
They can be said to music (90 beats per minute recommended) or recited internally as an affirmation. 


Even though each day is allotted its own verse, Hiphoppas are encouraged to choose a favorite 
rhyme from among the 365 verses and make it their daily affirmation. The Free Styles are observed 
daily; however, each one can be used as the subject of a weekly lesson. 

12 The true Hiphoppa meditates upon the free style of the day as a daily guidance and/or 
affirmation tool. Within the daily order of The Free Styles Hiphoppas are encouraged to fast every 
seven days regardless of when the fasting day appears within the month. Every seven days does not 
mean every Sunday and fasting does not always imply the lessening of one’s food intake. 

13 Here, fasting simply means to lessen your intake of sugar, salt, dairy, flour, alcohol, tobacco, 
meats, marijuana and other intoxicants, as well as certain people, places, thoughts, money-spending, 
talking and other addictive habits every seven days or abstain from many of these events, people, 
activities and products all together. 

14 The Temple of Hiphop suggests water -based soups, cleansing teas and water for beverages 
particularly every seven days, as well as soothing music, silence and/or spiritually productive 
conversations every seven days (see January 7, 14, 21, 28, and February 4, 11, 18, etc.). 

15 Finally, December 32 begins at 12:00 noon on December 31. On the last day of the year we give 
ourselves a half-day, devoting the last 12 hours of the 31 st day to spiritual atonement as a 32 nd day. On 
this day, we drink only water -based soups and water. We forgive others and ourselves, accepting in 
faith the mercy and patience of the Great Spirit. 

16 On this day we are reborn in Spirit. We observe the advice of the Overstandings and we prepare 
for the New Year. If you have received these Free Styles after December 31, then use the last day of 
whatever month you are already in to give yourself a half day for spiritual atonement (for example 
January 32, February 30, March 32, etc.). 

17 The 365 rhymes/affirmations of The Free Styles serve as guidance for the truly committed 
Hiphoppa. As you begin your practice you will begin to notice how The Free Styles will seem to 
speak direcdy to the happenings of your day. The more often that this occurs, the more in harmony 
you are becoming with your Hiphop spiritual lifestyle. 

18 These affirmations (the 365 rhymes) help you to live Hiphop. However, the most important 
thing a Hiphoppa can do to hasten the productive results of her Hiphop spiritual practice is not to 
deviate from the practice itself. 

19 Once you are fully aware of what is required of you, it is then time to live it! Getting adjusted 
to the ways of a new life is always difficult. However, if you continue to press onward, such a new life 
will eventually become an old habitual one. 

20 In this case, you are seeking to make and/or strengthen Hiphop as your lifestyle. You want 
Health, Fove, Awareness and Wealth to be a regular habit in your life. You want real results from 
your spiritual reality. Ultimately, you desire to walk with GOD. All of this and more is achievable if 
you remain committed to your discipline/training. 

21 This is what The Free Styles are all about. They help you to remain committed to Hiphop’s 
spiritual lifestyle. The Free Styles encompass the schedule of Hiphop’s spiritual life, which includes 
Hip Hop’s holy-days like Hip Hop Appreciation Week, which occurs the third week in May. 

22 Hip Hop Appreciation Week is a time set aside the third week in May to acknowledge and 
appreciate the existence of Hip Hop itself. During this time the Hip Hop community refocuses itself 
through a collective review and update of its own history as well as a renewal and update of its core 
principles and elements. 

During Hip Hop Appreciation Week artists can be asked to give sound advice on what they’ve 


learned about life and living Hip Hop. Schools of all sorts can be encouraged to discuss Hip Hop 
academically and critically. Radio DJs can be encouraged to upgrade their play of “conscious” Rap 
music over the airwaves, etc. 

24 During Hip Hop Appreciation Week the Hip Hop community is encouraged to: Give the next 
person the right of way. Allow people to pass you. Do not block a person’s forward movement. 

25 Donate your skill or profession to someone who cannot afford it. 

26 At the supermarket, give your change to the person behind you in line. 

27 Be quick to compliment and slow to criticize. Be ready also to forgive and move on. 

28 Give 10 percent of your salary to your child’s teacher. 

29 Ease a neighbor’s pressure by donating your time toward the ease of some duty they must 

30 For when this is your habitual nature you will begin to experience a certain harmony with the 
happenings of life itself; even when you are late, you shall be right on time. Even when you are 
denied, you shall be accepted. Accidents shall be either just in front of you or just behind you, but 
never with you. And even if you are in an accident it shall be for your own good and/or for the good 
of others. Never worry. 

31 When you are sick, it shall be so that you may become healthier. Even those who may rise up 
against you shall fall victim to their own evil plans. Where others must pay for everything that they 
get, you shall receive useful things freely. Everything that you lose shall be returned to you. Anything 
stolen from you or lost shall indeed return to you twofold. For when you make the decision to serve 
Life, Life itself shall indeed protect and serve you. 

32 For you will begin to notice a certain intelligence governing and guiding the happenings of 
your life. Do not be astonished by it. Do not overthink or marvel at the supernatural activities of your 
life. Only accept them as normal. Expect it! For if you show any fear, doubt or surprise you will show 
yourself not to be ready; simply go with the F.L.O.W. (Follow Life’s Outcome Willingly). There it is! 



Today is the day I live by each verse. 

Temptation is defeated by trusting God first. 


The way of Hiphop is always Self-creation. 

With faith and will you can change your situation. 


The only way to know Hip Hop like no one else ~ 
is to know that you are Hiphop, your Higher Self. 


Today I will separate my wants from my needs ~ 
and visualize my needs coming to me with speed. 


Today I know that I can only achieve ~ 

The peace and prosperity I am ready to receive. 


My heart is pure in all my endeavors. 

My heart can be weighed against the weight of a feather. 


Today we thank our bodies for lasting ~ 
by giving it love and rest by fasting. 


What you put in your body is what your body gives. 

So put in your body the foods that help it live. 


I am doing what GOD is telling me. 

Times are hard, but we live in prosperity. 


The True Hiphoppa sustains Hiphop. 

Television and radio simply do not! 


The knowledge of Hip Hop is for all that wish to take it ■ 

cause frankly, everyone is not gonna make it. 


Once you see how it all connects ~ 

You feel the peace and give God respect. 


Today I express what’s been taught to me. 

I act like, and think, the way it ought to be. 


Respond to your body and it’ll respond to you. 

While fasting, tell it what you want it to do. 


When Michael became Martin, and Martin became King 
The juniors in the streets were shown a new thing. 


Today no lies go past my teeth. 

I am fishing not to become a chicken or start beef. 


While the Rapper raps and the Singer sings ~ 
always be prepared to accept new things. 


Only you can take care of you. 

Stop asking others to do what you can do. 


I can be trusted, I can be loved. 

God lives within me, not way up above. 


Check your thinking, it’s an ancient fact ~ 
that the way you think is the way you act. 


We thank the body with rest and with fasting ~ 
and massage the organs with continuous laughing. 


What you put in your life is what you get out. 

Givin’ and takin’ is what life is all about. 


Look for the good in all things and all people. 

Perform in GOD, and allow God to be you. 


Crime will never leave society as a sickness ~ 
as long as justice in society is a business. 


You ain’t got it hard; you wanna know what’s the hardest? 
The single working mom raising Hip Hop’s artists. 


Check what ya seein’ and check how ya listenin’ ~ 
control all your senses and practice self-discipline. 


Obeying and worshipping GOD was before ~ 
now we must act like GODs and be mature. 


Promote your physical well-being and long-lasting ~ 
by resting the mind and body through fasting. 


Do not get trapped in temptation and lust. 

Have fun, but always build an image of trust. 


Your word is your bond when you blow your vocal horn. 
But words also manifest, so word is also born. 


Whether it be with a book, ball or drill 
the road to success begins with a skill. 




I am the master of all memory that’s found ~ 
my history lives for me, not the other way around. 


The moment you were born, you were truly blessed. 
There is really no need for you to ever be stressed. 


The formula for positive change is quite clear ~ 
progression in life begins first without fear. 


The practice of fasting helps the body, no question. 

It is you who control your body and mind direction. 


By talkin’ ’bout the problem we mangle and mix it. 
By workin’ wit the problem we eventually fix it. 


Whatever you look for, you’ll eventually see. 
Whatever you speak will soon come to be. 


Power and peace is found in this sentence: 

Today you must realize the Truth of GOD’s presence. 


What one does need not be mentioned. 

The question to ask is, what’s the intention? 


For peace and prosperity I need nothing else ~ 
but GOD, this gospel and my Hip Hop Self. 


Hip Hop Kulture doesn’t recognize haters. 

Haters within a culture of love are traitors. 


Fasting shows the body its true respect. 

Constandy eating shows the body true neglect. 


Compassion and care is the word for today ~ 
allow these virtues to guide your day. 


Everything emanates from our cosmic mother ~ 
existing as one; all sisters, all brothers. 


The difference between sinking and rising above ~ 
is shown in your levels of hate and love. 


With whatever you learn in your temple or college ~ 
the way of Hip Hop is to do your knowledge. 


If you change the way you think, you will change your surroundings 
sometimes you are floating, when you think you are drowning. 


The Hiphop teacha knows that without trust ~ 
the trustiess community turns to dust. 


While fasting, we stop eating the foods that we bought ~ 
but let us also fast from the eating of negative thoughts. 


The true Hiphoppa is a blessing to any lawyer ~ 
because the true Hiphoppa promotes Law and also Order. 


Self-creation is what it’s all about. 

Believe in Self, not fear and doubt. 


Nobody sees things like everyone else ~ 
the first education is educatin’ yourself. 


When do things start and when do things cease? 

If your purpose is now, this question is the least. 



From the winter to the spring to the summer to the fall 
seek knowledge, never think that you know it all. 


Only poor people drink dreams like juice ~ 
relying on gossip and not on Truth. 


Drink much water and eat what’s alive ~ 

Then be like water as it cleans and revives. 


When nothing ever happens for you, you say, I knew it. 
The problem is you’re thinking about it. Just do it! 


Hiphoppas rise in health and wealth ~ 

when Hiphoppas mature to a knowledge of Self. 


If you have it to give, it is important that you give it. 

If you know the Truth, it is important that you live it. 


Put no interest above your health. 

Be your own partner and love your Self. 



Peace and prosperity are what Hip Hop is pursuing. 

We are all a portion of what the universe is doing. 


Don’t worry about when, don’t worry about how ~ 
the power of future begins right now. 


The Hiphop teacha eats herbs and roots ~ 
vegetables, teas, grains and fruits. 


When you choose a friend, you choose their life, no doubt. 
So make sure your friends aren’t all stressed out. 


The family man has a family plan ~ 
a plan that helps his family stand. 


The teacha that only talks begins to ramble. 

But the teacha that really teaches speaks through example. 


If GOD in Heaven gives intellectual aid ~ 
what is really and truly man-made? 


When you discipline your mind from every temptation ~ 
your mind is clear for any situation. 


The teacha practices being prepared ~ 
educating the mind, so that the body is not scared. 


What exactiy shall I fast from today ~ 

My eating, my thinking, my work, or my play? 


The physical body is our earthly rental ~ 
our planetary vehicle, our only true temple. 


People are ambitious, they seek their own glory. 

Always seek to know both sides of the story. 


For a spiritual environment, we need not search ~ 

’cause anywhere we are in the World is church. 


Here is a message that many must heed: 
it is more important to do than to read. 


Good and evil might be the same thing ~ 

’cause angels and demons respect the same king. 


If your life is in turmoil and appears at its worst ~ 
you have nothing to lose by putting GOD first. 


When fasting, never sound depressed in your voice. 

Prayer and fasting are times to rejoice. 


It takes a whole village just to raise one youth ~ 
but what if that village is denied the Truth? 


The police have to get back to working for the people. 

And the people have to get back to treating each other equal. 


Look for the good and the good shall appear. 

Look for the bad and the bad is right there. 


Once you know for sure exacdy where ya going ~ 
your own conviction starts the energy flowing. 


When brothers kill brothers and exercise hate ~ 
the enemies of their father inherit their estate. 


What kind of advice could they possibly give ~ 
when they really haven’t lived in the places we’ve lived? 


While fasting, the Hiphop teacha serves the meal ~ 
with this act one’s discipline is practiced for real. 


Do not practice forgiveness so that you may be forgiven. 
Practice forgiveness to expand your own livin’. 


Every day is a birthday party ~ 

when you wake up from sleeping and you love somebody. 


Knowledge and skill will bring you a salary ~ 
but knowing your purpose can change your reality. 


GOD is patient but when She strikes ~ 

you have been warned every day and every night. 


A mother or father you are to the end ~ 

but to raise your children you must be their friend. 


The best way to create and maintain wealth ~ 
is to simultaneously create and maintain Self. 


Look out! Look out! If you’re about to crash! 

Right about NOW it is time to fast. 



Your inner-Spirit is a Spirit that does. 

It reacts to what is, what will be, and what was. 


The most valuable lessons should not be a mystery. 

The attuned Hiphoppa should teach with simplicity. 


No one can say that anyone’s faith is deceiving ~ 
cause the root of all faiths is choice in believing. 


Study who you are, before anyone else ~ 

then study everyone else like you’ve studied yourself. 


Destruction begins when you doubt yourself ~ 
doubt your health, and doubt your wealth. 


If you really want money your mentality must switch. 

If you really wanna be rich you gotta act like you’re rich! 


Fasting and prayer are always intertwined ~ 
one cleanses body, the other cleanses the mind. 


Don’t worry ’bout when, don’t worry ’bout how ~ 
the Light of GOD is always right now! 


The Goddess manifests daily in our lives ~ 

through our sisters, mothers, daughters, aunts and wives. 


To enhance one’s Self, creative thinking is critical ~ 
but maintain a balance between the creative and analytical. 


Makeup and clothing are just the surface ~ 
but nothing looks good if you have no purpose. 


God is speaking but only a few are listening ~ 
others are too busy booty-shakin’ and dissing. 


Out of Jesus, Muhammad, Krishna and Moses ~ 
to GOD, which one of them is the closest? 


While fasting, know that you have your father’s assistance. 
While laughing, laugh within your mother’s existence. 


Give us every daughter, give us every son ~ 
and give us the position to assist everyone. 


It seems like with disease no doctor is stopping this ~ 

’cause most doctors ignore the effects of consciousness. 


There are no grades to achieve awareness. 

Discipline your mind above living so careless. 


If GOD appeared to all of us, right now, this week ~ 
who would be good enough to step up and speak? 


It’s foolish to say we are destroying the Earth ~ 

’cause everything we’re doing destroys us first. 


If you and I was ice cream we both would melt. 

But while melting the teacha still asks, how can I help? 


How can you have a definition of nutrition ~ 

when the essentials of productive thinking are always missing 


Live past your senses, live past your salary ~ 
remove your perception and look at reality. 


The Laws of the State and the Laws of all others ~ 
fall into balance with service toward others. 


Just as a car with no gas is worthless ~ 
your life doesn’t run if it doesn’t have purpose. 


Past, present, future is a state of the mind ~ 
really, everything is happening at the same time. 


If something goes wrong, people say, I knew it. 

But if they want something right they ask GOD to do it. 


Whether you are learning in high school or college ~ 
in the lifestyle of Hiphop you must do your knowledge. 


Never underestimate your will over your body ~ 
while fasting, find yourself praying at the party. 


Before we can talk about people being selfless ~ 
we first gotta talk about people feeling helpless. 


When you see injustice you gotta start speaking up 
Many say, “I follow GOD,” but are they keeping up? 


MAY 1 

Be careful that the highest ideas of yourself ~ 
aren’t just the opinions of everyone else. 

MAY 2 

First there’s me, then there’s me thinking ~ 
then there’s me rising, or then there’s me sinking. 

MAY 3 

The road of life is smooth with many curves. 

The one that hugs the road is the one that serves. 

MAY 4 

Do true Hip Hop so that all can see it ~ 
but longevity begins when you can also be it. 

MAY 5 

At the Temple of Hiphop there is limited seating ~ 
reserved for those who perfect their eating. 

MAY 6 

Everyone that leads can also mislead. 

So make sure the knowledge that you have is what you need. 

MAY 7 

If closeness with GOD is Heaven, where all is well ~ 
then distance from GOD is hell, can’t you tell? 

MAY 8 

Today is the day I act like God ~ 

doing this like God, and doing that like God. 

MAY 9 

Beware of the spiritual Pimp and spiritual Hoe ~ 
because of spiritual clothes, you think they spiritually know. 

MAY 10 

You will pray for a thing and never get to own it ~ 
if you live in the future and not in the present moment. 

MAY 11 

Peace of mind begins with non-attachment. 

The Hiphop teacha sees the whole in every fragment. 

MAY 12 

Yearly the teacha fasts, 52 times ~ 
and meditates upon 365 rhymes. 

MAY 13 

You will raise your wealth and enhance your health ~ 
when you release all doubt and believe in your Self. 

MAY 14 

Never pay attention to fearful criticism ~ 

Your life and your principles, these others don’t live them. 

MAY 15 

The skills that are given to you by your Mother ~ 
should glorify the Father through service toward others. 

MAY 16 

And the emcee said, here is the key to success ~ 
represent the vision of the crowd you address. 

MAY 17 

It’s clever to learn from history or whatever ~ 
but never cease to update whatever you remember. 

MAY 18 

The mysteries of life begin to unravel ~ 

not only through books, but through actual travel. 

MAY 19 

No one should begin to think you’re fasting ~ 

because around them you are having much fun and laughing. 

MAY 20 

What’s Heaven’s is Heaven’s, what’s hell’s is hell’s ~ 
but freedom begins when we govern ourselves. 

MAY 21 

It makes no sense to love an artist when he dies ~ 

if you haven’t shown him that same love when he was alive. 

MAY 22 

Graffiti Art, Breakin, Deejayin, Emceein ~ 
all have to do with acting and being. 

MAY 23 

Hiphop is healthy and always has wealth ~ 
but this week, Hiphop is conscious of itself. 

MAY 24 

Graffiti, Emceein, Deejayin, Beat Boxin ~ 

with Breakin and Knowledge was original Hiphoppin’. 

MAY 25 

For those that are strugglin’, tryin’, and pursuin’ ~ 
change your thoughts and start being and doing. 

MAY 26 

While fasting, know that your God is living! 

While fasting, enhance the soul through giving. 

MAY 27 

Your choice of philosophy can easily mess your mind up ~ 
if all you do is study while ignoring your conduct. 

MAY 28 

Don’t get stagnated in the what, where, and how. 

If GOD gave it to you, act on it right now! 

MAY 29 

GOD is speaking to you and everyone else. 

Don’t wait around for knowledge; you must educate your Self. 

MAY 30 

Follow life’s teachings even over the fences ~ 
but learn to control all six of your senses. 

MAY 31 

You can kill a man by takin’ him out his land ~ 
and puttin’ him in a land he really doesn’t overstand. 



Everything we’re buying has already been bought ~ 
Everything we’re learning has already been taught. 


While fasting, eating does not include slaughter ~ 

Today we are fed by air, light and water. 


Not all Hiphoppas have rims on their cars ~ 
with baggy pants, braggin’ about being behind bars. 


Freely I give you much health and wealth ~ 

but they are secondhand, ’cause first I give them to myself. 


The direction of the lesson creates your perception ~ 
and your perception of your lesson creates your direction. 


Express the Love like no one else. 

Allow the Love to become your Self. 


You’ve walked this path long enough ~ 

It’s time for you to start claiming your stuff. 


Some things happen now, and some things happen later ~ 
but remember, with GOD you are a co-creator. 


On the streets and highways people signal when passing. 
On the highways of life the body signals before crashing. 

JUNE 10 

People will always think you’re contradictory ~ 

When you choose to live for today and not in history. 

JUNE 11 

In this verse is the teaching of the Church ~ 

Faith is an act of you moving first. 

JUNE 12 

Who are the theys, and who are the thems ~ 
are they not you, and I, and all of our friends? 

JUNE 13 

Driving in traffic gives you the opportunity ~ 
to practice courtesy, compassion and unity. 

JUNE 14 

The Judicial system loses its quickness ~ 

when more and more people look to practice forgiveness. 

JUNE 15 

The challenges you face will disappear in an hour ~ 
when you see them as reasons to use your power. 

JUNE 16 

Constant working causes crashing! 

So stop the working of the body through fasting. 

JUNE 17 

Find ways to serve in advance before you act ~ 
and all your actions in advance will be exact. 

JUNE 18 

Open your mind and extend its range ~ 
because all school knowledge is subject to change. 

JUNE 19 

The first move you make is to become awake. 

The second move made is for you to stay awake. 

JUNE 20 

The traps of temptation will always miss you~ 
when you realize the Truth that GOD is with you. 

JUNE 21 

Restrictions and rules we really wouldn’t need ’em ~ 
if everyone was conscious of the next person’s freedom. 

JUNE 22 

Suggestions are good, here and there, once or twice ~ 
but don’t make the suggestions of others your whole life. 

JUNE 23 

You have received according to your asking ~ 

And you shall believe according to your fasting. 

JUNE 24 

Few are Emceein while many do Rap. 

Many are talking, but only a few act. 

JUNE 25 

Life is a bitch when you don’t flow with her ~ 
so flow with her, know it’s her, and go with her. 

JUNE 26 

Bronx versus Queens, East versus West ~ 
the one that endures is the one that’s the best. 

JUNE 27 

Laws don’t work for the people that break them ~ 

Laws only work for the people that make them. 

JUNE 28 

Never say no to the one that asks ~ 
but never be led down a suckers path. 

JUNE 29 

We are all role models, for all to witness ~ 

but most folks don’t think they can really make a difference. 

JUNE 30 

The teacha is patient and repeats the teachings ~ 

Not with words, but by fasting from eating. 



Respect the real Rap from before you were born ~ 

Hip Hop’s culture is from all of those songs. 


While traveling we follow the signs without question ~ 
never once doubting or asking who’s directin’. 


Not a contract, a ring, nor even a salary ~ 
can really define your role in a family. 


The essence of freedom is in this sentence: 

Self-creation is independence! 


Today is the day we give glory to GOD ~ 
when we think about it, life hasn’t been so hard. 


Heaven and hell can grow or shrink ~ 
based on the way you grow and think. 


Most of what’s eaten is turned into trash ~ 
so minimize your eating and practice your fast. 


Some give the gifts that sit upon mandes ~ 
while others give the gifts of productive examples. 


Brothers are brothers from breath to breath ~ 
from wife to wife, from life to death. 

JULY 10 

If life is a game, childhood is the scrimmage ~ 
so children must play toward a productive Self image. 

JULY 11 

The student seeks knowledge through admissions and fees. 
The teacha seeks knowledge in all that he sees. 

JULY 12 

Paradise is sudden and in the present moment ~ 

but if you’re in the past or future you will never know it. 

JULY 13 

Feel the value of the things you have ~ 

Nothing is more valuable than the ability to laugh. 

JULY 14 

The body fights its enemies every day and every hour ~ 
so cut back on salt, sugar, dairy foods and flour. 

JULY 15 

You see Hiphop in that, and you see Hiphop in this ~ 
now see Hiphop as your creative consciousness. 

JULY 16 

Release your anger, your doubt, and your fear ~ 
and instandy your mind will become quite clear. 

JULY 17 

The activity of life is constant creation ~ 
so walk and talk in your daily affirmation. 

JULY 18 

The guard at the gate of the temple says this to you: 

Only the disciplined one will get through. 

JULY 19 

In life there is only one true oppressor ~ 

It’s the mind of the person that feels like he is lesser. 

JULY 20 

If you wanna study changes, history will show how. 

But if you wanna make changes, you must think and go now. 

JULY 21 

Foods are drugs and drugs are foods ~ 
like some drugs, foods can also create moods. 

JULY 22 

Today you must think before you act. 

Let this be this, and let that be that. 

JULY 23 

Focus your mind on God and Law ~ 
and all your steps are bound to be sure. 

JULY 24 

All subjects of learning are sisters and brothers ~ 
The mastery of one subject leads to all others. 

JULY 25 

Sometimes the teacha must be alone ~ 

To see and comprehend what is being shown. 

JULY 26 

The Gospel of Hip Hop exists to protect. 

It speaks to a life beyond cash and checks. 

JULY 27 

Giving of yourself means, giving of your Self ~ 
it doesn’t always mean the giving of your wealth. 

JULY 28 

The sugar, the dairy, the flour, the salt ~ 

for maximum health, these must come to a halt. 

JULY 29 

The things you do are the desires of your heart ~ 
no one can truly make you play a different part. 

JULY 30 

You will live in constant stagnation and stiffness ~ 
if in life you never learned to practice forgiveness. 

JULY 31 

In perfect love and balance many are born ~ 
but as we grow up many more are taught wrong. 



Those that work for GOD have God working for them. 

Life becomes your partner when GOD is your close friend. 


Establish your goal; with all your time pursue it. 

Feel yourself acting, stop doubting, just do it. 


Unnecessary want, desire, and attachment ~ 
leads to suffering and mind entrapment. 


If you wish to slow down how fast your heart is beating ~ 
then fish and vegetables you should always be eating. 


Always check to see how your friends are living. 

The ones who are receiving should also be the ones giving. 


This rhyme is spiritual but it pertains to the medical ~ 
self-control and health are identical. 


The reality of the slave will always be a mystery ~ 
because only slave traders were written down in history. 


Whatever you look for also looks for you ~ 

so watch what you say, what you think, and what you do. 


Every single year, about this time~ 

We are born again with a renewing of our minds. 


The rich get richer because they work toward rich. 

The poor get poorer because their minds can’t switch. 


While you’re fasting reaffirm in your mental ~ 

“I don’t live in a tomb, I live in a temple.” 


He is God, she is God, GOD is everywhere ~ 
in the water, in the fire, in the Earth, and in the air. 


After all those people finish tellin’ you lies ~ 
open your mind’s eye and visualize. 


Place your mind on the things that are higher ~ 
and stomp out the fires of your carnal desires. 


Most people cannot seem to hold success ~ 
because they fail to repeat the actions of their success. 


Women love men and men love women ~ 
when both love GOD, so do their children. 


The clearest critique of a person is through loving ~ 
the distorted critique of a person is through judging. 


The gifts you receive from GOD at birth ~ 
are the gifts you return to God on Earth. 


If you give away your coat, your shoes, and your hat ^ 
the promise to all is that you’ll get it right back. 


In peace, in unity, in joy and in love ~ 

Show me today what I am capable of. 


As people pass by, you should say to yourself ~ 

I love you, I love me and I love everyone else. 


That man looks good, that woman looks great ~ 
but today I think I’ll take me on a date. 


Release the critique of others and you will find ~ 
a silence in your heart and a silence in your mind. 


The Laws of inhaling and exhaling when breathing ~ 
are the Laws of the universe toward giving and receiving. 


You talk to your body through the foods on your shelf. 

Your body talks back through the level of your health. 


Seeing God’s finished work is a spiritual practice ~ 
yet even the most powerful of preachers still lack this. 


The reason people feel they need prestige and clout ~ 
is really because they’re trapped by fear and doubt. 


You will get what you believe, and what you wish to achieve ~ 
when you help others believe and achieve what they perceive. 


Today I break free from all of my fears ~ 

I don’t need to go over there, it’s all right here! 


After the preacher of the Word astounds you ~ 
open your heart and feel GOD all around you. 


Before you begin to rearrange your behavior ~ 
first be clear about your internal nature. 



Fasting and rest for the body is ease ~ 
constantly working and overeating is disease. 


Whether in a wealthy suburb or in a poor ghetto ~ 
the spiritual life requires that you let go. 


Foolish people only follow the trend and the check ~ 
while the wise ones also follow the cause and the effect. 


The one that loves GOD is good but not above ~ 

the compassionate one that simply gives and shows love. 


When I grow up I’m gonna be soft. 

When I grow up I’m gonna be hard. 

When I grow up I’m gonna be wealthy. 

When I grow up I’m gonna be God! 


I am beautiful, I am smart ~ 
today there is only love in my heart. 


Learn from others, but know your own order. 

What drowns one man is the next man’s sauna. 


The titles of foods and drugs are name things ~ 
because foods and drugs are really the same things. 


When the lessons of simple common sense don’t reach you 
the lessons of pain will manifest just to teach you. 


Change through destruction sometimes is the hardest. 

For even the Goddess burns down her own forest. 


The tragedies and threats which transformed America ~ 
brought unity and strength in the wake of hysteria. 


The spiritual life can begin and start ~ 

when you quiet the mind and truly search the heart. 


It might sound crazy and it might sound bugged ~ 
but forgiveness is real when your enemies are hugged. 


If the righteous never walk into the houses of the pimps ~ 
the whores of those houses might never get a glimpse. 


If your mind doesn’t permit that you fast, it’s okay ~ 
continue to practice, eating one meal a day. 


The key to the City for all who are listenin’ ~ 
begins with Self and ends with discipline. 


The Goddess is God and GOD is the Goddess ~ 
living is an art and you are the artist. 


Whether it be the daughter or whether it be the son ~ 
the wisdom of GOD should begin when they are young. 


Run from the person showing attachment and vanity ~ 
and run toward the family, showing love and charity. 


The children of ignorance you will see by their demanding 
The children of wisdom you will see by their overstanding 


Peace of mind and awareness of Self ~ 
arrives when the Self is content with the Self. 


While others overeat on the road to devastation ~ 

the teacha is fasting, content in the situation. 


The one that forgives and holds no grudges ~ 
wastes no time with lawyers and judges. 


One of the first spiritual lessons to learn ~ 
is how to call on GOD and expect a return. 


At the Temple of H.I.P.H.O.P this is what we teach you ~ 

Her Infinite Power Helps Organize People. 


Get prepared! Your blessing is coming! 

Doubters are hiding! Haters are running! 


How can you separate the sun from its heat? 

How can you separate the Earth from your feet? 


The teacha of Hiphop knows just what to do. 

You should never chase money, instead money should chase you. 


Life breeds life and death breeds death ~ 
continue eating the dead and what’s left. 


The rebel is hasty, he argues with the elite ~ 

while the teacha performs patience and eventually takes their seat. 



In the eyes of the child the parent must be a hero ~ 
if the parent is not, then the parent is zero. 


If you really wanna make a million dollar bills ~ 

the question you must ask first is, truly, what are my skills? 


Those that think time is money are lost ~ 

for it leads them to quickly start ripping people off. 


The things that come are the things that go ~ 
attach yourself to nothing, not even to what you know. 


Whether it be a productive or niggative situation ~ 
all is caused by a person’s imagination. 


Fasting builds up the spirit you expect ~ 

Overeating tears down the spirit in neglect. 


Step number one. Once you’ve disciplined the mental ~ 
it is for the teacha to clean out the temple. 


Step number two. Once the temple is cleansed ~ 
it is for the teacha to forgive and make amends. 


Step number three. Once forgiveness is practiced ~ 
it is for the teacha to seek knowledge and never lack this. 


Step number four. For the mind to be clear ~ 
it is for the teacha to release all fear. 


Step number five. Once fear is wiped out ~ 
it is for the teacha to release self-doubt. 


Step number six. With the knowledge of creation ~ 
the teacha must succeed in the releasing of temptation. 


Step number seven. Once temptation is far behind ~ 
it is for the teacha to free attachment from the mind. 


The choice is yours to live shorter or longer ~ 
this choice is made between alcohol and water. 


Step number eight. Once attachment isn’t demanding ~ 
is for the teacha to gain self-over standing. 


Step number nine, which takes the teacha up above ~ 
is for the teacha to be God, which is Love. 


Ask this of GOD in your heart and make it felt ~ 

Teach me to help others even as I am helped. 


From the grave to the cradle, from the cradle to the grave 
everything you see is really particles and waves. 


Everyone knows what they’re supposed to be doin’ ~ 

But somehow it’s the opposite that they are all pursuin’. 


The mind should be quiet and still during the fast ~ 

Here, anything of God you can ask. 


When the work is done, you are the One ~ 

“The Peace,” “The Love,” “The Unity” all having fun! 


The things you believe you also give power ~ 
so believe in yourself, every minute and every hour. 


Repent, the kingdom of heaven is at hand ~ 
stop saying I can ’t and say I can. 


Continue to walk the path, just don’t blow it! 

People admire you but they just don’t show it. 


Open your eye, it’s not always like this ~ 

Today is the day you are shining the brightest! 


Don’t feel bad when your critics are astonished ~ 

God delivers victory to the soul that is polished. 


I am hip today and I can hop today ~ 

Fasting doesn’t mean that I stop today. 


The righteous in sight are with the wicked in sight ~ 
so that the wicked in sight may also see the Light. 


Sometimes you can’t show your strength and stamina ~ 
’cause when you need rest people tend to get mad at ya. 


If you got hard work to do, quickly get with it ~ 

’cause others are on their way to prison or the clinic. 


The youngest of people are quickly turned old ~ 
when life is spent always seeking to control. 



Fill the prescription of love and trust ~ 
so anger and stress can be turned to dust. 


When voting we think like children, not adults ~ 

’cause only changed thinking will bring new results. 


Really the best way to control your mood ~ 
is to control your intake of food. 


The American system need not be rearranged ~ 

it is the thinking of the American people that must change. 


Every generation has gone through the phase ~ 
of conspiracy theories, aliens and last days. 


We all know the phrase, we all know the song ~ 

You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. 


While limits and lacks follow the one who is scared ~ 
health and wealth follow the one who is prepared. 


Before you open your mouth to say any curse ~ 
with your own tongue you curse yourself first. 


The grass will always look greener over there ~ 
but if the lawn is not yours, why stare? 


While you are fasting, respecting your health ~ 
respect the well-being of everyone else. 


If I refuse to love, overstand and forgive you ~ 
then I refuse my own spiritual life to continue. 


Those of little knowledge read books and get scared. 

Those of self-knowledge read life and get prepared. 


What’s a good education without a good imagination? 

The answer: A lot of good people in this nation. 


Heal yourself, find yourself, know yourself, correct yourself 
see yourself, love yourself, be yourself, respect yourself. 


Knowledge, unity and economic growth ~ 
should be recited by every student as an oath. 


If it’s the social system that you wish to speak to ~ 
don’t speak to the system, speak directiy to the people. 


It’s only yourself and your body you are defeating ~ 
when you do not practice intelligent eating. 


Oh GOD, oh GOD, are our parents deserting us? ~ 

Or is it just you through them, now alerting us? 


A message for those who are politically sinking ~ 

Don’t change the president, change your thinking. 


What is the system of the new World order? 

Is it not my son, is it not your daughter. 


Know the purpose of those that surround you ~ 

It is the thinking of others that can suffocate and drown you. 


Look back on your life and you’ll see once more ~ 
a lot that you can really be thankful for. 


If your life has no purpose you should never forget ~ 
that the things you don’t have, you didn’t prepare to get. 


The eating of food is a full that can deceive you ~ 

while the eating of knowledge is a full that never leaves you. 


What you touch, what you taste, what you hear, see and smell 
if not controlled properly can lead you to hell 


Everyone come near, let your children hear ~ 
failure is created by doubt and fear. 


GOD is my strength, my salvation and hope ~ 
cause most people really don’t know how to vote! 


If we only talk about it, it will never get solved ~ 
so let’s talk up a plan, overstand and get involved. 


The lessons and privileges of health, wealth and Self ~ 
are not just for you, they’re for everyone else. 


The Hiphop teacha cares little for labels. 

It’s all about skills when life turns her tables. 



Today is the day I’ve inherited the will ~ 
to resist temptation and resist getting ill. 


When it comes to sex if your children can’t plan it ~ 
before your time you’ll become a grandparent. 


Forgive me GOD, I come in repentance. 

Bless me GOD and all of my dependents. 


Show me the way that strengthens the will ~ 
widens perception, and sharpens the skill. 


With God in you and God in me ~ 
we are all one, and we are all free. 


The one thing we learned about the Hiphop game ~ 

is that you have to keep pushin’ ’cause nothin’ stays the same. 


Just as there is no freedom without Law ~ 

There is no peace without justice, for sure. 


While others are eating, smoking, and drinking, ~ 
the one who is fasting is the one who is thinking. 


Remember this as you’re burning fat ~ 
with the road you take there’s no turning back. 


Just like your highway, your life-way has signs ~ 

some see what’s before them, others drive like they’re blind. 


Make your security, make it, and defend it ~ 
by saving and investing and remaining independent. 


To the future we are blind, most things are felt through ~ 
but you can see in the past where God has helped you. 


You can have a great intellect where knowledge excites you 
but you can’t take it nowhere if people don’t like you. 


If God helps those that help themselves ~ 
it must be nearby where this God dwells. 


Nature eats the weak, this is true ~ 

So fasting prevents Nature from eating you! 


Blessed are those who can use their hands ~ 
only they are prosperous anytime in any land. 


Are roses red? Are violets blue? 

Reality is only what is real to you. 


The sex, the money, the drugs, the gun ~ 
six million ways to die; choose one. 


The Hiphop teacha can teach the right lesson ~ 

if the receiver of knowledge will ask the right questions. 


If you recognize first the gifts of your mother ~ 
you’ll find it easier to give gifts to all others. 


Now is the time for courage and trust, 

’cause the last days of others are the first days for us! 


When you live in health, you live in wealth ~ 
your fast does not include everyone else. 


Rejoice without eating, smoking, or drinking, 
practice and discipline expands your thinking. 


Think not the worse of your hired-self ~ 
only give birth to your Higher-Self. 


Any path you choose to find God is sacred. 

Follow any path of GOD and you will make it. 


To achieve transformation, it is God who must work you. 
Your friends will desert you and your relatives will hurt you. 


Make love, make love on the radio is nice, 
but in reality make love really means make life. 


The people that can hurt the teacha the most, 
are the people that the teacha lets get too close. 


Today is the day that we clean the house ~ 

while taking I can’t and I hate from out of the mouth. 


It is said that opportunity knocks one time ~ 
but that knock is heard by the disciplined mind. 


Continue in peace, love, fun and unity ~ 
the new year coming is full of opportunity! 


When it comes to the spirit, you cannot cower, 

For the rest of the year you will walk in power. 



1 They call themselves ‘writers' because that’s what they do: They write their names, among other 
things, everywhere! Names they’ve been given or have chosen for themselves. Most of all, they write in 
and on subway trains that carry their names from one end of the city to the other. It’s called bombing, 
and it has equally assertive counterparts in Rap music and break dancing. Graffiti writing in New York 
is a vocation. Its traditions are handed down from one youthful generation to the next. To some it’s art; 
to most people, however, it is a plague that never ends, a symbol that we’ve lost control. ( Style Wars, 

2 Know this: the Overstanding before you is an elementary introduction to the study of Graffiti 
Art as color and light and how these frequencies affect the psychology of Hiphoppas living in urban 
areas. As an Overstanding, it teaches spiritual Truths through the language of Graffiti Art. 
Traditionally, the word Graffiti originated from the Italian term graffito meaning a scratch. 
According to the American language, Graffiti is defined as a “writing” or “drawing” that is 
“scribbled,” “scratched” or “sprayed” onto a surface. 

3 However, in his book Graffiti World: Street Art from Five Continents, Nicholas Ganz writes, 
Derived from the Italian sgraffio, meaning ‘scratch,’ graffiti has been around since the beginning of 
mankind. Pictures, such as those at the Lascaux Caves in France, were mostly carved into cave walls 
with bones or stones, but early man also anticipated the stencil and spray techniques, blowing 
coloured powder through hollow bones around his hands to make silhouettes. In ancient Greece, 
fragments of clay were found on which notes had been carved, while excavations in Pompeii brought to 
light a wealth of graffiti, including election slogans, drawings and obscenities. 

4 James Prigoff agrees in the foreword of the book Graffiti L.A.: Street Styles and Art by Steve 
Grody. He writes, Cave dwellers drew pictures on their walls; graffiti was uncovered in Pompeii when 
the lava was chipped away; Spanish conquistadors left their names on Inscription Rock outside of 
Gallup, New Mexico; Frenchmen scratched their names on the walls of Angkor Wat in Cambodia; and 
a navy inspector in the 1940s named Jack Kilroy drew his famous logo ‘Kilroy Was Here’ to indicate 
his completed inspection, and a funny face appearing over the wall was co-opted by GIs all over the 

5 In regards to the art of prehistoric humans we now know that some cave dwellers would put 
berry juice in their mouths and blow it onto cave wall surfaces also using their open hands as sort of 
a stencil-styled signature. Later in human history people would carve their names in trees, stones and 
even famous ancient monuments as memories and evidence of their travels. 

1 Although many people still associate Graffiti Art with vandalism, the educated have always 
overstood this to be incorrect. It is the tag gin’ and bombin’ of private property that is recognized as 
vandalism; not Graffiti Art itself! As Roger O. De Keersmaecker writes in an article entided “Graffito 
Graffiti,” The first monuments to bear modern graffiti are found at Ephesus, the ancient Greek city, 
which is now part of Turkey. Graffiti was earlier considered an act of vandalism but in time has added 
significant information to the archeological study. It originally referred to writings and pictures drawn 
on sidewalks or the outer walls of buildings without permission of the owner of the building. The 
Romans used graffiti as an art form and carved it on monuments as well as their own walls for various 

As mentioned in the Gospel at a later Overstanding regarding the origins of Hip Hop, Paul 
Strathern in his book Napoleon In Egypt writes about Napoleon taking part in excursions to the 
pyramids and the ancient ruins at Giza, where evidence of these visits remains to this day, in the form 
of soldiers’ names and other graffiti carved into the upper stones of the pyramids, inside the burial 
chambers and on other ruins. 

8 Mr. Strathern goes on to cite the journal of a young Corporal named Francois who recalled how 
he inscribed his name, place of birth and rank in the royal chamber, on the right of the sarcophagus, in 
the second pyramid. Graffiti writing has always been part of human expression, and although Graffiti 
writing, in and of itself, predates the cultural formation of Hip Hop in the 1970s, it is Hip Hop that has 
given Graffiti Art and its artists a healthy cultural environment in which to grow and thrive. 

9 Graffiti was a term given to Hip Hop’s graphic art animation when it appeared legally and 
illegally on public and private properties as tags, a form of street calligraphy which presents the 
identity of one’s name or neighborhood in a stylized way. Similar to the way Emceein was labeled 
Rap and Breakin was labeled break dancing; the terms writin’, bombin’, piecin’, burnin’ and taggin’ 
all have been categorized and labeled graffiti. 

10 The Hip Hop community never labeled its graphic art graffiti; we simply called it writin’, 
piecin’, burnin’, bombin’ and/or taggin’ and those who practiced Graffiti Art were called writers. 
Because of this, many Hiphoppas have chosen to call their art Aerosol Art, Urban Murals, Spraycan 
Art and Modern Hieroglyphics. Still, many Hiphoppas use the term Graffiti Art because most people 
recognize this term, which has become a respected artistic expression in many of the World’s urban 
art centers. 

11 Graffiti Art, as we know it today, is believed to have been born in Philadelphia and New York 
in the 1960s as a form of self-advertisement. In New York early pieces appeared on the sides of public 
transportation and public housing in the mid 1970s bearing a variety of street names and/or other 
socio-political messages that spoke to the collective consciousness of an ignored sect of people 
(Hiphoppas) living in the Inner City. 

12 Regardless of race, class or ethnicity, modern graffiti art as we know it today simply gave 
expression and even social existence to the ignored underclass of urban America. This is because 
nationality, race and sex have no bearing on the graffiti scene, says Nicholas Ganz. 

13 Juan Flores in a 1987 article entitled “Rappin’, Writin’, & Breakin’,” points out that 
determining the relative ethnic sources of subway graffiti is the most complicated of all, partly 
because the first subway writer to attract media attention was Taki, who is Greek American, and 
because some of the best subway artists are youths of Italian and other national origins. There is 
clearly an important working-class basis to the graffiti movement that should not be overlooked. 
Nevertheless, a majority of the practitioners are Black and Puerto Rican, and graffiti experts like 
Henry Chalfant and Manny Kirchheimer agree that most of the early styles originated with the Puerto 

14 Although amongst many Hip Hop scholars it is graffiti writer Phase II who not only did flyers 
with and for Kool DJ Here but who is also credited as being the father of the “bubble letter” style, as 
well as graffiti writer Cornbread from Philadelphia, credited with popularizing the “tag,” and Kase 2, 
for the introduction of the “computer rock style,” along with Tracy 168 who popularized the famous 
“wild style,” Puerto Ricans are still regarded as the face of early subway graffiti art. 

15 Even KRS ONE got his early start in graffiti writing from a young Puerto Rican graff writer 
named Zore and later commissioned several pieces from Cope Two and the world-famous TATS 
CRU. However, Craig Casdeman, in his book Getting Up, warns against any biased attempts to 

approach graffiti writing as exclusively Puerto Rican. 

16 Juan Flores, however, points to Felipe Luciano (leader of the Young Lords and original 
member of the Last Poets), who would associate the pictorial medium (graffiti) with the Puerto Rican 
remote Taino legacy, and call to mind the Chicano mural and ‘ placa ’ movement as a parallel 
indigenous experience. 

17 Mr. Flores also points to Norman Mailer in a 1974 article entitled “The Faith Of Graffiti” 
where Mr. Mailer describes graffiti writing as a movement which began as the expression of tropical 
peoples living in a monotonous, iron-gray and dull brown brick environment, surrounded by asphalt, 
concrete and clangor. The effort to brighten up and electrify one’s environment while at the same time 
expressing one’s view of one’s self and of one’s environment and of one’s existence within one’s 
environment is the origin of modern Graffiti Art. 

18 Most children still seem to begin their writing experiences by writing upon any available wall 
space. It seems that the upright writing upon walls and the need to describe one’s self and environment 
through art has a lot to do with the development of human intelligence. Hiphoppas saw themselves in 
the brighdy displayed color schemes of Graffiti Art long before the introduction of Rap videos and 
computer generated graphic art. 

19 The ability to imagine and interpret one’s self through art assists in the development of a 
healthy creative intelligence and helps us to see the possibilities of our specialized group. Our ability 
to communicate to one another tells us who we are. For Hiphoppas, Graffiti Art is the highest form of 
calligraphy. It is our true handwriting. It is our first written communication code. It tells us and the 
World who we are and where we’ve been. 

20 Today Graffiti Art remains one of Hip Hop’s most influential self-promotion techniques in 
urban areas everywhere. Not only does it report what is going on in urban areas, it also interprets the 
character of what is going on in urban areas. Graffiti Art displays and interprets the sunshine of 
sunshine, the policing of the police, the crime of the criminal, the happiness of happiness, etc. 

21 It (Graffiti Art) is visual overstanding. Graff (Graffiti Art) doesn’t just report; it interprets the 
character of what it is reporting. It seeks to interpret the substance of what is said to exist. Graffiti Art 
is beautiful because it reflects and interprets the beautiful ideas already existing in a Hiphoppa’s mind. 

22 Through Graffiti Art the true Hiphoppa can actually see how Hip Hop affects subjects and 
objects on all levels. Graffiti Art manipulates and expands letters in the same way that Emceein (Rap) 
manipulates and expands language. Other artists from other cultural/political experiences may be 
comfortable with the environment and/or political condition of their lives; and their art may reflect 
such contentment. However, in our time Hiphoppas are not comfortable with their political condition 
and this is why Graffiti Art exists. 

23 Our cultural voice is never truly heard for what it is. We must always conform to the traditions, 
customs and laws of those who seek to exploit us and our resources. In this modern American society 
you have to accept some sort of exploitation just to be heard. In our time, Hiphoppas are rarely 
accepted for who we are. This is why Graffiti Art (different from other art forms) is politically 
rebellious. We have something to say! Our art not only tells the World who we are, it also reminds us 
of who we are. Graffiti Art is the true Hip Hop mirror. It is what true Hiphoppas really look like 
inside. One of the purposes of Graffiti Art is to unite the Hiphoppa to her true Hiphop self, and on an 
even deeper level Graffiti Art helps the Hiphoppa join Nature through art. 

24 As an example; for the advanced Hiphop Graffiti artist to draw a tree identically to how the tree 
actually appeared in Nature is to kill the tree in her art. For the advanced Graffiti artist this is not art 

in a creative sense, this is photography in a duplicating sense. When an advanced Graffiti artist draws 
a tree, the term draw literally becomes to attract. The advanced Graffiti artist, when drawing the tree, 
joins the tree in the drawing. 

25 Here, Graffiti Art unites the artist’s inner -vision to the tree’s outer image. At the deeper levels 
of Graffiti Art, to simply draw what you see is to separate yourself from Nature and conform to the 
World’s interpretation of reality. 

26 Graffiti Art is about Hip Hop’s interpretation of the World. It is not the only thing that Graffiti 
Art is about; but the Graffiti artist who is concerned with expressing Hip Hop’s point of view to the 
World (as well as to other Hiphoppas) seeks to tell our cultural story and/or convey our Hip Hop 
political messages through art. Beyond being just artists, we are art activists. 

27 As artists we do not exclusively create art for art’s sake. Our political condition does not give 
us the leisure to just create art that has no other purpose than to be gazed upon. OUR art tells OUR 
story. Yes, as artists we create works of aesthetic value. However, the aesthetics of the oppressed are 
different from those of the oppressor; even different from those who do not feel the sting of 
oppression at all. 

28 When the advanced Graffiti artist draws what is in front of her, it is her soul that unites with the 
object for the purpose of telling a much-needed story or expressing the alternative, unrealized 
potential of whatever is drawn. Like Hip Hop itself, and different from an average artist, the Graffiti 
artist transforms the common meaning of subjects and objects to fit the ideas of the rejected and 
ignored Hip Hop mind. 

29 From a Graffiti Art point of view, when you are united with the tree (for example) through 
your art you are in harmony with Nature. When you copy the tree without adding to it or interpreting 
it symbolically you diminish its value. 

30 Like Emcees, Graffiti writers are storytellers. Graffiti Art reflects our inner emotions and 
desires. It is who we are on the inside that is displayed on an outer surface. The question for every 
Graffiti artist is, What is the meaning of my art? What am I trying to say? Other artists refrain from 
giving their art any meaning or purpose at all, and this is fine as well. But the political duty of every 
culturally aware Graff writer in our time is to expand and express the collective point of view of the 
Hip Hop consciousness. 

31 Spiritually, Hiphoppas are attracted to the colors of Graffiti Art because such colors are 
emanating from our inner being. In fact, to recognize and interpret the beauty and meaning of Graffiti 
Art, one must carry this unique beauty and meaning within one’s self. 

32 To fully overstand Graffiti Art one must be living in the conditions of the Graffiti artist. 
However, to begin correctly understanding the spirit of Graffiti Art and its revolutionary uses within 
the Inner City one must have knowledge of the social and spiritual interpretations of color and light. 
What does this mean? 

33 Know this. As explained earlier, the material World responds to (and is created by) light. 
Various shades of light and color react upon the intelligence of human beings growing toward light 
and color. 

34 We react to light and color in psychological, physiological and sociological manners because 
in essence we are all made of light. The definitions of colors react upon the psychology of the 
Hiphoppa based upon the believed definition of the color viewed. Colors also have their own 
physiological affects upon the body regardless of sociological definition. 

Modern science tells us that it is the sun that radiates the colors we are accustomed to seeing. 


These colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. The color white is believed to have all 
of these colors in its radiance but the color white is actually none of these colors. 

36 It is believed that all of these colors together form the white light of the sun and that it is the 
color black that absorbs most of these colors. The eye sees the color of an object based upon the 
color that the viewed object cannot absorb. 

37 For example; a lemon appears yellow because as a material object it has absorbed all the other 
colors such as green, blue, red and violet, but does not absorb yellow so it rejects or throws it off. 
What we see in terms of color is what is being rejected by the viewed object. 

38 Certain colors, when combined with other colors, create even more colors like brown, pink 
and indigo. All colors have their psychological effects upon the awareness of the viewer but there are 
also physiological effects as well. Blue (for example) upon the nervous system can cause physical 
contractions or tightening of the muscles for some people. Yet with other people blue is a soothing, 
peaceful and meditative color. 

39 Blue is commonly believed to be a cold color whereas red is believed to be a warm color. 

40 Psychologically, red can stimulate one’s mentality. 

41 Orange is a lively color that can stimulate the pulse rate but does not overly affect blood 

42 Yellow can stimulate one’s mentality when it is time to study. Keep in mind that these are the 
general interpretations of colors. Other people, based upon other life experiences, can experience 
different effects. Know thy Self! 

43 Green can be a sedative to the nervous system and can cause sleep or relaxation. In others it can 
cause prolonged depression. 

44 Lasdy, violet is believed to stimulate the heart and lungs. 

45 These definitions of color show their commonly believed medicinal affects upon the nervous 
system in a natural environment. However, within the inner cities, color and light take on different 

46 These meanings and definitions are not only created by the superstitions and belief codes of the 
inner city, they are also taught to us through our standard childhood education. The common urban 
definitions of these colors are as follows: 

47 Red - of the color ranging from that of blood to deep pink or orange. Flushed in the face with 
shame, anger, etc. Having to do with bloodshed, burning, violence or revolution. Commonly, red is 
defined with fire, danger, war and the command to stop. 

48 Orange - roundish, reddish/yellow juicy citrus fruit. Commonly associated with the sun. 

49 Yellow - the color of buttercups, lemons and egg yolks. Yellow: cowardly craven, gudess, lily- 
livered, pusillanimous, spunkless and unmanly. Commonly, yellow is defined as both cowardly as 
well as having to do with wealth in the area of gold. Yellow is also associated with the spiritual. 

50 Green - the color between blue and yellow in the spectrum. Colored like grass, unripe or 
unseasoned. Inexperienced, gullible, pale, sickly hued. Jealous, envious, young. Green: immature in 
age or experience. Raw, not trained, awkward. Green: unconversant, unpracticed, untried, unversed, 
easily fooled, easy to trick or cheat, naive and simple. Commonly, green is defined as inexperienced 
and also full of life or like Nature. Green is also associated with money or the command to go! Green 
is also the symbol of fertility, growth, peace and relaxation. 

51 Blue - having the color of a clear sky. Sad, depressed, pornographic, politically conservative. 

Blue: low-spirited, sad, dismal, down, unhappy, gloomy, melancholy, despondent, obscene, vulgar, 
indecent, lewd, improper. Commonly, blue is defined with or associated with the sky, the police and 
water. Blue also symbolizes truth, devotion, calmness, loss of breath or choking, and masculinity. 

52 Violet - bluish purple color at the end of the spectrum. Commonly, violet is associated with 
both love and with piety. Many women are named Violet. 

53 White - resembling a surface reflecting sunlight without absorbing any of the visible rays; of 
the color of milk or snow. White: reflecting all colors, commonly associated with innocence and 
purity. White: spodess, honorable, trustworthy, bright. White: ghastly, ghosdy, stainless, unblemished, 
immaculate, virginal, virtuous. Commonly, white is associated with purity and the highest level of 

54 Black - reflecting no light. Heavily overcast, completely dark, like coal. Dusky, wicked, 
sinister, deadly. Black: pitch dark, dirty, impure, unclean, depressing, dismal, evil. Commonly, black 
is defined as both negative and absolute. Black is associated with fear and evil, as well as authority as 
with a black belt in martial arts. Black is also associated with infinity, mystery and the universe. Black 
is eternal. 

55 Pink - pale red color. The most prefect condition, the peak. Healthy, in good shape, perfect 
health. Commonly associated with love and femininity. 

56 Brown - having the color of dark wood or rich soil. A color like that of walnut shells. 
Commonly it is associated with decay and with the human characteristics of bootlicking, or the 
derogatory term brown noising, meaning to cringe, grovel and/or cower. 

57 These are the traditional American definitions of colors as taught by a variety of public and 
private schools in our time. It is interesting to note how these definitions set up the Hiphoppa’s 
psychology pertaining to certain people and objects within a given environment. 

58 Light and color are not to be taken as haphazard optical effects with little or no affect upon the 
actions of Hiphoppas. 

59 Today the racist attitudes toward certain people based upon their political skin color are 
direcdy influenced by these general terms and definitions of colors and have also been created by 
such racist views. Hiphoppas must always examine themselves to be sure that they are not engaging in 
such prejudices consciously or subconsciously when it comes to colors and their symbolic meanings. 

60 For example, out of all five political color groups (black, brown, red, yellow and white), only 
white is pure and innocent. Yellow is cowardly, brown is bootlicking, red is violent and black is evil. 

61 It is also interesting to note how brown is associated with decay while pink is associated with 
perfect health. 

62 For many years, in medicine, colored light has been known to affect the psychology of those 
exposed to it. In addition to the effects of color upon one’s general interpretation of people, places 
and things; color also affects one’s inner-moods, emotions and sense of well-being. 

63 Light and color act upon the eye similarly to the way that music and sound act upon the ear. 
Both are frequencies. Both are forms of energy. Soothing music brings soothing psychological 
results while harsh music brings harsh psychological results. 

64 Of course, the terms harsh and soothing are matters of personal preference brought about 
through life experience. However, the same concept applies to light and color upon the eyes. 

65 Soothing light delivers soothing psychological effects whereas the opposite force of harsh or 
too-bright light delivers tense and stressful effects. Just as the ears can be shocked by sounds that are 

too loud, so can the eyes be shocked by lights or colors that are too bright. 

hl Colors that are too bright are not necessarily colors that are the most vivid. Too bright can also 
be any color that is not properly presented to the eye in balance. 

' Presendy, Nature itself offers the most balanced display of colors to the eye. However, urban 
Hiphoppas do not live around trees, grass, rocks, running water, flowers, natural sky and wild exotic 

68 We are not regularly exposed to Nature’s balanced display of color from which we are a 
product. This has been a major contributor to urban stress. We live around concrete buildings, smog- 
filled skies, cars, buses, trains, trucks, airplanes and concrete, all of which give off an unbalanced 
display of color and light, and even hide or mask the healing colors and light radiating from Nature 

’ 1 Within urban environments, it is the believed definitions and interpretations of certain colors 
that affect the psychology of urban people the most. Even though certain colors offer medicinal 
psychological and physiological effects, most people still react to colors based upon what they 
believe a specific color represents. 

70 For example, even though red can stop dizziness, control the muscular system and increase 
body temperature, within the inner cities red is symbolized as representing sex, danger, violence and 
the command to stop. 

71 Even though blue can be a cooling color that slows the action of the heart, within the inner 
cities it has been for a long time associated with law enforcement, depression and a clear sky. 

72 Even though green can be emotionally soothing to the nervous system and lower blood 
pressure, within the inner cities green means go and it is also associated with money. 

73 Even though yellow can stimulate the mental activities of the brain, within the inner cities 
yellow can be associated with the command to wait, get ready and pay attention. Yellow is also 
associated with gold jewelry, sunlight, and in some cities, taxicabs and school buses. 

74 Attuned Hiphoppas can see that people are generally acting out the symbolic interpretation of 
the colors that they are exposed to everyday. 

75 Urban people are being chromatically guided by the colored signals found in their 
environment. For example, take a look at the traffic light. 

Whereas on its surface the traffic light presents red for stop, yellow for get ready to slow down 
and green for go, in its symbolism the traffic light is continuously inspiring sex, danger, aggression, 
money and constant movement or go within the inner cities. 

According to the common definitions of color, the red light does not only mean stop, it also 
stimulates sexual drive and aggressive behavior, even stress! 

78 Yellow informs the Inner Cities to pay attention and get ready for the next command. Green 
stimulates the drive for money and relaxes the nervous system after the aggressive command of red. 

! With every traffic signal we are told several chromatic messages as we wait for the light. The 
most crucial messages are found in the red and green signals. 

80 Red, sexual drive and the constant need to be on guard, ready to fight. Green, get money and 
go! If we observe our cities generally and symbolically, we will find that these are the common 
collective attitudes of most urban populations. 

81 Of course, the only way many people acquire money is by working for it. So the green 
command comes to symbolize work and keep on moving! The traffic light continuously perpetuates 

the actions of the inner cities and the control of public movement. 

82 The Temple of Hiphop theorizes that if the traffic lights were chromatically rearranged to 
coincide with Health, Love, Awareness and Wealth there would be definitive changes in the attitudes 
of the people studying them daily. Or, if there were a second signaling system that achieved the same 
goals of Health, Love, Awareness and Wealth there would be a dramatic change in the mentalities of 
people now exposed to flashes of red, yellow and green. 

83 Police officers use a similar style of psychological command technique. Through a 
combination of sounds and lights, police officers shock the ears and eyes of not only those guilty of 
crimes but also of the innocent. Such is a form of social imbalance. 


Police officers speak to the city through the same sounds and lights they themselves disobey. 
Faster and more frantic sounds and lights override more subtie or lesser sounds and lights like car 
horns and traffic lights, even traffic signs. 

85 If you notice, the inner cities obey the lesser sounds and lights (traffic lights, traffic signs, 
street lights, school bus signals, automotive tail and headlight signals, etc.) until police officers and 
emergency medical/fire service vehicles override those messages with a more frantic sound and light 

86 When the more frantic sounds and lights have gone, you automatically know to return to the 
commands of standard city sounds and lights. Still, in the inner cities you are never without the 
commands of sounds, colors and lights. 

These alternative voices tell you when and how to act just as if someone were verbally 
commanding you to do something. Most people obey these alternative voices without even knowing 
that they are obeying them. 

88 In New York, Christmas shopping starts with the lighting of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller 
center. Stores and malls all over New York report an increase in customers and gift purchasing 
directly after the Rockefeller center Christmas tree has been lit. There is also an increase of theft 
directly after the Rockefeller center Christmas tree has been lit. 

p ■ What if a massive love one another or self analysis tree was lit every year; what would be the 
public reaction to that? What if the city streets were sky blue or even the color gold? What would be 
the public reaction to that? 

90 However, the more immediate question is, what are the present psychological affects of 
unbalanced, flashing hues of blue, red, yellow and white lights found on the tops of emergency 
medical service vehicles, fire trucks and police cars in society? 

91 Does the lighting within the coliseums and clubs where very loud music is played have an 
effect on the listener based on what they are listening to? 

92 How does the paint color on school walls and buses affect the learning process of urban 


Hiphoppas are constantly attacked or rather sub-consciously influenced by standard city colors 
and we seek refuge in the vividly healing and rejuvenating colors of Graffiti Art. 

94 Hiphoppas think a lot more colorfully than the city allows. The urban life is one of constant 
conformity for the Hiphoppa and we seek to liberate ourselves through Graffiti Art. Graffiti Art 
offers the Hiphoppa chromatic freedom! 

95 Hiphoppas are constantly denying their true feelings in order to fit into a predominately dull, 
dim, dingy gray, brown, black and off-white colored society. This creates the rebellious attitude 

symbolized in Graffiti Art, which sets out to not only brighten up the color scheme of the city, but 
also express the often-ignored feelings of Hiphoppas living in that same city. 

96 It appears that the younger the person is, the more vivid and bright the colors are in that 
person’s life. As this person gets older and conforms to the mentality of the workforce, the color 
scheme gets duller and duller until the person his or herself turns old and gray. 

1 The attuned Hiphoppa knows that the more color you have in your life, the slower you are to 
age. Color, meaning colorful mentality, colorful emotions and colorful environment, tends to add 
richness and vibrancy to one’s life. This is another importance to Graffiti Art. 

1 Graffiti Art, especially the brighdy colored murals done since the days of prehistoric humans, 
serves as a balancing of color and light within the psychology of the viewer. 

19 Surfaces that already display a balance of assorted colors rarely attract Graffiti artists. It is the 
surface that displays only one color (usually white) that becomes the object of artistic expression 
within the inner cities. 

i°° For Hiphoppas, it is Graffiti Art that stimulates and balances our nervous system. Our nervous 
system is giving off the same display of color that we see in a well-presented Graffiti piece or mural. 

101 The untrained eye cannot see the colors emanating from the nervous system but they do exist. 
Just as the bright colors of Graffiti Art attract and stimulate the nervous system, likewise it is the 
nervous system that radiates these same colors. 

102 The difference is that what is called color, emanating from the nervous system, is more 
accurately called feelings, moods and emotions. In reverse, what are called the feelings, moods and 
emotions emanating from a Graffiti piece are more accurately its display of color. 

103 It is the desires, moods and emotions of a Hiphoppa that fuel the assortment of colors 
emanating from the nervous system of that Hiphoppa. 

104 These colors are the effects of electromagnetic energy emanating from the electro-chemical 
energy of the body, which is emanating from the electromagnetic impulses of our desires, moods and 

105 Our desires, moods and emotions gather themselves physically in the body at seven nerve 
centers or points commonly called chakras. 

106 These seven nerve centers known in India as chakras and in martial arts as pressure points 
together radiate at least seven colors that collectively make up the human aura. 

107 The human aura radiates about six feet in every direction from the human body, like a sphere 
of energy that communicates with the electromagnetic field of our environments. Not only does the 
human aura radiate our desires, moods and emotions, it attracts them to us and also reads the same of 

108 The human body is said to have one hundred and eight main nerve/energy centers in all. 
Actually, everywhere a bone meets another bone there is said to be a nerve/energy center. 

109 However, when we say that a nerve center radiates a color, it is more accurate to note that these 
colors are more symbolic than anything. 

110 Within the central nervous system color has more to do with desires, moods and emotions than 
actual colors. 

111 Some people claim to see the auras of others; however, it is very important to examine your 
childhood education as it pertains to all colors and their symbolic meanings, so that you are sure not 
to mix your own prejudices in with what you are seeing. We urge Hiphoppas to feel and master the 

colors of themselves before claiming to see and interpret the colors of others. 

112 Still, a person’s aura can be seen. Some people possess the gift (even handicap) to see the 
colors of sounds and objects — even the human aura. A common practice of seeing the human aura is 
simply analyzing what a person’s favorite color is, which can be given a symbolic meaning, or 
analyzing what a person’s favorite desire, mood and/or emotion is, which can be ascribed to a certain 


Although not always accurate, the color of a person’s car, clothes, house interior or exterior, 
etc., can indicate the general desires, moods and emotions of that person. 

114 However, Hiphoppas are advised here again to take extra caution when interpreting the colors 
surrounding people. Most people, when interpreting color, ignore the sociological and political 
definitions of color and are led astray. 

115 A prime example of this is found in the definitions of black and white. As pointed out 
previously, it has been said that the highest spiritual light or color is the color white and the lowest is 
the color black. 


These misleading interpretations tend to lead Hiphoppas astray in their mental graphics or 
visualizations. As an example, in more ancient civilizations black is depicted as sacred, holy, and/or 
benevolent whereas white is referred to as recentiy deceased. 

117 Instead, Hiphoppas are to recognize all colors as spiritual light because all color is an effect of 
energy. When it comes to color it is more accurate to refer color to the more bright and vivid as 
positive and dull and bland as negative. Even more accurately, all colors are energy and they display 
both positive and negative frequencies. 

118 Therefore, it is even more accurate to focus one’s meditation or visualization upon the 
strength and weakness of one’s energy (color) output. Instead of looking at color as either positive or 
negative, good or bad, focus more upon color as being strong or weak, bright or dull. With this in 
mind, bright and vivid black or white is considered highly spiritual (energized) as opposed to the less 
energized radiance of a more dull or dingy and dim black or white. 

119 The first nerve/energy center of the human body is generally believed to radiate the color red. 
It is located in the pelvic area at the gonads. Its personality is about four years of age and it is 
commonly believed to represent sexual energy and courage. It is the stage where a person identifies 
with self differentiy from everyone else. All survival and self-preservation attitudes are established 
here. The first nerve/energy center (chakra) signifies our life-force and sense of self. 

120 The first nerve center influences one’s sense of desire, will, ancestry, and manifestation. All 
manifestation — goals, wishes, visions, dreams, etc. — happens through this first nerve center (also 
known as the root chakra). One’s ancestral awareness is also regulated through this nerve center. 

121 The second nerve center is believed to radiate the color orange. It is located at the intestines. 
Women tend to locate this nerve center at the womb. It represents our desires, moods and emotions 
outwardly. Its personality is about seven years of age. The second nerve center represents the creation 
of life. 


The third nerve center is located at the diaphragm or solar plexus just above the stomach and 
below the V in the rib cage. It is believed to radiate the color yellow and represents our opinions and 
judgments. The third nerve center is also the center of personal power. It is truly a central nerve. 

123 Notice how your stomach knots up when you are afraid or nervous. The feeling of butterflies 
in your stomach is direcdy related to your third nerve center. It is also where we take in and seek to 
overstand knowledge. Its personality is about 12 years of age. 


The fourth nerve center is believed to radiate the color green. It is located in the center of the 
chest. It is the link between material reality and spiritual reality. It is the centered Self, or rather, one’s 
sense of peace and well-being. This nerve center is represented by the thymus organ. 

125 It is here that we gain the ability to transform ourselves and our environment through higher 
ideas and dreams. The personality of this nerve center is about 18 years of age. It marks the beginning 
of higher consciousness. 

126 The fifth nerve center is believed to radiate the color blue. It begins a person’s spiritual life. It 
is the first stage in a person’s awareness of his or her life path. This nerve center is located just above 
the throat. Rhythm and authoritative speech are among its qualities. This nerve center inspires one’s 
sense of justice, truth and perfection. Its personality is between 28 and 35 years of age. 

127 The sixth nerve center is believed to radiate the color violet. It is the third eye, the spirit eye; it 
has the ability to go beyond time and space. This nerve center is located at the forehead and is 
believed to be responsible for visualization, insight and inspiration. It governs the penal gland. It is 
the seat of wisdom. Its personality is between 45 and 50 years. 

128 The seventh nerve center is believed to radiate all light. It is located at the top of the head. It is 
the place where most people believe they consciously exist. It is regarded as divine consciousness 
with an ageless personality. 

129 These nerve centers regulate the electro-chemical energy in the body. Each nerve center 
rotates opposite to the one below it and above it, creating a magnetic emanation (or field ) around the 
body which is called its aura. 

130 The human aura is a magnetic field around the body that attracts and repels to the body that 
which the heart desires. Your aura is the atmosphere that you create through your own thoughts and 
desires. It is the atmosphere that you bring when you walk into a room. Likewise, it is also the feeling 
that you get when certain people come around you. 

131 A person’s aura can be as small as a six-foot concentrated circle or as wide as one’s 
reputation. Some auras are attracted to one another while other auras are not. Your aura may know 
something deeper about the person or situation in front of you than your immediate conscious 
perception of that person or situation has revealed. Perform Listening. 

132 It is not just through speech that we communicate. Our very auras, or the electromagnetic 
vibrating force fields of our bodies, mingle and speak to the electromagnetic vibrating force fields of 
other bodies. During this process we sense things about people and situations that were never 
discussed or revealed to us verbally. 

133 Such a form of communication is clearly beyond speech. Here, ideas are exchanged with more 
honesty and with more transparency. Only those with the honest intentions of achieving peace, love, 
unity and having fun for all would even want to engage in such a conversation. Such a person (being) 
is no threat to life. Such a being has nothing to hide. Such a being has no hidden agenda. 

134 Without the use of words, the very character of an attuned Hiphoppa controls that Hiphoppa’s 
magnetic nervous system, thus controlling that Hiphoppa’s frequency or rate of magnetic vibration, 
thus controlling the turn of events attracted to that Hiphoppa’s environment (which is also magnetic), 
thus controlling what is attracted and repelled to and from that Hiphoppa’s life. You get what you truly 

135 The Temple of Hiphop teaches Graffiti Art as the balancing of one’s energy (desires, moods 
and emotions). Such a balancing assists in one’s tranquil living. The spirit of an attuned Hiphoppa 
reflects the bright and vivid colors of a disciplined mind. Such a mind exists in a state of peace. It is 


136 Many modalities exist that enable the Hiphoppa to balance the nerve centers and experience 
tranquility. However, before embarking upon any endeavor that claims to balance energy, it is wiser 
to develop one’s own self-examination techniques to measure and evaluate one’s own energy. Know 
thy Self. In order to evaluate your own energy and which nerve center needs to be adjusted, you can 
use a variety of techniques. 

137 An imbalance in the nerve center can manifest as physical disorders if it is left unbalanced. For 
example, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are associated with an imbalanced first nerve center 
or root chakra since they affect the pelvic region. Issues regarding will, belonging, or ancestry may 
be traced to STDs. 

138 Chronic lower back pain is associated with an imbalanced second nerve center otherwise 
known as the emotional center. If this is a condition that you suffer from, you may be worrying too 

139 Indigestion, ulcers and stomach disorders are associated with an imbalanced third nerve center 
or solar plexus. These imbalances can be traced to personal power issues such as lack of will, feeling 
overpowered, or exerting too much force or power. 

140 Heart attacks, heartburn and breast cancer are associated with an imbalanced fourth nerve 
center or the heart chakra. These disorders may be associated with an emotional hardening of the 
heart, loneliness, or one’s lack of humanity. 

141 Throat disorders such as laryngitis, sore throats, and some speech disorders are related to an 
imbalance in the fifth nerve center or throat chakra. These disorders may be traced to issues 
regarding an unwillingness or inability to communicate. 

142 Headaches, insomnia and nightmares are associated with a disorder in the sixth nerve center or 
third eye. These disorders may be associated with over-analyzing, worrying, restiessness and doubt. 

143 Lack of vision, life path, or lack of spiritual awareness is associated with an unopened seventh 
nerve center or crown chakra. These disorders may manifest as confusion, fear, anxiety, creative 
stagnation and/or depression. 

144 As mentioned earlier, a variety of methods are used to balance the nerve centers of the human 
body. Some people use meditation and visualization. Others use hands-on healing modalities such as 
reiki, pranic healing and acupuncture. Still others use yoga, dance, feng shui, aromatherapy and even 

145 The attuned Hiphoppa recognizes the uniqueness of everyone’s life-path. Everyone’s life-path 
is like their Graffiti tag; it is their unique purpose. Hiphoppas are advised to find a nerve-balancing 
technique (or instructor) that fits their consciousness, and use it (or them) regularly. 

146 Like the spoken word, the written word also reflects the desires of one’s heart. Graffiti Art is 
indeed Hip Hop’s written word. Therefore, one must analyze one’s own art for an even deeper 
understanding of one’s own heart. Do not try to be the best Graffiti writer. Only try to express your 
higher Self through your art. Become the consciousness of the people viewing your art. 

147 Even though certain Graffiti writers prefer to remain oudaws, it is of great importance to the 
further development of Graffiti Art as an artistic skill that we use such a skill to decriminalize Hiphop 
Kulture and add to our own entrepreneurship. Graffiti Art is a valuable skill in the World that can be 
developed to enhance one’s quality of life. 

Eventually, the Graff writer should seek ways to advance his art industry for the advancement 

of all Graff writers. Getting locked up, hurt and/or killed before one can actualize one’s purpose in 
life actually stagnates the progress of Graffiti writing. 

149 We must remain concerned for how Graffiti writing is presented and portrayed in the World. 
Graffiti writing is not vandalism! It is a form of art, a form of self-expression. 

150 Yes, Graffiti Art shall always be about social protest and getting your name up! But for the 
preservation and expansion of true Graffiti writing we must pass down to our children the most 
advanced ways of protesting social injustice and getting their names up without being harmed or 

151 The Temple of Hiphop advises Hip Hop’s gifted Graffiti writers to also produce customized 
clothing, furniture and even DVD documentaries, animated motion pictures, Graffiti Art history 
books, comic books, children’s books, toys and video games. Yes, the essence of Graffiti writing 
encompasses all of this! 

152 The modern Graff writer has no time for prison. Graffiti Art’s value and worth to the modern 
Hip Hop family is extremely high when you consider a career in advertising, promotion and 
marketing, website design, graphic design, all kinds of merchandising and even photography. 
Hiphoppas are advised to explore these avenues of creative expression as well as bombin’ and taggin’, 
piecin ’ and burnin ’. There it is. 






1 The idea of submitting yourself to a teacher/instructor for the purpose of “specialized” 
knowledge, advice and/or guidance is a very important and ancient concept. However, in today’s 
World of betrayal, incompetence and deceit it is hard to trust anyone with any area of your life. Yet 
without trust, it is impossible to learn anything new from anyone. 

2 Information travels from one human being to another upon the chariot of respect, which then 
leads to trust, which then leads to learning. If there is not a mutual respect and trust between the 
student/apprentice and the teacher, then nothing can be taught or even learned and both (teacher and 
student/apprentice) are wasting their time together. For any real learning to occur, both teacher and 
student/apprentice must take each other seriously. 

3 The Truth is simple and obvious. Those who teach the Truth of any subject must teach in simple, 
easy-to -under stand and obvious ways. Truth is simple, while ignorance is very complicated! There is 
no need to waste your energy aimlessly critiquing the teachings of your teacher if the results of your 
teacher’s teachings are obvious and plain for all to see. No excuses, just results. 

4 Any criticism in the face of REAL RESULTS only exposes the insecurities of the critic. Such 
criticisms have also been used to break up and defuse mass movements and life-saving ideas by 
creating mass doubt. However, the Truth is obvious. A teacher’s teachings are shown and experienced 
in that teacher’s life. A proven teacher is already benefiting from what is being taught. A true teacher 
lives the results of his teachings. 

5 This is why the Temple of Hip Hop offers its apprenticeship to all serious Hiphoppas seeking to 
live a productive Hiphop lifestyle. Here, an apprentice is one who is bound by indenture to serve 
one’s teacha for a prescribed period of time learning the specifics of the Hip Hop art, life and trade. 
As an apprentice you are expected to live Hiphop, not just perform Hip Hop. You are expected to 
assist and serve your teacha in the further establishment and growth of the Temple of Hip Hop. 

However, if you are not really Hiphop then this apprenticeship and most of what KRS ONE 
teaches is simply not for you, and there is nothing wrong or right with this. But if you are Hiphop 
then don’t front! You must take such an apprenticeship very seriously. Your Hip Hop life depends 
upon your successful comprehension of these lessons. 

And what is it that you must comprehend? You must begin to take your Hip Hop life more 
seriously than any other style of life that you may live or have lived so that the reality of your Hip 
Hop life can become more real to you. It is also very important to the development of Hip Hop as a 
nation that all true Hiphoppas rise above hiphop as entertainment and continue to live Hip Hop as their 
culture, as their faith. Our future selves and those of our children are indeed depending upon us today 
establishing Hip Hop as a peace-filled and prosperous lifestyle — not just a form of music. 

Leave the criticisms to the ignorant. GOD shall answer all of their questions with the events of 
their own lives. As for real teaching, wisdom is gained through great hardship, disappointment and 
loss. But those who have successfully survived such hardships and disappointments can advise others 
on how to achieve greatness without going through the exact same pain. This is what makes 
knowledge, wisdom and understanding so valuable, more valuable than all of the World’s riches. 

Knowledge is a privilege. Wisdom is a privilege. Please do not take this apprenticeship for 
granted. Many people miss out on exactiy what they need for the achievement of their own purpose 

because of their own doubt, or fear, or stubbornness, or suspicion. When proven wisdom is in your 
presence do not waste your own time debating and doubting it. Again, if you want to avoid 
unnecessary suffering living Hiphop, you must direct your whole heart and mind to the 
comprehension of what is taught here. You must decide right now to trust in the expertise and wisdom 
of your teacha, not for the aggrandizement of the teacha, but for the upliftment of your Self. 

10 Be clear as to why you have become a Hip Hop apprentice. The focus of any Hip Hop teacha is 
to make the Hip Hop lifestyle real and productive for the apprentice. Such an apprenticeship has little 
to do with one’s own desire to be an emcee, DJ, or b-boy. The purpose of any true Hip Hop 
apprenticeship is to transmit to the apprentice the essential ingredients of Hip Hop’s evolving culture. 
Culture, not necessarily knowledge about the culture, is the ultimate aim of any worthwhile Hip Hop 

11 T. S. Elliot, in his 1949 book Notes Towards the Definition of Culture, writes, In more civilized 
communities of specialized activities, in which not all the sons would follow the occupation of their 
father, the apprentice (ideally, at least) did not merely serve his master, and did not merely learn from 
him as one would learn at a technical school — he became assimilated into a way of life which went 
with that particular trade or craft; and perhaps the lost secret of the craft is this, that not merely a 
skill but an entire way of life was transmitted. Such a style of learning is more about becoming than 
knowing, and at the beginning of such an apprenticeship trust is an absolute must. 

12 It is unnecessarily difficult to learn anything without an unshakable trust and respect for your 
teacher. Yes, everyone and everything should be respectfully questioned — including your teacher. No 
one is above question, and a good teacher invites all questions. However, if you are truly serious 
about your own development, at some point you must get past debating, questioning and doubting and 
simply trust your teacha. Actually, such a trust has lithe to do with the personal character of one’s 
teacha, although personal character is very important. 

13 Here, it is more important that you put your trust not just in your teacha, but more into your 
God or into whomever referred you to your teacha. You must also decide if you are truly prepared to 
submit yourself to the guidance of those who have successfully gone on before you. If the activities of 
the World have robbed you of your ability to trust your teacha and his/her teachings, then trust your 

14 For if you truly trust your God then it will be easier to trust your teacha. In fact, your trust for 
your teacha should come from your trust in your God. Would your God put you in front of a fraud? 
Or will your God protect you from such experiences? Maybe it is time to take your own God more 

15 Disobedience, stubbornness, suspicion, criticism, fear, doubt and/or arrogance toward your 
teacher only hinder YOUR learning. We must not unnecessarily criticize each other; we must question 
and always acknowledge our collective development as a young nation. 

16 As Hiphoppas we must lift each other up. Such is our political strength. We have no reason to 
convince anyone about the Truth of our faith. It is OUR faith! And if our faith is real, then our faith 
shall produce real results in our real lives. Why try to convince someone of the obvious? If they don’t 
want to see, why force them? Your faith and its results are for you, not for them. 

17 However, it is truly difficult for those with real love in their hearts to watch people 
unknowingly suffer and/or destroy themselves. It is equally difficult for me to watch hip-hop attempt 
to destroy itself! But we live by the Platinum Rule, which is: Do unto others as they would do unto 
themselves. In other words, treat people the way in which they treat themselves. 

18 With no judgment or condemnation let us allow people the freedom to be whatever they feel 
themselves to be even if their being seeks self-destruction. You can always make an effort to help 
those in need, but always remember that everyone is where they are in life by their own choices in 
life. The World is the way it is for a reason; trying to save the World and everyone in it reveals a 
peculiar kind of arrogance on the savior’s part. Again, wisdom is a privilege but most people do not 
really respect wisdom; at very young stages in life they think they know. Such an attitude leads to 

19 Every philosopher knows that the purpose of knowledge is to relieve human suffering. Yet 
those who know rarely share that which they know either because of the fear of their own loss of 
power over the ignorant, or of the consequences of speaking Truth. Every time someone steps up with 
a radically new view toward something, a gang of critics appears with the sole purpose of 
discrediting, dishonoring and even disrespecting the Truth speaker and his Truth teachings. And even 
though I am a target for such attacks in my time, this lesson is not solely about your apprenticeship 
with KRS. This lesson is about leadership and our approach to it in all areas of life. 

20 In this particular lesson WE must never forget that on our quest to establish Hip Hop as an 
autonomous, self-governed community of peace and prosperity there shall be some who shall 
consciously and unconsciously seek our demise. Be prepared. 

21 They will criticize and even slander your leaders and teachas in their own mass media 
campaigns. But we must never believe the words of those who have first betrayed the principles of 
our society or wish to exploit our resources, or enslave our children. We must never accept the 
judgments of those outside of our movement over the words of a true Hiphoppa who has committed 
his/her life to our movement. 

22 Let us not be so quick to degrade or abandon our leadership if they stumble and/or fall. Let us 
be even quicker to protect them, lift them up and dust them off with the principles that we have 
established for ourselves. Reprimand, yes! But never abandon. Question, yes! But never disrespect. Be 
loyal! Such is the seat of all political strength. 

23 Every true Hiphoppa is responsible for Hiphop and its culture — this includes Hip Hop’s 
elements, history and leadership as well. We are all responsible for each other; including the conduct 
of our leadership. We (Hiphoppas) must do everything in our power to keep our leadership honest 
and focused. If they fail, it is because we have failed. And if they succeed it is because we have 
succeeded; their own people have protected them and held them up. 

24 Let us not be as other nations who create, support and exalt the very leadership that they 
eventually tear down! All leadership comes from the people who exalt it. If the leadership is dishonest 
it is because the very people who have created, supported and exalted that leadership are dishonest. A 
leader/teacher reflects the collective consciousness and activity of the people he teaches and 

25 Every triumph of the leader/teacher is truly a triumph of the People. And every defeat of the 
leader/teacher is truly a deficit of the People. We must protect our leadership from the grasp of the 
World at all times. The corruption of leadership is born out of the neglect of the People. Remember 

26 On the other hand, those leaders/teachers who intentionally and repeatedly violate their own 
principles and/or betray the movement for their own selfish gain are not true leaders/teachers at all, 
and they deserve no such immunity or respect. This is why it is of extreme importance that the teachas 
of Hiphop Kulture show and prove their commitment and loyalty toward the preservation of Hip Hop 
long before the criticisms come. 

27 We must perform our principles daily, not just read them and/or teach them to others. We must 
act them out daily in our own lives and for the inspiration of others. And it is with this criterion that 
we shall judge the conduct of all leadership. 

28 In our time we have seen too many great leaders who have sacrificed and contributed much to 
their causes suddenly vanish because of one or even two immature errors that they may have made in 
their lives. And this is not an excuse for failure. However, the violations of our leadership shall be 
weighed against the life and contributions of that leadership. 

29 No one outside of Hiphop Kulture can ever judge even the most delinquent of us. However, as 
attuned Hiphoppas we must never fall into the traps set for us. We, out of all Hiphoppas, must live a 
higher standard of life. This is what it will take to establish and maintain our nation. Above all 
suspicions and outside criticisms we must respect and support one another. 

30 Know this. You are here to learn how to live a productive and victorious Hiphop lifestyle 
according to the teachings of the Temple of Hip Hop. 

31 It makes no sense to study under a person or an institution that can show no tangible results to 
whatever they teach. Here, your teacha (spiritual teacher) makes you aware of your Hiphop identity 
and then shows you how to properly use the character of your new Hiphop identity to achieve your 
life purpose. Your teacha assists you in experiencing peace and prosperity through Hiphop. Your 
teacha raises your self-worth through Hiphop, Hip Hop and hip-hop. Is this important to you? 

32 Here, you must take yourself seriously. And the first step toward taking yourself seriously 
begins with taking your teacha (or teachas) seriously. Before you call me or anyone else “teacha,” do 
some research. Read my books. Listen to my albums. Watch my videos and instructional DVDs before 
you decide to seriously submit yourself to this apprenticeship. 

33 Study my history. Ask those who do not care for me much or even like me much to give you 
their opinions about me. Get all the facts! Do not blindly follow or believe anyone that you do not 
have some background knowledge on. I may NOT be your teacha. But if I am your teacha, then bring 
your whole faith to these teachings. 

34 I do not require your money, and I will NEVER ask for sexual or professional career favors 
from you. I require your trust, your support and your respect. Such requirements will not only help 
you learn faster and more accurately, but the achievement of such a character strengthens Hip Hop 

35 So let us move on from here. If you are still reading this gospel then not only am I becoming 
your teacha, but you are becoming a teacha yourself, and the same principles that I expect you to hold 
me to are the same principles that I and the Temple of Hip Hop hold you to. 

36 Know this. Everyone is a teacher. Through speech, personal character, clothing, achievements, 
validations, reputation, and other socially defining symbols of status we are all teaching each other in 
a variety of ways. 

37 Some people are aware that they are inspiring and teaching others. However, most people go 
through life unconscious of their influence upon others. Every little thing that we do publicly 
influences, inspires and teaches in some way those who may be observing what we are doing. 

38 Our clothing styles, hairstyles, speech styles, races, etc. teach others about the society in which 
we live, what is acceptable behavior and what our group is about. Everyone is part of some sort of 
group: racial, professional, political, spiritual. And the way that you conduct yourself and represent 
yourself teaches others about you and your group. 

39 Of course no one wants to be stereotyped, but still the Truth is that whether we are conscious of 

it, or unconscious of it, with everything that we do and say we are indeed teaching and influencing 
others. The questions are, What exactly are you teaching? What exactly are you instructing people to 

40 For when the attuned Hiphoppa has realized that it is one’s total Self (not just one’s mouth) that 
is communicating all sorts of ideas to others, and that those ideas shall one day actualize themselves 
in real life, such a Hiphoppa seeks to communicate only peace and prosperity. Such a Hiphoppa is 
called a teacha. 

41 Different from a teacher, teacha is the tide of a spiritually aware Hiphoppa. Teachas live the 
Gospel of Hiphop and they teach its principles to all interested people. To be called teacha one must 
successfully live and teach the Gospel of Hiphop. One must defy the random urges of the flesh, speak 
productively, help and give freely, be unaffected by changing attitudes and conditions, and be content 
with the presence of GOD. This is the gospel. 

42 And what is the Gospel of Hiphop? It is an attitude, a behavior, a habitual style of living that has 
caused peace and prosperity in KRS’s life. This is how I went from being houseless to finding my true 
home in GOD which has provided many houses in my lifetime. 

43 Such a life-guide should not be compared to any other. The Gospel of Hiphop is a repeated 
behavior; the Gospel of Hip Hop teaches the cultural and spiritual principles of a peaceful and 
prosperous Hiphop life. Like anything, to be truly successful at what is taught here you must bring 
your whole being to it. 

44 Such a gospel may not appeal to you, and if so, then it is obvious that such a word doesn’t 
belong to you. This gospel is specifically taught to those who know that they are Hip Hop! As 
Hiphoppas we don’t need what everyone else needs. We need what we need! And what do we need? 

45 Other people need other things. However, the Gospel of Hip Hop ensures for the Hiphoppa a 
definitive life-plan toward real peace and uninterrupted prosperity as an attuned Hiphoppa. Such is the 
lifestyle of a teacha. Some people are peaceful but not prosperous. Others are prosperous but not 
peaceful. A Hip Hop teacha is peace-filled and prosperous, not always happy and jappy and rich, but 
instead is content and has what is needed when needed. 

46 So how does one walk the spiritual path of a true Hiphop teacha? First by putting GOD before 
everyone and everything in physical nature, and then by realizing that you are already teaching right 
now. Realize right now that through your own personal character as well as through your own words 
and deeds you are influencing the development of yourself and everyone around you. You are a 
teacher right now! So, what are you teaching? What have you taught? 

47 Look at your life. The very examples of your life-actions are what you are teaching to yourself 
and to others. Do you agree with your own teachings? Do you teach health, love, awareness and 
wealth with your life-actions? Or do you teach sickness, hatred, ignorance, and poverty with your 
life-actions? With your personal and even professional character do you teach strength or weakness? 
Do you live in a tomb or a temple? 

48 Peace and/or prosperity are not granted to anyone, they are earned by those who truly seek to 
attain them. Are peace and prosperity important to you? How much do you value your Spirit nature? 
What are you willing to commit to? Are you ready to accept the mystical life? 

49 Once your commitment to the development of your own Spirit nature is correctly prioritized 
within yourself, naturally you will begin correcting and inspiring others toward the development of 
their own Spirit natures. This is the work of a teacha. And it is through this work that peace and 

prosperity are attained. 

50 Do not be afraid; only believe. Never doubt what you are capable of; only believe in yourself. 
Believe in your Hip Hop identity and it shall truly work for you just as it is working for me right 
now! We are truly a new people in the World with new powers to overcome the World. Love yourself! 
Respect yourself! But most of all, BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF! Believe in the authenticity of your own 
thoughts. Put your faith in your Self. 

51 Live a righteous life not for the sake of others, but so that you may expect the reality of the 
spiritual realm in your own life. For we have learned that it is one’s own guilt, which comes by way 
of one’s own unrighteous living, that leads to the doubt of one’s own spirit Self. 

52 Such doubt weakens the Spirit and strips us of our victory over the streets. Through guilt, 
worry and doubt we deny our very existence and power as Spirit beings. We hide ourselves from 


However, right from wherever you are reading and/or hearing these words you can make the 
decision today to recreate your Self. If you are serious about the empowerment of your own life then 
you can begin RIGHT NOW as you read this word to move in the direction of your own 
empowerment. GET UP! Get up right now! Be the vision of yourself! Be your dreams! GET UP 
NOW! MOVE! Make the inner-you, the outer-you, RIGHT NOW! Birth your Self! As an act of faith 
stand up right now! 

54 But if you have already read this paragraph several times and you still have not moved toward 
the empowerment of your own Hip Hop lifestyle then let’s face it, you are NOT really serious yet. 
You are simply NOT ready. You may admire your teacha but you are not yet prepared to become one 
yourself. And this is fine. It takes many lives to become a true Hiphop teacha. 

55 But how will you know when you are an official Hiphop teacha? Answer? You shall notice that 
your reflexes are spiritual and not emotional. Your habitual response to the physical World and its 
circumstances shall be spiritual. 

56 For it is the habitual attitude and personal character of the teacha (his performance) that causes 
his supernatural abilities to develop. Such abilities (performances) give the teacha a considerable 
advantage over the traps and obstacles of the streets. 

57 The teacha then teaches the nature of such a character through the Temple of Hip Hop and its 
instruments. Again, how will you know when you have become a Hiphop teacha? You will move in 
harmony with the events and circumstances of life itself. Doors open precisely at the right time, cars 
show up right at the exact moment when they are needed, even the weather and the seasons work in 
harmony with the life of the teacha. 

58 People are compelled to feed the teacha, to clothe the teacha and to protect the teacha in the 
World because the teacha displays a caring and trustworthy character. The nature of the teacha is what 
is attracted to the teacha. The teacha has a zest for life! The teacha has a generous heart. The teacha is 
highly creative and highly skilled. 

59 The teacha also perceives things that are not obvious to other people and brings them into 
physical existence. The teacha sees connections between seemingly unrelated things, people and/or 
ideas, and brings them together. 

1 ' The teacha is a counselor. A healer. A life-guide. A wise advisor. A peacemaker. A minister. The 
teacha takes his own spiritual reality, as well as the spiritual reality of others, seriously. The teacha 
hears and obeys GOD. 

The teacha is patient, tolerant, merciful, and forgiving. The teacha is courageous. The teacha 


lives and teaches the principles of Health, Love, Awareness, and Wealth. The teacha is self-contained 
and independent. The teacha is disciplined. And yes, the teacha can fight! When necessary the teacha is 
an excellent divine warrior. The Teacha is not a coward; yet the teacha is not stubborn, stupid and/or 
arrogant in the face of real danger. 

62 The teacha is aware of the fact that character (different from one’s personality) is produced by 
the demands of one’s life. Certain life circumstances, whether productive or destructive, demand a 
reaction, and that reaction produces one’s character. Those who deny the demands of life lack 
character. Know this. It is injustice that demands the character of the just. It is the existence of greed 
that demands the character of charity. It is the lie that begs for the character of Truth. 

63 These are just some of the characteristics of a true Hiphop teacha, and these characteristics lead 
to peace, power, respect and prosperity. The official tide of Teacha is given by the Temple of Hip Hop 
to those who have attained the habits of a truly attuned Hiphoppa. Ultimately, it is the Mind of God 
that tests, tempts and fights the true Hiphoppa to see if he is a truly attuned Hiphoppa. And likewise, 
the teacha is tested, tempted and fought against to see if he is who he says that he is. 

64 For those who are serious about walking this path you must quickly learn how to be consistent 
and humble at the same time. Your critics will hold you up to standards that they themselves don’t 
even follow. They will advise you with confidence on things that they know nothing about. They will 
even fight against their own advancement. But remember, what is obvious to you will not be so 
obvious to others. 

65 This is why it is of extreme importance that the teacha maintains a secret and private space for 
himself away from the ignorance of his own students and apprentices — even family. Never connect 
your personal property or the achievement of your personal goals to the life and learning process of 
your students and apprentice. Maintain your independence, but do not hide from ignorance. Protect 
yourself, but do not shut yourself away from the World’s disorder and immaturity — you have power 
over Worldly situations. Instead, operate openly where the fruits of your Spirit can be manifested. 
This takes courage and skill, but superior knowledge provides superior skills. 

So if you truly are a teacha then in whatever you do your superior skill should correct disorder 
and mature the immature. Why? Because you are a teacher. You have made up your mind to only 
accept the personality of the real YOU! You are not swayed by the ignorance of others; you correct it. 
You instruct the reality of your very environment; it does not instruct you. 

For when you are yourself, your true Self, with no apology, doubt or excuse about who and/or 
what you are, then you are the TRUTH! You are your Self! You are not fronting for anyone! There is 
no lie within you so you cannot be led by the lies and the liars that surround you. They can say 
whatever they like but real knowledge is backed up with real power. And when you have achieved the 
Truth of your being you shall speak and move with the authority and power of that Truth. 

” Others have no choice but to see you as you see yourself. Teachas are called to teach; have 
your lesson plan ready. Be prepared with flyers, pamphlets, books, videos, CDs and DVDs of 
inspirational materials. Be ready to give sound advice anywhere and at anytime. 

! j This, however is a skill. The teacha must be able to look past the insecurities of others to really 
hear what is being said. Some people may question the teacha unfairly or even disrespectfully, but the 
teacha must look past such unfairness and disrespect and get to the essence of what is being said, or 
asked, or implied. 

The teacha must be able to truly hear another person’s heart even while such a person continues 
to be difficult and disrespectful toward the teacha. The teacha can never hold grudges or remain 

resentful toward others, especially not his apprentice or family. Remember, as a teacha you are at 
least 10 years ahead of everyone you are teaching. Your work is to simply plant the seeds of Truth in 
your apprentice(s) and allow time for such seeds to grow. The farmer (teacha) plants the seed, but it is 
water and sunlight (GOD) that bring that seed to fruition. 

71 Remember, your peace and prosperity is not so that you may achieve and hoard a Worldly 
fortune or even attain the recognition of a wonderful accomplishment. No! Your peace and prosperity 
exist so that you can be a channel through which blessings and help may come to others. This takes 
strength. The nature of this person is unaffected by the World and its temporary pleasures and pains. 
Such a person walks and talks on behalf of GOD — the only satisfying thing in life. 

72 For when one realizes the simple Truth of one’s own being and lives only in that inner-place, 
such an awareness alters one’s physical, mental and spiritual condition in the physical World. Nothing 
in the World can hold you. No institution can contain you. You are not moved by the World and its 
temporary conditions. You move according to the Truth of your nature. 

73 As long as you are pursuing your purpose, you shall be in harmony with the Truth of your 
nature, which is the universe’s purpose for itself. You shall be protected and promoted by the universe 
itself, because the universe has its own agenda for the actualization of your life’s purpose. When you 
truly come to this realization you will begin to move throughout life in a certain exactness. 

74 Everything will happen in harmony with your purpose. People, things and even events will all 
be in harmony with your daily movements. At this stage in your spiritual development you are 
becoming the teacha. 

75 Do not reject the World as evil; it is not. Do not fight against the desires of your flesh; only 
seek to understand their causes. Practice being unattached to the cravings of the flesh. Do not allow 
yourself to be addicted to the World and the desires of the flesh; commit to the reality of your God. 
Be the teacha! 

b The one who desires to be a chef will never be one. It is the one who courageously enters the 
kitchen and starts cooking who proves to be a chef. And in the chef reality, such a person attains chef 
powers. The same applies to becoming a Hip Hop spiritual teacha. When you are the teacha, YOU 

There is no fight against the flesh when you take on the character of one who simply does not 
need the desires of the flesh. The Teacha finds pleasure in denying himself pleasure. When you are 
the Teacha you inherit the Teacha’s powers and abilities. The Temple of Hip Hop can validate the 
completion of your study, but only God can validate the Truth of your being. 

Therefore, in the beginning of your spiritual practices it is wise to practice performing 
discipline over the desires of the flesh and the emotions of the heart, not just for the sake of your own 
moral character, but to prove your own spiritual strength and maturity to yourself. Prove to yourself 
that you can be trusted! This is the habit of a teacha. 

Resisting the temptations of the World and the desires of the flesh is like lifting spiritual 
weights. Emotional self-control brings peace and endurance. Use your emotions, and use temptation 
to your advantage; do not allow them to use you toward their advantages. Control your mind, not 
your life. It is the thought that happens first; then comes your emotional response. 

80 The same applies to fear. Use the most frightening experiences to exercise courage. Stand up to 
evil because in Truth it is all GOD! And if you are truly one with GOD, in harmony with life itself, no 
illusion of evil can prevail against you. In fact, evil shall work with you; it shall start and stop with 
your own internal commands. 

81 The challenge is to stay true to your purpose; do not become distracted by better or worse 
circumstances. Stay within your circle. Perfect yourself through the perfection of your purpose. 
Master the task that GOD has given you. Do not compare your work to the works of those whom you 
may admire and/or criticize! Focus upon the work that GOD has given YOU! 

82 Do not be afraid of anything, especially not your own purpose. Exercise the courage to be you, 
the true YOU. If there is something about yourself that you do not like, simply change it. Do not judge 
or criticize your life. Your understanding of the World is limited, but your spiritual sight is infinite. 
Trust GOD! 

83 As a teacha you shall be moving at a very fast pace in life, faster than others even though you 
will feel as though you are moving too slow. Be patient. Only GOD sees all things and likewise, it is 
your God who has led you through all things. Simply observe your history and learn from the lessons 
that your God has placed upon your life. Such is the making of your ministry. 

84 If you really do not like something about yourself, or you feel that it is time for you to mature 
beyond certain activities, most likely it is the universe itself that is telling you something about your 
ability (or inability) to achieve its purpose. Follow your heart. 

85 Love the total you, even your faults. In exercising the courage to be you, you (the real You ) may 
also include your shortcomings. Not that you should make excuses for your own shortcomings, 
temptations and failures; but remember that such faults are what GOD has given you to overcome. 
These are YOUR degrees. 

:;i The overcoming of such shortcomings, temptations and failures is the building of your unique 
personality and eventual ministry. Again, do not judge yourself; only be willing to grow. Try to 
realize the Truth. GOD is truly Guiding Our Direction. With our limited intelligence we will never 
know how things are going to actually turn out. Simply focus the intention of your heart upon the 
achievement of your highest good. Go with the flow! 

87 Stop trying to control everything in your life and simply allow your God to manifest through 
you. Continue to seek perfection. Such is the character of a true teacha and such a character requires 
true courage. Remember, you do not control everything in your life; others are thinking and acting as 
well. Therefore, the teacha doesn’t blame himself for every shortcoming or mistake or tempting 
moment in his life because he knows that GOD is actually conducting a larger show. 

Knowledge of GOD’s direction or Divine Plan causes peace. When you truly walk the path of 
oneness, you see how all things are connected and how all things are affected by all things. When you 
see this, all things will begin to move and manifest in harmony with your life and you shall also be in 
harmony with the happenings of other people’s lives, even places and events. 

: ‘ You will notice a certain exactness about the movements of your life. People and things will 
come to you right at the moment at which you need them and likewise, people and things will leave 
you right at the moment in which you no longer need them. Attach yourself to nothing material, 
nothing of the World. You are now the teacha. 

90 It is reported in the sacred writings of most religions that the birth of the Messiah is 
accompanied by wonders. All nature unites to pay homage to the child of heaven. The spiritual 
chemistry of the advent cannot be adequately described in words. The divine self rises victoriously 
from the not-self. The God-power within comes into its kingdom, and the prince of this world and his 
legions are baffled. Actually, it is by this mystery that the human being becomes a person and assumes 
the obligation of enlightened selfhood. The man of soul is in the world, but not of it. He becomes 
intuitively aware of his own place in the divine plan. He accepts this place and fulfills its 

requirements. We are in darkness as long as we are negative and the world in which we live is positive. 
The mystical experience reveals the eternal truth that consciousness is positive, and to it all 
environments are negative. (Manly P. Hall) 

91 A teacha lives in and as the oneness. Just as when you are home you have certain things readily 
available to you for your survival and comfort; so it is with living in and as the oneness. 

92 As a teacha, life itself is your home. And just as you move freely and safely about your home, 
which offers you certain comforts and means of survival as you need them, so it is with the life of a 
teacha. Life is your home! 

93 Know this. You do not use everything in your home at once even though everything you need 
for your living is there. It is the same way with the life of a teacha. You do not use your kitchen at the 
same time that you use your bathroom and you do not use your bathroom at the same time that you 
use your bedroom. You use these things as you need them. 

94 As the need arises you use your towels and as the need arises you use your pots and pans. The 
same example can be applied to your blankets and sheets as well as to your refrigerator and/or front 
door. Even though at times you may combine some of these home accessories toward your personal 
survival and comfort, they are all used only as needed, yet they all exist right now in your present 


The same example is applied to the life of the teacha. In the oneness all things are already 
available to the teacha. However, the teacha only uses certain things in life as needed. In fact, life itself 
provides to the teacha everything that is needed to fulfill his purpose even before he is consciously 
aware of what is actually needed. Things just come! Events just happen! People just appear! 

The teacha is always prepared, yet the teacha is rarely in need of preparation. It is the 
intelligence of Eternal Mind (GOD) that guides, protects and provides for the teacha; this is how the 
teacha receives the perfect clothing before the event, the perfect car before the trip, the perfect 
weapon before the fight, the perfect medicine before the illness, etc. 

1 In knowing this, the teacha lives in contentment. For in the oneness a teacha’s very movements 
in the physical World align with the mathematics and harmony of the universe itself. And with this 
harmony the teacha seeks to ease human suffering through his actual presence and heightened 
awareness. Our purpose as teachas is to teach. In fact, if the teacha fails to teach those around him, it is 
the teacha who suffers the most. 


The purpose of the teacha is to teach and ease human suffering through knowledge; this is why 
the teacha has such an ability. The teacha is ordained to teach! Therefore, the teacha’s own peace and 
prosperity will be direcdy connected to such a purpose. If you’re not teaching, you’re not eating. 

99 For we know that humanity’s only real problem is ignorance. In some shape or form when you 
break down and analyze the human condition and why we suffer, ignorance and/or some form of 
immaturity always seems to be at the cause of human suffering. Therefore, as teachas we seek to 
relieve human suffering (caused mosdy by human immaturity) with the great elixir of Truth. 

100 As teachas we help to move Hiphoppas toward maturity as an organized Hip Hop community. 
Such is our work; our payment is peace. Teachas work on behalf of GOD, not themselves, and are 
rarely aggravated or frustrated by the ignorance and immaturity of others because it is GOD that the 
teacha lives with, not the World. 

101 If a teacha is not at peace, it is either because that teacha has forgotten GOD, or is not 
effectively teaching or directing those who surround him, or the teacha’s teachings have not yet 
blossomed within the apprentice(s). A teacha is an attuned Hiphoppa who has realized the oneness and 

how to live within it — in peace. 

102 A teacha knows that we are all bound together; that we are all growing together, one is not 
above another, everyone plays their part in their time and their space for the glory of GOD eternally. 
This awareness gives the teacha the qualification to lead and the patience to endure the ignorance and 
immaturity of others. 

103 Teachas are qualified to lead the Hip Hop nation simply because teachas are patient and even- 
tempered. We truly care for the lives of Hiphoppas and the further development of Hip Hop as a 
nation. Teachas speak Truth to the powerful on behalf of the Hip Hop community’s further peace, 
prosperity and preservation. 

104 True teachas are civilization builders; they are capable of sacrificing their own comforts and 
achievements for the building and leading of Hip Hop’s further peace and prosperity. True teachas 
place the integrity and preservation of Hip Hop before their own personal career goals. 

105 Teachas teach even when the lesson is controversial. Those who think only of themselves and 
for the benefit of their own livelihood are unqualified to lead simply because they cannot really care 
for the lives of others. A true teacha is never afraid to teach controversial life-lessons. 


Those who promote sickness, hatred, ignorance and poverty in the name of Hip Hop, or are 
afraid to speak the Truth, are unqualified to lead simply because they prove with their own words and 
actions that they regard themselves as separate from everyone else. Their decisions will always be 
based upon their own individual survival above the common good of all. 

107 Hip Hop’s teachas teach with real life events and through real life examples. Teachas are 
inspiring! Others admire them and desire to be like them; this is the ultimate teaching strategy of the 
teacha. Without saying a word, the teacha’s own character and personality inspire others toward their 
own higher selves. 

108 It is the teacha’s own character and skill that inspire others to reach for their own higher 
potentials. Hip Hop’s teachas can be identified by the One after (or before) their names. Seeing and 
living beyond dualities and separate things; the sight of the teacha is single. 

109 The teacha lives in GOD — the living, universal, eternal, creative Spirit of immortality. In 
western-world terms, the one absolute self-existent, pre-existent force that manifests itself in and 
through all creation. 

110 The teacha is not overly caught up or stagnated by religious tradition and ritual. Yes, the teacha 
respects and studies all World religions. However, the teacha acknowledges that there are many names 
and attributes which the Great and Holy Spirit is known by, and each person has an individual right to 
use the personal name or attribute of their choice. 

111 Teachas acknowledge the western-world view that all people are the incarnations of one spirit 
— GOD. We are the logical and necessary outcome of the infinite self-knowingness of GOD. 
However, teachas also acknowledge that God is personal to all who feel this indwelling presence. 

112 Study these distinctions carefully. GOD does not have to control everything. In fact, this very 
concept is a military idea imposed upon us and our parents by those who also seek to exploit us and 
our resources. The teacha recognizes the privilege and power of knowing one’s personal God. 

113 Teachas teach that each person is here on Earth to fulfill a divine purpose that only that person 
can complete. The ultimate goal of the Hip Hop life is to rediscover one’s own divinity and fulfill it. 
The question is, who, what and where is OUR GOD? 

Teachas emphasize that you must have the courage to be you, free from fear and doubt, if you 


are to actualize YOUR divinity and divine purpose. The god of those who only seek to exploit us and 
exploit our resources cannot be our God. If we are truly free, then we are also free to seek GOD for 


If you say that you are divine, then BE DIVINE! Act like the divinity you claim to be; this is 
what it means to be a Hiphop teacha. The teachings of our temple demand that you be who you say that 
you are and do what you say that you can do. Stop being afraid of being YOU! Stop dumbing yourself 
down so that others can feel secure around you. Stop allowing your temptations to hinder your 
development. BE YOU! The real YOU! The divine YOU! 

116 The teacha acknowledges the direct revelation of Truth through the intuitive and spiritual 
nature of the individual, and that any person who is comfortable with himself may become a revealer 
of Truth. However, every life-philosophy or life-advice will be backed up by the events of that 
philosopher’s/advisor’s real life in the physical World. 

117 Everyone has a philosophy on life, everyone is a master teacher on television and CDs. 
However, the question is, does one’s philosophy actually work in your real life? Teachas teach from 
the ancient wisdom of various sacred texts that have been revealed and proven throughout human 
history. This knowledge is best activated in a Hiphoppa’s daily life with the study of the Gospel of Hip 

118 Using a variety of techniques, including westernized spiritual language, the teacha teaches that 
God operates through Divine Mind, which is the law of GOD. We are immersed in this law which is a 
creative substance that receives the direct impressions of our thoughts and brings them into physical 
manifestation. We are the authors of our own lives; GOD is the book itself. 

119 The task of the teacha is to make Hip Hop real for the Hiphoppa. This is achieved by living 
fully in the way that you teach and truly feel. Most people think and feel one way but they act another 
way — the teacha must be mindful of this. 

120 The exercise of Hip Hop’s teacha is to bring the Hiphoppa’s thinking and feeling regarding 
Hip Hop into harmony with that Hiphoppa’s actions. In other words, if you feel Hip Hop, act it out. 
Don’t suppress your true feelings as a Hiphoppa. If you think like a Hiphoppa then live like a 
Hiphoppa! Live like an attuned Hiphoppa! 

121 This is our greatest discovery as Hiphoppas! To know that our repeated behaviors cause our 
Hip Hop reality to occur in the physical World. We are truly the authors of ourselves and our destiny 
as Hiphoppas! 

122 So, as you become more and more attuned and in harmony with your true Self, do not marvel 
at the miracles in your own life. The more you realize you, the more your environment shall cater to 
your vision of your Self. Life itself responds to your vision of yourself. 

123 Being in harmony with your Truth causes the so-called “miracles” in your life. And again, 
with such spiritual harmony you will notice a certain exactness to the so-called random events of your 
life. You will always be right on time and in harmony with life’s events. 

124 Do not be amazed or try to over-intellectualize the miraculous events of your spiritual life. Go 
with the F.L.O.W. (Eollow Life’s Outcome Willingly). Expect to have things go your way even if such a 
way appears impossible at the time or the results of your actions do not prove favorable right then 
and there. 


As a teacha you are always in harmony with life itself. Sometimes things will happen that 
appear out of your control, or unproductive to your work. But hold on! Your physical senses cannot 
sense your entire being; they can only sense the happenings of your physical existence. 


You, on the other hand, operate in several dimensions at once. So, what appears to be a disaster 
in the present may not be so in the future. And what happens to you in your space may be necessary 
for the prevention of something even more dangerous happening to you in another space. 

127 Remember, for those who live principled lives all of our so-called accidents are for our own 
good and further development. Our God is always working toward the fulfillment of our well-being, 
even when our conscious minds are unaware of it. Again, go with the F.L.O.W. (Follow Life’s Outcome 

128 In conclusion, as a teacha, you are also a teacher, and with the teaching of any course or 
curriculum, accuracy, usefulness and credibility are crucial. 

129 Presendy Hip Hop is being taught all across the United States in a kind of “freestyle” way, with 
most educators basically “doing their own thing.” And for those who are short-term teachers or 
objective observers of the Hip Hop phenomenon, limiting their courses to rappers and Rap lyrics, this 
may be fine. 

130 But for those who are seriously seeking to become long-term educators of Hip Hop’s history, 
elements, music, culture, philosophies and politics — accuracy, usefulness and credibility are crucial 
for one’s success and the accurate preservation of Hip Hop’s legacy. 

131 Those seeking a long-term career teaching Hip Hop (for a living) need to be educated and then 
accredited themselves with legitimate certification from legitimate and relevant Hip Hop institutions. 
So, what is it that makes a Hip Hop institution credible and/or legitimate? 

132 To begin with, a credible Hip Hop learning institution is founded by credible and talented 
people who love and respect Hip Hop and have proven their mastery of the subjects they are now 
teaching — they have a hands-on experience with that which is being taught. 

133 A credible Hip Hop learning institution then produces the best professionals and scholars in 
the Hip Hop field of study. Hip Hop credibility is based upon actually doing, not just knowing. 

134 A credible Hip Hop learning institution stimulates imagination. As Albert Einstein pointed out, 
A society’s competitive advantage will come not from how well its schools teach the multiplication and 
periodic tables, but from how well they stimulate imagination and creativity. For Einstein, imagination 
was more important than knowledge. 

135 A credible Hip Hop learning institution has achieved and perfected for itself that which it 
teaches. Students and apprentices should be able to learn from the actual physical structure of the Hip 
Hop learning facility itself. 

136 A credible Hip Hop learning institution is continuously engaged in the building of its 
reputation in the Hip Hop field of study — it is active in the communities in which it resides, it 
produces culture. 

137 And finally, a credible Hip Hop learning institution hands out certificates, degrees and/or other 
accreditations that actually have meaning and value within the field that such an institution teaches. 

138 This last part is crucial to understand because what is the purpose of learning about Hip Hop if 
in the end you still struggle to pay your bills? Teachers included. 

139 Although I truly, truly, truly appreciate the fact that there are people teaching something about 
Hip Hop to those who really want to know, as you may already know I am equally very concerned 
about the future of Hip Hop scholarship and the livelihood of those who teach and learn Hip Hop for 
a living. 

We are ALL well aware of the “horror stories” when it comes to the state of teachers and 


teaching in the United States. I don’t have to lecture you on the financial difficulties many of our 
nation’s teachers face every day just to come into the classroom and educate America’s students. 

141 The bureaucracies, the racism, the sexism, the scandals, the violence, the lack of supplies, and 
in our case, the lack of respect for Hip Hop even as music and/or culture in the classroom, by those 
who feel that Hip Hop has nothing to offer mainstream education is blatant, and even hostilely 
disrespectful, in my time! But this may be to our advantage. 

142 An educational system that denies Truth and real facts is bound to collapse anyway, and why 
should Hip Hop be a part of that? From a more political point of view, why should Hip Hop be taught 
in public schools at all? Especially its spiritual views? Are we not again giving one of OUR most 
precious resources away to certain “systems” of education that do not share our values and continue 
to degrade and ignore our self-expression? 

143 I can see the benefit in teaching Hip Hop’s music, culture and history to all interested students; 
however, I am very distrustful as to what Hip Hop’s spiritual views shall become in a private and/or 
state-operated public school system that can’t even teach math, science and/or history correcdy. Let us 
practice our gospel privately and keep our spiritual views to ourselves. 

144 For Hip Hop’s music, culture and history to be taught in public schools, the public school 
system itself would have to be modified. Otherwise, what are we teaching? Are we teaching Hip Hop 
or are we using Hip Hop again? 

145 We must think about this seriously. Does the teaching of Hip Hop benefit Hip Hop, or does it 
simply create jobs for those who wish to teach it? The teaching of Hip Hop must be about more than 
employment for teachers, or Hip Hop’s citizenship in a national system that does not respect our 

146 Those who teach Hip Hop for a living must be active participants in the music, culture, history 
and preservation of Hip Hop above all else, otherwise we are using Hip Hop again, not BEING HIP 

147 Therefore, BE THE TEACHAin your environment. Seek to inspire people with Hip Hop. Let 
them know that Hip Hop is from GOD and that there is more to Hip Hop than how it is presendy 
being depicted in mass media. BE THE TEACHA! And when people look for real Hip Hop they shall 
look at you and say THERE IT IS! 



1 In 1987 Afrika Bambaataa held a “cipher” discussion at the Latin Quarter nightclub in 
Manhattan, New York. 

2 The topics included the unionizing of Rap artists and the further development of Hip Hop as its 
influence began to expand beyond the New York area. 

3 At this discussion, with about 50 prominent Rap artists, DJs, journalists, b-boys/girls, Graffiti 
writers and other activists present, Afrika Bambaataa argued that without organization and unity Hip 
Hop would simply become a mass plantation of talented people all working toward the benefit of 
several corporations. 

4 This discussion ended with Daddy-0 of Stetsasonic predicting the fall of New York’s 
dominance over the Rap music industry and the rise of the West Coast with an emcee called Too 

5 During this historic meeting everyone pledged to do there part to protect Hip Hop’s cultural 
development. It was around this time (1987) that we began to think of Hip Hop as a culture. 

But the streets were extremely dangerous during these times. Many Hiphoppas got caught up in 
the emerging crack/cocaine drug scene. Automatic weapons found their way onto the streets of New 
York and into the hands of Hiphoppas. 

When armed, most Hiphoppas used their weapons to protect themselves against the lawlessness 
of the streets while others used their weapons for robberies, kidnappings, murders and intimidation. 
But when DJ Scott La Rock was killed in the Bronx trying to break up a street dispute ALL Hiphoppas 
were saddened. 

i; The drug wars of the 1980s broke all of the original street codes that protected and empowered 
Hip Hop’s community leaders. It became every man/woman for themselves! Many were killed. 

; The murder of Scott La Rock in August of 1987 was the first of its kind for the Hip Hop 
community. However, Scott La Rock would not be the last prominent Hip Hop artist that would be 
killed by the escalation of street violence caused by the introduction of crack/cocaine and guns into 
predominandy Black and Brown neighborhoods. 

10 But as bad as things were then, we were still not powerless. The conscious Hip Hop community, 
inspired by Afrika Bambaataa, began to mobilize and organize against such violence. The police and 
other law enforcement agencies were not only powerless against the crack/cocaine drug movement of 
the 1980s, but because of such powerlessness many of them joined in on the sale of illegal drugs and 
guns within Black and Brown communities. 

11 Black and Brown leaders were also powerless and many of them, fearing for their own lives, 
turned their heads when crack/cocaine was being sold to young Black and Brown teenagers. From the 
East to the West Coast of the United States gangs of Black and Brown youths were enlisted and 
protected by American law enforcement agencies to terrorize Black and Brown neighborhoods as the 
drugs and guns flowed in. 

12 Finally, in 1989, the violence and lawlessness of the 1980s reached its peak when a young man 
was fatally stabbed at a Rap concert in New York City for his jewelry. The then head of A&R for Jive 
records Ann Carli (Tokyo Rose) was so moved by the event that she approached author/activist 

Nelson George and I (KRS ONE) to form a Stop The Violence movement based on a song that I had 
written one year earlier entided “Stop The Violence.” 

13 Between the three of us we organized the production of a song entided Self Desduction, a 
chorus/chant written by Doug E. Fresh with music produced by D-Nice. Other artists, such as Heavy D 
& the Boyz, MC Lyte, Just-Ice, M.C. Delight, Wise, Daddy-O, Fruit-Kwan (Frukwan), Kool Moe Dee, 
Ms. Melodie, and Public Enemy also donated their lyrical performances to this cause. 

14 I opened the song with the lyrics: TODAY’S TOPIC: SELF DESTRUCTION! It really ain’t the 
Rap audience that’s buggin’. It’s one or two suckas, ignorant brothas, tryin to rob and steal from one 

15 You get caught in the mid, so to crush that stereotype here’s what we did. We got ourselves 
together, so that you can unite and fight for what’s right! Not negative, ’cause the way we live is 
positive, we don’t kill our relatives. 

16 M.C. Delight followed with: POP, POP, POP GOES A SHOT! Who’s to blame? Headlines, front 
page and Rap’s the name. M.C. Delight here to state the bottom line that Black on Black crime was 
way before our time. 

HANGED! How can you gang-bang? I never ever ran from the Ku Klux Klan and I shouldn’t have to 
run from a Black man! ’Cause that’s... and then everyone said: SELF DESTRUCTION! YOU’RE 
HEADED FOR SELF DESTRUCTION! And everybody from the East to the West Coast of the United 
States was inspired to seek peace and reconciliation. The conscious Hip Hop movement was born! 

18 After raising $600,000 for the National Urban League with the proceeds from our “Self 
Desduction” song, we began to investigate the root causes of violence for ourselves. We found that 
illiteracy, poverty, lack of purpose, poor law enforcement practices and media hype all condibute to 
heightening the levels of aggression in society, and can cause violence to occur. 

19 We found that it is not the youth of the United States that are the cause of violence, it is 
primarily the adults, especially those in civil-service positions. We found that American society has 
laws and other mechanisms to keep the peace but that those in-charge of keeping the peace have 
simply dropped the ball! For whatever reason, the mechanisms put in place to curb violence and 
overly aggressive behavior in society have been undermined, and in some cases, attacked by those 
who benefit from an aggressive populace. The Hip Hop community responded! 

20 With this revelation we fought back. On the West Coast in California in 1990, rival Crip and 
Blood gang members called for a duce and an end to street violence. Stan Tookie Williams (founder 
of the Crips) declared “gang-banging” to be dead, and even went as far as to denounce the Crips and 
all gang activity. In commemoration of such a monumental shift in consciousness, activists Mike 
Concepcion, E’Ban Kelly and Leonard Richardson organized the West Coast’s version of the song 
“Self Desduction,” entitled “We’re All In The Same Gang,” produced by Dr. Dre. 

21 King Tee, Body & Soul, Def Jef, Michel’le, Tone Loc, Above The Law, Ice-T, N.W.A., JJ. Fad, 
Young M.C., Digital Underground, Oaktown’s 3.5.7., MC Hammer, and Eazy-E all came together to 
form the super group The West Coast Rap All-Stars. 

22 King Tee opened the song with the lyrics: IT’S STRAIGHT UP MADNESS! Everywhere I look, 
used to be a straight A student, now he’s a crook. Robbing people just to smoke or shoot up used to 
have a crew-cut, now he ’s a pooh putt! 

23 Tone Loc followed: AS A YOUTH I USED TO GET MY BANG ON and on the ave, get my part- 
time slang on... I ain’t slippin’ or down with a head trip, I’m talking to all the Bloods and all the Crips. 

Throw down your rag and get on the right track man, it’s time to fight, unite and be a Black Man! Tone 
Loc on a positive change, ’cause remember: we all in the same gang! 

24 Ice-T followed: RIPPIN ’ THE MICROPHONE THE WAY I DO, listen close my brothas cause 
I’m talking to you! The problem is, we got a suicidal lifestyle, cause 90 percent of us are living foul 
and wild!... All my brothas need to know one thang, no matter what you think, we’re all in the same 

25 Niggaz With Attitude followed: YO! BULLETS FLYING, MOTHERS CRYING, BROTHAS 
DYING, lying in the streets! That’s why we’re trying to stop it all from falling apart and going to 
waste, and keeping a smile off a White face! N.W.A. never preaching, just teaching the knowledge of 
the street to each and all, that don’t understand! That’s why we came to let you know that we’re all in 
the same gang! 

26 Digital Underground followed: I’M IN A RAGE! Oh yeah, why is that G? Other races they say 
we act like rats in a cage. I tried to argue, but check it, every night in the news we prove them suckas 
right and I got the blues! 

27 MC Hammer followed: IT’S GOT TO STOP! We don’t need all the violence! Peace in the hood 
and a moment of silence. We got together not for ego or fame, we got involved cause we’re all in the 
same gang! 

28 Around 1991 while touring with the prophet Kwame Ture, my friend Professor Z and I began a 
healing program for the Hip Hop community called Human Education Against Lies (H.E.A.F.). 
Similar to the Stop The Violence Movement, H.E.A.L. was also designed to curb violence and offer 
strategies toward the continued unity of the Hip Hop community. We were joined by Kid Capri, Big 
Daddy Kane, Freddy Foxxx, LL Cool J, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Ms. Melodie, G. Simone, DMC, Jam 
Master Jay, Salt-N-Pepa, Kool Moe Dee, Chuck D, Ziggy Marley, Shabba Ranks, Doug E. Fresh, DJ 
Red Alert, Michael Stipe, Billy Bragg, and motion picture/video directors Fab 5 Freddy, Sacha 
Jenkins, Jonathan Demme, the late Ted Demme and many others. 

29 The main point was that technology seemed to be overwhelming the concept of civilization. We 
noticed that more emphasis was being placed upon technological innovation than upon knowledge of 
one’s human abilities. We called for healing and balance. 

30 Our campaign promoted the idea that “before you are a race, a religion or an occupation, you 
are a human being.” Yes, these tools are very important to the presentation and sustainment of Hip 
Hop’s activity and history in the World but again, Hip Hop in and of itself is a human skill produced 
by the human Spirit. 

31 This we must never forget. And even though most of us are already totally dependent upon an 
outside technological system of some sort to live, pay bills and eat, it is always liberating to know that 
Hip Hop as a human skill offers some relief from mainstream technological employment 
dependency. Such knowledge keeps us and our children’s children free and entrepreneurial, well- 
grounded upon what is real. This was some of what H.E.A.F. was all about. 

32 However, as I began to really investigate the nature of my being and why I am who I am and 
why I do what I do, I realized that I am what I am doing and being right now. I realized that I was not 
just performing the artistic elements of Hip Hop, but that I was Hip Hop itself! I AM HIP HOP! I 
realized that Hip Hop was not over there somewhere, but that I was Hip Hop itself and so was everyone 
else who participated in Hip Hop in some way. My eye was opened. 

33 Two years later, in 1994, I began to flesh out the “I am Hip Hop” philosophy as well as “The 
Science of Rap.” In the same year Afrika Bambaataa, Kool DJ Here, Crazy Fegs, GrandWizzard 

Theodore, Daddy-O, Mr. Wiggles, TC Islam, Teddy Tedd and Special K, Kevy Kev, Harry Allen, 
Jacqueline Hines, DJ Kenny Parker, Hakim Green, X-Man, and several other artists, founders, 
journalists and grassroots activists of that era all came together for the first time in Hip Hop’s history 
at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem, New York, to discuss the creation 
and preservation of Hip Hop as a real culture. 

34 Harry Allen ( the Media Assassin ) stood before the conscious Hip Hop community of 1994 and 
said, I can’t begin to speak, or claim to speak, on behalf of Hip Hop and the culture which has been 
built over these past few decades, without giving respect to my predecessor Afrika Bambaataa 
(applause). And to all the rest of my brothers and sisters who are here on behalf of this art form which 
is glomming, growing, under attack; pick whatever adjective you wanna put against it. Hip Hop is, you 
know, ducking. Uh, ducking bullets in many cases. 

35 My name is Harry Allen, Hip Hop activist and Media Arssassin. I respect your time, so Vm going 
to speak briefly and afterwards, KRS ONE will take the rest of the meeting. But he was gracious 
enough to let me start this. So let’s start this. 

36 My presentation is entitled ‘Black Art: Lost, Stolen or Strayed.’ Now, I’m gonna ask you a very 
simple question. And after I do, I want you to raise your hand if your response is yes. But I only want 
you to do this after I tell you to, and only if your answer is yes. Because if your answer is yes, you’re 
the person that I want to be speaking to this afternoon. You’re the person. 

37 Allen continued addressing the room: How many people believe that Hip Hop as an art form. 
and as an aggressive form of Black art and imagination, should have a home ? Now, don’t raise your 
hand yet. 

38 How many people believe that there should be a place where Hip Hop is archived ? A place 
where the history is available through booklets or pamphlets, or maybe even online by computer? 

39 How many people believe that there should be a place where Hip Hop teaches and gets people 
information that they can use for Hip Hop and for other things in their lives? 

40 How many believe there should be a place, a society, an academy if you will, where awards are 
given for excellence in the field? 

41 How many people here believe that there should be a place where the records, and the videos, 
and the magazines, and the photographs, and the charts, and the posters, and the articles, and on and 
on and on and on. are kept for the future and preserved so that future generations will be able to 
understand what this form was, why it came to be. and why we were here ? 

42 Now if you believe this , raise your hand and keep it up (everyone raises their hands). Now keep 
it up, because I wanna ask you one more question. If you really do believe this , what have you done 
today or even in the last week to make sure this happens? Acsk yourself this question: what is the proof 
of your belief ? Put your hands down. 

43 Black art is lost, stolen or strayed. Ya know it’s been said that if you go to great African art 
museums of Europe, or even in this country — and uh, you can talk about the Berlin art museum or 
many of the other art museums — and you look at the African art in those museums, and you look at the 
dates attached to the art, by taking those dates and taking the art where its from and plotting it on a 
map you can essentially outline the path of European conquest of the African continent. Like a flow 
chart, like a graph all throughout the last century. 

44 Now, is this your fate? Is this what’s gonna become of you? If you’re a Hip Hop artist or if 
you’re an industry professional, or if you’re a person who’s just concerned about this form that you’ve 
seen made out of nothing, and turned into a billon-dollar business right before your very eyes in your 

lifetime, is this what’s gonna happen to you? Is this your fate, to basically be a marker, your work a 
marker to conauest? To the destruction of yourself ? 

45 I’d like to refer to another example real quickly. What I have in my hand marked up and read is 
an article that was clipped from November of 1993 in Billboard [magazine]. It’s headlined ‘Library of 
Congress to Digitize Bernstein. ’ Now this appeared ironically the same day that the Billboard Rap 
issue appeared, where they have their celebration of hip-hop and what it is and everything. I’m just 
gonna read a few paragraphs from this article. 

46 ‘The Library of Congress landed a musical gold mine November 8th when the estate of Leonard 
Bernstein decided to donate his personal and professional archives to the institution. Now the Library 
plans to share that wealth electronically. ’ 

47 Now, as you may know, Leonard Bernstein is an American composer, uh, West Side Story, / 
guess Porgy and Bess [actually composed by George Gershwin, 1934], a whole bunch of ya know, 
very well-renowned, renowned for his work and he died last year. In essence, donates his work to the 
Library of Congress. 

48 Allen continued to read from the article: ‘The Bernstein materials, which include more than 200 
hours of film and video programs, and 1000 hours of recordings, as well as such documents as 
unpublished musical sketches, lyrics, and original music manuscripts, will be used to launch a planned 
electronic archive accessible to the public by computer. ’ 

49 Before continuing Allen paused and commented, They’re gonna call this a Leonard Bernstein 
Multimedia Archive. He continued to read: ‘Under such a system all of the materials in the Bernstein 
collection — audio, video, and print — will be digitized or translated to the digital language for storage 
on a central database. In this form the information can be accessed from a remote computer via 
modem. Once established, the Bernstein Multimedia Archive will serve as a model for a larger, long- 
range multimedia project, the Library says. ’ 

50 Harry Allen closed the article and then addressed the room, saying, Now, why couldn’t Hip Hop 
music have something like this? Why couldn’t a form that generates a billion dollars in record sales 
alone have something like this if it wants to? Why can’t a billion-dollar art form have anything it 
wants? That’s the question I’m asking you today. Because... 

51 At that very moment the recognized Father of Hip Hop, Kool DJ Here walked into the room 
and Harry Allen stopped speaking to acknowledge the Father. The room applauded Here’s arrival as 
he took his seat in the meeting. 

52 Allen continued, We are now in a stage in the development of this form, where unlike the 
situation when people like Kool Here and Afrika Bambaataa were inventing this art out of our own 
Black genius, we are now at a stage where there are people who are professionals in diverse areas who 
know things, who have information. We’re at a stage where Wu Tang Clan can make an album for 
almost nothing, distribute it themselves, get picked up by a major, and then generate 500,000 copies in 
sales. Millions and millions of dollars in revenue, but how much of that comes back to Hip Hop ? 

53 That’s the question we have to answer I guess, or be run over, or be left as monuments to our 
own destruction . I got tired of wondering about the answers to questions like this so I came up with my 
own answer. 

54 I started an organization; it’s called the Rhythm Cultural Institute. The agenda of the 
organization is to capture, keep for the future, aggressively define, and widely expand the discussion 

and definition of Hip Hop music as a culture. So that it can enrich us. so that it can make us better, so 
that we can get something from it besides music and good times. 

55 Now, the organization is for the most part unknown, which is the way I prefer it. I think it’s 
better to let your work speak for you, and we’re doing something! We’re getting some things done. 
Recently we had a RS.A. [Public Service Announcement] produced, which was paid for by Def Jam 
Recordings, and it debuted during The Source Awards. We also had an ad which was donated and 
which ran in their program, a copy of which I have here. You might remember seeing it if you went to 
The Source Awards and you looked through the program. 

56 The board is formed by myself, David — Davy D. Cook from KMEL in Oakland — and Mary K. 
Penn who you probably haven’t heard of, but she’s a scholar, an anthropologist based here. The only 
anthropologist who, when I met her knew the lyrics to “I Know You Got Soul” by Rakim, so I definitely 
knew I had to have her down. 

57 We’re small (laughter) but we’re politically astute, technologically savvy, legally and 
contractually curious . And, um, obviously this is a message and an idea that has, that people 
understand and want to be part of. Recently we got a grant from the New York Folklore Society on 
application. And what this money will do [is it] will pay to have an archivist, a person whose job it is 
to take history, wrap it up, and make it last for 500 years, come here to New York and sit down with a 
group like yourself or others and tell you, if you take this process of archiving, preserving, something 
that is usually appointed to mummies andya know, uh, I guess, uh, Renaissance art, and you point it at 
Hip Hop — the art of our very hands — how would you do it? How would you make it happen? Ya know? 

58 As well, we have plans to have a legislative aide from Albany come down here to New York City 
and tell you how by using our juice, our power, our connections, we can get the money to do such a 
thing and implement such a vision. The fact is that Hip Hop artists especially, are people who have a 
lot of connections politically, are popular, have above-average income maybe, but do not use their 
political connections, do not use their influence, do not use their influence to make things happen for 
the form . We’re unfortunately divided to a great extent , and hopefully this can change. The motto for 
Black people should be “Build or be Killed. ” 

59 After Harry Allen spoke, KRS then stood up and said, Fve been attending meetings hosted by 
Bam [Afrika Bambaataa] for this — maybe not the exact same theme, but the theme of unifying Hip Hop 
as a culture, unifying artists and having them organize in a fashion where they can control their 
political power, control their economic power, their creative power , etc., etc. 

What has happened is that over the past few years Bam would get everyone together, we’d all 
come in a room and say yeah, yeah, yeah; next day we’re gone and nothing happens. This has 
happened over and over again. Fve seen artists who scream Bam! Zulu Nation! Zulu! Yeah Zulu! And 
then the anniversary comes around; they’re nowhere to be found. 

61 In my opinion, I feel as though in the scheme of African thought we’ve always paid respects to 
our elders . And, not that you’re an elder Bam (laughter), but we’ve always paid respect to the people 
who have come before us . Meaning that we could not have been in the situation that we’re in unless we 
at least show acknowledgement. 

62 Sometimes that acknowledgement is shown through money. Sometimes that acknowledgement is 
shown through just basic respect; just yo, I recognize! And that’s it! Today the Hip Hop community is 
dying because we fail to have this kind of respect . And it’s not a matter of any of us going and saying; 
OK, Afrika Bambaataa is GOD. Kool Here is GOD. We’re gonna kneel to these icons, etc., etc. It’s not 
on that level. 

63 It’s on the level of, before we decided to pick up a mic. pick up a turntable, matter of fact, before 
we knew what it was, these gentlemen were out there doing this and doing that . And we do it differently 
now. They did it one way, Flash does it another way, Theodore does it another way, Here does it one 


64 Then you got Run-DMC and LL, and they do it their way. Then it’s Eric B. & Rakim and KRS 
ONE, Biz Markie and they do it their way. Now we're coming into a new phase in Hip Hop which has 
to do now with the World is doing it their way. 

65 And the difference between what has happened then and what is happening now is that for the 
first time in Hip Hop’s history, Hip Hop is no longer a New York-based thing. And I don’t say that to 
say that it isn’t. I’m saying that to say that the reality that, of what I look at now is that, when you go 
to Japan the Japanese kids are, ‘I’m Hip Hop! I’m Hip Hop!’ You are not! 7 AM! You’re in my country 
now. And you can’t tell me that I’m not. ’ 

' 1 You go to Germany, this, that, and the other, California, Oakland, the South, Miami etc., etc. My 
point is that Hip Hop is running away from us before our very eyes. And I used to always wonder years 
ago, I used to always say wow, what was Chubby Checker and/or Chuck Berry, and the Supremes, what 
were they doing to now have like a Nirvana and if you see a Black Rock group now you’re amazed! 
Wow! A Black Rock group, Living Color! Wow, they’re Black and they do Rock? That’s like amazement 
when in actuality again I won’t go into that but we again are the originators of that art form as well. 

' So my point here in starting this discussion is that number one, what I saw, what I see going on 
in Hip Hop, is the same thing that went on in Rock and Roll but we have a chance to stop it. We’re 
allowing things to happen. We’re just allowing certain things to just happen. Just happen! And we’re 
just watching them, saying veah. that’s small, that don’t really, don’t affect us . That’s small too; that 
really don’t affect us. 

1 Then, as much as I respect John Shecter and The Source for what they’ve done in Rap, now we 
have John Shecter doing an award show, giving us awards for OUR creativity. And let me be very clear 
in what I’m saying, because this in no way a demise or a disrespect to The Source or any magazine for 
that matter; could have been any magazine. 

69 But the point here is that everyone is giving themselves the ability to define our creativity . And 
the point here of this discussion or the point that I’d like to interject is to once and for all define Hip 
Hop . Hip Hop as the lifestyle, as the energy, as the way of life, as the organized way of life. And do it 
in a sense where we can put together a pamphlet or something. 

70 I don’t want to call it rules. I don’t want to call it regulations , but I mean I guess during this 
conversation we’ll come up with something, some name for it, but it should clearly define. And this is 
not a process that’s gonna take just today; this is the beginning. 

71 We’re gonna go on and on and the purpose for you all to be here is to get several ideas. Ideas as 
to what you think this certain question, how this question should be answered. If someone else 
disagrees we should give everyone a chance to speak, but ideas are created out of argument, out of this 
is what I think it is, why do you think it’s like that, maybe it can be like this etc., etc. 

72 So just to start it off, this book that I’m proposing is to be given to every record company and 
A&R person in the entire planet, the whole World ! There’s only a couple of thousand record companies 
that seem to be controlling our entire fate in their hands. There’s only a couple hundred magazines. 
Only a couple of thousand television shows. If some sort of document, or book, or pamphlet can be put 
together that says this is what Hip Hop is and this is what we think it should be. 

73 This book is not something that will last forever; it’s like, it might even have to be revised every 
two or three years. This is what Hip Hop is NOW in 1997. This is what it is NOW in this, that, the 
other. We’re documenting it now in 1994 based on not having documented it since its conception . 


We have a whole broad range of people who have history in their minds, who have certain 

thoughts and are pushing the forum forward. And this is the purpose actually, or one of the purposes of 
why you’re here. 

75 Let me just end off and say also, this book in my mind will be backed up by force . And when I say 
force it doesn’t always mean physical but it means that too. But it doesn’t always mean that. It means 
political force . In other words, there’s a point to make to the A&R people who are signing the guys 
giving in their tapes. 

If you’re gonna give in a tape and say ‘I’m into Rap,’ you have to define yourself . Are you going 
to be a Rap artist or you gonna be a Hip Hop artist? Because if you say you’re gonna be a Hip Hop 
artist, well, this little book here put together by the minds of people in Hip Hop is what you should 
know. This will also weed out who’s not down and who really is . In addition to that, we won’t have 
these problems that Hip Hop is having because of Rap artists. So this is the main focus of what I’m 
saying here today. 

And we began our session by rearranging our chairs into a circle. And when the cipher was 
complete KRS continued, Let me start it off with question number one, being, what in our minds is the 
most important aspect to preserving the culture of Hip Hop? And when I say what in our minds is that, 
in this day and age what is the most powerful means of preserving the culture...? Hip Hop means more 
people in professional life? Or does it mean that’s going to hinder us? Matter of fact, I’ll start it off 
like this; in our opinion, can you be a professional in Hip Hop? 

78 And a Brooklyn-born Hip Hop activist responded by saying, I don’t think so, ’cause I think Hip 
Hop is a way of life: it’s a culture . How do you become a professional in your way of life unless you 
clearly have moved to the afterlife? 

y And I responded by asking, What about someone like, um, say like Jews for instance. Just say. 
That’s a personal belief. Like say they would wear their... I’m talking about orthodox Jews, they would 
wear their yarmulke, their whole thing, to work. And they’re telling, they’re showing, their... I mean 
when you deal with them you have to see they’re Jewish. I mean we’re in a different circumstance 
but. . . 

80 And TC Islam responded by saying, But brother KRS, being Jewish isn’t more like wearing a 
yarmulke and all that; it’s your ways and actions. It’s like brothas and sistas that live Hip Hop: it’s a 
way of life . 

81 Then Afrika Bambaataa said, For y ’all to deal with the industry in hip-hop v’ all gonna have to 
be organized . Cause y’all dealing with some devious evil people who been robbing people since the 
50s with the Doo Wop groups, same thing in the 60s, same thing they doing with hip-hop. 

82 A lot of the Rap groups don’t know about they mechanical rights, they royalties, they licensing. 
You can have a cover over here that’s one cover. In Europe or in some other, Latin America, it be a 
whole different cover or [they] might even take your picture off. You gotta know about Cablevision, you 
gotta be in tuned with what’s happening with the future. 

83 There’s so many different things. Like you need to get into professionalism in Cablevision cause 
it’s gonna be 500 TV channels coming on and they’re gonna need music, programming, video shows for 
this. We got to be organized! We gotta have discipline, structure, and you gonna have to have 
professionalism because that’s what they did to take Hip Hop away from y’all. Because the Hip Hop 
community itself was not organized. 

84 So, meaning now the first death of Hip Hop, they took away the vinyl. Meaning, they got rid of 
the DJ. They didn’t speak to the Black or Latino community and say, ‘Do you want to git rid of your 
turntables or vinyl?’ They said, ‘BOOM it’s out! CDs is in, cassettes is in,’ and that’s what happened. 

that produced him. OK, they made money on Vanilla Ice. I think that’s dope! I mean the shit is 
chuckable butya know they making money. 

’ And then Hakim Green, a public school teacher and emcee with Rap group Channel Live said, 
A real important aspect to preserving Hip Hop. I mean I believe is getting people to find esteem in Hip 
Hop. I’ve been teaching public schools for the last four years and the one thing I noticed in teaching 
social studies is that the kids didn’t see their immediate society as something worth studying . So, 
things that I would do is I would say, ‘OK we gonna study Hip Hop. Hip Hop is a society of people, you 
interact with one another. We gonna study the ways in which you interact, the ways in which your 
society manifests itself. ’ 

' This stuff: the dance, the music, the hairstyles, the clothes, the fashion. Then I flipped it and 
said, well, let’s see who makes money off of it. I started bringing magazines in. I brought the Word Up! 
in and the Rap Masters, then I brought The Source in and Vibe. And as we got higher in levels of 
getting across messages we saw where most money was going. I said, well, why is that? 

99 You know, we have to start seeing our community as something to have esteem in. In doing that 
we define it . Like I said, I’ve been teaching school for the last four years, this is how I dress. When I 
put my locks in, I had a little friction with my boss, the principal, but I broke it down. I said, look, my 
locks is an expression of my culture, who I am as an African man. If there’s a problem with me wearing 
my locks then we’ll have to take this further. 

100 If Jews can wear the locks off the side of their face and not see any feedback or wear a 
yarmulke I should be able to wear my hair that way. But getting people to say yo, you’re worth 
something and if you’re worth something stand up for yourself ! We as a Hip Hop community are worth 
something; we stand up for SELF! And then Mr. Wiggles from the Rock Steady Crew said, The one 
thing that I’ve realized, a lot of people here define Hip Hop in their own way and I think that’s a 


Ya see, in order for Hip Hop to be a culture you have to have every element. Culture is not just 
Rap . And I think even though we hear it all the time, a lot of us, it don’t sink in. 

102 Culture is art, music, dance, the way you eat, the way you dress, the way you talk, the way you 
walk, the whole nine. Now I can sit here and say yeah we all this and blah, blah, but I’m not sure 
’cause how many people here really know how to do graffiti, or respect a graffiti writer, or hire a 
graffiti writer to do your album cover as opposed to,ya know, whoever the hell! 

103 And how many people here really truly believe in b-boyin, that hire b-boys and give b-boys 
props, ya know what I’m sayin, as original Hip Hop dance as well as the new school dances. But they 
ain’t really happening. There ain’t no connection there. I feel if we gonna make that connection, 
alright; we gotta take every top rap artist, which to me means Recording Artist Production ’cause all 
they know how to do is go into a studio and record, but can they get on stage and rock the crowd? If 
they can’t, why they on stage? 

104 Back in the days MCs needed to be heard, the dancers needed to be seen, the art needed to be 
seen, ya know what I’m sayin’? We gotta get back to the original cultural mentality of the whole art 
form. Once we get everybody culturally based then we can move. But right now we’re not treating it 
like a culture: we’re treating it as a commodity. And when you choose a commodity you gonna lose it . 

105 And then Jacqueline Hines, a well respected Hip Hop activist, said, Well, just to follow back on 
what he just said, I think first off we have to get rid of the hypocrisy in this room. And with no offense 
to anybody in here, but for all the old school people in here I’m Jacqueline Hines from Hip Hop 
Incorporated that called when I first came up with the idea of a museum — hall of fame turned into 


106 I mean these are things, that I sit here and I’m offended and I’m saddened that you would say, 
ya know, you gotta be certain, you have to be this in Hip Hop, you gotta do this in Hip Hop! Anybody 
that comes to me and says, I wanna preserve the Black woman for what it is today, I’m giving my all in 
all to that project! 

107 All I said is come be a part of it, be on the board, participate. Instead, what I get is not people 
trying to assist in a museum that already has a provisional charter, that’s already established, that’s 
already established all the groundwork. What I get is, oh, let me get an idea off of this so I can be first, 
or let me come to meetings and talk about what people have to be to be in Hip Hop. That’s like saying 


A lot of people look at me and they say, well you not Black because of your hair texture. Well let 
me tell you, I’m more Black than half of y ’all in this room and I know more about my culture than half 
of y’ all! So to define people on the basis of how they look, well you can’t be Hip Hop, you can’t be 
Black: that’s just bullshit! You have to define people by heart and where they gonna put their time . 

109 I don’t know too many people that’s going broke for Hip Hop! I’ll tell you right now I’m broke 
because of Hip Hop and I’m getting into more expenses because of Hip Hop! And when people talk 
about they wanna do something for Hip Hop, find out what their root cause is . Find out if they wanna 
be the first! 

110 I don’t care, there can be five museums up tomorrow about Hip Hop but my museum will still be 
established because I know the concept and the thought and the heart that I have in it. It will always 
be successful! 

111 It’s just you have to find out what they want out of the project. Is it they want to be first? Is it 
money they want? What is it that they want? Because I see a lot of times in Hip Hop it’s just that 
people don’t want to assist other people because they want to be the first to have it, they want to have 
the money from it! 

112 I mean, I think that if you going for money — I think every society needs an economic base, but 
that does not mean you have to drive a Benz. If we all live in the same community, we all eat, we live, 
and we happy, and we living the life that we supposed to. like a village in Africa, then you don’t need 
expensive clothes! You set vour own standards! You don’t have to live off nobody else’s standards ! 

113 After a brief comment by an unknown member of Zulu Nation, Crazy Legs addressed 
Jacqueline Hines’ remarks. Crazy Legs said, You know what we’re missing? I think we should hit the 
first thing she spoke on. I think it was something more personal with certain people in here. 

114 The fact that, I’ll tell you straight up! When you first called me I never heard of you in my life. 
And bottom line, most of the people that call me to get involved with projects, and I’m sure with 
certain other old-school people in here, we don’t know who they are. And don’t forget we’ve been 
gettin’, we’re the first one’s to get jerked! And we got jerked so that means we’ve been gettin’ jerked 
the longest (laughter). 

115 So what happens is since that we were jerked already people try to insult our intelligence and 
try to say, OK, well, let me see if I can get this person to it cause they’ve done so much shit they 
probably act so hard up for money right now, alright, boom, boom, boom, boom. 

116 It’s nothing personal against you. It’s just that I’ll tell you straight up! If you would have called 
me and KRS would have called me at the same time with the same idea I definitely would have gone 
with KRS. Only because there’s a certain part of me that is leery to get with anyone because of what 
I’ve been through. 

117 You forget we did this out of innocence . There was no gimmick! We did it to come together in 
community, our alternative form of recreation. We were creating it and we didn’t even know what we 
were creating . 

118 And then we realized that when places like the Roxy, Negril, Danceateria started opening they 
were giving us guest lists of like 50 people here! Bam got a hundred people on his guest list! Legs, you 
got 50 people for your Rock Steady Crew! 

119 And meanwhile all these White people, whatever, was coming in to see us that was coming from 
the Bronx and Manhattan and whatever, would come to see how we lived. Instead of going to the jungle 
they brought the jungle to the clubs! And we were the spectacle! So we’re like, I realize that now, so 
we’re like wait a second! I’m not going in the cage for no one else anymore! 

120 Jacqueline responded. I understand that, but I think the best way... I think that if KRS would 
have called me and Tom Dick would have called me and Tom Dick, I didn’t know Tom Dick, and I don’t 
know KRS ONE, cause I ain’t never sat down and had a conversation with KRS ONE. So what I would 
have done is sit down, have a conversation with KRS ONE, have a conversation with Tom Dick, and 
then based on those two conversations I would have made my decision. But I wouldn’t jump the gun to 
say, oh, because of KRS ONE... (the room erupts into several voices). 

121 Jacqueline continued, Excuse me! I think though what needs to be done is that y’ all need to find 
out what is going on! Because there’s a hell of a lot of grassroots people that’s doing a hell of a lot for 
Hip Hop. But because they are not well-known or they don’t have celebrity attached to their names 
they don’t get the respect that they deserve! 

122 Crazy Legs responded again. You don’t have to be a celebrity. But where was all these 
grassroots people... see, people think Hip Hop started in the eighties. Where were all these grassroots 
people when Here was... Jacqueline jumped in, saying, We weren’t born! 

123 Crazy Legs responded, Listen! No, OK, but there were other grassroots people there that 
totally ignored the ghetto, that’s why we had to come up with our alternative form of recreation. 

124 As Jacqueline began to respond again, the room erupted into several voices shouting! Afrika 
Bambaataa then brought order by stating, Y’ALL NEED TO CHILL! WE GETTING TOO MUCH ON 

125 Mr. Wiggles jumped in, saying, If there be two museums then v ’all should be affiliated! I don’t 
think it makes a difference how many there should be, we should have a hundred scattered all over the 

126 Daddy-0 from Stetsasonic then said, I wanna go back to the original question that KRS asked 
about preserving the culture. And I think the best point, which is personal, is the point that my man 
made over here, ’cause I really don’t have long to be here. 

127 But one thing I wanna say to y ’all is that it ain’t even about us, it’s about them little shorties...! 
think them shorties is gonna be the ones to preserve it ’cause we gonna be outta here! I think that 
when we start thinking about Hip Hop we gonna have to start providing . 

128 I mean I can’t do no better than my man right here [pointing at Hakim Green], he a teacher and 
I know that’s like in the gut! My kids is in public school and I be wishing I was a teacher sometimes, 
’cause the teachers be like stressed! And I be like, I can do that. You know what I’m sayin’? 

129 But Em sayin’ I think that issue of the kids and stuff, ya know, I think that’s really important. I 
know a lot of people look atya know, I don’t know how everybody feels about Hip Hop right now, um, I 
know a lot of people love it, I know some people here don’t know what it is. Ya know Em kinda mid- 

level, I wasn’t with Legs and Bam and them but I was in there like right after! 

130 Ya know what I mean? And I grew up on their tapes. That’s about as close as I came. And I had 
my first... oh I’m old-school Brooklyn! Where all of them guys was. I’m just saying, I wasn’t there with 

131 I think that a lot of people may have discrepancies with where Rap is going and all that, but I 
think that people need to realize that none of this stuff moves without young people. And young people 
are viewing Rap artists and what they know as Hip Hop a certain way. If we want to impact society in 
terms of the way that they think about Hip Hop then I think that it is probably two levels that those two 
guys were talking about between KRS and my man right here [Hakim]. 

132 ’Cause KRS seems like he want to bum-rush the executives and I’m with him (laughs)/ We just 
beat up about five of them and our message will be straight! We won’t even have no more fucking 
problems (more laughter)/ All y ’all gotta do is call me and I’ll do the beating (more laughter)/ 

133 Daddy-0 continued, On the other level it’s about impacting the shorties. On the other level it’s 
about these kids. ’Cause these kids are seeing a certain thing and they admiring a certain thing that 
goes on around the country. And they’re the one’s that end up making a difference at the end of the 
day! It’s them that make the difference! 

134 All of this shit that we going through and all that, it’s ’cause of kids. It might be White kids 
starting to feel our flow and they parents ain’t feeling their flow, but it’s all about kids! It ain ’t about 
adults at all! Most of the people I’m looking at is adults in this room and it ain’t about us at all! It’s 
about them little shorties. 

135 Them little shorties will tell you if you wack or if you ain’t wack! Straight off! ‘Why you don’t 
like so and so?’ ’Cause he’s old to me now.’ ‘Why you like Snoop?’ ‘Oh ’cause da da da da da!’ ‘Why 
you don’t like da?’ I’m telling you these shorties will tell you all in all! 

136 I mean we all... we don’t really have to go through. . .all we gotta do is listen to KRS records to 
find out why ya know, society ya know, fucking they heads up in teaching and all that (laughter). You 
know what I’m saying? 

137 But I’m just saying, the bottom line is that, the only thing I wanted to say is that, to answer the 
first question about preserving it, I think it’s all really, I think it’s all really about them little shorties. 
If we don’t give them shorties something to look at that they can admire and that they wanna touch out 
and that they wanna be then we ain’t gonna win with them anyway , it’s just gonna be somebody else to 
move in on their life and say ‘I’m top dog!’ cause that’s all it is around the country! 

138 TC Islam then proposed an apprenticeship program called the Zulu Media Education Project 
where young people could get the technical skills needed to create their own jobs. 

139 He said, as an example, Now say we have like a Hip Hop Deejay like a DJ, he gets paid to show 
shorties how to Deejay. See what we need to do is start teaching these shorties how to do camera work. 
I mean 9 times out of 10 what’s the biggest problem at our shows? To sound man, what’s up with my 
D.A.T. [Digital Audio Tape]/’ Go in the studio, I got a Rock engineer trying to give me a hip-hop 
sound! But I got a shorty around my way who got a four tracker and all he’s doing is looping beats! He 
got an ear for this! 

140 Technically, he does not know how to go into the studio, and he look at a 24-track board and go 
‘Oh my God!’ (laughter) But if he gets the technical training, not only does he have a ear for it. but he 
gots the heart and the soul for it . 

141 So I take my man shorty on tour with me, he’s working in the studio with me, he got concepts for 
Rap videos but does not know anything about editing, steadicams, or anything like that. Now he’s 

153 I then responded, Well, that’s my point, if everybody is real with this then we’re gonna wind up 
not being professional because we’re not going to take the shit! We’re not gonna say ‘Let’s jerk this 
artist because he got dreads and this guy got jheri curls, we gonna go with him. You know to your 
heart that shit is wack. But if you say ‘I’m pushing these dreads right here, that’s what it is,’ and you 
get fired, if we all do that then we gonna wind up being in our nucleus again (and the room erupted 
into many voices). 

154 And then Hakim Green (the school teacher /emcee) said, This is the way you do it. Going back 
to what Havoc was saying earlier, he was saying that you know, you walk through parks or whatever, 
you see statues dedicated to leaders. When in all actuality, the motherfucker you looking at ain’t really 
lead shit! He was just the face man. 

155 Now you see the artist out on stage, he’s the face man. What you need is somebody that’s not 
involved in the politics of music that’s saying you owe your allegiance to me! You fuck up, you gotta 
answer to me! 

156 I then responded saying, So wait a minute. The person who is professional, then, cannot 
truthfully say that they are part of Hip Hop (the room erupted into many voices again). And we began 
to look closer at the word accountability. 

157 And the Zulu Nation chemist/biologist said, See, the problem is, is that we’re not ALL doing it. 
See, if this side of the room is like ‘Yo fuck that you gonna do this’ and that side is like, ‘Na na,’ then 
there’s a division that you can drive through. But if we ALL saying, ‘No, fuck that, we ALL doing it,’ 
then you can ’t divide. . .you can ’t go through that! 

158 And Jacqueline Hines from Hip Hop Incorporated followed up, saying, I think we need to go 
even deeper than that. We have to deal with some sort of spirituality . If we talking about building 
anything, we have to deal with spirituality. We have to understand what it means when we DO 
something. Like what this brotha said about his job. Now if we’re gonna build... ya know, what we’re 
really doing is building a society. And part of society, is what’s wrong right now, is we have no 

159 So we have to bring spirituality back in effect! And once you have spirituality and you can 
come strong within yourself, then you can define what is going to happen in your life . Yes, you may 
have lost the best job you ever had, because you demanded to hear Rap music on your radio, but your 
spirituality will keep you strong and keep you moving and you KNOW things will only get better! 

160 After a short debate with everyone throwing in ideas and many voices speaking at the same 
time, Afrika Bambaataa again called the meeting to order by saying, WE NEED A STRUCTURED 

161 Afrika Bambaataa continued, Whether you have professionalism, whether you don’t have it, it 
still comes ALL under one roof that’s getting it ALL together under a union to put out ideas that have 
structure, that have people accountable, and let them know that if they fuck up they out the door and 
the next one is in. You got to have a whole accountable discipline order... and we got to put our money 
where our mouth is and be doers of the words! 

162 One thing we can learn from watching the Nation of Islam is getting up and doing something 
for Self. And that’s what it all bows down to, that we got to get up and DO SOMETHING FOR SELF! 

163 Right now hip-hop belongs to other people and we got to take it back and get to the ones sitting 
on the higher top that got dough come on and sit down. Somehow, uh, basketball stars, uh, other 
professionalism, ’cause that’s the only thing we have is our artists. We don’t control the agencies that 
book us just like we don’t control where we live at. 


And the Zulu Nation chemist/biologist said, But the ironic thing is without us they don’t have 
shit! That’s the whole bottom line. Harry Allen then said, But the bigger irony is that they do have us! 
The chemist replied, They have some of us. Harry Allen responded, They have most of us! 

165 Then an activist/artist said, Yo, we gotta keep it real! I know everybody’s willing to die for the 
cause and all that but I’m a be dead honest! OK, Kool Here, Bam, y’all are from a dying breed of 
brothas out here called ‘I don’t give a fuck I’m going for mine!’ That unity is dead! OK because of 
infiltration. And that’s why when they say about the sellout, the sellout is only a sellout if his mind is 
warped to that extent. 

166 OK, right now brothas in here is dealing about E.S.P., Extra Self Preservation! If it comes to 
your baby ’bout to starve and shit or you down for the cause, fuck that, ya child gotta eat! And that’s 
how the mentality is. So we gotta realize, we gotta keep it real! I mean I’m down to go for mine to the 
highest, but when you feel you gonna die in a cause by yourself, you gonna get shot, bowe! ‘Well, 
nigga stood for his, nigga out! ’That’s dead man! 

167 And then Crazy Legs said, A lot of brothas ain’t selling out Hip Hop ’cause you can’t sellout 
what you was never down with. Now, what they’re basically doing is selling out THEIR souls. That’s 
what they’re doing. ’Cause most of the brothas in the industry were never down with Hiphop Kulture. 
OK, so they don’t even understand how to use it for the community because they’re worried about their 

168 And then Hip Hop activist X-Man said, Let me interject this one thing ’cause I think for the 
most part we’ve been dancing around the issue, ah, for real. And the issue when it comes down to it is 
how do we acquire and maintain power! Because that’s what it comes down to. Let me say a couple of 

169 In this professionalism piece, we don’t want to confuse professionalism with white-collarism 
because those are two different and separate things. Professionalism means one that is proficient in a 
particular area . . .and accepted by their peers. You see what I’m saying? 

170 So a doctor just can’t go out and claim that he’s a doctor. He has to go through a mental 
learning process and then still be accepted by his peers. And when we develop that kind of 
professionalism it’s gonna weed out all the fakers anyway. 

171 The second thing, we do need to come to a definition of Hip Hop that needs to be distributed. 
We need to come to a collective decision on what Hip Hop is! And define it in a way that gives some 
leeway; in other words, don’t be so focused, don’t be so narrow that you define everybody out of it. But 
define it within a context that people who are down with it can fit into it in some way, shape or form. 

172 And the last thing is that we can’t talk about power... ’cause what I don’t wanna see, ’cause I’ll 
just tell ya, what I don’t wanna see, I don’t wanna see that archive that has all of the history of Hip 
Hop, but in the street it’s not reflective of what went into that institution . 

173 And we don’t want Hip Hop or anything else to go the way of the dodo in the street, even though 
you have an archive that’s sitting there! And the archive idea is the first step to that preservation. 

174 The last thing is that we can’t even talk about power in Hip Hop as if it is divorced from power 
and organization of young people . We can’t talk about it. Because you can’t play ball with one hand! I 
mean you can try, and some people are good. But you will never be as effective as being able to use 
both hands. You’ll never be as effective! 

175 So if we’re talking about serious, serious, a political move, a social move, an economic move, 
then hip-hop as an industry, as a forum, needs to also be about the political and economic and social 
organization of our people . If it’s not about that, it’s talking yin yang! That’s it (applause)! 

176 And then the Father of Hip Hop, Kool DJ Here, spoke saying, Yo, check this out! Right now the 
bottom line is about money! A’ight. Money’s going here, here, here and here and it ain’t concentrated 
in one place for Hip Hop to build this. 

177 We need somewhere, a Hip Hop complex itself, a large place that every artist who comes to New 
York who’s somebody will have to come through there and perform. And that money goes somewhere 
for us for whatever we want to do with it. It’s about money! 

178 It’s about money and what Hip Hop’s money can do for community and for us political wise. It’s 
a force! It just hasn’t been harnessed yet. A’ight. And we trying to bring that shit under one fuckin’ 
roof! That’s all it is. We need somewhere that IS Hip Hop . With a big fuckin’ parking lot... so the police 
ain’t gotta come on horseback and chase us out of every fuckin’ place, where you can’t get in. 

179 There gotta be some place like that in California, West Side, East Coast, West, East Coast, West 
Coast gotta have a big fuckin ’ complex. And whoever making money off of Hip Hop gotta be in that 
place. Otherwise they can’t go nowhere! That’s how its gotta be! 

180 This meeting continued on for several more hours. However, at the conclusion of this 
groundbreaking meeting it was clear to all that Hip Hop was more than just some good music and that 
it was time to organize culturally. 

181 It was here and at this time that I began gathering the notes, documents and other inspirational 
materials to create a solid strategy toward what WE said as a community WE wanted for 
OURSELVES as a group. 

182 This is where we began to seriously approach Hip Hop as an international culture, and it was 
here that we set our cultural direction as a unique, self-conscious group of people. This is what we, as 
a temple for Hip Hop, are loyal to. 

183 There have been numerous other follow-up Hip Hop meetings, conferences and summits since 
our 1994 meeting; however, the intentions of this first meeting are what the Temple of Hiphop 
remains most loyal to. 

184 These paragraphs are direct, unedited transcriptions as to some of what was argued at our 
1994 Meeting of the Minds conference. The underlined sections of this transcription are the direct 
influences and intentions of our Hip Hop preservation movement. 

185 Study carefully, and not only use this piece of unedited history as an accurate reference for 
true Hip Hop scholarship and activism, but through meditation and/or visualization place your Self in 
the meeting as a citizen of Hiphop Kulture; what would you have said? What would you have 
suggested? After such a meeting, what would you have done? 

186 This particular transcription is very important to the awareness of the truly committed Hip 
Hop activist. This is a major part of what guides the Temple of Hiphop and all true Hiphoppas 
seeking to advance the culture of Hip Hop. 

187 The time for talk and no action is over! The time for complaining with no plan of action has 
ceased. If we are truly serious about freedom, justice and equality under just laws, it’s time we start 
acting like the community we keep begging America to be. America has its own problems, as do we. 

188 Therefore, let us get serious about our own future as Hiphoppas. Let us go down in history as 
the greatest urban movement of all time! Let us mature and rise to the cultural heritage that we have 
been born into. Let us as Hiphoppas fulfill The Dream of our parents. This is the meaning of OUR 


Yes, there are other movements of worthy cause, even worthy of more immediate attention. 

But Hip Hop’s preservation is what GOD has given to us as OUR task. Hip Hop is our burden. In 
history, this is what future generations will know our moves meant. 

190 Our moves for the preservation and further development of Hip Hop include a full-service Hip 
Hop city, and it is this ultimate vision that defines the meaning of our moves today — our move-meant. 
This is the meaning of why we move . 

191 But we also know that revolution only benefits those who participate in it. New ideas and 
revolutionary movements can be preached from every street corner in the World, but if the listener is 
still unable to participate in the actualization of such ideas and movements then such talk is only 
entertainment. This is what Hip Hop has been experiencing ever since our famous Meeting of the 
Minds conference in 1994. 

192 Even though many of us have spoken strongly and accurately about the challenges facing our 
Hip Hop community, very few have actually organized themselves against such challenges. And even 
worse, when people like myself step up to begin the process of organization, fear, doubt and distrust 
from our own people cripple our plans before we can even begin. 

193 I will call no names here because this Gospel is a historical document that can have lasting 
effects upon the children of such saboteurs; everyone should be given time to mature past their own 
fears. However, in my time (your past) I’ve been criticized as being a “false prophet,” “cult leader,” 
“Antichrist,” of “wanting to own Hip Hop,” and even as being a member of the illuminati, but all of 
these criticisms and critics have fallen to the waste- side; I am only doing what we all said we wanted 

194 Those who are serious about Hip Hop’s preservation and further development have taken the 
vow I AM HIP HOP, and have united with others to form the Temple of Hip Hop, which is the 
actualization of our goals and collective vision. We have a plan and we will fulfill it. In fact, in your 
time (my future) we have already fulfilled it. This is the meaning of our movement. VICTORY OVER 
THE STREETS! There it is. 



1 After 1994 I attended many more Hip Hop summits, conferences and meetings where we all 
declared our loyalty to Hip Hop’s preservation, but then got side-tracked and even stifled once we 
returned to the pressures and responsibilities of our daily lives. 

2 While these famous summits, conferences and meetings took place during the 1990s it was KRS 
who was expected to attend and take notes and then advise the Hip Hop community on a plan of action 
relevant to its survival and growth. And I have not forgotten my commitment. Such was my honor in 
the 1990s and remains the same today. 

3 As I have observed on several occasions, the most pressing issues expressed at many of our 
meetings and summits over the years have been the need to restore our ancient ways of life before the 
invasions of western civilizations upon our tribes and natural resources, to raise our present quality 
of life as Hiphoppas, and to preserve and document the original cultural elements, traditions, history 
and customs of Hip Hop. 

4 Of course, freedom from the corporate exploitation of our artistic elements as well as the 
establishment of a code of conduct designed for the peace and prosperity of individual Hiphoppas 
were also among the most passionate themes brought up at our historic discussions. 

5 Together as a multi-cultural people, the restoration of OUR lost civilizations, the enhancement 
of OUR present quality of life, the proper documentation and preservation of OUR artistic elements 
and history, freedom from negative corporate exploitation, and a Hip Hop way of life that promotes 
peace and prosperity has always been the concerns of the conscious Hip Hop movement. 

These have always been the collective agendas that have formed our governing principles and 
our cultural movement as Hiphoppas. Basically, we are seeking freedom and justice for all. And it is 
the realization of this goal that we (the Temple of Hip Hop) are committed to. 

Yes, there may be other more pressing concerns to address regarding Hip Hop; however over 
the past 14 years this is what we have said amongst ourselves at our historic meetings to be the most 
pressing of OUR concerns as a community — freedom and justice for all. 

; However, I have seen too many sincere and conscious Hip Hop activists and artists struggle and 
even fail to achieve their goals because of the enormous distractions and temptations of the material 
World. Some activists spend too much time criticizing the work of other activists, thus stagnating the 
collective political and social aspirations of our group. 

Many of our wisest leaders, artists and advisors are hampered down in life, working to pay 
rents, mortgages, college loans, business loans, childcare, cell phone bills, car payments, food, gas, 
clothing, etc. And no one seems to ever have enough money to do what they need to do! Even the so- 
called rich! 

10 Sure, we may get up in front of a podium or radio and express the most logical ideas regarding 
Hip Hop’s preservation and development, but if, after such advice is given, there is no one capable of 
carrying out such lofty ideas because of poverty and/or a personal lack of character, vision, 
emotional sensitivity and/or organization, then it is as if such speakers were simply talking to 

The audience of eager revolutionaries cannot act upon what was being suggested because the 


very character of the audience and the beliefs that such an audience may hold make it difficult (even 
impossible) for them to even see, and then actualize, such revolutionary ideas. 

12 This is why true activism requires teaching as well as preaching. The biggest challenge to the 
activist is the very people who are to benefit from that activist’s ideas and actions. If the community 
desires freedom, then the activist must spend some time teaching the principles of freedom to her 
people; otherwise the community will not know when they have achieved their goal, and in most cases 
will actually fight against the very goal they’ve set for themselves. 

13 In my observation, it will take a community of educated, organized, free-thinking and 
prosperous Hiphoppas to achieve Hip Hop’s real and actual preservation. Even beyond money, the 
Hip Hop community must know peace. We must be content and confident in the reality of who we are 
as a People. 

14 Revolutionary talk is always stimulating to hear, but if the people hearing such talk are not at 
peace first amongst themselves, such desperateness caused by insecurity and doubt will collapse and 
betray our movement before it can really even start. 

15 In my observation, Hip Hop’s preservation begins with peace and prosperity leading to Hip 
Hop’s independence. Hip Hop must become self-sufficient, self-sustaining and self-directed. Living 
and supporting the very industry that we say is ripping us off is self-destructive and hypocritical. We 
cannot ever expect to liberate Hip Hop from those who exploit its resources if we are dependent upon 
the same for our very survival. 

16 As simple as this may sound, many are still helplessly dragged along in the World’s currents 
and events because of their own attachment to the World’s stimuli. After a while they become 
unfamiliar and afraid of ideas and solutions that seem to go beyond the World’s boundaries. They 
may posture as if they possessed free minds but in reality their worldview revolves around what the 
powers that be, or what some secret government agency or society, won’t let them do. In fact, the 
more they speak against the World, the more they become dependent upon it. 

17 Ironically, because the World does not belong to them they become very insecure about their 
own affiliation with the World. The World is not right! We all slaves! They got us trapped! Many such 
activists feel that at any moment they can lose everything that sustains them, and that they must work 
harder to maintain and hold on to the little bit that they believe they have. This life is lived in 
desperation, and in no way can such a person ever be a truly committed revolutionary. Such a person 
creates enemies where there are none, and poverty where none should exist. 

18 And while you may perceive that such a life is lived mainly by poor people, the Truth of the 
matter is that I am talking more about the conduct and character of many working/employed people 
and even some very rich and educated people. 

19 As I have observed, the act of desperation seems to transcend all classes of people, all races, all 
ethnicities, all genders, all faiths, EVERYONE! As with insecurity, doubt and fear, desperation knows 
no race or social class; everyone is a potential candidate — even the rich, even the employed, even the 
educated, even the activist. 

20 This is why (as an activist) it is better to live a simple and content life than a life full of 
commitments and busyness. Know this. The rich are the most insecure individuals within any 
community because the base of their power is money, which is always temporary. The activist who 
has built up large sums of money for herself is equally trapped by the business relationships that have 
created such riches. 

This form of activism is limited because of one’s loyalty to other relationships. Those who 


make their living from the same structure that everyone else is trying to rid themselves of cannot be 
expected to lead a revolutionary movement toward change. Their desperateness is shown in their 
attachment to Worldly riches and corporate power. They can help but they cannot lead. 

22 Such individuals struggle as activists because to be an activist one must discern between what is 
right and what is wrong for one’s community beyond the benefits of those who may be exploiting the 
community’s resources for corporate gain. To be a true Hip Hop activist one must be self-directed 
with a minimum amount of corporate ties. 

23 For if you make your living in the same corporate structure that seeks to exploit the very 
community that you are seeking to preserve and further develop, then discernment is almost 
impossible. The rules of business demand that you be liked by everyone, and take no position on 
anything. Those who hold these views will not discern between right and wrong, they benefit either 

24 Unless you are willing to be hated by those you love, and/or become impoverished by those 
who you have made rich, you shall in no way make any lasting change or enduring progress for your 
community. Revolution is not a popularity contest. Successful activism is caused by one’s sincere love 
and understanding of and for one’s cause. 

25 In the business world, cash and credit rule everything around us — not justice. In the world of 
justice, balance and the common good rule everything around us. In justice, we don’t just eat the fruits 
we find along the journey of life; every now and then we look up to see where such fruits are coming 
from. This is balance, and this is right. 

26 As a Hip Hop activist, do not be led by the rich or adopt their philosophy of “self first.” This is 
what makes a person desperate and insecure, even with riches; they find themselves in the position of 
pleasing everyone and in doing so, they please even the forces that work against the cause of their 

27 For as long as your personality and reputation are based upon your financial status you shall 
make your financial status the priority of your survival. And this is what leads to fear; it is an extreme 
act or thought of self-protection. 

28 Your impulse to preserve yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, politically, 
etc., causes you to become fearful. It is in the extreme concern for your own safety (or interests) that 
causes you to become afraid or insecure. Compulsive attempts at one’s own self-interests lead to fear 
and insecurity. 

29 However, once you free yourself by giving up the protection and guidance of your Self to GOD 
you immediately inherit courage. When we surrender ourselves to that higher, deeper guidance, 
GOD’s Protective Spirit or GPS, we rest in the mystery of our being, knowing that all things are 
working toward the fulfillment of our most comfortable and safe conditions. 

30 Whereas fear may be the result of an extreme concern for one’s self, courage may be the result 
of an extreme concern for others. To lend oneself to something other than one’s self requires 
courage. Help is a good example of courage. Teaching is another good example of courage. Self- 
sacrifice requires courage. 

31 Ridding one’s self of desperateness, insecurity, worry and fear are all exercises of the Spirit 
and are essential to the success of any activist. You cannot buy your way out of insecurity, and you 
cannot purchase courage. In fact, the Notorious B.I.G., who was notorious for flashing huge amounts 
of cash and living lavishly, warned us. He said, Mo’ money, mo’ problems. 

And in no way am I implying that money in and of itself is somehow not to be accumulated and 


used. Not at all. However to not be happy, or feel secure, or to not feel motivated to pursue change 
unless you are rich, or to feel that the accumulation of money and/or property makes you more 
human than someone without such resources is simply NOT the path of an attuned Hip Hop activist. 
Money must never use the activist; it is the activist who must learn how to efficiendy use money. 

33 Hip Hop’s activists who have not secured a basic standard of living for themselves independent 
of the World’s institutions are continuously distracted from activism by the influence of the World 
calling them back to work! A true Hip Hop activist cannot be addicted to the power of money, nor can 
money ever be the reason a true Hip Hop activist is motivated to move or act. Such an activist is 
moved by principles and virtues and lives a life as such. 

34 Biggie warned mo’ money, mo’ problems. So why would any activist who has truly studied the 
events of Hip Hop’s culture still want to pursue a life based upon the accumulation of money? 
Answer: Addiction. Not to drugs or to sex, but to security. And not even in a bad or greedy way. But 
simply addiction to the security that money provides, believing that nothing can be done without a 
certain amount of money. 

35 Many see no other life. Others believe in no other power. They see no other way that they 
would rather live. Many Hip Hop activists are actually addicted to the belief that their actual security 
as a human being is connected to their Worldly validations and accumulation of money. 

36 In Truth, they have forgotten or simply don’t know how to live without money, or enjoy a life 
in Spirit where you live within your means and people give you the things you need for free. Such a 
life is taught here within the Overstandings of this instrument. However, this life is crazy to those who 
rely upon the World’s security over GOD’s reality. 

37 And this is not a judgment, simply a conclusion. In Truth, such is not the fault of the money- 
addicted, they were trained (educated) to believe that everything must be worked for and then paid for, 
that only the World’s institutions offer real power and legitimacy, and that freedom is attained within 
a retirement that never comes. They’ve been educated to believe there’s no other way. I find that this is 
how many great minds are trapped and turned to desperate acts just to survive. 

38 Those who still live desperate lives based upon the accumulation of money are simply too 
preoccupied by their own survival and pleasures to really focus upon the well-being and development 
of others. Sure, most Hip Hop activists can think and speak on Hip Hop’s music, culture and politics 
but find it difficult to really live and act, create and develop the same. 

39 This condition seems to be our only challenge as a Hip Hop community. In my time we are 
simply too desperate as a people to achieve the goals that we say we desire for ourselves collectively. 
We are simply too dependent upon the World and its temporary security to overcome that same World 
for everlasting life. We are all simply looking out for ourselves and this is why we cannot seem to 
protect each other. This is why we lack unity! 

40 As the great prophet Kwame Ture has taught us, The capitalist system will so confuse people 
that they will think that they can think abstractly. They used to tell me in Latin ‘cogito, ergo sum ’ — / 
think therefore I am. But we know that this is not the Truth because those of us who are sitting here 
know that there are many who are, but don ’t think . 

41 As a matter of fact, there is no way that one can think abstractly about anything. The only way 
that you can think about something is when you are involved in it, because thought is nothing other 
than the reflection of fast action for the correction of future actions. Thought must be based upon 
action. Where there is no action there can be no thought. 

If you have never taken physics, you cannot think about physics. Of course, you can think that 


you think about physics, but unless you think physics you cannot think about physics. You may, while 
watching a basketball game on television or at the game, criticize every basketball player. But unless 
you play basketball you cannot think about basketball. If you are not involved in your people’s 
struggle, you cannot think about your people’s struggle. 

43 If you are not involved in the African revolution, you cannot think for the African revolution. 
The problem can be highlighted here in the past between the White ‘left’ and the African movement. 
It’s we who have the action! It’s we who confront the police! It is we who have the ‘sit-in’ movement, 
it’s we who threw the bricks and bottles against the police, it is we who shed our blood, but it is the 
White ‘left’ who comes to give us the ideology. This is absurd! 

44 This is absurd just by what is going on in Azania South Africa. In Azania South Africa the only 
people dying in the streets are us. It is from OUR actions that we get OUR thoughts. Nobody else will 
come from our actions to give us correct thoughts. Thought is one of the weaknesses of the African 

45 This is where those who say that they are our friends come and take advantage of us. The 
weakness of the African revolution is that we have collective action but we do not have collective 
thoughts . We have collective action as a people, and serious collective action! We can rise up in the 
greatest imperialistic country in the World, America. And we can burn down 270 cities in a weekend 
and then sit down for 30 years because we have no collective thought to continue the struggle. 

46 When it comes to the Hip Hop community, with all of our awards, and validations, and money, 
and property, as a community we still cannot seem to protect OUR intellectual property from those 
who seek only to exploit OUR value as human beings, simply because we are disorganized as a 
People today. 

47 Sure, we can talk eloquendy about freedom, peace, love, unity, and having fun, we can talk 
about revolution, we can rally, we can march, we can write books and do lectures for a lifetime, but if 
we are still desperate, still disorganized and still have not broken the chains of the World’s security 
upon our flesh and minds, we are as crack cocaine addicts throwing crack cocaine against the wall of 
the crack house in an attempt to break our own addictions to crack. 

48 WE MUST BECOME AND REMAIN ORGANIZED! And such organization comes from the 
loyalty and practice of OUR principles. As the prophet Kwame has said on many occasions, 

49 The prophet has already taught us that the only way that we will arrive (at freedom) is when the 
masses of our People are organized! We are a powerless People because the masses of our People are 
disorganized. Political power comes only from the organized masses. All of the problems we face 
everywhere, the problem of drugs is simply a reflection of the lack of organization in our community 
because we do not control anything in our community — who comes in, who goes out, what comes in, 
what goes out, how it comes in and for what reason. We control absolutely nothing because we are 
disorganized! The only way that we will organize ourselves is when we ourselves come to organize 

50 This also means that money cannot be the sole reason that you are engaged in revolutionary 
change. Real change, not money, must be the goal. Those whose priorities are based upon the 
accumulation of money and/or power will never be able to remain committed to any organized 
struggle toward freedom and/or real change for long. 

51 It is us who must desire freedom for ourselves, and such a desire must come from within. It 
must be our true desire; freedom must be the essence of our very being. But this is where the problem 


52 You cannot free yourself from exploitation by becoming rich; you free yourself from 
exploitation by eliminating want by developing your mind to exist outside of World security. This is a 
matter of principles and your loyalty to them. 

53 The less you want, the fewer chances someone has of telling you how much you are worth, 
where to go, what to do, how to do it, and what time to do it. The less you need from the World and its 
agents for your survival and comfort, the happier you shall be. However, these are spiritual lessons; 
these ideas are based upon a principled life. Self-creation based upon one’s independent principles is 
the key to life! 

54 The Hip Hop activist lives a principled life, a simple life. Not a poor life, but a simple and easy- 
to-manage life grounded upon one’s principles. Activism on any level requires an already-attained 
level of freedom and ease on the part of the activist. A true activist has already overcome something 
or someone in opposition to the goal and they bring such knowledge to the planning table for the 
collective good of all. Activists should have already attained that which they are preparing to lead 
their people to. A good and effective activist comes with a set of principles that she remains 
accountable to, and others can hold her to — this builds trust. 

55 A true Hip Hop activist has already been to the destination discussed and back again, and can 
now explain to other potential activists the action and mind-state that need be taken to achieve the 
goal. Even if it is only worked out on paper, if the other activists can see where the plan goes, and 
they have a firm view as to what is at stake and what is required, an actual movement for change can 

56 The Hip Hop activist must have alternative sources of survival other than that of the World; 
otherwise it shall be very difficult for such an activist to overcome the traps as well as the checks and 
balances of oppression. Principles are indeed one’s alternative source of survival outside of the 
World’s validations and securities. 

57 A true Hip Hop activist is not someone who has woken up one morning fed up with the choices 
of her society and has decided to protest. A true Hip Hop activist has already tracked a clear path 
toward the goals which are being discussed by the group. The Hip Hop activist is led by her 
principles, which should match the interests of the group. 

58 However to think and act in this way, one must be motivated by forces beyond the physical 
World. To really live and work in this way you will have to make one very important life-changing 
decision. You will have to decide once and for all whether you desire the World and its ways or the 
Spirit (your principles) and its ways? 

59 In my observation, the true Hip Hop activist must have a “divine” connection in order to 
actually DO the work of preserving Hip Hop and speaking out on behalf of Hip Hop’s controversial 
issues in the World. In addition to tactical organization, the truly effective Hip Hop activist uses 
prayer, affirmation, visualization, meditation, chanting, fasting, poetry, dance and other supernatural 
means to achieve the goal of preserving Hip Hop and protecting one’s self against fear, insecurity and 
depression that can develop later in life. 

The Hip Hop activist has no time to be distracted by the pressures, doubts and temptations of the 
World. Through certain timeless spiritual principles the Hip Hop activist operates outside of the 
World. In the Spirit, the World and those who depend upon it are no match for a true Hip Hop activist 
that also operates spiritually! 

Today’s Hip Hop activist must first protest against the addictions and temptations of her own 


mind before seeking to protest against unjust acts! For if she is not strong from within, the 
temptations of the World shall distract the activist and lead her astray. The true Hip Hop activist must 
know God. 


The true Hip Hop activist must feel God, and you will not come to feel God through your 
physical senses and ordinary human forms of comprehension. Books alone won’t do it! The oneness 
will be revealed to you in Spirit after you have proven that you can be trusted. This is real! 

63 In other words, if lust, fear and doubt still overwhelm your mind and override your physical 
senses, then you simply cannot be trusted. If you are still addicted to the illusions of the material 
World then you cannot be trusted with the Truth of the Spirit realm. You can be loved. You can be 
taught. You can even be blessed; but you cannot be trusted. It’s like trusting your own child with all of 
your belongings knowing that he or she is addicted to crack cocaine! 

64 Adopting the Divine Performance as your personal character (or any spiritual path that you can 
commit to) shows your God that you can be trusted. Know this. The universe itself is an intelligence 
that will not reveal certain aspects of itself to you until you prove that you can be trusted. Remember, 
the universe is alive and it responds to maturity. 

65 This is what it means to be of righteous character. It means that you can be trusted. No one will 
give you anything if cannot be trusted with what you have already received. 

bl In the Spirit realm, which is the cause of the physical World, there is no separation of things. 
Everything is one thing. And everything is aware and conscious. We separate the true reality of 
people, places and things so that we may understand them. But in Truth, everything is really one thing! 

With your mind you choose what you want for your physical World out of the Spirit realm that 
you actually live within. 

68 Know this. The Spirit realm is like a supermarket. Everything is there but you decide upon what 
you need to survive based on your own values, awareness, likes, dislikes and wants. In fact, you 
decide upon what you want based on the purpose for which you have entered the supermarket. Ask 
your Self now: What is my purpose? 

69 Your purpose is direcdy connected to the intent of the great oneness (GOD). Your purpose has 
a consciousness of its own that comes from a realm far deeper than your physical reality. Once you 
have found your purpose you have also found the intention of the conscious universe for you, and 
this validates and empowers your activism. 

70 In fact, when you know your purpose, you shall also know what already exists for you in the 
now reality of the Spirit realm. And it is from this knowing that you plan your activism. 

71 For it makes no sense to protest that which does not stand in your way! The Hip Hop activist is 
motivated to protest when some external force stops, stagnates or in some way impedes the pursuit of 
that activist’s innate purpose or the collective freedom of the community. 

72 Any successful warrior will tell you to choose your battles, and this is what the Hip Hop activist 
must do as well. The Hip Hop activist is advised to join movements, rallies and protests that are in 
harmony with her purpose; in this way you enter the batde with supernatural assistance! 

73 You must limit your awareness of everything else to your purpose. Bring your purpose into 
existence by being only it. Don’t just do your purpose, be your purpose! Your purpose is your 
connection to the divine. It is your true Self! And when one seeks to hinder your divine/true Self, 
divine protection, divine guidance, divine healing, etc., automatically come to your aid. 

Therefore, you should decide things according to your purpose, you should protest according 


to your purpose, and you should join organizations that are in alignment with your purpose. Yes, 
there are many conditions and circumstances to protest, but you will only be successful at your 
protest if the true intent of your protest matches the preservation and further development of your true 
life purpose. 

75 As a final thought, the Hip Hop activist MUST BE ORGANIZED! What does this mean? It 
means first that we must simply be superior to our opposition. We must assess the strengths and 
weaknesses of our opponents and simply outdo them, outperform them, and outmaneuver them. We 
simply must be better than those we go up against. 

Second, we must be really willing to win our bathes; failure and/or defeat CANNOT BE AN 
OPTION! We must be specific with our challenges and honest about our own weaknesses and 
strengths. We must get, be and remain PREPARED TO WIN! 

Third, The Hip Hop activist must spend quality time with the Hip Hop community teaching the 
core principles, tactics and beliefs of what we claim to collectively want. Everyone in our community 
must know and understand what’s at stake and their role in the achievement of the goal. There must be 
one clear and concise goal that everyone understands and is capable of taking part in. We must know 
what success looks like. 

Fourth, the Hip Hop activist must live and love Hip Hop. For it is one’s love for one’s cause 
that reveals extraordinary tactics and overwhelming energy. Those who are paid to fight will never 
defeat those who fight for what they love! 

For if there is no passion to one’s fight there will equally be no strength to one’s fight. We must 
never be afraid to fight for that which we truly love! Again, the Hip Hop activist must live and love 
Hip Hop in order to be successful at her protest on behalf of Hip Hop! 

80 And finally, The Hip Hop activist must maintain the ability to recognize her victory. Most times 
a true activist will fight, fight, fight, fight, fight against some unjust condition for years, forming a 
protest habit which prevents that activist from seeing her own victory when it comes. 

81 Many times when you protest against an unjust condition it eventually changes or you gain 
more insight into what that situation actually is. In any event, if you are only seeking victory or 
revenge you will not know when to stop fighting and protesting, even after you have succeeded in 
removing the injustice. Here, you begin to fight against yourself and your own interests — even your 
own people. 

82 At some point you will either have to accept that you are successful in your protest and move 
on, or accept that you are unsuccessful in your protest and move on. Either way, at some point the 
situation does change and the true activist must maintain her ability to recognize such changes and 
adjust her plans accordingly. 

83 The true Hip Hop activist does not protest for the sake of revenge, or to look good, or to defeat 
the opponent. The true Hip Hop activist protests unjust situations because such situations are unhealthy 
for everyone. The point is to bring awareness to the opposing party and recognize when the opposing 
party is making amends or has simply outgrown old ways. 

84 For when we protest against unjust corporate practices we should always remember that we are 
in many ways protesting against real people with real families and real personal concerns of their 

85 We must always remember that even though we are protesting an injustice, we must not become 
unjust and insensitive ourselves. And the first cause of injustice is the inability to feel for the suffering 
of others. We must never become as insensitive as those who we are protesting against. Remember, 

your enemy is also GOD’s child. 

w Many times our opposition is afraid and nervous, even trapped and truly sorry for their deeds, 
but they must now put on a front for their peers because we have challenged them publicly. 
Sometimes it is our own anger that makes a simple situation worse. Remember, it is our own loud 
voices that cause our opposition to get even louder as a form of self-defense. 

0 If we approach our opposition with a resolution that works for everyone most times we can 
solve some very difficult situations peacefully and swifdy. The idea is to approach unjust conditions 
with just conditions. The idea is to replace evil, fear and ignorance with righteousness, good faith and 
understanding. The purpose of our protest should be to fix the unjust situation, not seek revenge 
because of it. 

H: It is not wise to approach evil, fear and ignorance with even more evil, fear and ignorance. The 

idea is to advance all parties away from evil, fear and ignorance because evil, fear and ignorance 
don’t work for anybody! 

For it is a fact that those who commit acts of injustice are either trapped by their own unjust 
conditions or they are ignorant to the effects of their conditions. Either way, yelling, screaming, 
protesting or threatening, is like doing the same to a sick person in need of medical attention. 

90 Most people would not yell and protest against a person who was generally depressed or had 
contracted a deadly disease, even if the sick person is totally disrespecting them. Most people would 
overlook the hostility of the sick person and seek to help the sick person get well. Using this example, 
we can see clearly that those who consciously commit acts of injustice are indeed sick to themselves. 
And if you dig a little deeper, you may find depression, loneliness, anxiety, stress, and/or even 
ignorance and/or basic immaturity at the center of the unjust person, corporation, or situation. 

91 Therefore, our protest cannot be about simply achieving a victory that only satisfies our 
emotional or political hurt. Such victories are indeed temporary. Our protest must be about the 
upliftment of the entire situation we may find ourselves within no matter how unjust the situation may 

92 Protesting against a liquor company, or a cigarette company, or an insurance company, or an 
oil company while people still use these products daily is a waste of the activist’s time. However, 
teaching people (including the employees of such companies) about the harmful affects of abusing 
such products is a lot more effective and useful than threatening the corporation itself. 

93 Seek the good in people and expect people to respond to good ideas that are beneficial to all. In 
his book Why We Can’t Wait, the King oudines the ten commandments of nonviolent activism. He 








Meditate daily on the teachings and life of Jesus. 

Remember always that the nonviolent movement in Birmingham seeks justice and reconciliation. 
Walk and talk in the manner of love, for GOD is love. 

Pray daily to be used by GOD in order that all men might be free. 

Sacrifice personal wishes in order that all men might be free. 

Observe with both friend and foe the ordinary rules of courtesy. 

Seek to perform regular service for others and for the World. 

Refrain from the violence of fist, tongue, or heart. 

Strive to be in good spiritual and bodily health. 

103 Follow the directions of the movement and the captain on a demonstration. 

104 This is the character of a true Hip Hop activist. You can modernize the words of this text, but 
the spirit of what is being said here is timeless and relevant to all Hip Hop activists seeking justice in 
unjust situations. There it is! 



1 On May 16, 2001, at the United Nations headquarters in New York, 300 Hip Hop pioneers, 
artists, activists, authors, government officials and Temple Members, along with a variety of 
ministers, philosophers, and students, gathered at the Delegates Dining Room for the revealing and 
signing of the Hip Hop Declaration of Peace. 

2 Harry Allen (author/activist), Ernie Paniccioli (author/photographer/activist), Pop Master Fabel 
( b-boy/Zulu Nation), Adam Clark (doctoral student at Union Seminary), James Mtume 
(producer/activist/musician), Professor Z (Ph.D./First Friend, Hiphop Kultural Specialist), Malik 
ONE (Temple of Hiphop), Chuck D. (Public Enemy, Emcee/activist/First Friend), Grandmaster Caz 
(Emcee/Hip Hop historian) Kool DJ Here (Father of Hip Hop/b-boy, Emcee, Graffiti artist, Deejay), 
Dr. Roxanne Shante (healer/Emcee), Thembisa Mshaka-Morris as master of ceremonies and myself 
announced the first draft of the Hip Hop Declaration of Peace. Three hundred attendees were given 
copies of the Hip Hop Declaration of Peace and encouraged to modify it. For one year (May 16, 
2001-May 16, 2002), the Hip Hop Declaration of Peace remained open to public scrutiny and debate. 
Many voices contributed and many modifications were made. 

3 The Hip Hop Declaration of Peace, presented to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and 
Cultural Organization (U.N.E.S.C.O.), the Ribbon International, Peace Action, New York’s City Hall 
and the Riverside Church in New York, serves as an empowering code of conduct for all Hiphoppas 
in our quest to further establish our Hip Hop nation. 

4 The Hip Hop Declaration of Peace is an accumulation of all the interviews and notes taken at 
Hip Hop’s famous and not-so-famous summits and conferences since 1987. Presented as advice, the 
Hip Hop Declaration of Peace setdes general disputes that commonly arise between Hiphoppas while 
presenting Hip Hop’s culture as a unified, self-governed community of peace and prosperity. 

5 Capable of being handled like any other autonomous group that chooses to unite its power to 
vote, its power to purchase and its power to influence, Hip Hop (as culture) holds out the possibility 
for our children and ourselves to live a better quality of life. 

Let no one define the essence of your being. The true and ultimate state of freedom is when you 
are free to define yourself. For if human beings cannot create and define themselves for themselves, 
then their humanity is indeed handicapped. Such a restriction is indeed the worst kind of bondage, for 
it implies that you do not truly direct yourself — even mentally. 

Hip Hop influences the Hiphoppa’s ability to self-create. However, once you are created, it is of 
extreme importance that you remain loyal to the Self that is created. In our case, once you have made 
the decision to be Hiphop it is the Hip Hop Declaration of Peace that serves as a guiding principle for 
your Hiphop lifestyle. 

8 The Hip Hop Declaration of Peace proves the existence of our people; it defines the present 
intentions of our hearts today. 

1 As scholars, we know the importance of establishing truly advanced states in human interaction. 
We know that technological advancements do not equate to being civilized. We know that technology 
is not civilization, nor is material wealth, or even military strength actually the definition of a great 
civilization. In Truth, we know that civilized behavior requires advanced human interactions. 

Civilization is based upon the ways in which human beings treat each other. No matter how 


rich, or how educated a nation is, or how many weapons a nation has; if it is still plagued with 
institutionalized racism, sexism, homophobia, discriminatory justice, and a blatant disregard for the 
well-being of its own citizenship through senseless acts of greed and the inability to follow its own 
laws and respect its own treaties at the very highest levels of its own government, such a nation’s 
leadership is in no way civilized, nor can such a nation be called a civilization. 

11 Such is the state of the countries in which many Hiphoppas live within today. But instead of 
pointing fingers, criticizing and judging other nations we (Hiphoppas) must continue the work that 
establishes our Hip Hop civilization in hopes that we may succeed and influence other nations to 
reach for their own higher ideals. 

12 Through the Hip Hop Declaration of Peace we (Hiphoppas) begin the challenging process of 
civilizing and maturing ourselves. We seek to reach advanced states in our interactions toward one 
another and the development of our human society. We seek to progress and perfect our arts, 
sciences, specific writing and language techniques as well as our social and political institutions. For 
us (Hiphoppas) this marks the establishment and sustainment of our true state of freedom. 

13 Through the Hip Hop Declaration of Peace in particular as well as throughout this Gospel of 
Hip Hop in general, we (Hiphoppas) seek spiritual, intellectual and cultural refinement. The Hip Hop 
Declaration of Peace is evidence of our intentions to be moral, humane and reasonable people. 

14 Yes, individual Hiphoppas may fall short of the mark, but the intentions of Hip Hop’s cultural 
declarations and laws shall remain a beacon of guiding light for all people to reach for their highest 
human potentials. And it is this (Hip Hop’s spiritual, political and cultural intention) that the Temple 
of Hip Hop teaches and defends. 

15 This collective faith is the revolution for us! We believe that we can actually think, re-think and 
visualize ourselves out of oppression. We believe that by becoming a new people on the Earth we can 
escape the traps, habits and obstacles of our previous ethnic identities. Our revolution begins with 
OUR self-creation and the re-telling of OUR human story. 

16 Our faith is that future Hiphoppas, having grown up seeing and hearing the advice of the 
Temple of Hip Hop, will learn from Hip Hop’s successes and from Hip Hop’s mistakes and continue 
the campaign to preserve true Hip Hop through the preservation of true Hiphoppas. There it is! 

The Hip Hop Declaration of Peace 

This Hip Hop Declaration of Peace guides Hiphop Kulture toward freedom from violence, and 
establishes advice and protection for the existence and development of the international Hiphop 
community. Through the principles of this Hip Hop Declaration of Peace we, Hiphop Kulture, 
establish a foundation of Health, Love, Awareness, Wealth, peace and prosperity for ourselves, our 
children and their children’s children, forever. 

For the clarification of Hiphop’s meaning and purpose, or when the intention of Hiphop is 
questioned, or when disputes between parties arise concerning Hiphop; Hiphoppas shall have access 
to the advice of this document, The Hip Hop Declaration of Peace, as guidance, advice and protection. 

First Principle 

Hiphop (Hip'Hop) is a term that describes our independent collective consciousness. Ever growing, it 
is commonly expressed through such elements as Breakin, Emceein, Graffiti Art, Deejayin, Beat 
Boxin, Street Fashion, Street Language, Street Knowledge and Street Entrepreneurialism. Wherever 
and whenever these and future elements and expressions of Hiphop Kulture manifest; this Hip Hop 
Declaration of Peace shall advise the use and interpretation of such elements, expressions and 

Second Principle 

Hiphop Kulture respects the dignity and sanctity of life without discrimination or prejudice. 
Hiphoppas shall thoroughly consider the protection and the development of life, over and before the 
individual decision to destroy or seek to alter its natural development. 

Third Principle 

Hiphop Kulture respects the Laws and agreements of its culture, its country, its institutions and 
whomever it does business with. Hiphop does not irresponsibly break Laws and commitments. 

Fourth Principle 

Hiphop is a term that describes our independent collective consciousness. As a conscious way of life, 
we acknowledge our influence on society, especially on children; and we shall forever keep the rights 
and welfare of both in mind. Hiphop Kulture encourages womanhood, manhood, sisterhood, 
brotherhood, childhood and family. We are conscious not to bring any intentional disrespect that 
jeopardizes the dignity and reputation of our children, elders and ancestors. 

Fifth Principle 

The ability to define, defend and educate ourselves is encouraged, developed, preserved, protected 
and promoted as a means toward peace and prosperity, and toward the protection and the development 
of our self-worth. Through knowledge of purpose and the development of our natural and learned 
skills, Hiphoppas are encouraged to always present their best work and ideas. 

Sixth Principle 

Hiphop Kulture honors no relationship, person, event, act or otherwise wherein the preservation and 
further development of Hiphop’s culture, principles and elements are not considered or respected. 
Hiphop Kulture does not participate in activities that clearly destroy or alter its ability to productively 
and peacefully exist. Hiphoppas are encouraged to initiate and participate in fair trade and honesty in 

all negotiations and transactions. 

Seventh Principle 

The essence of Hiphop is beyond entertainment: The elements of Hiphop Kulture may be traded for 
money, honor, power, respect, food, shelter, information and other resources; however, Hiphop and 
its culture cannot be bought, nor is it for sale. It (Hiphop) cannot be transferred or exchanged by or to 
anyone for any compensation at any time or at any place. Hiphop is not a product. Hiphop is the 
priceless principle of our self-empowerment. 

Eighth Principle 

Companies, corporations, non and not-for-profit organizations, as well as individuals and groups that 
are clearly benefiting from the use, interpretation and/or exploitation of the term Hiphop (i.e., Hip 
Hop, hip-hop,) and the expressions and terminologies of Hiphop (i.e., Hip Hop, hip-hop,), are 
encouraged to commission and/or employ a full-time or part-time certified Hiphop Kultural 
Specialist to interpret and answer sensitive cultural questions regarding the principles and proper 
presentations of Hiphop’s elements and culture; relative to businesses, individuals, organizations, 
communities, cities, as well as other countries. 

Ninth Principle 

May 3rd is Rap Music Day. Hiphoppas are encouraged to dedicate their own time and talent to self- 
development and for service to their communities. Every third week in May is Hip Hop Appreciation 
Week. During this time, Hiphoppas are encouraged to honor their ancestors, reflect upon their 
cultural contributions and appreciate the elements and principles of Hiphop Kulture. November is 
Hiphop History Month. During this time Hiphoppas are encouraged to participate in the creating, 
learning and honoring of Hiphop’s history and historical cultural contributors. 

Tenth Principle 

Hiphoppas are encouraged to build meaningful and lasting relationships that rest upon Love, trust, 
equality and respect. Hiphoppas are encouraged not to cheat, abuse, or deceive their friends. 

Eleventh Principle 

The Hiphop community exists as an international culture of consciousness that provides all races, 
tribes, religions and styles of people a foundation for the communication of their best ideas and 
works. Hiphop Kulture is united as one multi-skilled, multi-cultural, multi-faith, multi-racial people 
committed to the establishment and the development of peace. 

Twelfth Principle 

Hiphop Kulture does not intentionally or voluntarily participate in any form of hate, deceit, prejudice 
or theft at any time. At no time shall Hiphop Kulture engage in any violent war within itself. Those 
who intentionally violate the principles of this Declaration of Peace or intentionally reject its advice, 
forfeit by their own actions the protections set forth herein. 

Thirteenth Principle 

Hiphop Kulture rejects the immature impulse for unwarranted acts of violence and always seeks 
diplomatic, nonviolent strategies in the settlement of all disputes. Hiphoppas are encouraged to 
consider forgiveness and understanding before any act of retaliation. War is reserved as a final 

solution when there is evidence that all other means of diplomatic negotiation have failed repeatedly. 

Fourteenth Principle 

Hiphoppas are encouraged to eliminate poverty, speak out against injustice and shape a more caring 
society and a more peaceful world. Hiphop Kulture supports a dialogue and action that heals divisions 
in society, addresses the legitimate concerns of humankind and advances the cause of peace. 

Fifteenth Principle 

Hiphoppas respect and learn from the ways of Nature, regardless of where we are on this planet. 
Hiphop Kulture holds sacred our duty to contribute to our own survival as independent, freethinking 
beings in and throughout the Universe. This planet, commonly known as Earth, is our nurturing 
parent and Hiphoppas are encouraged to respect Nature and all creations and inhabitants of Nature. 

Sixteenth Principle 

Hiphop’s pioneers, legends, teachas, elders, and ancestors shall not be inaccurately quoted, 
misrepresented, or disrespected at any time. No one should profess to be a Hiphop pioneer or legend 
unless they can prove with facts and/or witnesses their credibility and contributions to Hiphop 

Seventeenth Principle 

Hiphoppas are encouraged to share resources. Hiphoppas should give as freely and as often as 
possible. It is the duty of every Hiphoppa to assist, whenever possible, in the relief of human suffering 
and in the correction of injustice. Hiphop is shown the highest respect when Hiphoppas respect each 
other. Hiphop Kulture is preserved, nurtured and developed when Hiphoppas preserve, nurture and 
develop one another. 

Eighteenth Principle 

Hiphop Kulture maintains a healthy, caring and wealthy central Hiphop guild — fully aware and 
invested with the power to promote, teach, interpret, modify and defend the principles of this Hip Hop 
Declaration of Peace. 



1 Peace and much love to all my Hiphoppas incarcerated right now; it is never too late to change 
your life — NEVER! Freedom is only a thought away. And if you are incarcerated unjustiy you will 
NOT be incarcerated for long. 

2 You can adopt a new thinking right now and change your environment by changing your 
thoughts. Do you live in a tomb or a temple? This is real! Your environment must respond to YOUR 
perception of it. Do not accept your present condition, it is truly temporary. 

3 For if you adopt the language and character of this gospel, no prison on earth will be able to 
hold you. For when you change your thinking your environment has to change to match such thinking 
— this is science. You may be in prison, but prison is not in you! 

4 Even beyond a jail cell many are imprisoned by their own unforgiving hearts. They may not be 
in a jail cell, but their own Personal Resentment In Situations Of Negativity imprisons their growth 
and development. Now is the time for you to begin walking and talking like a free man/woman 
unaffected by the ignorance and immaturity of others even when you may be in an imprisoned 
situation. Free men/women cannot be held in P.R.I.S.O.N. — prison is for prisoners. 

5 For if you are reading this gospel right now in prison, then you are truly blessed because this 
gospel in your hand right now confirms your faith that you shall soon be free, and with this 
experience you are now authorized to teach others. 

f Join me on this faith right now! My spirit is with you right now; you are not alone. KRS ONE IS 
THINKING ABOUT YOU RIGHT NOW. Stay focused and keep your head up. 

For if you are reading this gospel you have an opportunity right now to believe in your 
freedom right now because I am believing with you right now! And what are the odds of this? What 
are the odds of you getting this word sent to you right now? God is trying to tell you something about 
your life-path at this very moment; pay attention, you are being groomed right now for a serious 
work in the World. 

8 Simone G. Parker sends this affirmation to you. She advises you to BE S.T.R.O.N.G. while you 
are there, meaning Stay Tolerant, Respond Objectively, Notify God. This formula will get you 
through this period in your life. Your stay in jail and in P.R.I.S.O.N. is truly temporary no matter what 
your situation looks like. Keep the faith, you are actually being tested right now! Rise to the 

Did you know that the original purpose of prison was rehabilitation? That in ancient times when 
a person broke the laws of his/her society, that person was not immediately regarded as a criminal; 
such a person was regarded more as a patient in need of time to think, reflect and rehabilitate. 

10 Such is your time now. You know that you need this rest period. You know why you are where 
you are. Use your time wisely. Use this time to improve upon yourself. Do not walk with criminals if 
you truly are not one. Walk as a free man/woman. Adopt the character of the one who is willing to 
help even while in need of help. 

11 Continue to plan your future. See your future self doing what you know your purpose to be. 
Just because your body may be locked up right now doesn’t mean that your mind is. You CAN think 
your way out of prison! Try this. Really, you have nothing to lose. Practice these over standings; time 

seems to be on your side. 

12 This particular Overstanding deals with Law and the Hip Hop community’s opportunity to 
approach the advantages of Law seriously. Being “down by law” actually has two meanings to it here. 
One interpretation, the original one, informs us that being “down by law” has to do with holding a 
certain respect within one’s community. The other interpretation has more to do with being kept 
“down” or oppressed by law. First, let us look at this second interpretation more closely; I will 
elaborate on the original interpretation of the term “down by law” later. 

13 Know this. Just as there is no peace without justice, there is equally no freedom without law. In 
fact, the more we understand law, the freer and more secure we become. In this overstanding 
Hiphoppas are encouraged to respect Law and seek to be the law abiding citizens of the countries in 
which they reside. 

14 According to Black’s Law Dictionary, 5 th Ed., “law” is described as that which is laid down, 
ordained, or established. A rule or method according to which phenomena or actions coexist or follow 
each other. 

15 Law, in its generic sense, is a body of rules of action or conduct prescribed by a controlling 
authority, and having binding legal force. According to the same dictionary, a law is that which must 
be obeyed and followed by citizens subject to sanctions or legal consequences. 

16 Law is also interpreted as a solemn expression of the will of the supreme power of the state. Law 
can also mean a body of principles, standards and rules made known to the public by government. In a 
scientific sense, like with the science of living things (biology), “law” is a scientific theory that has 
been tested repeatedly. 

17 A “lawful” person is one who is free, unattainted and capable of bearing an oath. This is one of 
the basic standards that attuned Hiphoppas instinctively hold themselves to. Hiphoppas are “lawful” 
people. In Law we are protected, in Law we are guided. But we Hiphoppas have learned now that 
every “laid down,” “ordained” or “established” rule is not necessarily Law. 

18 We’ve seen and experienced now the corruption inherent in man-made laws and this is why our 
children do not respect today’s laws. Yes, we are moral and law-abiding citizens, but in our history 
many of the laws of the United States were simply imposed upon us for the control and further 
exploitation of our people. 

19 We’ve experienced now the discriminatory practices of not only law enforcement officers, but 
the very courts themselves! Yes, HIP HOP RESPECTS LAW! But when Black’s Law Dictionary 
describes law enforcement officers as those whose duty it is to preserve the peace, we can see with the 
experiences of our own lives how “unlawful” such officers act toward us. This, in our opinion, is the 
cause of social unrest and even violence in urban areas. 

20 It is not the poor citizens of a country who cause the violence they are forced to live around, it 
is actually the incompetence and corruption of that society’s law enforcement officers that actually 
cause violent situations to occur in that society. 

21 Black’s Law Dictionary describes “police” as a branch of government which is charged with the 
preservation of public order and tranquility, the promotion of the public health, safety and morals, and 
the prevention, detection and punishment of crimes. 

22 The police officer is one of the staff of men employed in cities and towns to enforce the 
municipal laws and ordinances for preserving the peace, safety, and good order of the community. But 
is this actually how police officers conduct themselves within America’s urban communities? Notice 
the repeated references in Black’s Law Dictionary to safety, tranquility and the preservation of peace. 

23 If police officers themselves conducted themselves like this there would be very little violence 
in our urban communities. There would be an example (even an inspiration) within our communities 
as to how real law-abiding citizens behave. But the conduct of today’s law enforcement officers has 
clearly fallen short of what they were originally established to do, and this is ultimately why our 
young people break the laws of their country. 

24 In fact, the lawless conduct of our children is in compliance with law enforcement officers and 
their agencies. When our young people disregard the ordinances of their City or State, they are 
actually following the law because this is how the law behaves in front of them. However, two wrongs 
do not make a right, or make it right. 

25 Just because lawmakers and law enforcers contradict and even break their own laws and 
ordinances does not mean that we should. In fact, as a sociopolitical strategy for the further 
establishment of today’s civil rights it is to our advantage to study and obey the laws of the nations in 
which we live. Every day Hip Hop has a real opportunity and responsibility to rise to the intended 
essence of law enforcement, which is to promote order, safety, health, morals and general welfare 
within constitutional limits. 

26 But this means that we Hiphoppas must stop terrorizing, disrespecting and intimidating the 
police officers in our own communities. Yes, we make the police in our communities afraid and 
fearful with our own lawless conduct and blatant disregard for their presence. All across the United 
States we make it known that we are willing to injure and even kill police officers, and such conduct 
makes them afraid of us; such fear then manifests itself into the “shoot first, ask questions later” 
attitude so many police officers express while patrolling our neighborhoods. 

27 Many police officers go to work every day not sure if they are going to make it home at night, 
and so the only way to ensure that they will make it home at the end of a day is to overwhelm us with 
flashing lights, loud noises, tasers and guns. All of this, however, exposes how fearful the police are 
when they are around us. This relationship is not healthy for anyone, and it is time for the Hip Hop 
community to mature past this level of communal immaturity. For it is not so much that we must do 
their jobs for them, it is more the fact that if they fail to execute their jobs well the whole society, with 
us in it, falls for lack of safety, health, morals and peace! 

28 We, Hiphoppas, have an opportunity to lessen the tension within our own communities by 
becoming more lawful than today’s law enforcement, which isn’t that difficult to achieve. Instead of 
protesting unjust conditions within our nations, why not try being more lawful than those who attempt 
to oppress us with their own fears and unjust laws? In fact, if we would simply respect our own Hip 
Hop laws and principles, as well as the laws and ordinances of the nations in which we live, we would 
not only be stronger and more organized than today’s law enforcement officers who do not follow 
their own laws and ordinances, we would lessen the fear and stress of certain police officers, 
lessening the amount of hostility we experience as a result of such high levels of fear and stress. 

29 In Truth, there is no need to fight against those who have already disrespected themselves by 
disrespecting their own ordinances. Such a group cannot last long anyway. 

30 So even though as Hiphoppas we are encouraged to obey the laws of our nations we also have 
come to understand that many of the laws we are obeying are only to be obeyed because of the legal 
harm it may cause us at the moment. In a society riddled with corruption, greed and incompetence, 
law is really a matter of what the corporate powers that be decide and want. 

31 As Hiphoppas we know that true Law cannot be broken. True Law in this sense is simply the 
reality or condition of a person or thing. True Law is not to be obeyed, it is to be understood, imitated 
and used toward the easing of human suffering. In essence, Law is the natural condition of things, and 

once you know the natural condition of things you discover the laws (or ways) that govern those 

32 Real laws are like abilities; they are the abilities of your existence, they are the explanations of 
who you really are and what you are really capable of achieving. True Law doesn’t just tell what you 
can’t do, it also tells you what you actually can do. In fact, you are a law unto yourself. You create 
with your decisions, words and actions the conditions (laws) that shall govern and guide your life. 

33 Hip Hop is the law (or condition) of the Hiphoppa. Those who understand and obey this law 
bring more of this law into their lives. In fact, when you are in harmony with the law (condition) of 
your own being, you discover the true power of your true nature. 

34 Black’s Law Dictionary talks about police officers as those “hired” for “preserving the peace” 
and law enforcement officers as those whose “duty” it is to “preserve the peace” If we became our 
own law enforcement officers whose “duty” it was to “preserve the peace,” not only would we 
inherit the ability to “lawfully” detain hired police officers when they engaged in misconduct, but as 
law enforcement officers we become the preservers of “peace” in our own communities. This would 
dramatically lessen violence in urban areas. 

35 This is the solution to urban crime and police misconduct; we Hiphoppas have to become our 
own law enforcement officers. In fact, isn’t it obvious that we are being led off to prison not because 
of crime, but because we simply don’t care about one another so there is no protection of one 
another? Crime means that you don’t care about your neighbor, and such conduct invites outside 
forces to cease upon your resources and impose their laws upon you. 

36 Know this. The essence of “police power” actually secures generally the comfort, safety, 
morals, health, and prosperity of its citizens, while insuring to each an uninterrupted enjoyment of all 
the privileges conferred upon him or her by the general laws. 

37 It is then obvious that when we obey our own Hip Hop laws and show a higher respect for the 
general laws of our nations, we naturally inherit “police powers” even to the point of policing the 
police. The repeated references in Black’s Law Dictionary to “morals” in the enforcement of a 
community’s laws and ordinances suggests that the police are supposed to uphold, protect and even 
promote the general morality of the communities in which they police. 

38 They are not in essence authorized to impose a certain morality upon a community, they are 
authorized to uphold the general morality of the communities they police. But if the community in 
which they police practices little to no morality unto themselves, law enforcement officers are indeed 
authorized to establish the “law” and “order” of the State over the interests of that immoral 

39 In addition, how can a law enforcement officer uphold a peace he/she does not possess within 
his/her self? How can a police officer know the correct moral character of a community he/she is 
foreign to? Or even deeper, how can an insecure, immoral, sick and poor police officer secure the 
comfort, safety, morals, health, and prosperity of the citizens he/she encounters throughout the day? 

40 This is important to know because not only must you personally have peace in order to secure 
peace for others, morality itself is also a spiritually motivated principle like peace. If you do not 
personally study and practice morality and the living of a righteous life, how can you administer such 
to anyone else? 

41 This again is why our young people today have such difficulty obeying the law. They are raised 
in a corrupt American culture that celebrates such corruption openly and freely in mass media and 
within the general affairs of the State. 


It is very difficult to respect the laws and general moral conduct of those who racially profile 
you, disrespect your culture, ignore your interests, arrest and assassinate your neighbors and seek to 
exploit you and your resources. Such moral conduct we can never accept or respect. Peace to Sean 
Bell. Remember, slavery was at one time morally correct and sanctioned by law. 

43 This is why we Hiphoppas must know the true essence of Law itself if we are to truly protect 
ourselves and accurately administer justice. 

44 But this is the dilemma right here. We Hiphoppas seem to protest the blatant contradictions in 
the practice of American law by contradicting OUR OWN LAWS. It’s like a form of suicide bombing 
where in your protest against injustice you blow yourself up in an effort to destroy your enemy. 

45 Can this be a viable strategy against oppression for Hip Hop? Presendy, we don’t think so, 
because anyone who is willing to die for their community actually lives for their community and is 
loyal to their community even unto death. Thus it is they who are the natural leaders of their 
community and should go on living, enduring injustice, leading, inspiring and teaching their 
community against the internal behaviors that caused the injustice to begin with. 

46 It is a community’s own interpretation of good and evil that determines that community’s moral 
code of conduct. However, good and evil are usually based upon the survival of the community so 
that what is good for one community may not be good for another community and vice versa. 

47 In a traditional sense, life is considered “good” while death is considered “evil.” Knowledge is 
considered “good” while ignorance is considered “evil.” Wealth is considered “good” while poverty 
is considered “evil.” But all of this is a matter of cultural opinion based upon what that culture feels it 
needs to exist and survive. 

48 So when we look at the laws that we are to obey, we are to ask in whose interests were these 
laws created? Some laws are indeed “evil” for our community because they do not consider the well- 
being of our existence. Other laws are “good” because they enhance and protect our general well- 
being even if they are imposed upon us. 

49 Following laws that only have the lawgiver’s interests in mind is “oppression,” and this is the 
present collective condition in which Hiphoppas live today. Black’s Law Dicitionary defines 
“oppression” as a misdemeanor committed by a public officer, who under color of his office, 
wrongfully inflicts upon any person any bodily harm, imprisonment or other injury. An act of cruelty, 
severity, unlawful exaction, or excessive use of authority. An act of subjecting to cruel and unjust 
hardship: an act of domination. 

50 Notice the level of crime that “oppression” actually is; it is actually a “misdemeanor,” meaning 
offenses lower than felonies and generally those punishable by fine or imprisonment otherwise than in 

51 So when police officers shoot at us, curse at us, intimidate us, arrest us and/or “detain” us 
without just cause, not only is this an act of “oppression” but such an act technically is not even a 
felony. This, in my observations, is the cause of so much lawlessness, urban violence and police 
misconduct. We Hiphoppas must rise above this condition if we are to ever be truly free. 

52 If we are to really continue our parents’ and grandparents’ struggles for freedom and justice 
(civil rights), at some point we are going to have to consider governing ourselves, which means 
obedience to our own laws and respect for our own traditions. We are going to have to keep the 
police and other law enforcement officers out of our communities by abiding by our own laws, which 
even they would be forced to obey once within our self-governed community. 

We live in a nation under a government that presendy ignores our existence and self-expression 


as Hiphoppas, yet we are threatened with prison and forced at gunpoint to obey the laws of such a 
government even though such laws do not have our best interests in mind. For us, this is “evil.” Such 
a governement has no idea who its citizens are and in our Hip Hop observations such cultural 
illiteracy is the cause of so much of America’s social ills. 

54 A “good” government recognizes not only my right to exist, but also the usefulness of my 
existence, and puts me in my right social place. This is called “order,” and such “order” exists hand- 
in-hand with law. An ordered society seeks the condition in which every part of it is in its rightful 
place. Where every citizen is where they are supposed to be, and doing what they are supposed to be 
doing based upon their own individual nature and purpose supported by a government which they 
voluntarily serve. 

55 The United States suffers today economically not only because it is repeatedly breaking its own 
laws and traditions while oppressing its population, but simply because it is not making good use of 
its talented citizens. Let us pray for change. However, such conditions have already begun to change 
because we Hiphoppas are now ready to change them! Many of us have now grown up and are 
beginning to take the seats of political office once reserved for those who sought to exploit our 
resources and ignore our real existence. 

56 But how shall we behave when we are in power? Shall we simply continue the same oppression 
on some other group seeking existence, or shall we be fair and just in our administering of justice? 
Such an answer does not come when we are in power, such an answer is performed by us, amongst 
us, today. 

57 It is a complete waste of our revolutionary effort to complain about issues we ourselves have 
not matured beyond. When we protest unjust situations we should be able to do better than the 
situations we are protesting against. We should not just culturally scream out when we are hit by 
injustice, we should take the hit as an act of validation toward our authority to speak into existence a 
new nation. This is what our King taught us. 

58 Our King taught us to endure injustice so that you might be validated to speak against it. Those 
who have not been hit with the sting of injustice lack the real authority to speak against it. Yes, you 
may definitely protest the injustice that you see, or hear, or even read about simply because of your 
own sense of right and wrong, good and evil, but ultimately the authentic authority to plan and act 
against injustice comes only from those direcdy suffering from it. 

59 Even if others decide to help us out of our unjust situation simply because they recognize the 
injustice of our situation, it is still us who must have a vision and a plan of action for ourselves. 
Others can only assist and help us achieve victory over oppression, but ultimately it is we who must 
know what a better situation looks and feels like. 

We simply have to get clear about what we actually want. This creates purpose, and purpose 
creates vision, and vision creates movement, and movement creates history, and history creates 
tradition, and tradition creates morality, and from our own sense of morality come our principles, 
and it is our principles that create our laws, which exist to protect and further develop the existence of 
our group. 

61 Living by some other society’s laws and traditions hinders us from experiencing our own. A 
society that expects us to obey THEIR laws and traditions without ever asking us about the existence 
of OUR laws and traditions is indeed an oppressive society. However, such oppression can only 
continue if we allow it to continue through the oppression of ourselves. 

Try to remember what oppression actually is. Not only is “oppression” an act of cruelty, 


severity, unlawful exaction, or excessive use of authority, but “oppression” is also an act of subjecting 
to cruel and unjust hardship. In this case, not only is “oppression” bodily harm, cruelty, unlawful 
exaction, and the excessive use of authority, oppression is also the acceptance of such injustice; it is 
the act of subjecting to cruel and unjust hardship. 

63 Those who act or speak cruelly are actually attempting to oppress you — rappers included. 
Those who use their authority excessively, unjustly, and/or unlawfully are attempting to oppress you 
— DJs included. By not conducting ourselves according to our own laws and traditions we actually 
oppress ourselves; we use our own authority as an “original” culture against ourselves. 

64 Asking for justice is not how an oppressed group will ever get justice. It is when such a group 
begins to perform the justice they want for themselves amongst themselves that such justice appears 
and serves the well-being of that group. 

65 Justice is never given by one group to another group; justice is performed internally within a 
group first and other groups, seeing such a performance, are compelled to approach such a group the 
way in which that group approaches itself. 

Presendy, the United States treats the Hip Hop community the way in which the Hip Hop 
community treats itself. But such a relationship is simply not working for US or the U.S. It is now 
time for us to begin conducting ourselves as an autonomous group of specialized people, organized 
and prepared for trade. 

1 Regarding “the social contract theory of the origin of the state, ” Alban Dewes Winspear, in his 
book The Genesis Of Plato’s Thought, explains that the origin of the State is to be found in the fact 
that no one of us is sufficient into himself. We have all of us need of others. Our needs of food, 
clothing, and shelter. And so the first unit or association will be a farmer, a builder, a weaver; perhaps 
we should add a cobbler and one or two other craftsmen. This would be the ‘most rudimentary 
polity’ — this simplest and most essential form of human association. In such a grouping we shall 
discover that one man has one set of natural aptitudes, another man another. So specialization means 
multiplication of crafts and craftsmen — carpenters and smiths, neatherds and shepherds. And with 
specialization we shall have exchange. 

' We Hiphoppas are a kind of craftsmen or craftspeople. Hip Hop is our craft, and Hip Hop even 
when it is most critical of the United States is still an asset to the United States, an important part of its 
total functioning. The ignoring of Hip Hop is not so much the ignoring of a needed craft in American 
society, it is more the ignoring of a whole group of craftspeople in that society. 

" Such ignore-ance assists in America’s economic woes. It says that our particular Hip Hop arts 
and crafts are not valuable to the society in which our arts and crafts originate. And because of this 
lie, injustice is allowed to flourish in the fertile soil (soul) of American society. 

u But a society’s ignore-ance of its craftspeople is equally its downfall. As Mr. Winspear 
continues in The Genesis Of Plato’s Thought, Plato shows very great insight when he maintains that 
the State is based on an increasing interdependence of craftsmen and crafts... Plato, however, very 
cleverly interprets this mutual dependence of increasing specialization as a ‘natural inequality.’ Plato, 
like so many modern thinkers since the Renaissance, endeavored to base his theory of the State on a 
theory of human nature: we are by nature interdependent, each one of us is fitted by nature to do one 
particular task. This is the central fact in the secret of the origin of society and the justification of 

71 In this case, social justice is based upon every citizen having the ability to pursue and express 
their innate purpose, and the liberty to reach for the excellence his/her purpose demands. Plato 

reminds us here that social institutions are to be accounted for by reference to the desires and 
impulses of natural man. Aristode agrees, The State comes into being for the sake of life, it exists for 
the sake of the good life. 

72 But is this how any of the central social institutions of the United States behave and approach 
the impoverished part of the society they serve? Of course not, these institutions serve the interests of 
oppression and this is why they too are struggling to survive and grow in today’s changing World. 

73 Hip Hop can and will do better than this — much better than this. But first we must establish a 
state of peaceful harmony under a constituted authority (like the Hip Hop Declaration of Peace). Such 
constituted authority begins here, with us — we are our own natural authority. But when we break the 
laws of our own nature and existence we strip ourselves of all authority to govern — even ourselves. 

74 As attuned Hiphoppas we invite Law and Order. In fact, Hip Hop is already a social order unto 
itself; our people are just presently ignorant of it. Presently Hip Hop is a social class in the United 
States; we are a distinct group in American society. We can be called “the lower orders” or “a lower 
order” not because we are looked at as being of a lower class of people, but because our order comes 
under the authority of United States laws and ordinances. 

75 However, we are treated like a lower class of people simply because we act ignorantly and 
independently of the general well-being of our neighboring cultures and communities. We are not yet 
considered a “higher order” in the sense of being a high-minded people simply because we don’t act 
as such amongst ourselves or amongst others. 

! Our social behavior tells the World that we care little for ourselves and everyone around us. 
We are literally OUT OF ORDER! Such a condition is simply not healthy for us or the American 
people and it’s time we both realize this as we continue growing up. 

As a people we cry out for JUSTICE! But we cannot cry out or ask for that which we are not 
willing to give even to ourselves. Know this. We are the justice we seek and when we realize this, 
injustice shall have no more refuge in our community. Hip Hop itself is social justice, and so to be 
Hiphop the Hiphoppa must be just. 

78 It would be different if Hip Hop came into existence as a response to hatred (as an example). 
Then it would be within our divine and natural rights to express and practice love first amongst 
ourselves and then toward our neighbors if we are to grow and further develop. Love would be the 
correct strategy toward our liberation and collective peace. But this is not the case for Hip Hop. 

Yes, our God is Love! And yes, Hiphoppas cannot exist without love. But even love is not the 
correct strategy for our political and social liberation; justice is. The Hip Hoptionary by Alonzo 
Westbrook defines Hip Hop as the artistic response to oppression. With this accurate definition of Hip 
Hop as a response to oppression, which is basically an injustice to us, we see that the purpose of Hip 
Hop is justice. 

80 The purpose of Hip Hop is not the accumulation of money and other material goods; the real 
purpose of Hip Hop is justice, and those who are rich because of Hip Hop are made as such for the 
purpose of seeking and maintaining justice. We are a rich culture because the ancestors and parents of 
our citizenry have had everything taken away from them through war and invasion. 

81 Our richness today is simply the justice or balance (even karma) of our previously imposed 
unjust state of poverty. Riches and wealth are part of our natural condition, and so Hip Hop acts as 
justice itself in the restoring of our natural condition. We are rich not for the purposes of spending 
money on our oppressor’s products; we are rich because such is our natural condition, such belongs 
to our natural “order.” 

82 The point, therefore, is to BE yourself and stop exploiting yourself. The point is then to stop 
using yourself for money, and start BEING yourself with money. Use money to further express your 
Self as opposed to expressing yourself for money. It is time that we Hiphoppas begin the process of 
“ordering” ourselves to our values and principles based firmly in the nature of our being, which is 

83 It is now time for us (Hip Hop) to become “orderly,” meaning purposeful, methodically 
arranged, obedient to our own principles, well-behaved, trustworthy, and “lawful.” Such a repeated 
behavior creates peace and stability within our own communities, thus lifting us above those 
oppressive governments that cannot seem to achieve such stability for themselves. 

84 For it is order that creates nations and disorder that destroys them. Therefore, let us be ordered 
in our collective Hip Hop behavior. Let us be the nation America attempted to be, and receive the 
tranquility Americans attempted to secure. 

85 Let us finally accept ourselves as Hiphoppas and live from that “law” and “order.” And we have 
the authority to do so because we are “original”, we are “primitive”, and being “original” and 
“primitive” has legal meaning as well as common meaning. As Black’s Law Dictionary points out, the 
term “original” means primitive; first in order; bearing its own authority, and not deriving authority 
from an outside source. 

:ii ' This is interesting because Hip Hop is clearly an original and distinctiy unique culture. We are 
a “primitive” civilization bearing our “own authority,” and “not deriving authority from an outside 
source” unless we voluntarily give up such “authority” by not respecting or following our own 
“order. ” 

87 In Truth, it is self-respect that creates authority, and authority is what is needed to establish both 
civilization and law. Such authority comes from an authoritative conduct which begins simply with a 
serious respect for one’s self. In his book The Secret of Divine Civilization, ‘Abdu’l-Baha teaches that 
man’s supreme honor and real happiness lie in self-respect, in high resolves and noble purposes, in 
integrity and moral quality, in immaculacy of mind. 

88 But James Baldwin reminds us that, Hunger has no principles, it simply makes men, at worst, 
wretched, and, at best, dangerous. Such is the challenge facing Hip Hop today; our people are simply 
starving. And we starve not for food, but for justice. It is our hunger to be in our rightful places that 
disregards our own “principles” and makes us take on the images of being “wretched” and 
“dangerous. ” 

89 In the back of our collective hip-hop minds we actually believe that it is hopeless, that 
corruption is the norm and “things ain’t never gonna change,” so it seems advantageous to imitate the 
cutthroat ways of those who cut the throats of our parents. As a community we are simply imitating 
what we believe power is — violence, murder, theft, deceit, immorality, Godlessness. 

90 Basically, we are culturally crying. Not just culturally crying out for justice, law and order, but 
as a community of specialized people we are collectively depressed by the situation before us. We 
can’t believe that we live amongst such cultures that can see no value in us other than what they can 
exploit from us artistically. 

91 We may front like we are stronger than our sad situation, but in reality, we are emotionally hurt 
as a community by the conduct of those who claim to be our neighbors, even our government. This is 
the attitude that fuels so much of the rebellion in our culture. Sure, rebellion was good when we were 
just getting started in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s; we were young. But now that we’ve started and have 
officially established ourselves in the minds of urban people everywhere, we need a new course of 


92 We must shatter our own outdated and false beliefs, and rise above the corruption we’ve found 
ourselves within. We gotta stop crying and start thinking again. We must find a way, all of us, to rise 
above the depression we really feel as a community. 

93 We must become better, yes, better than those who sought to exploit us and our resources. We 
must become an authority over them through righteousness and discipline; something all oppressive 
governments lack. ‘Abdul’l-Baha lays out the character of such an authority in The Secret of Divine 
Civilization. He writes, While the setting up of parliaments, the organizing of assemblies of 
consultation constitutes the very foundation and bedrock of government, there are several essential 
requirements which these institutions must fulfill. 

94 First, the elected members must be righteous . GOD-fearing, high-minded, incorruptible . 
Second, they must be fully cognizant , in every particular, of the laws of GOD, informed as to the 
highest principles of law, versed in the rules which govern the management of internal affairs and the 
conduct of foreign relations, skilled in the useful arts of civilization and content with their lawful 

95 But even if Hip Hop produces and continues to maintain such leadership, who shall such 
leadership lead? Who shall such public servants serve? The Hip Hop community itself must reflect 
such a character also, otherwise one will pull the other one down. Hip Hop’s leadership must live in 
spirit, living only according to principles and not according to the cravings of the flesh. Our 
leadership must be content with GOD. 

In regards to this, ‘ Abdul’l-Baha warns that close observation will show that the primary cause 
of oppression and injustice, of unrighteousness, irregularity and disorder, is the people’s lack of 
religious faith and the fact that they are uneducated... and, because of their inadequate schooling, most 
of the population lack even the vocabulary to explain what they want. 

97 Hip Hop’s lawful leadership must have a relationship with GOD — the Love that Guides Our 
Direction. For it is extremely difficult, even impossible, to guide others without being guided 
yourself. To every Hip Hop leader we must ask, what is it that guides you? And such a question is not 
really answered in words; it is answered in deeds that must be done under pressure, or in solutions 
that do not directly benefit one’s self. 

Every community produces leadership, and Hip Hop is no different in this regard. There are 
certain individuals who evolve from deep within their cultures and are naturally recognized by the 
culture in which they serve. The collective consciousness of the culture magically empowers such 
individuals to carry out the will of its people. 

Know this. When a people support the organic leadership of their own cultures, no force on 
earth can stop them from achieving what is naturally and lawfully theirs. It is when such a people 
withdraw their support for their own organic leadership that such a people break the magical bond 
between leader and community, thus subjecting themselves to a vulnerability that inevitably leads to 
invasion and the theft of their resources. 

100 In Hip Hop’s early days there were such individuals whom, because of their natural swagger 
and organic style, the Hip Hop community considered “down by law,” meaning respected according 
to our communal laws. A certain aura surrounded the one who was considered “down by law.” Such a 
person was the walking embodiment of our community’s traditions, priniciples and laws. 

101 In the early days of Hip Hop’s development being cool or highly favored in the hood (one’s 
neighborhood) had a lot to do with one’s lucky, get over, hustler type of personality. The one who was 

making a living without a job and chillin’ at the same time was considered cool. The one who seemed 
to be getting over on the system and beating the Man at his own game, was considered cool or highly 
admired and revered in the hood. This is who everyone strived to be. 

102 If a stranger were to ask such a person, how did you get to be who you are? or, how did you get 
what you got?, instead of explaining one’s whole story as to how one became who one was and how 
one acquired what one had, such a cool individual would simply say either I got it like that! or, I’m 
down by law! And everyone living in the Bronx during the 1970s and 1980s knew what such terms 

103 I got it like that was a street term that described one’s lucky or supernatural nature. It implied 
that things would always go the way one wanted even if one was unconscious of the outcome. 

104 I got it like that meant that one was special. It meant, this is who I am, that the good things 
happening to me are happening because they are supposed to be happening to me; I got it like that! 
There’s no need for explanation or wonderment, I simply got it like that! Such good fortune is normal 
for me! In this mentality of expectancy good things actually happen to the one who is down by law! 

105 For when there was no explanation for one’s good fortune early Hiphoppas would simply say, 
I got it like that! It was a kind of bragging about the unexplainable events of good fortune in one’s 
life. It was a reassurance that you were not average, that even though you might be living in extreme 
poverty, you were still not like everyone else — you were down by law! Such was your street 

106 Being down by law meant being accepted and admired by the invisible code of the streets. But it 
also carried within its meaning the character of being favored by unseen forces. If someone ever 
questioned the authority of a person who was down by law, that person who was down by law would 
say something like, What, you don’t know who I am? I’m down by law! meaning, I’m part of this 
scene, I know people around here, I hold respect on these streets, I’M DOWN BY LAW! 

107 Being down by law also had to do with having yourself together, being organized, being 
authoritative, self-created and entrepreneurial. It had to do with having value and knowing people. To 
claim that one was down by law insinuated that one was also prepared to back that statement up on any 
level. It was sort of like pulling out one’s street credentials as a defense. 

108 Knowing these early Hip Hop terms brings remembrance of the early Hip Hop character and 
personality — the cause of today’s Hip Hop artistic elements. Early Hiphoppas gave themselves 
authority through the mastery of certain skills unique to their environment and lifestyle. 

109 Before the selling of Rap music through high-gloss mini-movie Rap videos, the cause of one’s 
authority in the early Hip Hop community was based upon one’s specialness, one’s frequent charity 
and problem-solving in the hood, one’s mastery of a widely practiced skill or talent, one’s political 
activism on behalf of the hood, one’s uniqueness and usefulness; even one’s strength and fighting 
abilities all contributed to one’s authority in the hood and one being down by law. 

110 To be down by law one had to have a favorable history in the hood. People had to know who 
you were and where you were. You were trusted by the people, you shared their experiences, your 
personality made people feel like you were down with them. In their eyes, in the eyes of the 
community, you could do no wrong, because at this level of community acceptance you were exempt 
from certain judgments and criticisms; the people loved and admired you for who you were. Your 
reputation was known and respected in every home — you were down by law! 

111 What does it mean to be down? To be down meant to be part of, or in agreement with someone 
or something. I might say something like, DJ Red Alert is down with us! Here, down implies group 

association. One could also say, DJ Red Alert is part of us! Or, moves with us! It means that we share 
the same interests. It is also an agreement, like, I’m down with that! In this instance, one also could 
say, I agree with that! 

112 R&B singer/actress Brandy published a song entided “I Wanna Be Down,” which implied 
wanting to be part of someone’s life. In the song, Brandy sings, I wanna be down with what you’re 
going through. I wanna be down with you. Here, Brandy expresses her desire to unite with the 
experiences of whom she is seeking to be down with. 

113 I wanna be down with what you’re going through is like saying, I want to experience or share in 
on what is happening to you in your life, I want to join in on your life experiences (what you’re going 
through ). Such a commitment was highly respected in the hood because wanting to be down with 
someone implied a certain loyalty through the good times as well as the bad times. 

114 So, to be down by law also implied being loyal to the history and invisible code of one’s hood. 
It meant that one was important in the hood, that one was in agreement with the street and its customs, 
that one needed no other validation other than the acceptance of one’s own hood to hold authority 

115 Such was (and still is) the cause of royalty. A king is a king anywhere in the World. A queen is 
queen anywhere in the World. It is when one has the respect of one’s community that such a respected 
individual walks the earth freely commanding the respect of others. For it is a leader’s people that 
promote, protect and empower such a leader in foreign environments. 

116 Community respect is the ultimate force of political power. Without the respect of your people, 
how can you claim to be their leader? Such an individual is simply an oppressor posing as a leader 
through military means; such a governance is fake, fraudulent and cannot last. 

117 A true queen is recognized not because of her crown of jewels or exquisitely tailored clothing, 
nor even because of her knowledge or even military power. A queen is simply a highly respected 
woman, one who holds the respect of HER PEOPLE. 

118 A true queen wears a crown because HER PEOPLE put it on her head. A true queen wears the 
clothing given to her by HER PEOPLE. A true queen doesn’t teach her people as much as her people 
teach her. Her people keep her informed. A true queen never has to threaten anyone or feel threatened 
in foreign environments because even the criminals of her nation respect her so much that even they 
are willing to rob, steal, kill, and maim in her honor. 

119 The reputation of a true queen or king, or in Hip Hop’s case, the reputation of a true teacha, is 
known throughout that teacha’s nation and such a nation promotes to other nations its respect and 
loyalty for its teacha, king, queen, president, etc. Other nations know very well the repercussions that 
follow any disrespect of a nation’s beloved leader. 

120 This is how such a leader gets things done for her community. It is the community that sends 
their leader out into the World fully equipped in an effort to secure certain resources and 
relationships beneficial to the community. A true king has no self interests other than those of HIS 


121 A true king doesn’t come to his people with a plan that they’ve never heard of which points 
them in a direction they’ve never intended for themselves. A true leader selflessly solves the problems 
of his people. 

122 In short, community respect and admiration caused one to be down by law, or highly revered 
in one’s hood. In actuality, appreciation, respect and honor are the Law of the streets. And when one is 
accepted by one’s hood (or the streets) it means that one is part of the condition of the hood. It means 

that one has voluntarily decided to align one’s self with the struggles of one’s peers. 

123 To be down by law literally means to be part of, or represent (be down with) the conditions 
(law) of one’s hood (environment). It means that one can be trusted because one has lent one’s talent to 
the upliftment of the hood and the ease of human suffering especially when one didn’t have to remain 
loyal to the hood at all. 

124 Urban conditions revolve around favors, hook-ups and opportunities. Other conditions of the 
hood revolve around inspiration. Those who can produce favors, hook-ups and opportunities are set 
aside from everyone else looking for favors, hook-ups and opportunities. 

125 Those who can inspire others and make others feel good about themselves and/or their 
situation are also considered down by law. They are set aside in the collective consciousness of the 
hood as special. Such people are not judged the same way by the hood as others are. 

126 The hood anywhere in the World recognizes the ease of human suffering through favors, 
hook-ups, opportunities and inspiration. Individuals who express such personalities are highly 
admired and respected throughout the hood regardless of their profession (legal or illegal). They are 
the community heroes, and community heroes are almost always considered down by law because 
they are considered honorable by THEIR community’s standards. 

127 However, when observing these terms ( down by law and I got it like that ) today, our own 
maturity as a group and the understandings that come with such maturity advance these terms 

128 Today, being down by law has grown to include one’s loyalty toward Hip Hop’s development 
and preservation (the new hood). The same community respect that certain individuals enjoyed in the 
past (exclusively in their hoods ) certain conscious rappers and popular Hip Hop activists enjoy today 

129 Certain things that others within the Hip Hop community would be criticized for doing, those 
who are down by law are encouraged to do and even protected while doing. Their mistakes are 
quickly forgiven by the community because the community recognizes their role and service on 
behalf of the whole. 


The one who is down by law has already proven her selflessness to the community, and it is 
this collective appreciation from the community that leads to a communal respect from that 

131 Hip Hop’s leadership rises from within the sweat and toil of everyday life and never has to 
prove itself. People know who’s who in their communities and their judgments and opinions (based 
upon the historical events of their community) determine their leadership. 

132 Despite the Hip Hop community’s own lust for the material goods and pleasures of the World, 
in reality the Hip Hop community truly appreciates its activists and those who choose to inspire others 
through their artistic performances. This is what causes the condition of being down by law; it all 
begins with the appreciation and admiration one receives from one’s own People. 

133 However, this ancient state of being appreciated and admired (or down by law ) is not unique to 
the Hip Hop community. Most leaders and those of unique talents and/or resources are often 
considered down by law in their communities; no matter what, they can do no wrong in the sight of 
those who love them. 


Today, we continue the down by law tradition philosophically by acknowledging the principles 
of Law itself. Most people cringe when they hear the word Law because they immediately believe that 
they are going to be restrained or restricted in some way. 

135 However, Law is simply a practice, or rather, a process. Law is simply the conditions that 
individuals as well as groups agree upon. Law stems from culture. Once the culture is identified, the 
means for its preservation become obvious and laws are then discovered (not laid down). 

1 36 For once you know the conditions of something or someone you also know the laws that 
govern that thing or person’s life. Different from Federal law, or State law, or the laws of certain 
religions, spiritual law is simply the condition of things; it is the nature of things. Being a Black male 
in the United States (for example) has certain conditions to it, and these conditions make up the 
paradigm in which we perceive and operate as Black men. 

137 Some conditions are your natural state, while other conditions are imposed upon you; still 
other conditions are voluntarily accepted by you for the sake of fulfilling the desires of your own 

138 In any event, you create the laws (or conditions) that will govern your life. And this is a law in 
and of itself; we call it the Law of Self-Creation. Meaning that whether you like it or not, one of the 
conditions of life is that everyone must create themselves. You may not like what you have created or 
how you may have turned out, you may not have even been aware of what you were doing, but in 
Truth it was you who created YOU, and it is you who continues to create and add upon YOU everyday 
(GOD willing). 

139 This is a law. Like the Laws of Attraction, like the Laws of Success, like the Laws of Gravity 
and Light and Sound, all of these laws are conditions that if we can understand them and remain in 
harmony with them, we experience the power of not being bound by them. 

140 Every day we are creating our reality through what we believe is important to our survival. 
Such a belief creates the conditions (or laws) that we live within. Every day we are creating laws for 
ourselves through what we truly believe about ourselves as well as what we believe of others and of 
our outer environment. 

141 This is why the affirmation I got it like that became such a powerful affirmation for early 
Hiphoppas. It implied that supernatural events and good fortune were normal in that Hiphoppa’s life, 
and it told the Hiphoppa personally what her true nature was. 

142 Such an acknowledgement of one’s supernatural good fortune also helped to repeat it; it set a 
certain condition over the life of the one who acknowledged such a condition. Hip Hop is our 
supernatural collective good fortune. It is the law of our lives, the condition that we freely accept. 

143 However, in our time (your past) many people do not think of Hip Hop in this way. They do 
not truly live a Hiphop lifestyle so they feel no responsibility toward Hip Hop’s political image and 
reputation in the World. 

144 They may say with their mouths we represent Hip Hop but in actuality they are representing 
only themselves and their individual interests. We can see in the way that they approach Hip Hop that 
they do not have Hip Hop’s best interests in mind. And this is not about criticizing today’s mainstream 
rappers or radio DJs. This goes for everyone participating in Hip Hop. Those who truly care for Hip 
Hop do so by caring for other Hiphoppas. Those who truly represent Hip Hop represent the interests 
of Hiphoppas. 

145 Criminal activity, selfishness, hostility, deception and greed do not (and cannot) constitute true 
Hip Hop. Such thinking and activity have already proven themselves to be ineffective and even self- 
destructive to the Hiphoppa’s free life. This is a wise law. 

146 In light of this Truth, true Hiphoppas remain sensitive to the content of the messages they 
express to society and how society is affected by those messages. True Hiphoppas are also aware of 

the messages society is expressing to Hiphop Kulture. True Hiphoppas care for Hip Hop by being 
aware of their own conduct as Hiphoppas. This too is a wise law. For when a law is just and true it is 
also obvious and easy to understand. 

147 As attuned Hiphoppas we cheerfully look for good laws to follow and obey. For a good and 
wise law is like a thousand years of good advice interwoven into the path that you are already 
traveling. Good laws are guides and protectors; they not only tell you what you cannot do, they also 
tell you what you can do. 

148 As Hiphoppas we voluntarily obey the Hip Hop condition over our lives. Such a condition 
brings with it certain abilities unique to our collective experience as Hiphoppas. Hip Hop’s laws are 
Hip Hop’s cultural rituals and traditions. The conditions that created or caused Hip Hop to exist are no 
longer with us. However, the rules are still the same; we are the authors of our own lives, and that 
which we write becomes the law for our lives. 


Spirit, thought and action are inseparable and are harmonized through life circumstances. As 
we think, so Hip Hop is! These are universal laws. Racial harmony, freedom, justice, peace, love, 
happiness and wisdom are all achieved within our Hiphop Kulture when such laws are regularly 
performed, presented and taught to our children. 

150 Mature Hiphoppas know that such states in human interactions as family, commitment, racial 
harmony, peace, justice, etc., are not granted to those who simply desire them. Such principles are 
achieved through the conscious intent to live them; these are human acts, not just words. 

151 Such high states in culture must remain the accepted laws of our community. Not just poetic 
words, but psychological realities that are interwoven into the rituals, stories and traditions that we 
share with each other and our children as a Hip Hop family. 

152 T. S. Elliot reminds us in his book Notes Towards the Definition of Culture that, By far the most 
important channel of transmission of culture remains the family: and when family life fails to play its 
part, we must expect our culture to deteriorate. 

153 However, the value of such principles/laws in the creation and further development of nations, 
communities and in our case the Hip Hop family is not understood by everyone — even those 
participating in and benefiting from Hip Hop’s culture. Everyone does not truly value Hip Hop. 
Everyone does not truly value the concept of family, or even themselves as members of a family. 

154 But those Hiphoppas who are awake, aware and conscious take the vow I am Hip Hop and 
become one more citizen of the true international Hip Hop community. They value themselves as Hip 
Hop and become the new bricks that restore the body of Hip Hop (Hiphop’ s temple) to full strength 
and beauty. This was the original meaning of the phrase I am Hip Hop, and this is what it means to be 
part of Hip Hop’s global family. 

155 Saying I am Hip Hop intellectually means I am my own strategy for self-improvement. I am the 
blessing. Whatever true Hip Hop is, I am that! This is a conscious declaration to migrate, convert 
and/or simply become a citizen of the international Hip Hop community — a nation of consciousness 
where citizens are not defined by race, religion, class or gender, but by personal character, creative 
skill and loyalty to Hip Hop’s empowerment and preservation. A place where the only law/condition 
is Health, Love, Awareness and Wealth (H-LAW). 

156 Such a Hiphoppa clearly overstands that Hiphop Kulture must consciously view itself as its 
own strategy toward survival, stability and continued growth. What we do not do for ourselves, we 
cannot expect others to do for us. We are the authors of the laws that shall govern our lives. What we 
do for ourselves others will help us to achieve, and what we don’t do for ourselves others cannot help 

us to achieve. 


We may cry out against incompetent police practices, we may wonder about the future of our 
children and we may hope for a better tomorrow — a better quality of life, a better education, better 
relationships, etc. — but do we truly value such hopes and wants? Are we willing to sacrifice our 
pleasures today for our children’s victories tomorrow? 

158 Know this. Even in the elementary logic of the World, it is obvious that if we do not 
consciously plan, work and sacrifice today to create the future we want for ourselves and our 
children, then we have only ourselves to blame if we wind up worse tomorrow than we are today. 
This is a universal law, a condition for everyone in my time. 

159 The true Hiphoppa instinctively feels this today and does whatever it takes to participate in the 
preservation and further development of Hiphop Kulture tomorrow. This objective is achieved when 
Hiphoppas pledge allegiance to Hiphop Kulture and take respo